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[ Well, that was some event, huh? Here's a nice distraction after the fact — a young girl who clearly looks like she has something on her mind as the feed fires up. Chiaki rocks back and forth slowly, briefly, as if she's contemplating exactly what she wants to say before she says it. Finally, she just tilts her head to one side and speaks. ]

Hey, so . . . are there any kind of game nights here?

[ Asking the important questions here. ]
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Hey people! [Dipper grins, bouncing on his heels. If he hasn't slept much since the event, it's hard to tell, but considering how much sleep he got that weekend, it's really all averaged out to his usual semi-exhausted state.]

It's been a while and we've got a lot of new people so I thought it was time to remind people about the weekly game I'm running.

[He holds up an epic looking box.]

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons! Which is pretty similar to something called Dungeons and Dragons or Warlocks and Warriors or probably some other magic stuff and other magic stuff that's found in any number of different worlds. It's tabletop roleplay, and it's awesome. If you're interested in escaping this weird fantasy world for a different, better weird fantasy world where you can fight evil and do magic and be awesome, let me know. Or just show up. I can help you make a character and show you the rule book.

[A beat.]

It… doesn't require as much math as you think it does. But you still might want to bring a calculator.
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[It was a bit of a challenge to find where the Music Room was sometimes. Minato thought maybe he should just somehow mark the door with a sign or something and check for it when the Mansion decided to relocate said Music Room somewhere else. It only decided to shift places on one floor, luckily, and didn't migrate to any other floor, from what he could tell.

But now here he was. He needed to start practicing here more often (when events weren't in the way), make a routine of sorts instead of just practicing in his room. Plus he wanted to be here, especially after the last event.

The camera of the comm device showed Minato opening his violin case, removing the violin that was a bit worn but well-loved along with its bow. Soon, the sound of this tune streamed over the network.

When he was finished, he lowered the instrument. He tilted his head slightly, as if listening to something though it wasn't visible.]

Again? ... Right, I need more practice.

[He smiled again, then nodded.]

I could take requests. ... But you want me to teach? I'm not so sure.

[He really did more practice before he could or should teach anyone how to play the violin. But teaching meant sharing what he knew and testing himself. He could try? There was a certain Master of Strings he didn't want to let down.]
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Um, did something happen? The reason I'm asking this is because...well, you see...

[Ryoko holds up a fairly water damaged notebook to the camera. The pages are pretty warped, and the ink's smudged but it's readable enough. This page doesn't have anything super important on it for anyone who's the type to study things like that. It's got a crudely drawn map with a building circled, and various times penciled in next to it. Definitely nowhere in Wonderland.

Also probably of interest to no one, there's a small badge, or maybe it's some sort of large coin on the desk Ryoko's sitting at. The side of it's visible in the video, but since Wonderland doesn't have any sort of economy, it's probably not important.]

I don't remember, but I don't think it's always been like this. Did someone set off a fire alarm? Then again, that doesn't really seem like something that happens here. Not according to my notebook anyway.

[She just sighs because thanks Wonderland. This notebook is the most important thing in the world to her, and it almost got ruined. And she can't even remember why. Isn't that awful?]

I guess I'm lucky it's still readable, but I should probably copy it to a new one, huh? Hey, do you think the closets can give out waterproof notebooks? Maybe I should get one in case this happens again. Whatever this was.

[She really has no idea. For all she knows everyone went to a water park and she can't remember any of the fun.

...okay, probably not. According to her notebook, most events she's been around for are not fun. Not fun at all.]
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[Georgia is using video again, staring unsmiling at the camera from behind her usual dark sunglasses. When the feed starts, she gives a nod of greeting.]

Hello, Wonderland. A few orders of business.

After careful consideration, Shaun and I have decided that the network is not the most efficient or useful tool for distributing our articles. Instead, we'll be printing out a weekly zine.

[There's only the slightest grimace as she says the word print. Most people here don't share her disdain for print. It's fine.]

We're calling it The Shattered Mirror and if anyone is interested in contributing, contact me or Shaun, or come to our office in room 60 on the ninth floor. News is our main interest, but we'll accept fiction, poetry, art, or anything else that can be printed.

