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[Ishimaru hasn't really been at a hundred percent since Mondo's arrival in Wonderland and the difficult news he brought with him. A lot has been weighing on his mind, but over time he's managed to gain some comfort and regain some of his energy by throwing himself into his studies and focusing on them. And during the last event, he mostly spent time coordinating people in the safe zone while in his pajamas. Now that things have quieted down again, it seems like the time to address everyone.

And so, on this day he addresses everyone with an energetic message! He goes on cheerily, although every now and then his cheer fades a bit.]

Greetings, people of Wonderland! In case you have not met me, my name is Kiyotaka Ishimaru! I believe in bold simplicity, and through hard work I have earned the title of Super High School Level Public Morals Committee Member! Even though I've been trapped here in Wonderland, I am still doing everything that I can to continue my educational crusade in this world, and I highly encourage anyone to join me! If you find me at the library or the youth center, you are more than welcome to study with me. Let's all do our best!

In fact, I would also like to encourage everyone to help me with my studies right now! Please help me in one of two ways. Either quiz me on any subject, or teach me about something from your world. You could even do both if you so please! I would highly appreciate any help. ...Y-you can also talk about the value of second chances here in Wonderland! [Just in case Mondo is listening. He then closes with a hurried bow.]

Thank you for your time, and may you all have splendid days!
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[Replies to this are CLOSED, please see OOC note at the bottom of the post!]

In the wake of our most recent event and regarding the fate of those who lose their fifth life, I would like to propose a new series of data collection on mansion residents. It is my opinion that the instatement of a “death watch” - that is, an archival record of extant resident deaths that have occurred - should be created and maintained, and would serve as a valuable resource for the protection of those who are at risk.

[This is the difficult part: persuading people to share this sort of thing about themselves, knowing what it does to others and how it can hurt, is no easy task. She believed as much when she first spoke with Shepard on the subject, and believes the same now. Evelyn herself does not like to offer personal information unless asked, but knows the burden of carrying that suffering on one's own and how easily an environment can fall to fear.]

I understand that this is very private, very personal information. I understand it is traumatic, and not something that many people want to share. Therefore it is incumbent upon me to stress the critical severity of this situation, and assure you that you are not alone.

I myself have lost four lives here.

In disclosing as much, I hope that others can be swayed to believe in the efficacy of this database, and would urge residents to volunteer their respective death tolls to build the record. Residents who submit information to the watch on their numbers may do so to me privately, if there is concern about embarrassment or persecution from peers.

[It is a valid concern, and one which she has agonised over.]

Commander Shepard’s confirmation from the Queen of Hearts that those who are remade after their last demise are conscripted as spies is extremely troubling. Regardless of the veracity of the information given its source, we as unwilling residents do not have the luxury of allowing for that liability. For those concerned about their safety, I will be actively working with the commander, who is well-equipped to establish and manage security procedures once the record has been transcribed and analysed. This is a living document, and is expected to require additions over time.

I am aware that this is a drastic measure, but a measure worth taking. Please feel free to direct all responses and queries to myself and Commander Shepard.

[OOC NOTE: I realize this is a hot button issue as has generated a lot of replies, which is great! In order to keep myself sane, I'm going to have to cut it off here and request that no one else respond in this post. Messaging Evelyn's inbox is cool if you want to drop a line there instead, but replies will be slower there.

Anyone who did not get to respond in here before the cut-off, I'd really like you to at least drop a comment HERE if you believe your character would still share their information with her. Thank you for understanding!
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[Knock knock! It's the Robotboy genius! Coming to you live from his beautiful pink decorated room. He's looking considerably more cheerful than the last time he posted a month or two ago. He's also accompanied by a cute plant companion!

He's stroking it lovingly as he looks at it in its temporary pot.]

Hello, glorious citizens of Wonderland! It seems a lot of us have gotten mysterious gifts from an equally mysterious RQ, and it's such a tantalizing state to be in, isn't it?

[He delicately nudges a bud, untangling it from another leaf so that it can stand out prominently.]

And what a fitting gift this is for me! Flowers for a star! But not just a simple bouquet, oh no; a potential unending supply of beautiful white roses, just for me!

[He moves the pot to the forefront of the camera and lets it take up the whole frame so all its details are on display.]

I don't know who this RQ is but clearly they have excellent taste in being such a big fan of mine. I love you too, RQ!

[Mettaton then pops back into frame and blows a kiss to the camera. Presumably for this RQ he is talking about; how embarrassing.]

So! My question to you all is: now that I am done showing this off, what should I do with it? Should I plant this bush in the gardens for everyone to see? Maybe erect a plaque on it so everyone knows it is mine? Or should I keep it here and put it in a bigger pot to lavish my room in more elegance? Oh~! The possibilities!
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[In the search for something lost, do what you know you must.

