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[ Ding, dong, sketchy teenager alert! What was obviously a fumble causes a video broadcast - it's dark out, at first all that can be seen is the night sky and the tops of trees - someone is out in the forest. And then suddenly a familiar face comes into view; Isaac looks tired and just a little too unfazed by life in general. But despite the look, he mutters a minor obscenity under his breath before reaching down to grab his phone.

As he stands back up the moonlight catches in the reflection of his night-vision - causing his eyes to look a bright yellow for a moment, blinking it away as if he doesn't even notice he offers the network an unwavering stare.

Has anyone else been feeling - different lately?

[ Maybe Wonderland's up to something, he's not sure, either way, the freaky glow-y eye thing is definitely not normal but apparently something he didn't notice. ]
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[ when the feed comes up, allison looks exhausted. probably because for whatever reason, it feels like she hasn't slept in weeks, and that much probably reads in just how tightly her jaw is clenched. her eyes shoot out to the side for half a second - paranoia, if anyone recognizes it - before they come back.

she's not holding the camera (it's set up on a table) and her hands are hiding under the table in front of her, so no one can see how much they're shaking. ]

I'm sorry. [ it's the first thing out of her mouth before she can stop it. she takes a shaky breath before she continues. really, it doesn't make too much sense why she apologized, because she doesn't know for certain, but... ]

It's- you need to find an anchor. Someone who can calm you down. It's got to be one of the Wonderland events, so it'll go away in a day or two, but- [ with every word, she looks as if she's working her way up to something. edging closer and closer to some kind of breaking point. when she cuts herself off, she looks up at something - some one - before she takes a deep breath, visibly calms, then turns back to the feed. ]

Back home, Scott, St- [ oh, ouch, okay c'mon allie keep going. everyone is watching. ] Scott, Stiles and I had to find our parents. The way we did that was we had to die, some sort of magic that helped us find the- [ oh. that's...that's weird. whatever, she's making this take too long. ] To help us find them. We were told ahead of time that it'd leave a darkness around our heart, leave it open for things- dark things- to come in.

We found them and came back, and a few days later started noticing these things. That has to be what's happening. But guys- it's not real. What you're seeing, it's not- [ you're going insane, is what she should say. instead, allison blinks a few times before her eyes get a little glossy, her shaking and fidgeting calming.

the process takes about ten seconds, maybe less, and then her attention is elsewhere. it looks a lot like she's totally forgotten about what she was going to say, none of that twitchy urgency she'd had before. ]

Allison? [ she looks up, but her movements are slow. fluid. she reaches over the table, having forgotten the camera entirely and wraps her hand around a ring dagger that had been sitting there. ]

Allison? Allison, breathe! [ isaac steps in from the side of the frame, grabbing her wrist with a fairly tight grip, his blue eyes looking from her to the video - a bit far away as well, but differently than allison's. he's still there, in a way - before he reaches over to the camera with his free hand, shutting it off. ]

[ ooc replies can come from both Allison and Isaac! allie will be back to normal/no longer a crazy murderer when she replies, too, just fyi. ]

002; VIDEO.

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[There's a couple of reasons Peter is making this post before his falls off the page.. One, he'd like to assure people here that he's not some sort of crazy gun wielding dick - most of the time.

Two, Rocket had said, point blank. These are your people and apart from occasionally wondering what had happened to his grandpa and grandma he hadn't given earth a second thought. When you live on a space ship full of aliens, you spend most of your time figuring out how to survive. Missing home wasn't really something he'd considered. Especially since Yondu let him drive a space ship. At ten.

Three, ...He's bored. He's bored as hell and there's nobody with any tech worth this side of a Flarkin's tit to play with. Nothing to steal. Nothing to do.

So here's Peter. In a ninja turtle shirt looking thoughtful.]

Hey uh...Wonderland.

So this one goes out to all my fellow terrans. [pause] Humans. It's a habit.

...I am in the market. For pop culture recommendations. Specifically relating to the period between 1989 and uh...2014. Movies and TV shows specifically. Stuff to watch.

[someone introduce him to the wonder that is video games]

Cause space. Has a serious lack of good TV shows. I mean the day that humanity actually gets into space our biggest contribution will literally be amazing television. Xandarian TV, while nice, has a real lack of car chases, fight scenes, and punches.

Also uh.

[here he shifts]

So this goes out to anybody specifically from my earth. That's the one with Captain America. Cause he's here. [And holy shit that was weird in and of itself.]

[He swallows.] What're you guys watching?

