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Ok, I'll try and keep this short and sweet. There should have been a little gift outside your door in the form of chocolate with a nifty logo on it.

[A task that would have been ridiculously annoying if she hadn't had help in the form of one Percy Jackson.]

Since I've been here for like 6ish months, and it's clear I'm not going home any time soon - I figured I might as well do something semi-productive.

[No, this has absolutely nothing to do with her recent death - nope. Not at all.]

Coffee shop's open for business on the 1st floor. You can't miss it - it's right next to the training center so stop in and get your java fix sometime. Also, I guess if people want to help out, I def won't say no.

[It's not like it's a legit legit business with paperwork and things like paychecks. Makes things way less messy that way.]

One more thing before I forget - if I'm not around, I don't object to people doing their own thing as long as you don't burn it down or break everything and leave a mess in your wake. That happens and I'll find you and I will kick your butt. Don't think that I won't. Because I will.

[Or she'll call for back-up to do the butt kicking. DETAILS.]

I'll be here hanging out so stop in and say hi. We also have pie courtesy of Ned, so that's a thing. There's also non-caffeinated drinks like tea and decaf if caffeine isn't your thing.

Oh!If anybody's up for it, I'm totes looking for guinea pigs to test coffee things out on so just let me know if you're game.

[And with that that, she ends the feed and returns to setting up various colored coffee mugs behind the bar.]
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[ Filtered from Klaus Mikaelson ]

[ Elijah hasn't used the communicator much since he arrived. He's reached out to a few people, but he's made a point to keep to himself. A few people know what he is and he's done what he could to ease their fears that one day he'll turn Wonderland into a main course. Today it's important that he address the people of Wonderland and throw caution to the wind. He doesn't want bodies to stack up. Outing his brother and his own kind isn't something he wants to do, but he won't idly stand by while Klaus cuts a bloody hole through the population of Wonderland. ]

I had hoped to avoid having this conversation. [ He appears to be seated in a big easy chair. Elijah's in his room for the time being. He looks serious. Worse than the night he arrived. ] It seems my hand is being forced though. My brother has arrived here in Wonderland. Which would be a joyous day for most, but I find that it's more of a burden than anything else. [ Niklaus is his brother and he will always love him, but won't let him take advantage of this small community. ] My brother is not someone you want to trifle with. His name is Niklaus Mikaelson. Klaus for short. I urge you to stay clear of him. Do not engage him in any fashion. He will do his best to pull you into his game, but you should do what you can to resist.

[ Out of all the siblings this place could have returned to Elijah it chose to return him Klaus. After everything his brother had done back home it was hard to just accept that perhaps he had changed somewhat in the time that seemed to separate them. ] He's incredibly powerful. Cannot be killed. Please don't do anything stupid. [ He's looking at you, Dean. ] He won't hesitate to kill you. If you find yourself near him then I urge you to call upon me. I'll do what I can to protect you.

[ You daggered him, Klaus. He's got very fond memories of you just stabbing him in the back. You may have lived through the two of them mending fences, but Elijah hasn't been so lucky. You've done nothing, but cause chaos to those around you. It's a miracle Elijah isn't telling them about compulsion or the weapon they need to kill you. ]
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[ After calming down from his initial arrival, and learning just exactly where he is, Klaus thought it was about time to check out this little communicator he'd been given. The recent troubles with the mirror side and the riddle are none of his concern, since that was before his arrival, no matter how recent.

When the video starts, he looks to be in deep concentration. An expression that soon changes into something a little more smug when he notices it's working.

I'm to understand this broadcast can be seen by all who have the unfortunate luck to be here. [ He seems pretty amiable, leaning back a little in his chair as he rubs a hand over his chin. ] I'll admit, this isn't my preferred method of communication, but I believe there's a saying about Romans and what not that would apply to the situation.

[ Klaus glances over his shoulder, obviously looking at someone off camera, and his mouth curves into a smirk that seems at odds with his friendly behavior. ]

This is as good a time as any for me to get to know everyone, isn't it? So, out with it. Tell me something about yourselves. [ In truth, he really isn't interested in facts or making new friends - he's there to observe and judge his fellow captives. ] As for myself, my name is Klaus. I assume several of you have met my brother, Elijah.