[She leans forward, expression, if possible, growing even more sober.]

Secondly, I'd like to formally apologize to anyone my brother or I hurt or scared during the last event.

[She doesn't flinch as she says it. Mostly because she has a lot of practice and sunglasses to keep anything from showing on her face. The zombie that rose when she died was not her, and she wasn't responsible for its actions. Knowing that doesn't make her feel any less guilty.]

As some of you are aware, we carry a virus that causes us to reanimate upon death. Normally whichever one of us survived would make sure to put the other one down before anyone could get hurt, but in this case circumstances didn't allow for it. I wish I could tell you it won't happen again, but I detest lying, and I have no way to be sure. We will try and contain the problem, but if we fail, my only advice would be to run unless you have exceptionally good aim.

Clementine will be putting out a document on behalf of our publication with more advice for handling zombies soon.

[She gives a decisive nod and reaches to turn off the camera.]

Thank you, and have a good day.

01. video

Jan. 17th, 2017 12:32 am
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[ When the video starts up, the image is very unfocused at first — mostly because it seems like the person in question is constantly adjusting it as she stares down into it blankly. After a moment or two, she settles, putting it down on a flat surface, and slowly begins to smile just a bit as the image comes into focus. ]

That looks about right . . . I think.

[ She tilts her head to the side, tapping at her cheek briefly with one finger before continuing to speak. ]

Anyway, hi. I'm Chiaki Nanami. Um, but they also call me the Super High School Level Gamer. I thought I was on an island for a school trip, but . . .

[ At that, her voice drifts off as she looks pensive. Idly, she picks up something nearby — the ever-so-familiar pamphlet for newcomers — and flips through it briefly before looking back up at the camera, giving a firm nod. ]

I guess not, huh. [ a beat. ] So, it's Wonderland, right? That's kind of strange, I guess. But . . . mm, maybe not much more strange than an island or any other place.

[ There's another pause as her eyes drift off to the side. She looks like she's maybe just about to fall asleep when she yawns, addressing the feed again. ]

Hey, if this is Wonderland, then maybe it'd be okay for us to go down the rabbit hole a bit, right? So . . . [ a beat, and then she gives the camera an inquisitive look. ] Hmm, what's everyone's favorite type of game genre?
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[ it took her forever to hit send on this one, agonizing over whether or not she really wanted to hear the myriad of potential responses. she talked to bonnie (and to some degree, daenerys) about it last month, but there's a part of her that's curious -- that wants to know where the rest of the mansion stands. ]

i'm not homesick.
i'd like to find a way out, but i don't really want to go home.
is that bad?


Dec. 26th, 2016 07:11 pm
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Um, h-hello... For those who don't know or who forgot me, my name is Mikan Tsumiki. I really hope we can all get a-along for a while.

I debated about saying this, but, I figured, it was better to be safe than sorry. There's a girl here from my world... her name's Ryoko. She's very nice! But now that there's two of us here, I was wondering... could that increase the odds of an event based on our memories? I-It seems to happen to a lot of people.

So, um! With that said! If you suddenly have memories of belonging to Hope's Peak Academy, it's not real!

... And if we wind up on an island where a black and white bear tries to make us kill each other in order to escape, please don't do that!
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[ Sarah's walking around Wonderland, device in hand as she talks, hair in a pony tail. She's in running gear, and though she's not winded, her cheeks are pink and it's clear she's definitely been exercising outside. ]

So, whoever said jogging is good for you? The worst. It's so bad for your knees. But sometimes it feels like running is the only way to get far enough past the latest...implosion of this place.

[ She sits now on a bench in the garden, sighing and looking at the camera. ]

Other than drinking, what do you do to take your mind off of how this place works? Some people, for example, run. Some people read, some people eat, even. I don't know. So what do you do when you need an escape when we can't go anywhere?

