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[ good morning, wonderland. have one ren-faire lady. her closet had supplied her with a few gowns and as the weather is fair, she wears one in the Southorn style. it has also, thankfully, supplied her with hair dye and today it is loose in chestnut brown waves down her back. ]

People of Wonderland, most gracious and kind.

[ a small smile, perhaps she is a bit more confident. ]

I come to you with a question which may strike as an oddity. The hours of the day are many and long and I am unaccustomed to idleness. The Mansion cares for all our needs, as per our hosts' graciousness.

[ kidnapped or not, at the very least they were not left to starve. ]

Yet I find myself with a lack of a way to help. I am but a baseborn girl, unfitted to assist in the efforts to shield our Mansion from beasts such as the Jabberwocky. To those who do attempt such, Lord Crowley and others, I offer my sincere gratitude.

[ another smile as she inclines her head. ]

I have taken to reading and needle work. I was told to be quite gifted with a thread and a needle. The Mansion sees to our clothes and yet, if you find yourself in need of able hands to stitch and mend whatever clothes you have, you may come see me - On the tenth floor, room 002.

[ a pause. ]

I am also in search of an escort. I wish to see the vendors' offers of fabrics yet I find it unfit for a young girl to go on her own. If there are any who walk there, I would care to join them on their journey.

[ she offers a quick, elegant curtsy. ]

I wish upon you a fine day and a finer week.
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[ Waking up in an unfamiliar room when her last memory had been dying on a train isn't even in Lucy's "Top Ten Weirdest Things To Happen To Me." At least this time she's not waking up pregnant with a corpse head. Her hands immediately reach to check, finding nothing but a flat abdomen. Next her fingers fly to her face (skin is still there, no shards of metal growing over her like armor to constrict her breathing). She can breathe, she doesn't feel ill, and there's no President Valentine in sight.

But that doesn't mean he isn't lurking around. After a frantic search of the bare room, she finally emerges into the seventh story hall armed with a small pistol and some technological device (Some sort of phone? Judging by the little symbol in the corner). Barefoot and sweating buckets, she looks like the human equivalent to a Chihuahua that looks like it's either going to pee or bite someone or both.

Yes clearly this is a sociable, happy addition to Wonderland's collection of well-adjusted individuals.

Cautiously making her way down the floors, the sound of voices causes her to duck into the nearest room. She doesn't check to see if it's occupied or not. At best, you can catch a flash of a frightened young girl fleeing behind a door; at worst, a panicked, sweaty girl with a gun just ran into your fucking room for no apparent reason.

text (and more action if you're in the kitchen)

[ And once she calms down enough (or finds a nice hiding space under a kitchen cubbard) she finally examines the strange phone. No time to figure out why it looks the way it looks or what all these other buttons mean, but one button brings up an alphabet to type with. Who this message goes to, if anyone, is a mystery. It's a risk, but what other choice does she have? Besides, it's no riskier than going after the President. ]

Looking f or of race contstants johnny joestar an dgryo zeppeli. Promoter stephen steel shot and severely injured and whhereabouts unknown.please help.

[ If you're looking to get some cooking utensils, you'll be pleased to find Lucy crammed between the mixing bowls and Tupperware. In hindsight, this was a terrible hiding place. ]
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[Garry will be outside most of the day, partly because although he's started smoking again (yes, just today, why do you ask?) he'd still rather not inflict it on others. But he also just feels a lot more decisive than usual, so instead of continuing to debate internally whether going anywhere near those vendors again is a good idea, even for an endless vase, he's just going to go.

When he comes away, he's a bit loaded down trying to juggle his rose, two full vases, a lit cigarette, and his phone. Maybe someone should give him a hand?]

locked to Ib )
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I can say 100% that that was the crappiest april fools ever. "Hey, have fun with the random body mods. If you don't, be sure to stop by the party with all of your least favorite people." Seriously, just when I think this place can't get worse.

I'm not letting this stop the original plan. If you signed up for school stuff, I'd like to get everyone together Saturday to kick things off. Not gonna wait for another catastrophe to drop on our heads.
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[ One minute, you're minding your own business in camp, enjoying your victories, and ignoring the impending doom that is becoming a constant cloud over your head, and the next, you're appearing in a mansion.

