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Oct. 5th, 2017 11:30 am
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[the video feed turns on to reveal (1) pretty disheveled-looking dude, who may or may not have a visible bruise starting to form on the side of his head (thanks basement wall, you're a real pal). but he's trying his best to conduct himself like some approximation of a professional, because this is a very important inquiry.]

I'm gonna be honest, I don't know how far this is gonna go, because this technology is pretty primitive, just throwing that out there, but — I'm looking for some folks.

[consider this an apb]

First up, Gamora, who is, like, literally the coolest person ever. I mean, she could probably kill something with one hand tied behind her back without even looking at it — really freaking cool, right? She's super great. I wouldn't recommend pissing her off, though, because her bad side is really not somewhere you want to be.

[does he know this from experience? maybe. a beat, then:]

Next, Drax. He may look a little mean, which is totally fair because, you know, big, muscular guy who's probably strong enough to crush your throat without even thinking about it, but I promise he's a lot nicer than that. Just don't try a joke; it's probably not gonna work.

Also, Rocket, better known as "trash panda". Which you should definitely call him, by the way, it's his favorite nickname one-hundred percent. [no, no it isn't.] Anyway, though, talking raccoon, has a thing for leaving all his shit lying around everywhere and likes to blow stuff up, can't miss him.

And Groot. Looks like a small baby tree, has great taste in music [says peter, without one microscopic speck of bias on him at all whatsoever], and is only gonna answer you with "I am Groot." He's actually saying a lot more than that, but it's just a thing.

And last ones — Kraglin, pretty tall guy who probably has an arrow with him, and Mantis, who's kinda shy, but she's really, really nice, and you should be nice to her, too.

[you might be wondering, does this guy ever pause to take a breath, or do the words, like the years, just keep on coming and they don't stop coming? well, right now, he actually does, proving to be true to his word that those were, in fact, his last ones, so that question's answered. it's about a full twenty-five seconds before he says anything else.]

So, uh, if you've seen any of these people....

[and that's when peter falls silent, because this thought that he might not actually find anyone, so soon after... everything, has his throat feeling tight and his chest feeling a little heavy.

the message cuts off.]
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[The video clicks on, and one can see a familiar face to some, not so familiar to others, but she looks well, if a bit disgruntled, and mayhaps a bit confused.]

So, hi, I think I got sent back home? Anyways, I lost days, and I'm thinking it was a week or three. Um, I have so many questions to ask, but that'll be later, I think. Thor, Darcy, I hope neither one of you got sent back home? Because I hope it was just me and not a hole between dimensions, because if that's true, that could explain a few things, and I doubt it's time for the Convergence again. My last experience left much to be desired. Being host to an Infinity Stone is not something I want to repeat.


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