[ After she's posed her question to everyone at large, she wanders around the garden, wondering if she's allowed to pick the flowers or if it isn't that kind of garden. It's all beautiful, in any case, and she winds up finding a sunny spot and sitting again, stretching out on the grass and closing her eyes. ]
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[ The feed opens to a view of Darcy in the corner of the coffee shop, a steaming mug beside her and an assortment of electronics. She may or may not be making up for lost time thanks to Hell. Not cool Wonderland, not cool. Thankfully her time there hadn't been too bad - handy to have a buddy with a literal infinity stone inside of her around. ]

'Sup fellow Wonderlandians, I thought it'd be cool to do a little gift exchange throughout the mansion - especially after our latest adventure courtesy of this place. It's also getting to be that time of year that it gets tougher if you've lost people or feel like you're on your own. So! I wanted to do a Wonderland Secret Santa or a Holiday Super Secret Gift Exchange or a-- [ Time for everyone to get a front seat to the spinning wheels of her mind at work. ] Secret Christmahanakwanziwhateverelsepeoplecelebrate...ta if you don't celebrate Christmas........... thing. [ Don't worry if you're confused by what she just said guys, it's pretty evident by her expression that she confused herself. She's trying to make an effort to keep it inclusive, but she didn't exactly plan out a new name for the thing beforehand. ] Anyone can participate, newbies or if you've been around here forever. For people who don't know what it is, you get a name and you have to put together a present for them. Doesn't have to be anything special, but it doesn't hurt to make an effort. Also, it's a cool way to get to know new people or to just stay in touch.

I know it's a little early to be throwing this out there, but the Mansion likes to throw kinks in Holiday plans usually, so better safe than sorry on that front. Fingers and toes crossed this place doesn't turn a solid chunk of the population into tiny children again, getting stuck on the coat hook was no fun. [ Yeah, that's a whole 'nother story in and of itself. ] Any questions, feel free to hit me up or stop into the coffee shop. [ She picks up a stack of paper, scribbled notes and scientific drawings cluttering the pages. ] I'll be here for at least a few hours working through this stuff. There will also be a bucket on the counter down here if you need a little time to think about signing up. Hoping to get names out to people in the next, like, week and a half to two weeks. Thanks everybody!

[ And with that, she ends the feed on the laptop - shooting off a quick text to Steve before going back to building a way to keep track of everything in between pages. ]

Private to Steve:

Hey. Do you have a few minutes to chat tonight? I have a question for you.

[ ooc There will be an OOC sign up later today! ]


Nov. 24th, 2016 10:26 am
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[Kaneki's return to the mansion is a bit less than graceful. He arrived in his sleep, which isn't too bad, but he wakes up so suddenly that he falls out of bed. Sitting up, one hand at the back of his head, he tries to catch his breath. It's clear it wasn't waking up here that caused the flailing. Bad dreams are more common for him than they used to be.

As his breathing evens out, he looks around the room in confusion, then over toward the device, which has captured all of this from the surface of a desk across the room. He half crawls over to it, getting to his feet as he goes. He's wearing an odd, worn cape sort of garment over his clothes, but more obvious than that is that he's gone back to black-haired, his nailbeds no longer a deep black-red as he reaches for the device.]

I'm...back? I wasn't...

[His gaze wanders off as he thinks, then he glances down at himself. That cape? It's splattered in what can only be blood. Grimacing , he pulls it off over his head, bundles it up, and tosses it away from himself. Then he looks back up, all business, or as "all business" as he can get when he's a little on edge.]

I don't know how long I've been gone. one else knows either. What time of year is it? I was here in the spring, I think...


Oct. 31st, 2016 02:07 pm
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I'm sorry for interrupting your day, but, um, if it's okay, I have a few things to say!

F-First off, I'm very very VERY sorry to anyone I hurt while we were in Neverland! Second, if we're ever in some sort of event like that again, p-please stay away from me for your own good! Whenever Wonderland takes away any control I have over myself... I-It never ends well...

It's hard to explain, b-but I'm working on it! And I thought the best way to warn everyone was to let anyone and everyone ask me anything they wanted! This is me being honest! I'll answer any question you have, even my three sizes!
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[It's Sans! Again. At least he's actually facing the camera this time.]