[ Anyone who's had a run-in with Elijah will be getting extra attention from Klaus, how lucky for them. ]

If you would all indulge me just a bit, I would be most grateful.

[ He doesn't sound grateful - he sounds just the slightest bit condescending. He ends the feed there.

It's entirely possible if anyone happens to make their way to the fifth floor bar, he'll be parked right at the counter, downing a few glasses of scotch.
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[ So, it's been a while since John's put his face out there, but considering the last time (and everything that's happened since), maybe it's not so hard to figure out why. Nevertheless, this suitably fine Sunday finds him taking the risk once again. It's not so much an attempt to be social as much as a way to stay connected without getting too close. ]

Hey, everyone. [ He waves. ] 'Bout a year an' a half ago, me an' the residents of Wonderland — some of 'em, at least — played a get-to-know-you game. It was pretty amusin' so I thought I'd bring it back, maybe add a few things, too.

Game 1 )

Game 2 )

Game 3 )
[ Yep. That's what John Blake's offering Wonderland this week. Hope you guys enjoy his newfound interest in doing very little that could be considered productive. ]

001; video

Sep. 14th, 2014 04:36 pm
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[He's been around long enough, investigating everything long enough, Kyubey finally feels like it's time to make his network début. So, despite not having any hands or opposable thumbs to speak of, he hits a few buttons with his paws and starts up a video broadcast.

Round, red eyes stare into the camera, over the network, and you through the screen. It's understandable if anyone is made uncomfortable by this sight.

Tilting his head, he begins to speak, though his mouth doesn't move.]

Everyone here must have a wish. Something they want more than anything, even something they'd be willing to trade their lives for.

[Starting off a little cryptic... And not exactly subtle.]

For many of you, I'm certain one would be to return to your own world and leave Wonderland behind. But there must be others, as well.

[Ones he can actually grant... You know, in exchange for your souls.]

I'm curious. What wish would you have granted, if given the opportunity? And just how much would you be willing to put at stake for it?


Sep. 5th, 2014 11:03 am
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Show of hands. How many of you actually died of dysentery during Wonderland's flashback to 90's 8-bit wonderment? Did anyone actually make it to Oregon or did all the members of your party die trying to ford a three foot river?

I've gotta say, as far as events go here? That one was definitely a trip down memory lane to elementary school nightmares. Word to the wise? Never name your party members after family and friends. Way to scar us at an early age, entertainment industry.

[Kate shrugs and grins a second later. It hadn't exactly been the easiest of events she's experienced here but at the same time? It sure had been... entertaining isn't exactly the right word. Not with a ghost Billy haunting their caravan for most of the trip.

Something. It had been something.]

So, now that that's over, anyone taking bets on what Wonderland has in store next for us? Halloween's nearly just around the corner. It almost makes me afraid to ask about past years.

[But that twinkle in her blue eyes indicates interest anyway. She presses to fingers to her forehead and flicks them outward in a quick salute. Snarking on the network is fun and all, but she has other things to do. Like taking full advantage of that new training room Natasha set up in the mansion.]

Hawkeye, out.

[ooc: feel free to catch her in the gym if action is preferred.]
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[ Billy took a deep breath and turned on his video feed, smiling a little sheepishly at the screen. It was still really weird to be recording himself like this. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts he turned the camera, showing everyone the view from his seat on the roof.]

Some view, huh? [The camera panned back around to Billy's face. No more putting this off.]

So uh, I've been here for about two months now and a few conversations I had Saturday night made me think that maybe this would be a good question to ask all of you. What do you know about magic?

The world I come from has some pretty remarkable people. Superheroes. Some of them are just extra extraordinary humans, some of them are gods, or aliens or super soldiers, and some of them have gifts, mutations.

[ He holds up his hand, focusing his energy into creating a blue aura that surrounds his hand.]

