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[ A transmission, you see, must be like a song: Voice and instruments alike, playing its tune. Her instruments are the pans and pots, the clinking and clacking, the bubbling and boiling, the rustling of pages from the book of recipes in her hand. Truth be told, this particular song may be a little out of tune. ]

Mustard, custard, cream of eel. Salt and pepper, same old-- herrings?

[ Her eyes frantically dart across the pages- ] No, no, no! [ -searching line after line for the origin of this atrocity. ]

Here. 'Twas the wrong page in the right book, and you-- [ The Duchess turns sharply and glares, glares at-- at you. ] --could not even think to tell me sooner!

[ She rips page after page from her book, and stuffs them all into a big pot. ] Of course I'll start again, what choice do I have? But you had better do better this time!
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[Not a single part of this makes any damn sense to him.

He's done his fair share of exploring, if it could be called that given how expansive this place actually is. However, he's learned enough through what he's come across to come to one definite conclusion:

This isn't where he's supposed to be.

And he has no idea where 'this' even is. The walls are nowhere to be found from as far as he can tell, though in their place are several things that stick out like a sore thumb. It leaves him on edge even if his expression betrays nothing, lips drawn into a thin line as he makes his way through the ornate halls of the mansion. Whatever new devices that appear on his person are initially ignored; finding someone else is his top priority.

Levi's on the second floor when he walks up to the nearest window to shove it open, glancing down below at the building's entrance. And here is where his refined social skills come into play, searching for the first person that appears below before:]

Tell me where the hell this is.


Aug. 6th, 2013 06:30 pm
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[The camera is sitting on the bathroom counter, well away from the sink, where Kirigiri is bent over, dressed in skirt and undershirt, washing her hair. It's quite a task, considering how long her hair is. And yes, she's still wearing her gloves. They're waterproof okay?

She's almost done, though. She straightens and squeezes water out of her hair with both hands. The water is clear, but there are pinkish-red stains on her undershirt and a nearby towel that might give a clue about why she needed to wash her hair.

Once her hair is just damp and not totally sodden, she turns to the camera, pensive. Noticing it's on, she goes ahead and addresses the network.]

I have...been thinking about cutting my hair. It's been getting in the way, lately, and I'm not sure what else to do about it.

Though I...am a little attached to it.

[She reddens a little, embarrassed for caring about something like that. She picks up the towel and fidgets with it a bit before she starts toweling off her head.]

This sort of thing isn't one of my strengths. I'd...like any advice about what I can do.
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U-Um, excuse me?

[Tohru appears on the screen, trying to look as professional as possible under the circumstances (though she does still seem very scared of everything that's happening).]

I just wanted to let everyone know that the diner is open as a shelter. It's the first room on the eighth floor, so if anybody on the upper floors is in trouble, please don't hesitate to stop by! I-It'll be much safer than trying to go all the way down the stairs while the hell hounds are here. So just, um, knock on the door and we'll move the barricade and let you inside!

Err, thank you very much for your attention.

[She bows, and then shuts off the camera.

Anyone who does use the diner as shelter will find that Tohru has (with great difficulty) pushed a couple of tables against the door, and she's poured a thick salt line around the barricade. She's also set up thick salt lines at the pantry and fridge, because they work like the closets, right? Can they get in through the closets? Tohru doesn't know, but she's not about to risk it. And just to be extra super safe, there's salt scattered all over the floor in both the dining room and the kitchen. There's also about five industrial-sized containers of salt by the door, so the line can be remade as people are let in and out, and blankets on all of the booth seats, if anyone needs to sleep there.

This is a big catch-all for everything happening in the diner over Day 2 and Day 3! Either prose or brackets is fine by me. Feel free to tag around with each other and stuff, and to assume that your character's been let inside already. ♥
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Attn: Wonderland residents


-Do NOT engage her!

-Do NOT approach the beach alone!!

-DO watch for RED LIGHT.

-DO carry a bright light--portable--at all times.

-I WILL provide further information ASAP. PLEASE BE SAFE.
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[ SCREAMING AND INCOHERENT (BUT SOMEWHAT DETAILED) DEATH THREATS AND THRASHING ABOUT AND EVERYTHING IS VIOLENCE AND NOTHING IS BEAUTIFUL but no, it really sounds like someone is trying to scream through a gag and they are doing an impressive job of it. ]
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[It's been a few days since everyone came back to Real Side, but it only confirmed what Tohru had suspected and feared when they were on Mirror Side. Ruby has vanished. Her room is completely empty, and Tohru hasn't seen any sign of her since.