[Without preamble,]
you know, i try not to judge humanity as a whole too much. too many humans all with different ideas and agendas and beliefs and all that. hard to lump a whole species together.

[He shakes his head in something like bewilderment.]

but i gotta admit, there's just one thing i'm never gonna understand about human. what the heck is the obsession with naked skeletons this time of year?

[He pans the camera around to show the rest of his room and...]

[Yeah, there are like. Forty small plastic skeletons meandering around his closet and apparently getting dressed. A couple of them are handing out little bundles of doll clothes to their compatriots. They're wearing everything from Barbie clothes to soldier uniforms to really fancy dresses and such like you'd see on china dolls or kimekomi dolls. Some of these skeletons are very dapper.]

never had to ask the closets for doll clothes before. this, uh, not gonna lie, this is one of the weirder things that's ever happened to me.

[There's a contemplative silence. Some skeletons come over to examine the camera or wave at it.]

i think this makes me a father or something. i hope 4 and tommy the ketchup don't get jealous.

[Once they're all dressed, he is totally going to take all of them for a walk around the mansion, because this is hilarious. Also there's a certain smug satisfaction in being the taller skeleton for once. None of these guys are more than a foot tall.]

[Feel free to run into Sans and his well-dressed tiny army anywhere in the mansion.]
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[Sans is lying on his unmade bed and is barely even in the frame. Most of the frame is filled by the black cat with a bent ear, curled up and dozing on Sans's chest. 4 is purring like a small motorboat.]

so it's official. been here a year now.

[Sans blows a party horn. Fweeeet.]

thinkin' i'm gonna just stay indoors for the next forever. you know, enjoy pillows and beds and free food while it lasts. gotta admit, i'm getting pretty tired of waking up in random wilderness, heh.

[And boy howdy, was this one a doozy or what?! Yeah, wow, haha.]

you know, i wouldn't mind if the next one made us all old people. be a nice change of pace. being old sounds pretty okay.

[He's been a kid enough for several lifetimes at this point, but he'll never get to be old. He's always known that much.]

[He blows the party horn again. 4 flicks an ear. Sans cuts the feed.]
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'Sup! For those who have no clue who I am, the name's Darcy and I'm gonna try to keep this short and super sweet. [ Guess who thinks she's super clever right now. Guess, just guess. ] The coffee shop is going to be celebrating its two year anniversary next month and normally, I'd have held off on making a big stink out of it... But, with the whole clue party and explosion of people I figured I'd just get things going a little early.

[ Because she remembers what happened the last time there were clues given around the mansion to find a thing: she died. Guess who's not all that keen on repeating that, especially in the coffee shop. This girl. BUT the show must go on and honestly, she'd rather keep the place packed thanks to the sudden influx of people - better chance of not letting history repeat itself.

And without missing a beat, she begins a virtual tour of the changes to the coffee shop. ]
We now have a tea wall! [ You're welcome, Bruce. ] And a wall of various flavors of beans with some little customizable keurig cup doodads to use at the keurig station. There are even little mini grinder things for the beans if espresso isn't your thing and you're more of a straight up coffee person. [ Also, they were hella cute and ok she might have gone a little overboard. You're welcome. ]

There're also gonna be various treats and sandwiches and things throughout the next two months. And because of my actual job -- [ Can she even call it that if it's more of a lifestyle than a job? ] There are some nerdy space themed treats available for all you science lovers. [ Is that everything? Wait. ] Oh! Also, everyone block out your calendars for October 13th since that's the actual 2 year mark. [ And her 2 1/2. ] So actual party of some sort then, I think. Stop on by if you're bored or need a brain boost for the riddles, lots of table space. I can also spike almost anything for those of you old enough to imbibe because why not. [ #yolo. Yes, she totally popped the b on imbibe because it's such a great word, everyone should use it more. ]

So come hang out, we're on the first floor next to the gym. We don't really have like, set hours... So yeah. Hope to see you soon, bye!


