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[So, uh. This cooking thing.

But do you see that? The view's a little shaky at first, because he's still getting the hang of this technology thing, but there, for your viewing delight, Wonderland, is a microwave.


It used to be a microwave.

What it is now is more a column of smoke and melted plastic and burnt things, with the coppery shine of burnt tinfoil.

Oh, and the door's off to one side, and it shouldn't be twisted like that.

And yes, he actually read the instructions. And no, they didn't make a damn bit of sense.]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly sure that's not what it's supposed to do when it's done.

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Who: Cordelia, Amy, and all the people who want to be judged and/or have a makeover.
Where: A room in the mansion So descriptive
When: During the event! At idec any point in time
Rating: PG-13? Probably nothing higher unless Amy decides someone looks better with their clothes off. Just saying.
Summary: Cordy and Amy just wanted to talk shoes. And then the mansion decided it was that time of the month. And now they are fashion judges. You've been warned, Wonderland.
The Story: except my gator shoes, those are green )

ooc: Cordy and Amy's initial thread will be prose, but the rest is totally cool for action spam. LET'S DO THIS. This is the catch all post for their event. This is open to everyone! Even if you didn't sign up for it. Just be warned I'm going to be slow :|a


Jun. 28th, 2013 01:32 pm
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[This is the expression of a child who just got what he wanted for Christmas, set on a face that would have been suitably boyish if his eyes had not been quite so unnerving. One was a dark grey marble and the other, unnaturally pale with a tiny pinhole pupil. An indistinct feeling of discomfort generally accompanies those who stare at him too long.]

A new scrying stone in my pocket and a new sword? I do hope that everybody's Hogswatch was as happy as mine.
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I have a question for all of you! It's come to me very suddenly, like a dream, or some sort of vision.

[And Alice sighs, as if trying to have that dream again. But it is gone, and she will just have to ask what she wants to ask instead.]

If you could be any you, who would you be? No restrictions or rules - if you could simply be someone new suddenly, which new you would you be? Would you do it? What if you had to; what would you pick then?

I think I'd want to be a Princess. It sounds lovely, doesn't it? Princess Alice. Really, it's much better than being a Queen. You get a very nice crown and you don't have to be so responsible all the time. That gets so tiring, you know!

[She would know, after all.]

So, who would you be, if you had to be someone else?
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[ There's a series of sounds before there's a voice; whirring, clicking, a few strange snaps and such. All mechanical, partly electronic. And then there's the android voice from a while earlier, tone neutral. Maybe with the slightest tint of worn-out, for those with good discernment. ]

Well, I've certainly learned more about you all that I ever wanted to know. For the people who discovered the cameras, don't touch them. For the people who didn't know there were cameras until right now, congratulations. And don't touch them.

Do you know what kind of insanity this place is? Think about it. A marvel of defying logic, and you morons are wrapping up in the domestic to keep warm.

If anyone's interested in progress, I need test subjects. Luckily, I have no itch in this place, so you probably won't end up donating any limbs to science.
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[A new video feed kicks on. This time? It's gaze is focused on a blonde-haired, sword wielding, baffled looked child. Anyone could see he looking in all sorts of directions, and, if they looked closely enough, they could see the two toned grass beneath him.]

H-Hey.. Din? Impa? Is anyone there?

[Looking around, the boy seemed to have discovered the journal laying about. So, crawling to it, Link takes it in his hand and flips it around in all different directions. What was this thing and how in the world did it work?]

Hey! Um.. My name is Link and I think I'm a little lost. I mean, this definitely doesn't look like Holodrum. And it really doesn't look like Subrosia.

Ah-ha! [He eventually noticed the screen and held it upright. Or what he thought was upright. Maybe it was upside-down now?]

I mean, don't get me wrong. I don't mind taking adventures every now and again. Especially if I don't have to save the world or anything. And it's really nice to have a break and all but..

Where am I? And where are my friends?

[Frowning at the lack of an immediate response, he stood up, looking around the grass. Some of his belongings had fallen from his person! Carefully, he picked up the few rupees and rings that had scattered across the ground and last, but not least, the Rod of Ages. He twirled it a bit in his hand, wondering if it would still work here. Not like it needed to from the looks of it. But he would certainly like to give it back to Din if he could.]

Guess I better start looking around.

[Looking back down at the journal, he pressed on what he thought was an off switch of sorts and, tucking the journal into his belt, he took off towards the towering mansion in the distance.]

((OOC: Early Morning, he can be found in the fields when he first arrives. Obviously video/action work during this time! By Noon or Early Afternoon, he'd be wondering around the mansion, up and down the halls, the tea room, the pool area. You name it, he'll be there at some point. Action from here on out if that's alright with you! Just mark it~))


Jun. 25th, 2013 03:50 am
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[The young woman who appears in the feed looks unimpressed, almost bored, as she faces the camera. The garden spreads out behind her, but her eyes are trained on a spot down and to one side, disinterested in the scenery.]

I didn't know I could still be used as a piece after that sacrifice gambit.

[She's quiet for a moment before her gaze flickers up to the camera and her brows draw together in an irritated frown. Her hair slides back over her shoulder and the cheap, pink hair ties that hold her half-pigtails in place click together.]

What does this mean? Did Oniichan win or did Beatrice? Why did another game start?

[A beat during which she is very likely tapping her foot. After a few seconds pass and she doesn't get an immediate answer from out of thin air, her expression smooths back into bored disinterest.]

I'll find my own way out, then. Sankyuu. Shi yuu ah-gen. [Her last words ("Thank you. See you again.") are spoken in heavily accented Engrish before she cuts the feed.]


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