At first, Leo's ninety percent sure he's getting some weird dream vision from his dad again. Supposedly Zeus put a stop to those, so he's a little impressed with Hephaestus' tenacity, but after a hard pinch to the arm, he's sort of figuring out he's actually awake right now, and someone just transported him out of nowhere to somewhere else. Was it Gaea, or was it something else entirely? No one had ever been able to do this before, and there's something on his person that wasn't there before, like a little phone, so maybe it was his dad--

His mind is racing, to the point where his body is hot to the touch, and then there's no warning and he just lights up, flaring wild orange and red in the middle of the hallway. It's that that brings him back to the present, and Leo swears, loudly, and tries to calm himself down--by the time his fire's been put out, he's standing, butt naked, in the middle of the entrance hall.


The little device he found himself with, however, is unharmed. The demigod pretty much scrambles across the room to find a tapestry to duck behind, covering the important bits, then squints at the device, just laying there, innocently.

There's a moment of indecision before he dashes across the room, grabs it, and runs back. A little curious tinkering reveals the capabilities of the device, and Leo clicks record on the video setting. He looks a little singed, and is holding the device far enough away from his face so that you can just see the tapestry and part of his naked chest.]

So... Am I posting to some kind of kidnapee network? Uh, hi, my name's Leo, and I think I just got kidnapped too, and, uh...

[ He winces, and tries for a smile that might be sheepish. ] Can anybody bring me some clothes?


Mar. 1st, 2014 08:46 pm
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[Ib is framed in the feed in such a way that all that's visible behind her is the stairs she's sitting on. So it isn't readily apparent that the stairs are all that's there. Just one flight of stairs, close enough to other fragments to be visible, but far enough away that there's no way Ib could jump to somewhere a little more...hospitable.

She has her rose next to her on the stairs, and it's missing a few petals.]

Maybe...someone could get a remote control plane?

[It could be loaded with a sandwich? Or a vase full of water? Or a jacket?

...A nightlight?]
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[ Well, this is... different. Especially given the bloody event they'd just suffered through. Despite the broken chunks of Wonderland floating around, Sam looks particularly calm... especially given he'd recently been killed, brought back, and then maimed. The straight face is lined with something like a deep-set weariness, though, and some close to him might notice that distinction. For now he sits on what looks like an overturned bookcase, though only half of it; apparently the library was broken into a few chunks. ]

If anyone's seen the other part--parts?--of the library, I'd like to know. I had some books over there I was gonna go back to before everything split.

[ It's more annoying than anything, at least, until someone tumbles off their piece and into the air. He frowns, slightly. ]

Hope everyone's safe. Classes'll have to wait until we have at least most of the mansion back. And, uh... if Dean's around? Let me know. I think he's gone back home again.

[ Everything's coming up roses, clearly... ]

56: video

Feb. 27th, 2014 12:05 am
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[Mark's filming himself again, in a quiet corner of the library. He makes an effort to look at the camera head-on--to project trustworthiness--but his tone is quite subdued, all the same.]


I--ah--I know this is coming a bit late to help with everything that's happened. I'm truly sorry about that. But I'd appreciate a minute or two of everyone's time, all the same.

We all know events--or crashes, I guess--draw on aspects of our memories, or our worlds. Often the worst of them. The network is a wonderful tool for warning people, if one of us recognizes something familiar, but sometimes people don't hear in time, or are cut off. So. A while back, Souji and I hit upon the idea of collecting everyone's speculations about what dangers we might bring with us from our worlds, and putting it somewhere everyone could access it.

[Adding it to the network database, say, or the notebooks, although he's not going to mention that publicly.]

For instance, I came here from an underwater ruin full of superhuman madmen. [He winces a little as he says it. It's been years now, and it still sounds crazy, especially in brief like that.] I'm currently recording everything I can remember of the place, and when I'm done I'll put the file on the network.

I'm happy to talk now, or anytime. But if you want to write something up and share it anonymously, I've got a low-tech solution here. [He gestures at a heavy metal lockbox sitting on the table beside him.]