I have magic. Though I'm probably far from being one of those remarkable people. I'm basically self taught, there was really no one around to train me when it manifested. Unless you count Teddy making me read his mother's self help books. Thanks for that, T.

[ He rolls his eyes playfully at the screen.]

Anyway, the point of this is, I hadn't been using my magic for a few years and then right before I got here of had a sort of teacher. [ And there was no way he was telling people his teacher was Loki.]

I'm not looking for lessons but I know there's a few people here who have similar abilities and I was hoping maybe we could talk? Share ideas or tricks or something.

[ He pauses for a moment about to end the transmission before adding one more thing.]

Or if you're just curious about magic and want to talk I can do that too.

((OOC: feel free to hit him up on video or find him on the roof, he'll be there for a bit.))
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?

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[Crowley's back in video form. He's a demon again, which means his confidence is back. Though he doesn't exactly look pleased.]

Right, certainly hope you all had fun during your stint as occult entities. And you even managed not to blow the whole bloody place up. Ugh. Incredible powers does not mix well with a complete lack of experience and restraint.

It's not as easy as it seems, now, is it? You humans take your free will for granted far too much. Take it away and look what a mess you become.

[Of course suddenly gaining proper free will is no fun either, but he's not going to mention that.]

I daresay I owe a few of you some drinks, so. I'll be in the pub.

And Dean Winchester, you and I should talk.
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[Before he even speaks, there is something distinctly, perceptibly different about Armin. For one, he is lounging. Armin does not lounge. He barely even relaxes. Secondly, his eyes just aren't... right. They lack their normal clarity and alertness. They are hazy, and subtly scrutinizing, as if he's sizing you up.]

Good and Evil. Hmm.

[He presses his fingertips together.]

I think such broad terms are too... confining. It depends on the situation, doesn't it? You can harm a person to save yourself, or someone you love. Or your kind actions, or good intentions, can lead down an unwitting path of destruction. No, drawing a line line in the sand between what is and is not sin-- that isn't very fair, is it?

Stipulations. There needs to be stipulations. The Commandments should be open to amendment. Humans aren't as simple as they were... How long has it been now? 4000 years ago? It's not all first borns and blood sacrifice anymore. We need to modernize. Preferably democratically.

Not every good action is good for you. Not every bad action is bad for others. Think about that.

[This, of course, is a logic trap. Any action you would take would then end up being a sin. But that's exactly what he wants. Spreading little discontents is so much more effective than traditional tempting.]
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[Henry really doesn't understand how he came to be in a garden when he was just going to try and find Robin to maybe talk to his mom; there was a lot happening, and maybe if he could convince him...but that didn't seem to matter now. He broke through a clearing in the forest when suddenly there was a fountain in front of him, and a lot of flowers and hedges and -

- there's something in his pocket that most definitely wasn't there before. He pulls it out, turning it over, and it sort of seems like his cell phone. So, he starts pushing buttons and finds the camera. Switching it to record, he flips the camera so that it's facing him, and pauses, trying to figure out what to say. Not even sure if this is the right thing to do.]

Um...I'm Henry. And I think maybe I walked through a portal. If you don't know what that is, then, it's sort of like a magic door. And if you do know what that is, do you know who my moms are? Regina and Emma.

[He pauses again; what if they think something really bad happened to him? Has something really bad happened to him?] If you know them, and you can maybe get a message to them, tell them I'm okay. I can figure this out. [They were both really brave, and he can be too. He just has to be calm.]

Okay, well, if someone could maybe tell me where I am...I think that would be good. I just want to go back home, to Storybrooke. [He stops the recording then hits 'send,' not even sure of where it's going. And then he just waits, wondering how long he should before striking out to try and find answers.]


Jul. 22nd, 2014 12:04 pm
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[ Charlie's been pondering for a while, and with that pondering comes some questions.

Nothing too serious, of course. This is about fun.

Your friendly neighborhood Charlie here! [ She gives the camera a little wave as she shows up on the network. It's still kinda sorta weird to facetime the area at large, but hey - when in Rome. ] Got a question for everyone. If I were to start up, say, a friendly game of D&D, would anyone be interested?

