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[Malia shows up in the light of day; the gardens she's near being a peaceful polar opposite to the thrumming party she's come from. No fall of night, no crackling of fire, no smoke, no music, no dancing, no alcohol, and no Scott right in her face trying to tell her that werewolvescoyotes can't get drunk.

Which he must've been wrong about -- up until she realizes, standing there, that he must be right. Because she was drunk (and not really into it) only moments before. Looking around then though, she's achingly aware of how clear her senses are.

Spotting a huge building only makes her run away from it, in the direction of a fence that she, for some reason, can't reach. So, she's dreaming. Has to be. That's what's going through her mind when she's suddenly transported away from her path a door to that building.

There's quiet cursing to herself about what the hell just happened before she frowns at the door. As if she's going in there. She's already sensing that there's something off about it, and she doesn't care if that's just her imagination.

Then, she spots a piece of technology that looks like it could be a phone. Maybe. She snatches it up out of the grass and flips it over in her hands, pressing buttons on it after only a second or two of attempting to figure out how it works. Patience, what's that? It's rather solid and too real to be an item in a dream. That realization serves to confuse her all the more. It starts to record with her staying put, voice heavily agitated. She's unwittingly broadcasting video, which is a flurry of unfocused seconds and colors, albeit sunlight perhaps being evident.]

What the hell's goin' on, and who's, or whatever, is this?

[She doesn't know that it's recording video, or anything, for that matter. So polite. Such good first impression. Much joy. Wow.

She clutches tightly onto the device, turning it over and causing her face to be on display. Brow furrowing deeply, frown etched onto her lips as she sees that it's doing...something? Jaw tight before her mouth opens and her teeth show, fangs peeking out in a little snarl with brown eyes flashing electric blue, she looks away and calls something out.]

If this is something you did, you know I'm not in the mood for it, Stiles.

[A long pause, soft huff leaving her.]

Someone come out or wake me the hell up! Now!
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( malia seems revitalized. awake, and alive, ready to get things going. she seems motivated, driven forward by something. she's grinning widely. she's in her room on the sixth floor, but there's something distinctly different about it. her bed has been partially covered in moss and there are some pretty big rocks behind her. )

Look!! Look! I made my room look like the woods! And - I made the closet give me my sister's doll...

( she holds up a baby doll. ) It's not even torn up anymore.

( malia just thinks the mansion is being cool to her right now and does not at all think this is weird. by the way. ) I've never been able to make stuff like this just show up before. Awesome, right?
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[ When the video feed comes to life, Isaac is lounging on a rather plush chair looking far more smug than he ever has in his life. He's got a cup of tea balancing on one of the arm rests and next to it a plate of biscuits - quite the sweet tooth at the moment apparently. Two things stick out like a sore thumb - the amount of stubble on the usually babyfaced teenager and the white gauze pad above his eyebrow. Of course when "Isaac" opens his mouth it becomes apparent quickly that either A) Isaac has developed a European accent or B) this isn't Isaac. ]

I'll say, one moment I was smack dab in The French Quarter and then I found myself here and I haven't a bloody clue how it happened.

[ He purses his lips a bit indignantly before speaking again. ]

And while I have to assume the company here is far superior to the company I was forced to keep there - I'm not a big fan of this unbreakable boundary spell. I'd like to meet the witch that cast it.
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Just what the fuck was that?! ( snappy malia is snappy. she looks like she just woke up. which means, of course, that she just experienced the helldream. )

And where'd the moon go? ( THAT'S IT THAT'S THE POST )
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exposition and brother issues )
[ Elijah takes his brother backwards until he slams Klaus into a wall hard and that’s when the communicator tumbles from Klaus’ pocket. It flips on and for a moment all the viewers can see are their feet and legs. The network now has a show to watch. ]

Do not compare Joanna to whatever backroom barmaid you've compelled into bed. Do you understand me, brother?

[ Elijah’s reaction is just what he wanted, and he reaches up to grab his brother’s wrists, twisting so his tight grip is loosened enough so Klaus can push Elijah back, giving himself some space.

Kneeling down, he takes the communicator, about to put it right back in his pocket when he notices that it’s turned on. There’s a hint of a smirk on his mouth as he places it on the counter, angling it so their audience can have a better view of the show.

Seems as though we have a few more matters to discuss. [ Not even going to acknowledge any kind of understanding, not in front of who could be watching. Instead, he’s instantly in his brother’s face and pulling the same move as Elijah, slamming him against the opposite wall. Only this time, he brings his arm back to throw a solid punch at his brother’s jaw, the negative emotions that have been bottled up in him for the past few months finding an outlet in the attack.

