Aug. 24th, 2015 02:47 pm
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[Mikan doesn't look so well - bags under her eyes, those eyes being red and puffy from crying, and she's shaking. So why is she smiling?]

Th-that was awful, it really was... this place can be cruel sometimes. It showed me that the one thing I'm good at... even that's useless. Can you imagine? Being the absolutely best at something, above everyone else, and when the time comes to use it, it's no help at all.

But you know what...? I'm still flesh and blood and muscle and bone, so that makes me able to do things! I can deliver things! I can be used as a step-stool! I can eat your garbage! When you're not in the mood to do something, I can still do it! Y-You can still use me!

I'm still useful, right? You'll all use me, won't you?
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[ The camera in one of the Mansion's rooms turns on when somebody bumps into it.

At first he's just a blur, because the room is kind of dark, and the guy is literally half an inch from the camera. But then he backs off several steps, blinking in confusion. You'll be able to get a good look at him now.

He's neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin; his smart shirt is tied loosely around his head; and his sunburn is beyond polite description. He still has an undershirt on, revealing the fuzzy blue tattoos on his arms and shoulders -- and the wrinkly burn scars, and pinkish keloid patterns, that have mostly obliterated them. His eyes are... no, let's not talk about those endless black holes, let's please talk about anything else but that. His mouth is open, beaming, infinitely relieved to be wherever the heck he is.

If you can overlook the eyes, and the scars, he looks a hell of a lot like a radio professional who used to live at the Mansion. ]

Oh my goodness, a room this dark should not be allowed!

[ ...but he doesn't sound like Cecil at all. His voice is higher, with more of a giggle to it. And, currently, it sounds as raspy as a dehydrated salamander. ]

This is not a joke! [ he continues in the same lighthearted tone. He swings around, arms out in front of him, clearly not sure where he's walking. It's not that dark in the room, is it? Then again, he's just walked out of some pretty hardcore sunlight, and hasn't had time to adjust. ]

Legal action should literally be taken against this r--

[ His grasping hands find a doorhandle; he opens it; and he's buried underneath a tidal wave of brand-name bottles of water. Kevin's found the closet. ]


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