Aug. 29th, 2016 05:36 pm
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[ He's had his time to realize that this is wrong, that it's not where he should be. He's had his time to wonder how the hell he got here without his lion. He's had his time to panic. He's also had the time to read the pamphlet that was laying mysteriously next to him, along with a communication device.

By the time Shiro decides to broadcast a message, he knows the basics of Wonderland. And honestly, he's not as concerned about any of it as much as he is about his team, his friends, and where they all may have wound up after... the whole mess that happened. Even the pain in his side, the open wounds and the tear in his armour are near the last things on his mind. He doesn't matter right now. The others do.

When the video feed flicks on, he looks calm. His expression is carefully set but for the ever so slight hint of worry contained in his eyebrows. ]

This place looks so much like Earth... A well-kept garden, an actual house, so many other humans... I never thought I'd see anything like this again.

[ Almost makes him nostalgic, to a time that feels like so long ago but in reality is maybe only two years in the past.

No, get back on topic. Shiro shakes his head and focuses on the camera more intently. ]

I have an idea of where I am now. Some kind of other dimension, or something, right? Maybe I should find that weird, but it takes a lot more than this to really shock me these days. I'm not looking for information about "Wonderland". While I won't turn away anything people might have to offer, I have more important questions to ask here.

[ His expression is something almost stern--not unfriendly, per se, but... focused. Determined. ]

My team and I were split up just before I arrived here. It's unlikely, but maybe some of them ended up here like I have. If you've seen anyone with armour identical for mine except for the colour, please let me know. I need to make sure they're okay. And--uh. This might sound... odd, but has anyone seen a robot lion? It'd be bigger than this house, so I'm guessing not, but...

[ Trailing off, a flicker of an emotion that might be distress crosses his face, though it's gone in an instant. ]

Let me know. Thanks.
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[The camera comes on, and Sarah smiles as she greets Wonderland.]

Hi, everyone. If we haven't met, I'm Sarah Weller. I've been here about two months now, and I've noticed in between the insane things that happen, there's a lot of training going on either magical or physical sparring, weight lifting, all the good stuff. Injuries can happen, and while I do realize we have a few great doctors here, I wanted to offer my service, too. I'm a physical therapist. Specifically orthopedic which means I'm a pretty great masseuse. If you have a lot of aches and pains or joint problems that won't go away, muscle groups that regularly hurt, I can help. I can also help you come up with an exercise regimen that might be better for you.

If you're into water therapy, we can arrange something at the pool, but otherwise, you can find my therapy room down on the first floor, nestled between all the training facilities in room twenty-three.

[She pans the camera then to give everyone a view of the room before focusing the camera back on her.]

I won't live in this space, so let's go by appointment, any day of the week, normal business hours, nine to five. There's of course no charge for obvious reasons, and I'm happy to do something I know to help people. Each session goes about an hour and I'm starting now.

Oh, PS: Massages are great too for just relaxation, so even if you don't have a problem area, treat yourself sometime.


Jul. 17th, 2016 09:04 pm
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[Willa tends not to appear on the network very often, due to both anxiousness and being generally bad at any form of public speaking. But...there's something she should probably address, and now that there's (supposedly?) an event going on it's even more noticeable that something, or someone rather, is missing.]

Um...I-I don't know how many people knew him, but...Bernard? The uh, the red-haired boy who hangs out with me a lot? He's...I think he's gone. Like, I think he went home.

[There's an awkward beat, and she looks downward, fiddling with her hands for lack of anything else to do with them. She has a lot more on her mind about this particular subject, but...not much more she actually wants to say to the entire population of Wonderland.]

I...I don't know how many people knew him here, but. I. I just...I thought you should know.

[She seems unsure if that's a note she wants to end the message on, but what else is there to say? Just traditional farewells that won't mean anything in the end? The things people are supposed to end conversations with won't bring him back to Wonderland, so...Willa shuts the camera off.]