Unfortunately for Elijah his little brother is more powerful than him. Though that isn't to say Elijah is some sort of pushover like most other vampires are to their family. He certainly knows where to push and pull on his brother. Years of training him has left him with some knowledge of the way his brother operates.

He takes two hits to the face before getting an arm up to shield his face and block the blows. He works a leg up between them and uses it to kick his brother across the kitchen and away from him. Elijah immediately blurs towards the counter and pulls a knife free from a drawer. It’s long and sharp. Probably used to cut meat, but he has other purposes for it. He throws it across the kitchen at Niklaus and takes a breath despite not needing it. ]

The only thing I wish to discuss with you is how to hurt you as you've hurt me. You daggered me and put me in a coffin, Niklaus. I wasn't even freed by your hand. How long would you have kept me in there, brother? As long as Finn was in his?

[ Klaus grunts as the knife embeds itself in his right shoulder. Gritting his teeth, he pulls it out slowly before his hand whips forward to shoot it right back in Elijah’s direction. ]

Of course not. [ And here he grins, a feral thing that has no hint of brotherly affection. ] Only a few centuries would have done you some good, Finn needed another nine hundred. Maybe then he would have developed a personality.

[ Which hadn't been his plan at all - he was only waiting. Another decision made in a long line of them that didn't net the result he wanted.

The knife actually hits Elijah low and in the gut. He sucks in a sharp breath and looks down at the handle protruding from his belly. He rips the blade free and throws it at the wall to his right. It embeds itself snugly.

You abuse our family like we’re you’re own personal toys. You ruin all of our chances at happiness simply because you grow bored. [ He wants to bring up Celeste, but he won’t. ] What was your ultimate plan with Joanna? Manipulate her until she can hardly think for herself? And why? All because I showed the slightest bit of interest in her? Can’t you ever just let us be happy, Niklaus?

[ Klaus’ eyes narrow into a glare. The irritation boiling just beneath his skin has the edges of his vision turning red, old resentment from years of feeling like he was in Elijah’s shadow coming up to the surface in a way it hasn't in some time. ]

Considering your history when it comes to the women you’re interested in, perhaps it would be wise for Joanna to steer clear of you. Though you have always had a fondness for the help, haven’t you?

[ Elijah stares long and hard at his brother. For a moment, he almost seems like he’s going to back off and return to his room. Instead though the veins appear around his eyes and his fangs appear. Elijah rarely loses control of himself like this. Calm and collected. He’s the picture of poise until you push him too far which is exactly what Niklaus has done.

Elijah blurs forward until he connects violently with his brother. He grabs him by his shirt again, but this time he throws him in the direction of the camera, which topples it to the floor once more causing it to flip off. Seems like Wonderland’s kitchen might be undergoing some Mikaelson remodeling. ]

[ooc: Any video or text or audio replies will be answered after they fight, and can be answered by either Elijah or Klaus unless it's specified. ALSO SORRY ABOUT THAT KITCHEN WONDERLAND.Red is Klaus, Blue is Elijah. ]

( video )

Oct. 13th, 2014 08:24 pm
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[ he turns around. that’s all it takes. he turns around and the world as he knows it has vanished along with the little girl that’s supposed to be in his arms. he shouts her name ( and the names of the rest of his family ) until his throat burns raw and it hurts to keep yelling but he can’t stop. he doesn’t know if any of them answer him because his ears are still ringing; he can’t hear anything. the explosions rocked the field he stood in and part of him is still waiting for another bomb to drop and to engulf him in flames or another trap of the Espheni’s design.

simply one of the many reasons that drives him to do something he wouldn’t normally be proud of. normal left the building years ago when the aliens invaded his planet. if holding a young woman at knife point is the way he has to get their attention, then so be it. she’s the one he encountered first. it has to be for a reason. he hopes the fact that he found this device planted in his pocket means that it's still functioning.

If you can see this, then I want you to listen very carefully. [ his words are exceptionally measured and articulate. he knows what he wants to say and how to say it from years of playing the messenger. being practiced never makes delivering bad news any easier. the discomfort is obvious for those wise enough to spot it, but his duty to his family comes before everything else, even his morals. ]

This isn't what you... [ the girl currently at knifepoint tugs a bit at his arm. clearly (or clearly enough for anyone who knows her) not trying her hardest to escape. she doesn't seem to notice the fact this is being recorded, or just doesn't seem to care, her attention more on her captor than anything. ] -think it is. If you'll just listen-

I’m through listening. [ he tightens his grip around her, struggling slightly to keep her under his control. is she stupid? does she want to die? it only proves his point that maybe she isn’t real. if she keeps this up, he’s only going to press the knife harder against her throat. ] Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to return my sister to me and tell me where the rest of my family is, or [ and he sighs, forcibly pushes the last part of his sentence out. ] people are going to start dying. Starting with her.