Or, even something extra awesome - like paintball! [ It's an idea that pops into her mind as soon as she says it, and her eyes light up. ] We've totally got enough room to spread out, get some teams together. Just seeing if there's any interest before I start getting down to the nitty gritty of planning and plotting and scheming.

[ Obviously, not the nefarious kind of scheming. Just some harmless fun times! ]

Let me know!
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Who: Saki Hanajima + Open! This is a mingle post, have fun!
Where: The Checkerboard Hills
When: Late Afternoon
Rating: G, will change if needed. Action brackets, Prose, type what you feel like!
Summary: It's a celebration of the Japanese holiday, Tanabata. Unleash your inner weebo! 
The Story:
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[ when bran stark addresses the network for the second time in his stay in wonderland, it is far more grave than it was the first. the youngest of the starks--now the middle child, through the strange mechanations of this place--looks deadly serious as he addresses the camera, though he does still nod his head in greeting. there's an obvious tension to his shoulders, even as he speaks. ]

Good people of Wonderland, I hope this message finds you well.

[ he hopes they are as good and kind as bran has so far been treated, and his fingers curl in his lap outside of the video, finding the cloak of one jojen reed, so far invisible to the camera, save for a couple of tufts of blonde hair. ] I come to you to ask for your help, and I'd be truly humbled if you would spare me a moment of your time.

Late last night, my companion became very ill, and though this is not uncommon, I fear that I-- [ his mouth draws tight for a second. ] I don't know how to treat it. He has a waking dream, where he begins to twitch and seize, and sometimes, foams here. [ bran reaches up and touches the corner of his mouth--the first sign of real emotion crosses his face beyond the princely facade he'd put on, eyebrows knitting together in serious concern. it becomes far more obvious that this child is just that; a child. ] Though he has woken, now, I don't know how to help him, and...I need someone to teach me, though I cannot offer much in return. He is very ill, and has been since his arrival here, I must--

[ "today is not the day I die, little lord" ] I cannot stand by while it happens.

[ bran looks off screen, swallowing a lump in his throat, and jojen murmurs something just loud enough for bran to hear--he returns to the camera and adds on; ] If Lady Rachel could hear me, I would like to speak with her as soon as possible, as Jojen has had a greendream.

Thank you, Wonderland. Thank you very much.

[ there's some fumbling and reaching, the video shakes, and then it clicks off. ]
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[For a moment, all anyone would be able to see is a blur of browns and greens. Branches. Leaves. An arm. And a loud barking coming from somewhere relatively close by. Once the camera steadies, a brief, high-angle view of a lovely Catahoula Cur with its paws up against a tree trunk could be seen. Or, at least, the dog would seem lovely, if it weren't barking ferociously at something.]

[Another shift in angles, and we find out what the dog is barking at: Hazel.]

[Who is currently stuck up in the tree.] Somebody?

[The others were so going to laugh at her for this. She's pretty sure they were already laughing at her for this. But it was either ask for help, or hurt the dog.]
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[ alayne is always nervous and fidgety when speaking through her looking mirror as she calls it; but today there is an extra frown on her brow that betrays her concern.

her manners, however, are as splendid as ever; she tidies down the blue silks she has found in her wardrobe and dips her head in greeting. ]

Good people of Wonderland,

[ the manners are there but her voice betrays a hint of urgency ]

There are those among you who have made by acquaintance. I seek those who have come to my aid before, those who I have met and have come to know in the duration of my stay in our Mansion. I have a request to make of you; I will be -- endlessly grateful if you shall hear my words, though I have little to offer you in return.

[ and she doesn't like this; does not like to ask for something she cannot repay for but she has little choice in this manner. ]

-- thank you.


Jun. 15th, 2014 05:02 am
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[Hello, Wonderland! Here's Adam who, for once, isn't smiling but looks rather thoughtful instead. He's considered what he's about to do, opted not to do it for a while, and finally has come to the conclusion that now is the time to take action.

