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[Friendly reminder that he died yesterday on his first day...]

WH3R35 MY H4ML37?
H45 4NY0N3 533M MY H4ML37?
0R MY R4D HP7 WH33L2H?
D1D 50M3 5CUMP84G 74K3 17?
WH0 D1D 17
WH0 DUD 7H3 7H4NG?
1 D3M4ND 70 KN0W WH3R3 MY 7H1NGS 4R3 I0U 57PU1D N00K5UCK3R27H

Wheres my hamlet?
has anyone seen my hamlet?
or my rad hpt wheels?
did some scumpbag take it?
who did it
who dud the thang?
i demand to know where my things are you stupid nooksuckers

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