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Sep. 14th, 2014 04:36 pm
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[He's been around long enough, investigating everything long enough, Kyubey finally feels like it's time to make his network début. So, despite not having any hands or opposable thumbs to speak of, he hits a few buttons with his paws and starts up a video broadcast.

Round, red eyes stare into the camera, over the network, and you through the screen. It's understandable if anyone is made uncomfortable by this sight.

Tilting his head, he begins to speak, though his mouth doesn't move.]

Everyone here must have a wish. Something they want more than anything, even something they'd be willing to trade their lives for.

[Starting off a little cryptic... And not exactly subtle.]

For many of you, I'm certain one would be to return to your own world and leave Wonderland behind. But there must be others, as well.

[Ones he can actually grant... You know, in exchange for your souls.]

I'm curious. What wish would you have granted, if given the opportunity? And just how much would you be willing to put at stake for it?


Jul. 23rd, 2014 05:49 am
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[Annie set there on her bed, she held the phone above her head with her arms stretched out. She casually flipped through the video feeds, text feeds and any other for obvious breaks where she could see anyone she knew that involved themselves. The feed of herself was uninteresting, almost boring while she looked over things as a way to stalk people without following them.

After all, she'd been stuck in her room since she was with Armin. The entire situation still bothered her and even now, even weeks later she was still pretty depressed about it.]

Some people are just not meant to be in this world. It's just too much for them.

[Annie's tone is said in reference to others in Wonderland, clearly rabble-rousing.]
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People really do come and go without warning, huh?

For those who knew him, John Winchester's gone. Home, I guess.


People who've been here a long time, or who've been told they were here before: I've got a few questions. Was there ever a time you got thrown back home and kept some of what you learned here? Any of the memories, anything?

And-- If there's someone here who can mess with that kind of stuff--memories--let me know. Just trying to sort something out, take notes, the usual. But it's important.


Jul. 23rd, 2013 04:21 pm
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[The network comes on to show a man’s face. His brow is creased with worry and he attempts a smile, though it’s not entirely successful.]

I understand we’re all trapped here. And this is.. Wonderland? Or so I’m told. I find that notion pretty ridiculous. No doubt we’re all being fooled. We just have to look at this logically to figure out how to get back home. I’m sure the parlor tricks here are very impressive, but we can’t honestly believe we’re being held here by magic, of all things.

Anyway, my name is John Watson. I was in the British Army and I’m a doctor. If anyone needs medical attention, let me know. I’ll do what I can to help.
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[ It's not incredibly difficult, figuring out how this strange phone works. It looks like a cellphone, but she can't call out to any of the numbers she knows, so its safe to assume there's no way to contact anywhere outside Wonderland.

Not that she knows many numbers to begin with, but that's entirely beside the point. After meeting up with Madoka and making sure she's all right, Homura thinks its time to see what this mansion is all about.

The video will turn on to show a rather serious looking girl, about fourteen, long dark hair and wearing a school uniform.

My name is Homura Akemi. [ Her tone is formal, and she doesn't look as flustered as she probably should, considering the circumstances - normal people would still be having connipitions at this point. Homura holds up a familiar object. ] I've read the information in this pamphlet, and it's been...educational. [ If a little less professional than she expected, but at least she knows where she is. ]

I do have a few questions, and I would be grateful if someone had some time today to answer them. [ There's a short pause on her end. She knows Kyuubey is there, and she wants to send an all out warning, but nothing obvious. It would look like she was being paranoid, and people would more than likely not listen.

That means cryptic warnings are a go! And boy, is she awesome at this kind of thing.
] Even in Wonderland, wishes can be a dangerous thing. That kind of selfish act will hurt more than just the one who makes the wish -- family and friends, too, end up affected. I hope the residents of this mansion use precaution if faced with a similar situation.

[ She almost says 'opportunity', but that makes it seem like a good thing. Homura's not completely satisfied, but a warning is still a warning and if anyone asks for details she can at least be a little more specific. She's going to give a tell all on the life of a magical girl, but warning people is something she can do. Maybe she can prevent a lot of ugliness before it begins. ]

Thank you for your time.

[ And the video cuts off without further ado. Homura can also be found in the mansion, investigating different rooms and whatnot. It's entirely possible she'll open a few people's bedroom doors, just to see what's behind them. Hey, leave no stone unturned, right? ]
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[ A C T I O N : anywhere in the mansion, but especially windowsills and bedrooms. ]

[ A fluffy white cat-like creature shows up in the Mansion in the early afternoon and, after getting his bearings, immediately sets to exploring and to perching on various places to simply observe. The bedrooms he finds particularly interesting and worth investigating. He doesn't talk to anyone at first but instead just gets his bearings. However, that isn't to say he doesn't interact if he is noticed.

Kyuubey has a tendency to perch on things like banisters and shelves and windowsills. He also seems to like appearing on (or in, if he's poking around) people's closets and among their pillows on their beds. If anyone has any stuffed animals, he will definitely be found making himself comfortable nestled among them for a few minutes.

As for his communication device, well... he keeps that in a trap door in his back at first, after ascertaining what it was, and it's only after he's certain that he is no longer on the Earth he was just a little while ago that he begins to experiment with it... ]

[ V I D E O => T E X T ]

[ The feed opens up with the adorable Kyuubey tilting his head and watching the camera. He swooshes his tail and then seems to come to the conclusion that this is ineffective. The device does not respond to telepathy, so he extends a paw and shuts it off, switching it over to a text mode. He is perfectly capable of typing, after all, even if the motion looks a bit silly. ]

I have gathered that this is Wonderland and seems to be reminiscent of the place from a human novel. This is most unusual, but I suppose the existence of worlds that in other universes are fictional should not be surprising.

Tell me: Does this universe obey the same physical laws as the one where a human male once wrote about Wonderland?


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