[ooc: Replies will come from [personal profile] waywardleaves and Bernard is Rule 63!Beatrice, if that wasn't clear!]
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[for normal Rocket, it's very rare to see him bothering with video, but for this world's Rocket, you rarely see her not doing video... not that there would be much of a physical difference. a fully clothed raccoon in a jumpsuit is still... a fully clothed raccoon in a jumpsuit to most people, but the reason for the video is abundantly clear by the fact that the voice that comes out of her is... well, Rocket's usual masculine voice.

half-world scientists weren't all that concerned about gender identity when it came to outfitting their cyborgs with functioning voiceboxes, meaning of course, she sounds like a guy. of course she does. and damned if it doesn't give her something ELSE to be pissed about.

either way, she's got a whole new reason to be pissy as she crosses her arms over her chest and glowers at the camera. at least her body language is pretty unmistakably female ]

Okay. So who wants to start takin' bets that Wonderland is gonna start announcin' shit and not followin' through just to see us all run around in circles tryin' to figure out what the new thing is.

I don't care what that pink jackass says. You can say anything's from your flarkin' planet if you wanna. That don't make it so.

[or maybe she just really feels like getting up gumball's ass about something, because they are friends. and by friends, i mean they hate each other.]
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[The message starts out small and through text, looking well composed but in Alphys' usual typing style.]

hey so
undyne's room is empty so i guess she's
not here anymore
idk if anyone's looking for her but
i cant f ind he rr so
just sso everyoe knowsws

[there's a clunk as the device is set down and the video activates, seemingly unbeknownst to Alphys; the feed shows her stomach, then her hands, shaking to explain the typos, and then her back as she walks away from the device, sitting down on the nearby bed. She's not actively in frame- her tail can be seen from the corner- but it's pretty obvious she's crying, trying to keep it quiet but ultimately failing.

Eventually, the feed times out.]

[ooc: she'll respond to the network a little later, or she's available for action prompts at her room!]


Jul. 7th, 2016 08:48 pm
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 Excuse me everyone, I'm sorry - I mean... Um. If I'm bothering you, you could ignore this? ignore me? That's fine!

But I'm trying to become the best nurse Wonderland has, and I got reminded that it's not only humans that live here. So I need to learn how to take care of everyone here... S-So, if you're not human, could you please tell me what you are? So I can do the research and find out how to heal you if you ever need me?

Oh, and, I know we don't celebrate Tanabata here, but, my wish is that everyone is happy and we can all get along, as much as we can.

Thank you very much for listening!
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[When the feed starts up, Alphys can be seen in plain view, except instead of her usual labcoat, she's wearing an oversized t-shirt with what looks to be an anime catgirl on it, surrounded by hearts. Those who can read the Japanese text at the bottom can tell it says 'Mew Mew Kissy Cutie'. Alphys looks quite proud of herself and very excited, and addresses the network with a little more confidence than is usually seen from her.]

So, uhm, I w-wanted to let everyone know-- the first meeting of, uhm, Wonderland's a-anime club is gonna be tomorrow! Usually, uh, it'd just be a few hours where we'd w-watch a new show, or talk about our favorite series, but... I thought the f-first one should be special! So we're doing, uhm, a movie marathon! Starting tomorrow at noon, in o-one of the second floor tearooms. There's gonna be signs so everyone knows, uh, w-where to go. All the films will be in the original Japanese with s-subtitles, and they're some of my favorites, and... hopefully they can m-make some people feel better after, uhm, everything that's been h-happening recently.

[She knows it's been rough for a lot of people, herself included. This is, obviously, the fix for that. Obviously.]

There's also gonna be, uh, snacks, and pillows, and you c-can come in your pajamas if you want. Everybody's w-welcome, just as long as you don't, uhm, disrupt a-anything by talking too loudly. The point of this is f-for, uhm, time to relax, and watch some great stuff, so. I hope everyone c-can come!

[Her smile's starting to bleed into something very nervous-looking, so she waves a bit and then abruptly cuts the feed.]

[ooc: log is over here for the club meeting!]

⎊ [Video]

May. 1st, 2016 08:07 am
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[The feed opens to Tony's form from about the waist up. His sleeves are rolled up and his left arm is covered in burns that look to be about a week old. He's holding a strange device about eight inches long. It's encased entirely in a shell and seems to have a small domed sensor on top.]