You can leave whatever you want here, and I'll come back for it later. Or just slip it under my door. I'm in room three, second floor. And I promise not to trace you.

[He's picked up some momentum and confidence--projects have that effect on him--but here he falters again.]

At the moment I've got no way of knowing whether what winds up here is trustworthy. I'm all right with that--I'd rather have a mass of information with some flaws than nothing at all--but I'd welcome suggestions to...streamline this. If anyone has them.

Thanks, everyone. Please be safe.
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[ Video. ]

[ There’s a young man gaping cluelessly at the screen. Once he realizes that this strange box is doing something, his curiosity turns to horror in a flash. ]


[ The communicator fucking explodes. rip in pieces, motherfucker. ]

[ Action. ]

[ A. Johnny will be scouting the Mansion with binoculars from the vantage point of a bush in the gardens. If anyone approaches, even if they don’t see him, he’ll threaten them to keep their distance.

"Hands up in the air-- where I can see them! Hands up; don't take another step! ARE YOU DEAF? I SAID STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE."

[ B. After someone hopefully explains the situation to him, a very dirt-covered Johnny’ll be in the kitchen, sitting on the counter, making coffee, and fiddling with a communicator. For hours. For days. He will be drinking so much goddamn coffee and eyeing everyone who enters the kitchen suspiciously. ]
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With the happenings of late, it feels callous to pose a question. I have been informed there are no church services at present.

[But? However? A frown momentarily crosses her face, but she plows ahead anyway. The rosary beads are missing from around her neck and are instead in her hands, rolling loosely over the tops of her fingers. It's only a moment before the polite smile is back on her lips.]

Women should not speak of religion, or of God. Even so, I find myself in the position of wondering at the extend of my isolation. Might I ask if there is a priest in house or at least someone qualified to hear confession? Perhaps a chapel where one might find solitude? I have...much for which I wish to atone and there is no moment like the present.

[Oops. Downer. She seems to realize this and waves her hand as though to dismiss that question and pose another.]

What does a person do with their free time in this place? I had hoped to perhaps play cards or have sword practice. Perhaps tea?

[It is said mostly to herself and the feed shuts off.]
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[ Waking up in the woods naked is something that Josh is sadly very used to. It's actually just part of his life now. Though waking up in front of what appears to be an incredibly huge house is pretty strange. Stranger than he'd like. His first instinct is that maybe he hurt somebody. He does have some blood on his chest, but it's light splashes. This makes him think that that maybe it was small. An animal? It wouldn't be the first time the wolf caught something a little fuzzy. If there's blood on his chest then he has to have some on his face. The dirt is the next thing he notices. A lot of it is smeared on his body. Smudges are all over his face and his hair has twigs in it. Classy. He looks like a crazy Hills Have Eyes person.

He shoots up onto his feet only to find a phone near him. He scoops it up considers he's losing his mind. This isn't his phone and he can't smell Nora anywhere. She has to be out hee wth him. He has to be going crazy. This goes on for an hour before Josh actually decides to use this damn thing. There's a new face on the network and he is incredibly dirty and looking a little crazy. ]

Um. Hi. I'm no sure what's going on, but if anyone could tell me where my clothes are that'd be super. Soon would be the preferred response time. Also if you see a short uh--naked blonde tell her to contact me. She's my wife and I can't ya know--find her.

[ He takes a deep breath. ] Awesome I'm talking to a phone like it's a person. Super job, Josh.
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[The communication device flared to life. Is this even an event? It was hard to tell, but Minato didn't think so, especially since there was no warning about it from any of the native residents of Wonderland. In any case, event or not, there wasn't any time to waste on fear or regret, especially now. There was never any time for that, which was something Minato had learned and hadn't quite forgotten, even for during the much more peaceful times here or at home.]

If anyone needs healing, immediate or not, I can help.

[And Minato will leave the post up for the entire duration of the event. Or really, he could offer his assistance at any time after this event as well. His abilities were something that he hadn't thought of sharing unless he didn't have to, but he had to now.