[How is earth. He's just going to sit here and nod. Curiously.]
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[ Ellen has a monkey on one shoulder and a kitten on the other. She's not sure when the hell she became Doctor Doolittle, but what the hell? ]

Anyone seen that damned pirate runnin' around?

[ Hector. His name is Hector, but right now, since the monkey and the kitten are terrorizing her bar, he's 'that damned pirate'. ]

Come get your damned monkey.

( video )

Oct. 13th, 2014 08:24 pm
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[ he turns around. that’s all it takes. he turns around and the world as he knows it has vanished along with the little girl that’s supposed to be in his arms. he shouts her name ( and the names of the rest of his family ) until his throat burns raw and it hurts to keep yelling but he can’t stop. he doesn’t know if any of them answer him because his ears are still ringing; he can’t hear anything. the explosions rocked the field he stood in and part of him is still waiting for another bomb to drop and to engulf him in flames or another trap of the Espheni’s design.

simply one of the many reasons that drives him to do something he wouldn’t normally be proud of. normal left the building years ago when the aliens invaded his planet. if holding a young woman at knife point is the way he has to get their attention, then so be it. she’s the one he encountered first. it has to be for a reason. he hopes the fact that he found this device planted in his pocket means that it's still functioning.

If you can see this, then I want you to listen very carefully. [ his words are exceptionally measured and articulate. he knows what he wants to say and how to say it from years of playing the messenger. being practiced never makes delivering bad news any easier. the discomfort is obvious for those wise enough to spot it, but his duty to his family comes before everything else, even his morals. ]

This isn't what you... [ the girl currently at knifepoint tugs a bit at his arm. clearly (or clearly enough for anyone who knows her) not trying her hardest to escape. she doesn't seem to notice the fact this is being recorded, or just doesn't seem to care, her attention more on her captor than anything. ] -think it is. If you'll just listen-

I’m through listening. [ he tightens his grip around her, struggling slightly to keep her under his control. is she stupid? does she want to die? it only proves his point that maybe she isn’t real. if she keeps this up, he’s only going to press the knife harder against her throat. ] Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to return my sister to me and tell me where the rest of my family is, or [ and he sighs, forcibly pushes the last part of his sentence out. ] people are going to start dying. Starting with her.

[ her eyes widen, then, like it suddenly sinks in that this guy is serious. it's the death threat that does it, something shifting in the lines of her face. she moves - subtly enough, as far as the camera is concerned. a sliding of her feet for balance, her hands moving for a better hold on his arm, and then she drops low in her stance. the exact moment she does that, she tugs, hard, pulling him over her shoulder and the camera goes with him.

sorry, ben. you don't really want to put a knife to the throat of a girl who's been training with black widow.

the feed is upside, tilted, thrown off somewhere a little ways away where it only catches a canted view of her legs as she walks over to where he'd fallen - not much more than a black mass against the grass. ]

Okay, now you're going to hear me out.

[ movement, and then the feed cuts. ]

07 | text

Sep. 23rd, 2014 03:59 pm
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Did anyone find the answer to the puzzle? Or get anywhere close. I know that the sword is gone again now but how close was the answer?

( If there was one. Lydia hasn't really looked at it but she's seen that there was something that had happened whilst she was gone )

( PRIVATE | scott mccall )
Are you back?
You disappeared. Went home?

( PRIVATE | natasha romanoff )
How many secrets do you have?

( PRIVATE | allison argent )
We need coffee. I wish this place did better coffee, there's only so long I can go about pretending it's actually good.
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[ dean’s looking the very part of a paranoid hunter when the feed clicks on, rushing down a hallway with a gun firmly gripped in his hands. he’s definitely not about to take any chances with what’s going down at the moment, the invasion of mirrors becoming more and more obvious. when he speaks it’s in a low, rushed voice. ]

I know the numbers are changing, but betting this is still a good time for a head count of the non-fake variety. Unless of course asking that triggers some kind of a goddamn identity crisis for our less than welcome guests from the great Wonderland mirror-y beyond. [ not that he really gives a flying fuck if it does, tbqh. ]

So— Sam? Cas? Jo? Whoever didn’t get their ass replaced by their Twilight Zone version, now would be a great time to know.

[ of course, telling the difference can be a little difficult too, in some cases, and more might come crawling through still. but a beat follows, as he rounds a corner somewhere in the mansion. ]

Oh, right— whatever you freaks are after- [ which is the sword because of course it is ] -whatever your mission here is that you’re scared of failing ‘cause the Queen on the other side might give you a spakin’ if you do? It ain’t worth the hell I’ll show you if you mess with our chances of findin’ that goddamn sword.