I just wanted to say, if you start seeing these around, it's not a tiny alien invasion, they're sensors. I'm setting them around key locations in the hopes of finding a way to predict these event things. In light of the most recent catastrophe, I think it's only a reasonable step towards surviving something like that again. There has to be something preceding these things, right? Like a low-pressure system before a storm. We get a warning, sure. Sometimes, anyway? Maybe, if we can figure out what causes them or where they're coming from, we can delay or stop them?

[It's... all he's got, okay? He hates feeling like he isn't in control and he hates that people die because of it, even more.]

I'm... [He sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, the beginnings of a sleepless headache coming on.] officially out of retirement. Hold the "I told you so"s. You know who you are.
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[Sans is at his hotdog stand, selling/trading hotdogs, which of course are not actually hotdogs, but shh. The video shows the stand looking the same as usual, complete with that random knife embedded in the counter. There's also a scraggly black kitten with a bent ear lying on the counter, staring off into space and lashing its tail in baseline feline annoyance.]

so check this out. i was getting the usual supply of ketchup from the closet, right? and the closet decided to give me the smallest bottle i've ever seen.

[He sets a tiny ketchup bottle on the counter in sight of the camera.]

[Sans props his chin on his hands, gazing at it the way a normal person would be gazing at the nearby kitten.]

isn't it cute? i think i'll call it tommy. for tom-atoes.

by the way, i'm still trading for 'dogs, if anyone's interested.

[He'll be here all day.]
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[ Well, that was something. Surprisingly, death still sucked and wasn't like a fine wine where it got better with age. She'd woken up in her room, an improvement over the last time - so there's that. She'd done what she could to quietly slip out and head back down to the coffee shop and actually take in what the mansion didn't repair. Mostly broken tables, overturned appliances, and ripped books. Minor things, really, in the grand scheme. The walls, stairs, and windows are all fixed, though. So at least there's that. ]

coffee shop got wrecked thanks to that event
gonna be closed for about a week
who knows, could have a whole new look when things are done
it'd be a much better two year anniversary gift to myself than zombies

idk stay tuned

[ And that's it. That's her stellar announcement that she's back up and running without doing the feelings part of the whole up and running thing. She's a few days early on the anniversary, but details. The message is short and to the point and that's what's important right now. Make more time to get to work on the coffee shop and start processing everything. ]
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[ At first, there are a lot of nondescript sounds and images, as if she turned on the feed and promptly forgot about it. The voice of a preteen girl lets loose a string of muttered curses. Objects rustle, clatter, shuffle. Heavy footfall. Eventually, Ellie shows her face, clearly trying to be more informative thank panicked, but the fear makes it into her eyes and voice. ]

Hey, remember when I thought it'd be helpful to say what kind of crap might follow us here? ... Yeah. Totally right about that. [ Distracted, the camera shifts to show a sideways view of the hallway without much of interest to see there. Ellie walks for a while, still producing swears on every other exhale, though she quickly returns to the video. ]

If you saw Max's broadcast, then you know... something's up. And the zombies? Aren't zombies. They're Infected, they're... basically the same, except they're not undead, or whatever. Those things are still alive. And they... fucking... followed me here.

[ In a manner of speaking. For anyone who's ever wondered about the hopeless world that Ellie was pulled out of, this will be a lovely first-hand opportunity to learn. ]

Right. Okay. So, what you need to know. [ Hopefully people aren't asleep. This occurs to her and she stops short, trying to figure out if she has time to go door to door and pound on them until their residents can flee. More swearing. ] ... If they bite you, or scratch you, you're screwed. They might be in the basement now, so we've got some time. I went down there, and they look like Runners, so they can see and hear you, and they're fucking fast.

[ Hence the name. Cue sights and sounds of Ellie stuffing a bunch of supplies into her backpack. ]

Oh, yeah. So, that's not all. What they're sick with? It's a fungus, and its spores are... down there, but if those guys come up here, then the spores'll be everywhere. If you breathe them in, you're done. Just-- get outside, grab supplies, weapons, and definitely a gas mask, and get out of here. It's just gonna get worse.