[ her eyes widen, then, like it suddenly sinks in that this guy is serious. it's the death threat that does it, something shifting in the lines of her face. she moves - subtly enough, as far as the camera is concerned. a sliding of her feet for balance, her hands moving for a better hold on his arm, and then she drops low in her stance. the exact moment she does that, she tugs, hard, pulling him over her shoulder and the camera goes with him.

sorry, ben. you don't really want to put a knife to the throat of a girl who's been training with black widow.

the feed is upside, tilted, thrown off somewhere a little ways away where it only catches a canted view of her legs as she walks over to where he'd fallen - not much more than a black mass against the grass. ]

Okay, now you're going to hear me out.

[ movement, and then the feed cuts. ]
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[Once of the hall cameras turns on in the middle of a very rare scene. It catches James, mid-sentence, shouting at someone just off screen. He's absolutely livid, but what truly makes the moment unusual is that it quickly becomes apparent that James is yelling at Sirius off all people.]

--the one thing I ask you not to do, and of course you run off and do it anyway! I can't believe you!

[James is red in the face, but has apparently run out of words for a moment, though anyone in the seventh floor hall probably heard it all. Sirius confronted Peter. James has spent more than a month attempting to keep the peace among them all, which has mostly consisted of making sure that Sirius and Peter spend as little time together as possible. Not if Sirius is going to treat him like he's already gone and gotten him and Lily killed. He didn't know how long he would need to keep that up, how long it might take for the pain to become useful, to drive them all to try and change things.

He tangles both his hands in his hair and tugs at it, and he turns away as if he's going to storm off.However, he seems to change his mind at the last second, instead just taking a couple paces and turning back around and gripping at the air in front of him.

Why can't I make you two understand that we've got to work together to change things? Yes, both of you. Between your temper and his guilt over something he, let me remind you, has not currently done yet, it'll take a fucking miracle to change anything at all!

[That's not fair. He went too far and he knows it as soon as the words come out of his mouth. He looks surprised at himself, and a little ashamed.]

...I didn't mean that. We're doing everything we can. It's just...I can't do this without you. Without all of you. This place is tearing us all apart and pitting us against each other and I can't stand it! I-

There are guitars. Why are there guitars. )
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[ It's hard to escape the mirrors in Wonderland's mansion. And lately, it's hard to escape the boards with the word "HONESTY" written across them. Over and over again. But Remus is trying his hardest to do just that: escape. He's in his room, cell phone lying on a shelf across the room as he sits on his bed. Everything seems normal and boring until the guitar starts up. Remus looks around, confused as to where the music is coming from. But then there are drums, and bass, and before you know it, Remus is singing as well. ]

cut for lyrics )

08 | video

Oct. 9th, 2014 09:22 am
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( Lydia's stood in the ballroom, walking around and surveying the area as she posts - multitasking, obviously. She's in planning mode, and that can only mean good things for everyone. Unless you obstruct her planning )

Next week I'm throwing a party.

( Stay with her, Wonderland. You've not been to a Lydia Martin party before )

Monday. In the ballroom from- ( There's a pause. She's thinking ) -seven. And I expect everyone to dress up for it.

( Don't be too casual you might get turned away. It's not just a regular dumb teen party. There's another bit of a pause as Lydia turns around, looking up above the doors. Clearly she's decorating in her mind )

It would have been my birthday. Just because I'm here instead of at home doesn't mean I have to miss out on anything for it.

( #priorities. She also wouldn't be able to celebrate with some of you back home either )

So dress up, turn up and have fun. Unless you'll ruin it. And if anyone wants to help decorate- ( Aka do the lifting ) -I would appreciate it.

( There's a smile before she shuts the feed off. You've been warned )
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I need - ( there's rustling, and it sounds like her device is being... fumbled with. perhaps with less finesse than usual, and then a frustrated growling sound comes through. it's garbled, a mixture of human roars of frustration and the primal snarl of a coyote. ) some help.

( her tone is strained, through clenched teeth, and the word help is said on nothing short of an unmistakably animal growl - throaty, low, and dripping with danger. malia has come a long way when it comes to control on the full moon, but in an unfamiliar place, situation, with additional stress factored in... she's not doing so hot. )

The closet isn't giving me what I need. Stiles - ( his name is snarled, angry sounding more than anything else. ) Or Scott or someone. I don't even care - chains.