And when Tohru realized this, she cried. She cried for a long, long time. Ruby was gone, and Tohru might never see her again. But...the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she should be happy for Ruby. Ruby would probably want to be at home with her family and friends, living a normal life without Wonderland. But...that didn't make it less sad that Wonderland took her away without letting anyone say good-bye.

Now though, she's finally addressing the network, from their diner. They built it together so it's still their diner, even though Ruby's gone now.

Um...hello! [And she gives a small wave at the camera.] I hope everyone's doing well, now that we've come back.

[It takes Tohru a moment to figure out exactly how to say what she wants to say, even though she thought long and hard about this post before she made it. It's just...a hard subject, that's all. But, she tries to stay cheerful!]

It, uh. It seems that Ruby was able to go home. Which is sad, but it's also kind of good too. Everyone wants to go home, so...maybe we should be happy for her, that she was allowed to leave.

[She clasps her hands together then, as if sending out a tiny, quiet prayer to Ruby.]

...I just wanted to let everyone know that the diner's still remaining open. I think it's something really important to have here in Wonderland, so...I'd like to continue it, if at all possible, even though Ruby is gone. Err, I mostly did the Japanese side of the menu, but Ruby had been showing me how to make a little bit of the American side...I'll do my best until we find another cook, if there's anything anyone wants that she usually cooks! Hopefully I'll be able to do her dishes justice.

[They will have to get another cook eventually, or at the very least teach Aerith how to cook more things. But Tohru still wants to keep the diner running in the meantime.]

Oh! That's right though, I almost forgot. Um...that chess match was really difficult, but everyone fought bravely! I wanted to do something to thank you all for it. I-I know we didn't win, and that a lot of people suffered very badly...but I made a special treat for everyone who was forced onto the field. It was a terrible event, and I know it isn't very much, but I hope you'll all take them, as a token of gratitude and sympathy. I really, truly hope no one is forced to do something like that again.

They're up here in the diner, so please come claim yours! And everyone else is welcome too, if they want to stop by.

[And she waves at the camera quick before shutting it off.]
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[ It's not incredibly difficult, figuring out how this strange phone works. It looks like a cellphone, but she can't call out to any of the numbers she knows, so its safe to assume there's no way to contact anywhere outside Wonderland.

Not that she knows many numbers to begin with, but that's entirely beside the point. After meeting up with Madoka and making sure she's all right, Homura thinks its time to see what this mansion is all about.

The video will turn on to show a rather serious looking girl, about fourteen, long dark hair and wearing a school uniform.

My name is Homura Akemi. [ Her tone is formal, and she doesn't look as flustered as she probably should, considering the circumstances - normal people would still be having connipitions at this point. Homura holds up a familiar object. ] I've read the information in this pamphlet, and it's been...educational. [ If a little less professional than she expected, but at least she knows where she is. ]

I do have a few questions, and I would be grateful if someone had some time today to answer them. [ There's a short pause on her end. She knows Kyuubey is there, and she wants to send an all out warning, but nothing obvious. It would look like she was being paranoid, and people would more than likely not listen.

That means cryptic warnings are a go! And boy, is she awesome at this kind of thing.
] Even in Wonderland, wishes can be a dangerous thing. That kind of selfish act will hurt more than just the one who makes the wish -- family and friends, too, end up affected. I hope the residents of this mansion use precaution if faced with a similar situation.

[ She almost says 'opportunity', but that makes it seem like a good thing. Homura's not completely satisfied, but a warning is still a warning and if anyone asks for details she can at least be a little more specific. She's going to give a tell all on the life of a magical girl, but warning people is something she can do. Maybe she can prevent a lot of ugliness before it begins. ]

Thank you for your time.

[ And the video cuts off without further ado. Homura can also be found in the mansion, investigating different rooms and whatnot. It's entirely possible she'll open a few people's bedroom doors, just to see what's behind them. Hey, leave no stone unturned, right? ]
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[ The device is shaking when the feed begins, and it's evident that its holder is, too. There are a few flashes of the outside of the mansion, the front doors, and then the frightened visage of a young girl appears over the network, her eyes bright with tears, her face unusually pale. Evidently, she's in a state. ]

[ hic ] I-I... I don't know what's happening... [ She swallows with some difficulty, clutching the device so that it's very close to her, as if letting it go might break. ] I don't know if anyone can hear me, but...

[ She gulps. And then shuts her eyes very tight, trying to send out one telepathtic message to the intended recipient-- Sayaka-chan? Kyuubey? Before she opens them again, sniffling briefly. ]

Something... Something horrible's happened, I have to... I have to help Mami-san! Please...


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