Minato will be wandering the Mansion looking for anyone too who might need help. Feel free to ping or run into him!]


Feb. 13th, 2014 05:27 pm
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[Dean's hands are covered in blood. Some of it flecks his temple like freckles. His eyes are hard and jaw is set when he addresses the network.]

Charlie's dead. She's not the only one. Sam's been attacked, and people are dropping like flies. Whoever did this...

[His voice drops an octave, and his head dips forward intently. A lip curls dangerously.]

I will find you, and when I do, I'm gonna put a bullet in you.

[It's a promise, and he lets it hang a moment before moving on.]

Everyone else, travel in pairs. Lock your doors. Stay away from underpopulated areas, and carry a weapon with you at all times. If you see anything, anything, you call. Network, me, Blake, Cas, anyone. False alarm or no, it doesn't matter.

Stay safe.

[Private text to resistance members:]

We're doubling patrols. I want two pairs of two sweeping at all times until we figure out what in the hell's going on.
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( text. john blake )
    Thanks for getting me out of there. Were you okay afterwards?
( text. martha jones )
    Thanks for letting me stay. I'd probably have been caught out otherwise. [ She nearly was anyway ] I've got something I need to ask.
( text. santana lopez )
    I need a favour.
( text. brittany pierce + shannon beiste )
    Are you okay? Did you get touched by any of the statues?
( action. the kitchen )
    [ It's early morning and Quinn's up already. She'd rather still be asleep but she'd been trying that for the past hour to no avail. She'd found herself some cereal and milk, pulling herself up a stool at the counter to eat it. She'd eaten some, only halfheartedly, and was moving her spoon around the bowl, head resting on her hand. She looked incredibly bored with it, or something. And like she might fall asleep in her cereal ]
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[Garry doesn't like statues that move. He didn't before, and he doesn't now. Death of the Individual had been bad enough, but the strange damage these angels are causing doesn't seem to be curable just by refreshing his rose. He's tried it a number of times since failing to get inside fast enough that first day, and no luck.

The one bright spot is that they don't seem to like to be watched moving, which means there is safety in numbers. The gathering place he knows best is the diner, so he made his way there after his first, terrifying indoor encounter.]

[[ ooc: I'm going to write some starters in here for planned threads- if we haven't plotted and you'd like to thread, that's okay too, just specify what day! ]]
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[Since she's been here, Harleen's done her homework. She's researched on her own to get a sense of where she is now, as well as how little information there is about the world around her. It's kind of someone to have such an extensive network, at least.

There's some static at first, as Harleen fusses with the program's settings. When it doesn't work automatically, she strikes it against a desk a few times. Hitting tech makes it work, right?]

Hey. Is anyone listening?

I don't know who you are or where you're from, but I guess we're friends now until we find a way out of here. So. Hi, I guess. I'm Harleen. I want to help, if I can.

[Wow, this feels a whole lot like a job interview. Harleen always hated those.]

I'm pretty okay with weapons, if you need a hand with that. And I could probably wire up some explosives if you can help me find the raw equipment. My specialty is bombs shaped like baked goods, so if you need something like that I'll totally be your girl.

And. [A pause. It's still weird to say it, but she's been trying to spend more time saying these things out loud lately.] I'm smart, too.

So just tell me what I can do to get us out and I'll get right to it. It's nice to meet you.
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[Susan wasn't the sort of person who liked to make a fuss on the network. This was not to say that Susan didn't make a fuss about things, quite the opposite really, but she didn't like her fussing to be Public. In this one, singular instance, unfortunately, Susan's problem required a bit of touch.

She wasn't happy about it, the asking or the necessity, but there was nothing for it. A network post was required and, as such, a network post she would do. It was worth it, in the end, if it helped her solve her problem...and it was far faster than putting up posters.

For those of you who haven't had the (debatable) pleasure of meeting or speaking to the Duchess of Sto Helit, her appearance might seem a bit odd. Not more odd than sentient suits of armor, of course, but everything was relative. Today, as every day, Susan was clad in a prim, quasi-Edwardian outfit and had her hair pulled back into a tight, unforgiving bun. Unlike every day, however, she was making an effort to look pleasant.