( she stops trying to talk and just kind of... roars. it's not like an alpha's roar at all, and the feed cuts with a loud crash as she throws her device. her bedroom is taking a huge beating right now and there's every chance that if she doesn't get what she needs, the rest of the mansion might have a little bit of an issue... maybe you talk to her through the device, if you can get her to pick it back up, or perhaps you just happen to live nearby { or know her room number } and hear a commotion or... go straight to where the angry coyote girl is ruining everything and trying her best not to do so. she's on the sixth floor, in room thirty seven. )
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What does family mean to you?

[It's a question that has been on her mind since her arrival. The answer isn't coming to her and she feels like she should know it.

A memory of a memory.]

And love?

[Somehow that question is more important. That emotion is far more distant.]
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[ Back at Hogwarts, Astronomy was one of Remus' best subjects. That's not to say it was one of his favorites, but out of necessity, he'd become quite adept at studying the night sky. That's why, after he'd taken the time to settle in, he'd asked his closet for a telescope and started hitting the roof after sundown. Most nights he could be found up there, studying the moon and stars. It was for this reason that he'd been able to calculate when the next full moon would be (rather sooner than he'd like, but there was no changing that), and also made a fascinating discovery.

One night, from the roof, he decides to share his findings with Wonderland at large. He pulls out his cell phone and records a video. ]

Has anyone noticed that the stars keep changing? I mean, night after night, the constellations are different. Sometimes they're not where they ought to be, and sometimes I see ones I've never seen before. I'd thought maybe I could try and learn where Wonderland is, geographically, but I'm more confused now than I was when I started.

[ He ends his broadcast, then, fiddling with the settings, sends out a message to his friends. ]

[ Private to James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew: ]

The full moon is the 8th. That's this Wednesday.

[ ooc: feel free to run into Remus either on the roof, if your character is so inclined, or in the stairwells with his telescope! ]

07 | text

Sep. 23rd, 2014 03:59 pm
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Did anyone find the answer to the puzzle? Or get anywhere close. I know that the sword is gone again now but how close was the answer?

( If there was one. Lydia hasn't really looked at it but she's seen that there was something that had happened whilst she was gone )

( PRIVATE | scott mccall )
Are you back?
You disappeared. Went home?

( PRIVATE | natasha romanoff )
How many secrets do you have?

( PRIVATE | allison argent )
We need coffee. I wish this place did better coffee, there's only so long I can go about pretending it's actually good.
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[ After calming down from his initial arrival, and learning just exactly where he is, Klaus thought it was about time to check out this little communicator he'd been given. The recent troubles with the mirror side and the riddle are none of his concern, since that was before his arrival, no matter how recent.

When the video starts, he looks to be in deep concentration. An expression that soon changes into something a little more smug when he notices it's working.

I'm to understand this broadcast can be seen by all who have the unfortunate luck to be here. [ He seems pretty amiable, leaning back a little in his chair as he rubs a hand over his chin. ] I'll admit, this isn't my preferred method of communication, but I believe there's a saying about Romans and what not that would apply to the situation.

[ Klaus glances over his shoulder, obviously looking at someone off camera, and his mouth curves into a smirk that seems at odds with his friendly behavior. ]

This is as good a time as any for me to get to know everyone, isn't it? So, out with it. Tell me something about yourselves. [ In truth, he really isn't interested in facts or making new friends - he's there to observe and judge his fellow captives. ] As for myself, my name is Klaus. I assume several of you have met my brother, Elijah.

[ Anyone who's had a run-in with Elijah will be getting extra attention from Klaus, how lucky for them. ]

If you would all indulge me just a bit, I would be most grateful.

[ He doesn't sound grateful - he sounds just the slightest bit condescending. He ends the feed there.

It's entirely possible if anyone happens to make their way to the fifth floor bar, he'll be parked right at the counter, downing a few glasses of scotch.
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( before any actual speaking is heard, there is a snarl. it's a quiet, low sort of sound - a warning, more than anything. then comes the muttering. )


( a couple of tonal beeps are heard as she fumbles with her device. )

This isn't even my phone. ( a sigh. )

Hello? Look - I don't have time for this. Okay? So whatever prank you're trying to play, Stiles, just -- Ha-ha, funny joke. But I'm still mad. This isn't winning you any points. ( muttered, quietly, under her breath: 'I'm gonna kill you.' )



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