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When I was told about these event things, no one said anything about dying left and right.

[ He grimaces at the screen. Twice! He has died twice.

Yeah ok so the first time was his own fault. Big deal. Who knew hairspray could be so flammable? He still died.

...And so what if the second time was also sort of his fault too? He liked his dream. Even if everyone started acting really weird near the end. It was still better than the current situation. ]

Are they all like this?
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[Yes, that is keysmash. Trembling hands slip over the buttons awkwardly. Eventually voice is triggered, and heavy, almost inhuman breathing can be heard on the other line. Video comes next, with a bright glowing lens. Yellow fills the screen, but eventually it shifts back to text.]


[No, try again, no one can read that shit.]


[Typing with gloves is hard to get a hang of. Hey, eventually he’ll get it!! But for now, enjoy drunken type. He goes back and fixes his words, though.]

Is anmon anyone there?

whaty What is this place? How did I evenms even get here?!

[Is he dead? Is he fucking dead? Maybe something blindsided him, instantly killed him. That’s the only rational explanation for appearing in a forest, with an actual sky. ]

is thjis this it?

..Am I dereadf dead?


Jan. 21st, 2012 01:50 pm
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[ After arriving at the beach and spending a couple of minutes being downright confused and ultimately decided that the huge mansion should be the first place to go, Axel had noticed one of his pockets was heavier than usual. And upon inspection he found a small device. One with a lot of buttons. What do you do in a situation like this? You press them of course! All of them. At first it broadcasts audio only and the sound of snow crunching beneath someone's feet is heard. ]

This thing doesn't make any sense. [ He presses another button and the audio stops. Another buttom makes it video instead and a nice view of the sky along with some strands of red hair are seen. ]

What is this thing even fo- [ Off. ] Come on. [ On. ] Way to be useless. [ Off. ] You would think it would come with some instruction! [ On. And finally instead of the sky, his enter face is shown. And he somehow looks annoyed and amused all at the same time. ]

Sheesh am I glad we don't have these back home.


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