His reasons for what he's going to say are fairly convoluted. On one hand, he wants to deliver a pretty specific message just in case it proves necessary later. On the other hand, he wants a certain Jotun to stop hiding away and start actually learning the lesson Adam's trying to teach him. So obviously, a mass video makes the most sense. It both outs Loki to those who aren't aware of his recent changes and it lets those out there who might take advantage of those changes that it wouldn't be a smart move on their part.

With a soft clearing of his throat, he folds his hands in front of him and gets on with it.]

Right. So here's the thing. Some of you know that Loki's not really himself right now and some of the you who know it are most likely thinkin' about takin' 'vantage of that fact.

[He's not naming names but he's definitely looking at a select few. He just gives the feed a pointed look and continues.]

Way I see it, that's not all that fair and 'snot gonna do much t'help him figure stuff out if folks are just runnin' around bullyin' him just cos they can or trickin' him just cos they think him bein' human now makes him weaker or somethin'. So I reckon consider this your warnin'. 'Less Loki does something to deserve it, no beatin' up on him and stuff or you're gonna have t'deal with me.

[His eyes flash briefly - something dark, dangerous, and positively terrifying present in them for a split second - then he smiles brightly and once again looks like nothing more than a happy, carefree boy.]

And I reckon that's 'bout it. Thanks for your co'pration!
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[Peter is having a nightmare.

The last thing he remembers is falling asleep in his Gryffindor dormitory with his mates snoring all around him. It’s a strangely comforting sound, one that always puts him right to sleep better than a sleeping draught but tonight is different. His dreams are filled with an old terror and he finds himself running through the halls of the castle, trying to get away from the nameless, shapeless form that haunts him.

Soon the castle walls shift into long corridors with ornate mirrors on either side. His barefeet pad noisely on the tiled floor, his heart beating in his chest. It isn’t until he trips and falls, skidding into the wall that he has the sinking realization that he isn’t dreaming any longer. Some how, his dream has become a reality.

In a panic, Peter turns out his pockets looking frantically for his wand. A black device clatters to the ground and turns on, video capturing him without his knowledge.]

Where is it… Where is my wand?

Oh Merlin’s balls, where am I? I was sleeping… I know I was sleeping.

[There’s a noise down the corridor and Peter turns to it fast, his face white.]

What was that? Fecking hell, what is going on?

I can’t believe I don’t have my wand! What sort of wizard am I?
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For Tony Stark )

[Action Option 1!]
[After the chaotic mess that's her morning on Friday, Pepper heads outside to take solace in the sun. Not that it's entirely easy to recognize her among the flock of swans that seem to follow her around. But at the moment, Pepper is fine with that, content to swim in the fountain or fly over the gardens as she sorts out her thoughts. The tricky things about swans is that they can be aggressive when they see cause to be, so it might be best to approach with caution. Pepper isn't exactly in the best of moods.]

[Action Option 2!]
[Eventually Pepper does make her way back inside (quite possibly with a swan or two serving as escorts). She even transforms back into her human form and manages to get a set of clothing--though since she has no control over when this happens, there may be attempts at sneaking around to avoid possible awkward encounters. Ultimately she's going to be doing her best not to be thinking about any particular woes she may be having in her love life, so she can be found in any number of places inside. The pool or the roof are her favorite spots though: high places and water to swim in.]

[Anonymous Text]
[No, it isn't Pepper's typical avenue of confronting a problem. She'd much rather be direct when it comes to solving things. But with Tony once again hiding in the lab, she doesn't have too many options. Her circumstances are tricky ones, particularly since she knows she'd earn several unwanted I told you so's if the details got out in full. Her relationship with an outsider isn't at all secret, and also largely not approved of. Things have turned out badly enough without the naysayers in the family chiming in.

So, an anonymous text it is.]

Is there a time when you should give up fighting for something, even when it's what you thought you really wanted? Or if you still do, but it just feels like it's impossible to have?

