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[John woke up feeling quite content. His bed was so comfy, after all, and he had a long dreamless sleep. He couldn't quite remember where he was, for a moment, but as soon as his feet touched the ground and he stretched up over his head, he remembered:


What a wonderful day of wonders to wake up in the wonderful Wonderland?

Grinning, he made his way to the mirror and picked up the dry erase marker on a nearby table to start his note.]

Wonderland is the best, isn't it?

[Oh, he better leave this on other mirrors, so all the person-mirrors can see it. Surely that will brighten their days! John leaves in a hurry, bare feet slapping against wood as he goes into every room on the floor and leaves the message for all to see.]
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[The Medicine Seller is not pleased with his current information. He's been in one place long enough to feel the humanity trying to rub off on him, and still--still, this place keeps surprising him. He's no closer to solving the mansion's mystery and ending it than he was when he got here.]

[Even for him, it's... frustrating.]

[Not that he's letting it show, or holding on to such a useless emotion. He's outside, in one of the sculpted gardens, sitting on a wide blanket tucked into a corner, his medicine chest sitting within arm's reach. On the blanket, he's laid out an array of traditional sweets that he doesn't appear to have much personal interest in, as well as a delicate little cup full of clear, thin tea that's almost too green to believe. A second cup rests in his hands, cradled almost carelessly in long, thin fingers.]

[Think of it as... an open invitation. That teacup is for you.]

[The mirrors have an invitation to talk, as well, albeit a less cultured one. He's taken a brush and carefully hand-ground ink to a mirror in his room, writing one word in a casually artistic scrawl: Speak.]
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What. The. Fuck.

What the hell is going on?????

So I woke up in a room that isn't mine. Not to complain or anything, because it's a hell of a lot better than my house. I just want to know where the fuck I am.

I would try to get a hold of my mom or dad, but they're probably too busy getting drunk and bitching at each other to really give a shit. I'm kind of worried about my sister, but if she's found herself in a room like this one, I'm sure she's okay.

Kyle, Stan, if any of you guys are around here, tell me what the hell is going on???? Is this some kind of fucked up joke that Cartman's pulling on me? Because if he is, I swear to God...the last time was bad enough. The fact that he would send his own friends to a dark oblivion and cause as much chaos and destruction as he did is unforgivable. I plan on exchanging a few words with him the next time we meet, that's for damn sure.

You hear that, Cartman? You ever try to pull any shit like that again, I will kick your ass. Fucking asshole.
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[The comm clatters to the floor, giving everyone a good look of taloned, crow-like feet, but more suited to a human's body. There's indistinct muttering as more talons close around the device, and when they're out of the way...well, it's surprisingly Dave. But instead of his usual cleaner look, he's much more unkempt and without his usual Ben Stiller sunglasses. Also, his face is a little more bird-like. Enjoy seeing his red eyes all the time!

Another huge difference is also the black crow wings that are attached to his back.

Yes, please welcome Runawaystuck AU Dave!]

Can't they make these easier to handle for people with fuckin' claws and shit? [He snorted.] Nah, that'd be too nice of 'em.

Anyway, it's been almost two weeks of back-to-back bullshit, and now the smell of death is comin' from the mirror-side, which is pretty balled up from where I'm standin'. What is this, the end of the world, Wonderland style? Might've just jinxed us with that one. Oh, well.

[He's kind of feeling awkward after the whole...Shadow Dave thing.]

So, any of you older "veterans" know what the hell's goin' on? Or are we all just poor little bunnies in this?


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