Of course, like everyone else, Papyrus was confused about this new present he received, but everything became clear to him as soon as he opened it to reveal some very fashionable clothing.

Then it dawns on him.

He knows what he must do.

He needs to put on these clothes and show everyone how fashionable he looks.

So, the video opens to a skeleton wearing some very cool clothing. He's even written down the words 'COOL DUDE' on the T-shirt! Look at how cool he is!



[He's not going to say outright that he's stoked to be wearing some new clothes that aren't regal regalia, but his expression is showing that he's over the moon with happiness.

He strikes a pose!


[He's dead serious about that.]
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[ As always, Video Time with Mondo will have some kind of motion sickness-inducing bits as he's still... not very accustomed to technology, pardon him. This time it begins as soon as the feed starts. Don't worry, he isn't flinging the palm pilot ー he's broken one, got another, learnt his lesson, etc. This is just him figuring out how to get the package out of the wrapping and show it at the same time. ]

Hey, uh. Apparently there were other people who've got 'em, but like you guys I've got this note.

[ And as always, a well-built teenager will be gracing your screen with his massive corncob pompadour. He's trying to show the notes but ... it gets too close you probably can't read it. But whenever he pulls it back you'll be able to tell that it's the same 'In the search for something lost, do what you know you must. -RQ' one. ]

Sure as hell this ain't for me nor is it mine, so. Anyone can tell me if they recognise this?

[ He tries his best to keep his hand still as he uses another to show off a humongous pink sweater, with 'Mr. Dad Guy' text stitched on the front of it. It's possible that you don't manage to see the full text, as the sweater really is Big, and there's so much Mondo can show with his lack of innovation to... maybe set the palm pilot somewhere stable so he can show it off better. Well, gotta take what you can get from this doof. ]

If you do, gimme a ring or whatever. Yeah. Bye.

[ Awkward it might be, but at least it cuts off rather smoothly. Yes, he's figured out the off button! ]


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Hey, guys! [ Wearing a pretty sweet red and blue hoodie (his uniform, as it were), Jon raises a hand to give a wave to the feed with a sheepish smile on his lips. The angle of the camera shifts after a moment, showing a decent amount of computer hardware running behind him, though the screens are a bit too far away to make out what's on them. Sitting at one of them is some other tiny nerd. ]

Robin and I uh. . found some stuff, yeah. Since most've this stuff seems to belong to someone else, we wanted to see if anyone wanted their stuff back. . ?

[ Jon gets pushed aside because he is obviously doing this wrong. ] You’re forgetting that first we will need proof of ownership, Superboy. These items could hold someone’s very life at stake and can’t be handed off to some stranger.

[ The camera pans over to where some notes and a pill bottle with it’s label ripped off rest. A hamster scurries across the table and nibbles at the tip of a page for a moment before Jon reaches a hand out and picks it up. ]

Paper isn’t good for you, Hammy-Bruce. Anyway--if either of these’re yours, and--[ Mumbles to himself for a moment, under his breath. Something something, Robin’s real rude. ]--you can prove it’s yours, I’ll come run it to you?

His name isn’t “Hammy-Bruce” it’s “Bat-Hamster!” [ Robin is heard complaining in the background before the feed cuts off. ]
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[Dipper's sitting in his room, holding a red-wrapped piece of paper and looking very seriously at the camera.]

So, I just received a very interesting package–Mabel and I both did–I mean, we each received a different package, and… [He holds his up, then holds the note up to the camera.

It reads: In the search for something lost, do what you know you must. -RQ]

So clearly they're important, and I thought it'd be best if we open them nice and slowly and everyone can have a chance to see and weigh in, cause this is definitely a puzzle, and–

[–and Mabel shoves her way into frame violently, pushing Dipper aside and slamming a jar in front of the camera. The jar contains (1) blue eye that darts around in confusion at being jostled so savagely!! For a hot moment, Mabel does not care about that. She’s too busy looking a bit frantic.]

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. This is the moment I’ve been training for since I first met Alice. [She balls a tiny hand into a fist.] I have one of her eyes, man. But that’s one more eye than I had before!

[She’s… definitely going at this with all the passion of a drill sergeant.] So my question is… Who’s got the other one? [SUSPICIOUS SQUINT. YOU BETTER NOT BE HIDING IT FROM HER. SHE WILL FIND YOU.

Dipper looks annoyed at the intrusion until he sees just what it is she has, at which point he looks shocked and amazed, one hand going to his head.]

Mabel, that's amazing! Oh my gosh, we have to find the other eyeball and figure out where the heck she hangs out when she's not announcing events… I'm going to get a clipboard!

[Whoops dashing offscreen now. There's a thump. Followed by an "I'm okay!" then another thump.

