May. 27th, 2012 01:53 am
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[S'up Wonderland. How's about them giant robots? Sick of them yet?]

[Well, here's the same one from the beach, earlier. Now he's posed up on the roof, arms all folded and staring off into the distance. Dramatically.]

... I want to know more of this place.

I was told little to nothing upon my arrival. More assistance would... [He hesitates.] ... be appreciated.

[Kagerou and social niceties don't quite go together. Yes, he realizes he didn't hear much because he was facedown in the sand. But still. Not the point.]

All I know... is that this is called "Wonderland".

Someone explain further.


May. 23rd, 2012 08:05 pm
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[Who has two metal thumbs and looks really confused? This guy. Have yet another of those giant robots that keep showing up.

This one looks distinctly like a very traditional Japanese police officer, though. He veen has a little crest on his chest that looks like the lapels of a jacket. He speaks very cautiously and is extremely formal.

Excuse me... if anyone is here, would you mind telling me what is going on? I was resting one moment, and I just woke up here.

If this is some kind of criminal scheme, I'll let you know right now, you won't be getting away with it.

If it isn't... a little assistance and an explanation would be wonderful.

Also, if anyone has seen a child around? He's small, about nine years old, his name is Tomonaga Yuuta. He was with me before I woke here. If you've seen him, please tell me.

[He seems visibly anxious about that last part.]


May. 22nd, 2012 01:49 pm
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[Well, someone's amused. What you hear in the background is, oddly, not the sound of battle. Instead, you hear wind. Flying's fun! God Tier is good for that.]

Just for a frame of reference, why don't we make a list of everyone's titles?
How fitting do you find yours?


May. 21st, 2012 10:34 pm
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[Who wants to see a 16 foot robot on a giant motorcycle looking a bit perturbed? You sure as heck do. Gunmax has his arms folded, his fingers tapping impatiently on his arm.]

Oh no! Just when I was getting into a good cruise speed, too.

But no. Let's be serious here. Where the heck is this? You're interrupting police business. [He waggles a finger.] And that's verrrrry illegal.

Don't make me bring you in, baby.
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[Something is falling out of the sky.]

[It's visible, if only because the journal somehow fell first, impacting the ground hard enough to start up a recording. There's a brief image of a dark green shape plummeting downward toward the beach before it just. Slams right on into the sand.]

[And it doesn't move. Not for a good few moments.]

[The shockwave from impact threw the journal back a few feet, far enough to provide the image of whoever it was that had fallen -- and it shows a giant robot. A giant, green robot with bright red wings extending from each shoulder. It just sort of lies there, the occasional spark popping up off its "armor" plating.]

[Then, abruptly, its head turns slightly to the side, revealing a bright, glowing green 'eye', before the sand and abuse take their toll, shutting the recording off.]


May. 12th, 2012 11:10 pm
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[ The video shows a middle-aged man sitting out on the lawn, arms draped lazily over his knees, a far away look in his eyes that sharpens slightly as he realizes the feed is indeed working. ]

Life has a funny way of surprising you, doesn't it? Or I suppose I should say death, all things considered.

[ He sighs, a little wistfully, a little thoughtfully. He certainly doesn't seem particularly perturbed by anything. ]

I must say, given all the possibilities of the afterlife, the idea of winding up in Wonderland of all places is a little surprising. Perhaps Carroll was on to something and not merely on something.

[ He smiles a little, a private quirk of his lips. ]

But here I am, talking to myself like I have a captive audience. Which I suppose I do. You'll have to forgive me, I do have a tendency to speak quite a bit without saying very much.

My name is Nick. I don't suppose I could trouble someone to show me around? I haven't had much luck with large houses recently.


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