[ just a fair warning. or threat— whichever.

the feed ends with that. ]

( ooh: feel free to action a reply, too! the location can be almost anywhere near or within the mansion. )
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[Scott tumbles back into Wonderland disoriented and in full Lacrosse gear. He even still has the burns on his neck and hand from the attempted assassination, though they’re rapidly healing. His mind is a jumble, processing how he went from the locker room to the middle of a… garden?

He pulls out his phone and thinks he hits the call-back button because Stiles should be the most recent call on his list.]

Stiles? What the heck happened? Where am…? [But his voice trails off as memories hit him like a freight train. The network audio hangs there a while as he sorts through them in his head. Then it ends and is flipped over to a video feed.

The dark eyed teen looks a little dishevelled, but he seems to look less startled than his voice had been moments ago.]
Wonderland, right. Sorry about that, um… disregard?

Private Video filtered to Allison and Isaac )

Action for Stiles )

Private Text filtered to Natasha )
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( before any actual speaking is heard, there is a snarl. it's a quiet, low sort of sound - a warning, more than anything. then comes the muttering. )


( a couple of tonal beeps are heard as she fumbles with her device. )

This isn't even my phone. ( a sigh. )

Hello? Look - I don't have time for this. Okay? So whatever prank you're trying to play, Stiles, just -- Ha-ha, funny joke. But I'm still mad. This isn't winning you any points. ( muttered, quietly, under her breath: 'I'm gonna kill you.' )

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[ when the feed comes up, it catches what sounds like a laugh already in progress, and the bottom half of a face. as it comes into view, someone seems to be righting the camera, before allison eventually turns her attention away from whatever she'd be grinning to off-screen and looks towards the camera. she opens her mouth to talk, but before she can get the words out another voice comes from off the screen. ]

Dude, have you ever seen Monty Python? Killer bunnies with big nasty fangs [ what you can’t see is stiles attempting to make bunny fangs with his teeth, but you can definitely hear his “arrghhrarrgh” in what is clearly a killer bunny noise. ]

[ allison's eyes follow the voice, laughing again. ] You're kidding me, right? You want to put the Easter bunny in this? [ another shake of her head and then she more pointedly looks back to the screen. ] Sorry, someone is-

--Very prepared and always right. [ he at least sounds a little cheeky. it’s a joke. really. sort of. ] And it’s not the Easter bunny!

Yeah okay. Anyway, for those of you we don't know, I'm Allison. Stiles here- [ eyes motioning off the screen and then they're back. ] and I are trying to put together a book. A beastiary, if you know what those are, of as many creatures - supernatural or not - that could potentially show up here.

And that totally includes the people of Wonderland who go bump in the night, I’m just sayin. What’s kosher for my creature of the night may not be kosher for yours.

[ she continues like she didn't hear him. ] If you don't already know, Wonderland likes to throw events at us from the worlds of people here. Sometimes they're fine, sometimes they're not, and-

-And sometimes they end in blood and gore! We haven’t had one of those in a while, I wonder--

Stiles, you can talk later! Let me finish! [ she laughing, though, so it's pretty obvious that stiles' interruptions aren't really bothering her. ] Sometimes they can be really dangerous, and in order to help everyone protect themselves, we figured collecting the information would help. Just to get it out there for people to know if they want to know, and if they don't, that's fine too.

Help a brother out, basically. [ a beat, and stiles pokes into the screen from an awkward angle, all button nose and spotted cheeks before he grins and jerks his head in allison’s direction. ] Or a sister. [ and then disappears from the feed again. ]

[ allison takes her hand back - having shoved stiles out of the frame in the first place - and resets the camera. ] We’ve done this before, so we have a good list started from a few worlds, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned is that even if the lore is in different worlds, a lot of the time the details aren’t the same. For example, take-

--Aaaany form of the supernatural! At all. Anywhere. Oookay, that’s the end of that, no more of that feed. [ #smooth ] Bye!

What? No, Stiles- [ the device is then forcefully plucked from allison’s hands, muffled sounds of a struggle, and then it shuts off. ]

[ ooc both stiles and allison are open for replies! ]
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[ Haymitch hasn't posted to the network once in all his time here. He's answered other people on rare occasion, but overall he hasn't trusted the thing.