[ Shit. There's so much more she wants to say, but her mind is both blank and racing wildly, and all she can really hold onto is that she has to find people and keep them safe. Ellie swallows, face set, clearly pained by what she knows is about to happen. ]

Endure and survive.
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[For those who can sense such things, there's suddenly a barely-contained hunger in the Mansion. For those with regular but heightened senses, it's a distinctly strong smell of blood. For those with neither of those things, it's just Kaneki, though he's a bit different than he used to be.

He stands frozen for a moment between two looooong shelves loaded with books of all ages and subjects and worlds of origin, as it all starts to come back to him. Arriving in Wonderland is as disorienting the second time as it was the first. As he starts to regain his mental balance, he feels in his pocket for the device he knows is there.

The Kaneki who appears on the network looks a bit older, a bit leaner. His hair is stark white now, but the familiar patch still covers his left eye. He still sounds a bit shy, still stutters occasionally, but anyone who has spoken with him much in the past will notice it's just...not the same. Kaneki has always been calculating, but now that's more apparent, an undercurrent to what is otherwise his normal tone and tempo.]

Ah...sorry to bother everyone. I've been here before, but I'm not sure how long it's been exactly--how long it's been here, I mean.

[He lets out a light sigh, glancing around at the book shelves around him.]

Regardless of that, it seems like not all that much has changed here. I'm sure there are a lot of people I haven't met, though, so I should introduce myself. [He looks back at the camera.] My name is Kaneki Ken--Kaneki is my family name, but it's fine to use either of them.

[He offers a smile that is a bit uncertain, and much more like the old Kaneki.] the coffee shop still here? I've missed spending time in one....
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[Sans is sitting at what appears to be some kind of station or checkpoint, or perhaps even a stand. It's haphazardly constructed out of wood, but whatever, it's functional. Also there's a knife embedded in the counter for some reason.]

[A sign above the stand reads 'dogs because three extra letters is too much work.]

so i ran a hotdog stand back home. sorta. set one up at that robot fight a few days ago and it seemed to go over well.

[Aside from some Bad Times almost happening, but never mind that.]

figure i'll make it a more permanent thing. i know there's no economy here, so i figure i'll just trade 'em for whatever's in your pockets. or whatever, i don't really care.

anyway, i bet most of you here have never had a water sausage, huh?

[He grins and shrugs. He reaches to turn off the feed, but then pauses.]

oh. unrelated to that, but before i forget...i got some questions about the mirror folk. if anyone would mind answering.
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[The feed starts with a static shot of the corner of a bedroom. It's not a very interesting corner. Just two walls and a bit of floor, a floor that is strewn with socks. The communicator seems to have been set on a surface, probably a table, and left there. One would almost think this was some kind of accidental video until Sans speaks from off-camera.]

so this whole thing with the garden. pretty wild, right? talking plants, drunk plants, plants that, uh...seem to have absurd powers to reach across dimensions i guess?

[A freaking rose gave him something it should not have been physically possible to retrieve and it kind of blew his skull. Enough so that he wasn't looking where he was going.]

actually, the talking flowers part, i'm kinda used to that. [...] yeah. we have these echo flowers back home. they repeat back whatever you say.

[Don't worry, Flowey, you're safe.]

the bugs, though. heh. that's where things really get weird. if you see a bunch of bugs that look like little flying rocking horses? uh. make sure you've got sawdust on you, cause...

[Something flies into the frame. It's Sans! Except he's tiny. Like really tiny. Like, Sans is only like four feet tall on a good day, but right now he's about two inches tall. He's also looking like some kind of really weird combination of skeleton and dragonfly. Have you ever seen an exoskeleton try to be an endoskeleton? It doesn't work too well. Sans is sporting an extra pair of arms, mandibles and four, comparatively large dragonfly wings.]

let's just say those flies have a real nasty bite. heh heh heh.

[He flits back down out of sight, clearly landing somewhere below the field of vision.]

also, it turns out that flying is basically just exercise. yeesh.


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