[OOC: Event catch all for Pepper Liddell, possessed by the Swan. Please feel free to encounter her anywhere or contact her however you wish; I'm totally open for anything, planned or not, new cr or old. Either form is also fine; if you could just give me an idea of when/where/what she should be, that'd be great!

OH, also: the swans won't attack anyone outright. The worse they'll do is hiss unless someone wants an angry flock to deal with or is named Tony Stark. :)]
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[The video feed cuts on amidst the sounds of random buttons being pressed. After a few seconds, a young girl's dirt-and-bruised-covered face appears on the screen. She's much too close to the camera and it's obvious she has no idea that anyone else can see this.

She pokes at the device once more, causing another series of various noises as buttons are pushed. The sounds bring a delighted smile to her face and she giggles before finally speaking in a way that a toddler typically would, despite her clearly being nearly school age.]

Moooosic. [She pauses then calls out with delight one of the few words she can say with perfect annunciation.]


[At the mention of her sister, the girl's curious gaze and joyful, carefree smile gives way to a sorrowful expression as memories of where she was, what was happening, rush back over her. Victoria said no. Victoria wouldn't go with her. Wouldn't go with Mama.

With a grunt of anger, she throws the device away from her, causing it to land at a slightly skewed angle on the ground. The child can still be seen, though, prowling about on all fours - feet flat on the ground and back arched in a very unnatural manner - as she continues to explore the area of woods where she's found herself.

A sniff of a pine cone, an absent bite of a bit of plant that she chews with smacking lips and zero regard for if it's actually edible or not, and she finally drops back on her haunches while turning her attention to the trees.]

Where Mama? [The words are as much of a whine as they are an order. A heartbeat passes and now she sounds as though she's striking some sort of deal.] Lilly stay. Mama come. [With her mind made up and her gaze still on the trees above, she suddenly reaches out and snatches a bug out of the air. Her attention flickers to the bug and she smiles ever so slightly, watching it crawl across her fingers... before abruptly shoving it into her mouth.

It makes an audible crunch as she begins chewing, doing her best to be patient while waiting for mama to arrive.]
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I. mirror writing;

    [Today a certain someone's left a message for the Mirrors. Several messages, actually. Copies appear on all sorts of mirrors in all sorts of places, spread out around the mansion for maximum coverage.

    To Mirror eyes, it reads:]

    When does her royal highness plan to let you back over?
    Good company is scarce and some of you are more likeable than your other selves.

    Good allies are also hard to find.
    I want something you can do.
    Maybe you want something an ally on this side can do.
    We could help each other across the great divide.

    [Characters on the Real side see something different, however. Peter has cloaked his writing so that when Reals look at the words, they'll see nothing but gibberish, configurations of random letters, lines, and doodles as if a graffiti artist or a very bored person has gone around defacing mansion property. No matter how hard a person tries, though, the writing won't come off.]

II. action; )


Apr. 29th, 2014 02:36 pm
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[She sits in the dark of the bedroom she claimed, hidden within the closet and staring at the device for minutes - even if it's felt so much longer. Her back sits straight against the wall, knees curled to her chest. Maybe she's regressing. All the work and progress Dr. Aurelian had made - however little of it - slowly drifting away. She's in a game again. Trapped and at the will of others.

All she wants to do is stay out of sight. Fall asleep and wake up back home in Panem, back where she belongs. Or, at least, in a place she belongs more so than here. What she'd give for this to be not real. For Haymitch to be the one with the addled memory for once.

But he's not and she left the door open to her bedrom without thinking. People could wander in if they wanted. She's defenseless, having gone straight into hiding as opposed to finding a place to obtain weapons. That'll come later.


What's important now is that she’s in a game. A game, apparently, that she's been in before. Where people might know her, might have some memory of a girl she can't remember. Her talk with Haymitch had made that much clear. Maybe she should seek out allies. But what person in their right mind would want to know her? Why would anyone willingly trust someone who... someone who couldn't even protect those she loved most.

Finally, she clears her throat. Her grey eyes look at the screen, haunted. The left corner of her lip twitches but there’s no actual smile on her face. Smiles haven’t come easy in a long, long time.]

