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[ In spite of everything Wonderland keeps throwing at them, Tauriel seems to be an under the circumstances rather happy elf these days. She doesn't really have anything of great importance to say to the network, since Kíli admirably handled the announcement of their upcoming wedding, she simply felt an urge for conversation, and so decided to reach out on a whim.

She seems to be comfortably seated somewhere outside, possibly leaning against a tree, and she offers the network a friendly little smile.

My people, the Eldar, are very fond of music and poetry, as I believe many of you to be as well. I myself also delight in hearing tales of other realms than my home, not having seen much beyond its borders for all that I have lived a life that might seem long to some of you.

Would you show me the kindness of sharing with me some of your songs and poems? Or, if you wish, share memories of the realms you hail from.
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[The Cat is lying on its stomach, its paws aligned in front of it, looking like a tiny lion with a large grin.]

You are on an hypothetical journey. You come to a river.

[It raises a paw to cover its nose and very little of its smile, listing to one side as it gives a hissing laugh.]

Shishishishi, do you ford the river?

[Shaken by its own laughter, the Cat overbalances and rolls onto side.]

Shishishishishishi. Or perhaps float across?

[The Cat rolls onto its back and then onto its other side without pausing. It's smile is a little slow to follow, but it catches up after a second.]

So much to decide on and such a long journey ahead of you.

Shishishi. I hope you don't get cholera.
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[Crowley is talking fast, like he wants to get all of this out of the way as quickly as possible.]

Right, okay. Seems there's an event on and it looks to be one of mine--well, mine and Aziraphale's.

Since the lot of you seem to be mad enough to think oh, yes, of course we have always been sodding great angels and demons, all I can say is this--please do try not to bring on the Apocalypse this weekend. This isn't Earth, remember. No real need for mass destruction. They never wrote anything about Wonderland, understand?

On the off-chance that anyone out there hasn't, er, changed...I would advise you to keep your heads down. It'll be over soon enough.


Ang--er--Aziraphale, I daresay it's time we start barricading the doors. Sooner than later.
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[ Filtered from Beacon Hills Judgmental Judy's. ]

[ It's the first time he's actively made one of these little video's with his face showing for people. His first intro into this world was text followed by a few not so great meetings. He met Jackson face to face on the beach, but he's pretty sure fear and intimidation convinced the boy to keep his mouth shut. He's pretty much tried to keep his distance from the rest of the group. It's not hard to find them or even smell them. Peter is staying hidden for a reason. He doesn't need them blasting him on this device before he's actually acquired allies. It'd be a shame. ]

These closets are quite useful.

[ Is the first thing to come out of his mouth. His room is fully decorated now. He definitely likes it a lot more than Derek's loft. He didn't much like spending time there. Which is why he had his own place back home. Which he rarely saw what with those pesky teenagers always getting themselves into trouble. They were never any good at taking care of their own problems. Always coming to Peter when they exhausted all their resources. Which really weren't resources if they lacked the answers. Just wastes of time if you asked Peter.

When Peter speaks he sounds sincere and honest. He sounds like a man that's concerned for the safety of these people that he doesn't really know. He's not Peter Hale the psychopath to these people. He's Peter Hale the concerned citizen. ]

Though I believe they're actually pretty dangerous as well. One psychopath could waltz in and start using it to his advantage. That'd definitely spell tragedy. [ He leans forward. ] Has anyone looked into possibly keeping a close eye on what people request? A monitoring system would be appropriate, but impossible judging by the sheer body count this place has. [ He's worried about when Derek finds out and starts ordering up wolfsbane in bulk for him. Not that he thought Derek would get vengeful now, but they're not home anymore. Peter's use and intelligence no longer benefits him here. Plus the whole coming back to life thing would be too sweet for even Derek to pass up. He'd rather avoid it if at all possible. ] As much as I appreciate the free things--it's also incredibly dangerous given the fact that this place has kids in it as well.
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I do hope everyone is returning quickly back to their normal state. It seems I have found something quite soothing for my own self.

[She hopes Wonderland is ready for a fashion show because she is about to give them one. The feed turns from Lia's face to her rooms, in particular a little circle of furniture that has made a makeshift pin. Inside the pin are animals. To be precise, a monkey, a piglet, and two puppies all romping together.

And why shouldn't they be? They are wearing fabulous outfits! The monkey is the most elaborate since it is about baby sized. Puppy One and Puppy Two fare a bit better, with adorable matching hats that they are trying to pull off but it's the piglet who sports the most elaborate head wear.

Lia wiggles her fingers and puts down a few more tiny scones and tiny cups of tea, which are consumed, and she's smiling pleasantly.]

They are lovely, are they not? Would anyone like to bring any pets over for a bit of a play date?

[She's not including she kidnapped these pets. Instead she sits down in a fluffing of human-sized skirts as the feed ends.]
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[Mandy's actually very used to waking up in strange places without having much memory of how she got there, and Wonderland has a leg up on some in that she's still fully dressed. The phone's confusing as all hell, she's not used to one that one can do more than talk on, but she figured that out after punching a few buttons. She really is much more clever than the airhead act she'd been putting on most of the last three years.

Still, the act--The Divine Miss Mandy Slade--doesn't die as easily as she would like. She should have known that it would take far more than a pile of legal mumbo jumbo to get Brian Slade out from under her skin, to stop performing every bloody second of her life. So, what the citizens of Wonderland will hear is certainly not her real voice--which would come out very flat, tired, and American. Instead, they'll hear an almost coyingly-sweet accent anyone with half a brain will know is a very fake British]

Right, since it appears I actually haven't gone completely off my rocker just yet after all, I've just a few questions for all you boys and girls and....whomever else may be inhabiting this lovely little estate. The first being that there are two men I am quite curious to know the whereabouts of. One might be a bit harder to spot, a Mr. Curt Wild. Although, if he's been here for any length of time without access to an electric guitar or certain other--indulgences, I suspect he may have made his presence a bit better known. The other may be going by any number of names, although the most likely would be Mistah Brian Slade. You'd know him by his shockingly blue hair and--

[half a dozen of Brian's other body parts go through her mind, and it hurts, remembering how beautiful he was once upon a time. How beautiful it all was, for a moment.

She clears her throat, before she actually starts crying again. She's done enough of that, and she swears that giving Brian the satisfaction of seeing it as he laughed her out of his life will be the last time it happens. The accent drops, suddenly, and if anyone could see her face they could almost see the mask she'd plastered on fall as well. It was easier to talk about Curt; she doesn't fear what being in his presence might make her do]

My other question is, does anyone happen to have any smokes?


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