It wasn't really working.]

Alright, now that the excruciating nonsense with the armor and Clicks is through, and everyone's back in their right body, I...require assistance.

[Right, pleasant. Susan put in the effort to smile and look worried. She did the latter far more effectively than the former.]

That is, I need help.

During the commotion, I seem to have lost my pet and I've been unable to locate him.

[Susan held up a notepad with a crudely drawn picture on it. Art was clearly not her strong suit.]

This is approximately what he looks like.

[That's odd. What sort of creature is that?]

He is smallish.

[Well, that looks like a black bow...but the rest of it looks like--]

His name is Rocky.

[A rock.]


[Yes, it was definitely a rock with a bow on.]


[Susan stared at the screen after that last bit of information and just remained silent, daring anyone to comment. If she was telling a joke, she had the best straight face that had ever been or was ever likely to be. A long moment passed and Susan continued.]

If anyone sees him, I would be grateful if they would let me know. He's rather quick when spooked, but responds to his name. He can be lured with bits of colored chalk and guitar music.

(OOC: Feel free to respond to this post as a network entity or with an action thread below. Susan will be wandering around, holding bits of colored chalk, calling for a pet rock. She will be nearly anywhere in the Mansion, so have at.)
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[First, there's just the soft sigh of motherly frustration. It's a noise that Ellen's made more than she's willing to admit. However, the cause isn't human this time. Bright white whiskers brush over the camera. There's an indignant mewl as Ellen moves the Scottish Fold Silver Tabby from the camera.]

Pest. Stop.
Lookin' for some hands. Boys, step up. We're gonna be doin' somethin' we should have done when I first ended up here. We've got the supplies.

We're building a still.

Who's going to help?
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[Cecil doesn't sound quite as composed today. His voice is shaking a bit, in fact.]

Hello, listeners. This isn't part of the show, no--I just thought I should share some very...unfortunate news. Carlos the scientist has returned home, it seems. At least, his room has reverted to its default and all of his strange, scientific equipment has vanished. There's only one thing to conclude from that, isn't there?

Well, I only hope that he is safe, back in Night Vale. If indeed that is where he has gone.

[There's an audible pause.] Sorry for the interruption, listeners. We'll return to our regular broadcasting after this.
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[Somewhere around mid-morning, Martha's face shows up on the network. She's seated at the desk in her room and while she has an air of business about her, she starts off with a smile.]

Hello, everyone. I had a few things I wanted to ask you all about. [She draws a hand through her hair.]

First of all, I was wondering about memory. We all know that it's a large part of why we're here, so I wanted to know what your experience was with losing memories. I don't mean like when someone leaves and comes back and remembers nothing, but... less noticeable things. Gaps, things that don't quite make sense... [Martha's guess is that there's a more subtle kind of memory siphoning going on here, and she'd like to know more about it.]

Or if you have any experience with selling a memory to a vendor, that would count too. [She knows a certain someone who would fit into that category, but there may be others too.]

The second thing is... [She lets out a sigh and straightens in her seat.]

I know we don't have much in the way of medical professionals around here these days, but with the jabberwocky in our future, I'm going to need all the help I can get. [She had Peter for a short while, but he's gone now, which means she's essentially been running the clinic on her own.]

If you have any experience or if you're willing to learn some basic first aid, then I'll do my best to teach you. I can't exactly be choosy with who I take on as help right now, so let me know if you're interested.

[This does not mean that America should volunteer, however. Martha's hoping he's too busy feeling sorry for himself to notice this. Fingers crossed.] And that's all for now. Thank you, everyone. [She reaches forward and the feed cuts off.]
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[When the feed comes on, it's clear that the device is on the floor, focused on the skylight in the entrance hall. Approaching footsteps break the silence, but they're too light to make the device vibrate on the floor.

The footsteps draw closer and then a pair of skinny, skinned knees appear. They're followed by a childishly round face peering down into the camera.]


[Wide, red eyes stare at any viewers. The girl looks drawn and tired, but quite alert. Then a wilting red rose appears as the girl holds it out to show it to the camera.]

...Is there a vase?


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