My name is Katniss Everdeen. I’ve been told that I’ve been here before but I don’t remember. I don’t... [She doesn’t want to remember. Doesn’t ever want to have to play that game that Peeta does every single day. Real or not real. How can she tell? Is this real or is it something else entirely? She still doesn’t know.] I don’t want to be here.

[But who does? With the exception of the Careers, did any of the tributes ever really want to enter the arena? She knows the answer to that, knows it as well as she knows her own name. She’s messing this up.

But that comes as no surprise to her. She doubts it comes to a surprise to anyone.]

I just want to hunt and- Be left alone. You don’t need to get to know me. You don't want to. Trust me on that. [Because all she's ever done was hurt those that she loved. Or even liked just remotely. It's too dangerous for anyone to be around her. No longer is she solely just unlikable, but she's become too much of a nuisance for any Gamekeeper in their right mind not to want to control.] I'm not worth it. It'd be best for everyone if you see me to just stay away. Just forget that I ever came back.
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Now I don't want to sound pretentious when I say this, but no matter how much this camera blows, you can't deny this view. [ booms the voice of some guy who still manages to find a great angle to showcase a particularly beautiful shot of the gardens that most residents are probably already familiar with. yes, residents. he's done his research. he's tech-savvy enough for that and smart enough not to run screaming, blabbing to the first person in his vicinity. he recovers what's left of his sanity and he waits; he learns. then he appears on his own terms. ]

It damn near takes your breath away. [ so does arriving face first in the pool. ] There are only a few things in life that have that kind of power. That kind of sway over you. [ hm? he shakes his head clear of it and steers the view away from the fountain ( far, far away ), cutting the feed and switching to text without ever revealing his face. ]

so, i wanted to pose a question to you, Land of Wonder. what would you describe as a sight for sore eyes, and why? is it something that can be physically found or does it exist strictly in the imagination?

and don't worry, i know all about how curiosity killed the cat. i'm more of a dog guy. on that note, if anyone's seen either one of mine, i'd really appreciate whatever information you have. one of them is like a wrecking ball. he's big, hairy, and he leaves a huge mess. he answers to Derek, and no, you never get used to the drool. the other one's kind of small, but he never stops trying to learn the same darn trick. Scott's just so predictable. you almost have to like him and feel sorry for him at the same time.
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[Alice normally isn't one for socializing, but here she is, sitting here with her vorpal blade that she quietly keeps her fingers on the handle to keep the blade upright. Only a few times she lets her anger and annoyance surface by viciously stabbing the table. But for once, she can't particularly keep her silence.]

So, that's how it is, then? I suppose the lot of you can't comprehend the level of at least attempting to keep Wonderland clean. It may not be my Wonderland, but it is still very much Wonderland! And as it stands, it's very dear to me. Honestly! I would have hoped with guests here that at the very least you could behave yourselves.

And not leave such a mess. Blood stains, after all, you certainly can't wash it out. What a mess.

[There's more to it than that, but hey, guys, not cool. Not. Cool.]

I suppose it wouldn't be too much to ask that some of you could keep your heads together and certainly not be making messes in the near future? Or is that too much to ask from the Alice with eyes? It's the only thing I can ask. Just be sure to avoid informing me that "we're all mad here". I know that plenty.
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[Crowley seems almost jovial today! Yeah, sunshine and rainbows and puppies and shit! Except there's something quite a bit forced and false about it. If the rather unsettling grin didn't convince you of that much, what he actually has to say will clinch it.]

Humans. Really, what a joy you all are. Such clever, creative, busy little bees, always thinking up such interesting little ways to harm and kill each other. I've thought it for years now, but you lot don't need any help from my kind at all, do you? You've got everything under control. What was it Shakespeare said? "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." And him all of three hundred years ago.

I suppose if Wonderland is meant to be a sample of general humanity, it's no wonder that there are a couple of truly horrendous examples here. Oh, I won't name names. I don't have names to name. Not yet.