He's been mulling things over lately, though, and he's come up questioning even himself and his own perceptions of Wonderland and what it is. After all this time, he's got to do or say something.

Any of you ever heard of Panem? The Hunger Games? Have you heard of Haymitch Abernathy at all?

[ Oh and he's visibly drunk, swaying just a little as he speaks. ]

(OOC: Fourth-walling is welcome at this point, if you feel so inclined.)

3 ☽ text

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[ cora's going to make this nice and quick. after experiencing a normal life as a teenager, sans the canines, and having a repeat performance as herself, cora's beginning to feel a little on edge. as there's no alphas to hunt down and try and lure into a violent dance, cora's had to make do with herself — and similarly to how she feels about being stripped down to the bare essentials that come with being human, she's angry about it. nothing feels enough. nothing ever is enough. not while she's here, not while she has time to actually stop running and fighting. ]

Is there a gym? Getting tired of running outside. Sticks and stones.

[ may not break her bones but they sure as hell bruise as badly as being human and liking it does. running out in the woods isn't punishing enough, unfortunately. even if she wished for a silver bar in her room, it seems to disappear each time cora wakes up. it's as if her own room won't allow her to work herself to the bone. ]

I need a sparring partner. Prefer it to not be Thumper.

[ there's too many rabbits out in the woods. she's not going to bother asking any takers?. ]
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[ this message goes up late, to the point that it's actually early, and while allison knows she should be sleeping it's hard to get rest with the way her head is spinning. she's been doing a lot of thinking, a lo of checking, and now? ]

this might be kind of a weird question, but
has anyone here been in wonderland long enough that you kind of consider this place home?
I moved a lot back home and I never really settled in one place long enough to feel at home anywhere
and the one place that I kind of wanted to be home...it's complicated, I guess
I'm just kind of curious if wonderland could keep us here for that long, or if anyone really minds being here that long
even with all the events, and all the crap we deal with.
there's some good, right? somewhere?

oh, and happy one year wonderland anniversary to me.

[ she doesn't really want to think about how long this makes. about how allison can't remember the last time she was ever in one place, consistently, for this long. the one place she wanted to hang onto, the one place she had decided to feel loyalty to, to come back to, was beacon hills.

and she's officially lived in wonderland for longer than her entire time in there. even considering her summer off.

a whole year in wonderland.

allison sends off the text before she has a chance to think about it, before her mind comes back around to see who all is going to see this - from home, from here, wherever. she slides the phone under her pillow and sighs, turning back over. ]
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[The last thing she remembers of home is finally making a stand against one of the alphas during the eclipse, hoping it'd work in favor. She didn't have anything else to lose, the four months they'd been held only pushing her further and further into a feeling of desperation. She needed to do something, to at least try. The tiny shred of optimism she'd had about a rescue was gone - she knew how this was going to end... The least she could do was put up a fight, even if there was little to no chance of her winning. Then a flash of blinding pain, the sight of Cora and Boyd, and then nothing.

An empty and cold darkness with no way out.

She wakes with a start, the room dark. The floor beneath her has no give, wondering how much of that has contributed to her stiffness. Erica shakes her head a few times, that memory overpowering and blinding. She gets the weirdest sense of deja-vu She moves to stand up, it taking a few tries before actually succeeding, finally taking a look around the small room.

It's a supply closet.

She has a moment of panic, thinking she's still being held by the Alphas - that she hadn't actually died. She slowly makes her way out of the tiny room, her senses heightening as she readies herself for an attack. The wariness quickly gives way to confusion as she enters the hall, realizing it's not the same place she'd been held before. She cautiously continues her exploration, moving up a set of stairs and into what appeared to be an entrance hall. A very familiar entrance hall. There's an echo of a memory pulling at her, attempting to make its way through the fog. She'd been here before... Recently.]


[It's said more to herself as the strong scent of incense hits her nostrils, pulling at the memory a little more firmly. She moves through, running a hand over the wall before starting up the stairs, remembering being carried. Carried to… the 8th floor? No, the 9th - yeah, her room was on the 9th floor. She pulls her jacket shut a little bit, the outfit the same as it’d been the 2nd time she’d landed here - burgundy pants, a black top, and a black jacket. The shirt is ripped and bloody, claw marks evident if looked at close enough. The scents of the vault aren’t as strong as they’d been before, overpowered by that of death. She focuses on breathing through her mouth, wondering if she’d been dead longer this time around than she had been before.