Mabel watches all of this with increasingly more pained flinches at Dipper tripping over everything, all while hugging the jar close to her chest.]
Um… We’ll be right back, guys.

[She flicks the camera off.]
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[Some time Friday morning, September 8th, a new and particularly important broadcast appears on the network.

The feed flicks on to show Ford at a desk in his lab looking both tired and very guilty. ]

Uh, yes! Hello. Uh. Good morning?

[He clears his throat. Might as well get right down to it.]

As anyone who's slept since Wednesday will know, something weird has been happening. I may have been experimenting with a ward against a certain demonic triangle when there was an explosion that caused the ward's effects to warp and, for lack of better layman's terms, gave everyone the ability to traverse the Mindscape--that is, the realm parallel to any waking dimension.

To put it simply: Once you left consciousness at any point, you likely were able to explore your own mind, and the minds of others.

Fortunately, the effects seem to be temporary and I only singed half an eyebrow in the explosion, so... Good news! Everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.

Ahh, science. Well! That's all for today. If you don't want to deal with it, I suggest visiting one of the tea rooms for a delightful pot of industrial coffee. Always works for me!

[With a winning smile from Ford, the broadcast ends.]
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[Late on the 5th day, somewhere no-one can hear, a song starts playing in reverse. And the SOUL that was once a goat monster is called again to life.]

[The world's saddest boy is eased in sadness and also fur. Asgore Dreemurr awakes in his room and finds himself as whole and living as he has been of late, although perhaps more tired than usual.]

[A short video is posted to the network. It is a close up of Asgore's face; it is late, and he looks weary, but the weariness he feels is deeper than the hour alone would give.]

I have been dead, but for the second time in my experience, I find that I am no longer so. I apologize to anyone whom I may have worried or harmed with my death, especially my children. I apologize for laying such a heavy burden on Tim. I did not wish for my SOUL to be absorbed by one of the Ice Giants by accident, and perhaps making one of them even stronger, enabling the deaths of others.

If my choice was wrong, I take responsibility for it, and again apologize to anyone it has harmed.

[Asgore takes a deep breath and shuts the feed off.]


Aug. 28th, 2017 02:49 pm
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--there we go!

( the feed opens up to just his face, a satisfied grin plastered across his mouth now that he sees that he did, in fact, get this thing to work. it doesn't quite reach his eyes, though; they're a bit red, definitely swollen. don't judge him. )

Hi! My name’s Jon Kent. I’m looking for my mom and dad. My dad’s name is Clark, and my mom is Lois. My dad looks a lot like me, just bigger? My mom has brown hair. I’m sure they’re fine, but I haven’t been able to find them yet.

( the grin shifts into something a bit more sheepish, free hand raising to adjust the big, bulky glasses sitting on his nose. )

And uh. . how do I know which room’s mine? Why are there ogres outside--?
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warning: DR spoilers inside )

HIS ROOM - DAY 2 09:00

[ Unless you're a heavy sleeper, you might have heard thunderous noises from the video transmission in the middle of night last night. (Note: Please read the first-person sample only and don't scroll up if you want to avoid DR spoilers!) Before anyone could respond, the video transmission cut off last night, and he would've missed any responses until now since the palm pilot was switched off following the violent throw.

Miraculously, when he tries to switch it back on, it's still working. It's a lot more resilient than it seems, and Mondo's 'considerably' calmer after a good night's rest. He's aware that there must be some use to this device, and after fiddling with it for a while, he attempts to do another video transmission. ]

Uh, so. Can anyone tell me why we're here? How do... things work 'round here?

[ He's not looking right at the camera, simply because he doesn't know how front camera works, but his glare is very... glaring. Agitation is still there, and it's pretty obvious. His pompadour is a splendid corncob now as opposed to last night's rather disheveled state.

Does he know how to turn off the transmission without throwing the phone? Looks like someone needs to give him some 101.

Anyway, a few options for this prompt:
a) send him a video response of last night's chaos, shout at him back for waking you up in the middle of nothing, tell him to calm down, etc;
b) go on video call with/send video response to him following the morning transmission;
c) text in response;
d) wildcard, which means... GET WILD! ]

HALLWAYS - DAY 2 12:00

[ A relatively big (187cm or 6ft 1.6inch) young man will be wandering around, trying to figure out where is what. He still has a scowl on his face, but isn't going to eat you if you talk to him. At least not right away... he's pretty hungry. If you're Kiyotaka Ishimaru, he's gonna bolt the shit out of there moments after he spots you. If you're not, then congrats, he might talk to you for a bit. In fact, he might just start the conversation if you don't. (Feel free to start the conversation and not use this prompt!) ]

Hey. Y'know where the dining room's at? We can eat for free?


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