[The smile completely disappears and he leans closer to the camera. And for a moment, the Crowley that Wonderland knows, all snark and banter, is gone. His face is expressionless and the sunglasses look less douchey and more like empty black pits. There's a very faint reddish glow behind them. Just for a moment, you could believe that there really is an actual demon in there, full of Old Testament wrath.]

But you know who you are, and you know what you did. I do hope we have a chance to meet one of these days--I'd love to shake your hand. People have lots of extra chances in Wonderland, but even in this place, one way or another, everyone pays the piper eventually. At least I intend to make sure of it.

[And then the moment is gone and the smile is back in place, completely false.]

Thank you for your time.



Apr. 14th, 2014 02:41 am
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[Eventually, the Once-ler makes it into the mansion (though he spends a considerable amount of time outside where he first arrived in the garden, marveling at everything around him). He finds his old room and all of his stuff inside, but it feels too crowded to him now. So, the first thing he does is gets rid of all the clutter and all the things he doesn't need until more than half the room has been emptied out.

He sets up the camera on one end of the room and stands kind of awkwardly in front of it to film his message. Instead of his usual attire, he's wearing an over-sized green suit - which is old and tattered now, as though he's been wearing it for a couple of years.

So, uh. I'm back. I guess.

[Well, this is going swell already.]

Look, I'm going to make this quick. I just want know if someone's here. He's orange and furry, about yay tall- [He has to bend down to gesture how tall, which is apparently not very tall at all] -and he's got this mustache. He's the Lorax, and he used to be here once. I just...

[He frowns a little, trying to find the words. His shoulders fall, and it takes considerable effort to shrug them.]

...I was just hoping maybe he turned up again, that's all. If anyone's seen him around, let me know.

[He quickly moves to shut off the camera after that, as if he's a little sick of the spotlight already.]
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[Guess who's in a tutu, twirling across the main entrance hall?

No, Kurt Hummel is not back.

It's Santana Lopez, suddenly shorter and younger and nicer! Her ballet twirls are inexperienced, but she has pretty good form. She's humming to herself, grinning. Which is not a usual sight for the normal Santana, so now would be a great time to meet up with her, hint hint!]


[...Okay, so she just tripped over who-knows-what. She's still in a good mood.]

(replies from itsayoungone cause I am so clever with these account names)

I } text

Mar. 17th, 2014 12:49 am
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[It’s taken Hook a while to type out the message. What business do letters have being in some strange, nonsensical order? What sort of alphabet goes from Q to M instead of A to Z? It’s bloody confusing, but he’s managed, at last, to type out his message on the automatic writing mechanism he found in his pocket. It seems to have some sort of magical ability to show images and produce sounds too, but he has yet to figure those ones out.

The message is short and a bit stilted. He’s not used to having to hunt so hard for each letter, and finding advanced punctuation or capital letters is beyond him. But it gets the point across.]

to whom it may concern

ive found myself on strange shores and could use information should it be available. the name is captain hook. im supposed to be in new york. does anyone know how to get there? i need to find emma swan. it is very important.

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[Having somewhat recovered from the trauma of being murdered, Evelyn is acutely aware of the dearth of intellectual discourse in Wonderland outside of burgeoning conversations on everyone's respective pasts (for the sake of being better prepared when events choose to strike). It is for this reason that she has decided most avidly to endorse an activity she originally wanted to address in mid-February, but...

...well, the unmitigated carnage was a definite distraction from more trivial pursuits.

I'm looking to start a book club!

[she announces over the communications system cheerfully, looking in considerably higher spirits than she had been a near-month ago.]

We've got this positively marvelous library and a veritable mountain of fiction; I know we're all from different places and times, but- but that might make it all the more exciting, to see the sort of literature our worlds produce.

[A beat.]

...although I'm going to have to insist on ruling out The Great Gatsby as reading material, it's terribly un-progressive.

[Attached to her broadcast is a little missive that reads:]

Please feel free to send in any book recommendations!

A satisfactory hour will be agreed upon for meetings.


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