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[ When he arrives, Dorian isn’t entirely disoriented. In fact, he is so intrigued by the wonderment of this place, that he spends several long minutes touring the corridors and hallways. The moment he last recalls - a blink, a turn, and he had been here - does not surface in all the excitement, fingertips lightly touching the smoothness of the walls and the decor of the tables. By the time he discovers the device in his pocket, the enthusiasm has cooled to curiosity and a calm demeanor that eventually reflects on the video feed that appears. A moving picture? How ingenious. ]

Hello. [ There’s a twitch of a smile, something easy and inviting. ] As things do not seem to have any particular order here, an introduction would be proper in this situation. [ But the very idea of it almost causes him to laugh. ] I am Dorian Gray.

[ His fingertips fill the view as he touches the screen with a somewhat speculative expression. Then, there is nothing but a full, gentle smile. ]

The questions that this place originally instill are not as intriguing as some of the others that immediately come to mind. So, I extend this invitation to you and anyone willing to discuss these... finer details with me. [ A tilt of his head and the thank you is unspoken. ] I look forward to it.

[ Before it ends, the video pans to take in his location: the main entrance hall. If anyone happens to approach him there, he may be somewhat distracted by details of the architecture, hands clasped loosely behind his back. ]
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Ok, I'll try and keep this short and sweet. There should have been a little gift outside your door in the form of chocolate with a nifty logo on it.

[A task that would have been ridiculously annoying if she hadn't had help in the form of one Percy Jackson.]

Since I've been here for like 6ish months, and it's clear I'm not going home any time soon - I figured I might as well do something semi-productive.

[No, this has absolutely nothing to do with her recent death - nope. Not at all.]

Coffee shop's open for business on the 1st floor. You can't miss it - it's right next to the training center so stop in and get your java fix sometime. Also, I guess if people want to help out, I def won't say no.

[It's not like it's a legit legit business with paperwork and things like paychecks. Makes things way less messy that way.]

One more thing before I forget - if I'm not around, I don't object to people doing their own thing as long as you don't burn it down or break everything and leave a mess in your wake. That happens and I'll find you and I will kick your butt. Don't think that I won't. Because I will.

[Or she'll call for back-up to do the butt kicking. DETAILS.]

I'll be here hanging out so stop in and say hi. We also have pie courtesy of Ned, so that's a thing. There's also non-caffeinated drinks like tea and decaf if caffeine isn't your thing.

Oh!If anybody's up for it, I'm totes looking for guinea pigs to test coffee things out on so just let me know if you're game.

[And with that that, she ends the feed and returns to setting up various colored coffee mugs behind the bar.]


Oct. 11th, 2014 03:03 am
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[Back home, Peter had a cat. He loved that thing, too, right up until he had to kill it. He didn't have the heart to get another one after that, not with all the bullshit and all the moving, but now that he's been settled in for a few months... Well, he's seen other people with pets, random animals running around, and it sparked a thought.

The closet couldn't bring back his cat, but it did mass produce cats that looked a hell of a lot like it.

It's more disturbing than it is cute, and he comes on the network for the first time since he's arrived to poke at a question that started bugging him the second he opened the closet door.]

Animals have souls, right? I mean, if you believe in that shit anyway- they're just as alive as humans, some are smarter. Dolphins probably have a few more IQ points than a few people I've met.

[He flicks some hair out of his face.]

So when you get, like, a cat or something out of the closet, where the hell does it come from? You can't just... make a fuckin' cat, they're not like robots. Food, furniture, I get all that stuff, but living things?

[Seriously, this shit is bugging him. Call it his harmony with nature or whatever.]

Are we stealing some jackoff's pet like this place snatched us, or what?

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Aug. 1st, 2014 01:04 pm
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[So Tybalt is still pretty freaking bored. Being a cat, this is not a good thing for the most part, though he's too faerie to really do destructive cat things.

Instead, he just pokes at people to see what happens. Today he at least as two reasons for poking.]

Do all the floors in this mansion smell like wild dog, or did I pick the one floor that does? It reeks and there are only so many air fresheners one can stick in your room before that's almost worse than what you're trying to cover up. And of course those air fresheners won't work beyond my door.

[The joys of super senses.

And no he's not mentioning what floor. He's bored, not stupid.

You're welcome, Teen Wolves.]
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[He's midway through walking through a door, mid sentence even, when it happens.]

-ike I have any fucking clue either, it was some kind of fucking demonic bat, I don't know, I don't know what in the... hell... that...

[He trails off, startled, as his feet plant on red carpet. The hallway's décor is way less industrial, way less clinical than the white tower he'd been expecting to step into, and it throws him off kilter for a long second. He glances left, glances right, scrunches his face and turns back around to talk to the man he'd been with just a second ago.]

Did you redecorate?

[He asks no one, literally no one, because the door swinging open behind him leads to an empty bedroom rather than the roof of a skyscraper.

No way.



He glances around again like he'll find answers on either end of an abandoned hallway, like maybe he's being fucked with, then cautiously paces back into the bedroom to look around. It's friendly and empty and lacking in explanation.

He turns to the door, puzzles at it, tentatively touches the doorknob. Closes the door, waits a beat, and then abruptly pulls it open again. No, no change, still that same hallway.]

What the f-

[He cuts himself off as a blinking red light in the corner of his eye catches his attention. A device, or a camera, or some kind of technological bullshit sits on a dresser, happily recording the entire event. He scowls, snatches it up, flips it over to study it. After a moment of this, it's directed more or less back on his face, but completely upside down.]

I don't know what the fuck is up with your secret passage bullshit in this fucking building, alright, but I'm gonna need some security guards or a map or an escort or something, for Christ's sake.

[An expectant pause, and then he snaps.]



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