It’s almost muscle memory, bringing her to room 620, her hand reaching for the door. The room is familiar, much like everything else here. She turns on some music, feeling like she's repeating herself by showering and changing, a memory of her last arrival coming back from death.

She mulls around the room for a bit, bigger memories starting to come back to her like her fight with Isaac, but the smaller moments were still hazy. She picks up the communicator, tempted to text a few people, but the words don’t come to her. She doesn't know where to start, having already come back from the dead for most of them once before if she didn't count her own return. There’s an uncertainty about who’s still here, how they’ll react, if they’ll be happy to see her or if they’d made their peace and said their own goodbyes for the 2nd time. It was cruel, almost, this game that Wonderland was playing. She'd feel bad if she wasn't so grateful at being able to take another breath.

Rather than sit there wracking her brain over how to proceed, she decides to turn to the network. It was the fastest way to reach everyone and get the info she was looking for. She remembers her last post, asking about dealing with death. There’s a lot less shock this time around, a perk of dealing with it a second time. She lets out a sigh as she starts the feed, moving some of her damp, blonde curls out of her face.]

So, this is messed up. I get sent to Wonderland only to get sent home to apparently die, then back, then home... or I guess nothingness, and now back again. Nothing like getting to deal with the whole death thing not once, but twice. Awesome.

[She rolls her eyes before focusing back on her actual purpose for doing this.]

There are pieces that I can remember of my last time here but everything else is kind of foggy. I'm sure the longer I'm here, the more will come back.

[She's not sure how much of that is Wonderland or the fact that she'd been dead. Considering she'd returned post-death before she figured there could be some hang-ups.]

If anyone has had anything like this happen, how long did it take for everything to be back in place? I just -- It's weird. This whole thing is weird and if I had my way, I'd --

[She stops herself with a tight smile, this not being the best place or time for that. She was back and that’s all there was to it. She just needed to suck it up and deal with it.]

Look, help me or don't help me - I honestly don't care, it's up to you. I bounce back pretty quickly on my own and I've dealt with worse. Missing memories right now is a cakewalk. If you'd rather talk in person, I'm in room 620 - 9th floor - same as before.

[ooc: Feel free to find her on her way up to the 9th floor or if you know her (such as fellow teen wolf peoples) everyone is more than welcome to hear noises coming from her room and go check it out because there will be music and the shower running.

As stated in my OOC Intro, I will be out of town with little to no internet access the 9th through the 13th but any responses I don't get out before then will come in the form of a tag bomb when I return. Thanks!

05 | video

Jun. 30th, 2014 08:56 am
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It seems that Scott was right putting a vets here. First we get an invasion of piglets and now there are dogs everywhere.

( Although guess which one Lydia doesn't mind so much though. In the background of the video there are definitely a couple of puppies running around and-

-oh. One jumps up on Lydia and knocks her hand that the video's in. It goes wonky for a moment before she corrects it, and starts scratching the puppy's head )

And since some of you have obviously never seen a dog before- ( She's talking about you Samandriel and 'what is dog food?' ) -you should probably go and see him. Don't keep a dog if you don't know what you're doing.

( Lydia on the other hand... might be thinking about keeping some )

And Allison? How many dogs can I keep before you tell me to get my own room?

( Kidding. Maybe. She's not going to go that overboard. Maybe )
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[ The video comes to life with a dull thud as Isaac's communicator falls off the couch and onto the floor. He doesn't sound or look all too bothered by it, if it weren't for the quick glance, it'd look like he doesn't even notice.

The video's sideways but it shows both Allison and Isaac, she's on the floor with her back against the couch in question, while he is draped across it, seeming to take up far too much room. His attention is back on Allison, and he's looking a bet vehement.

No way, Black Widow has all the same powers as Batman, less money, and still manages to kick more ass. Then there's the whole [ Airquotes ] men are supposed to be stronger than women thing.

[ Allison turns another page in the comic she's reading, totally unaware of the device having fallen, or it even being on. As far as she knows, she's just talking to her boyfriend, while also trying to educate herself on comics.

Well, "talking". They're mostly just arguing at this point.

Yeah, but she also had training, almost to a brainwashed level, for a government agency. Batman had to get all that done himself, without the help of the government hiding him. Money doesn't count when you have a country's taxes paying for everything.

[ But then she leans her head back, looking up at him with a smile. A content smile. A "that was cute you got brownie points for that one" kind of smile. Isaac may or may not get lost in her eyes for a second before leaning down to steal a chaste kiss. The fact that she's actually learned so much about this, well, it's endearing.

When he leans down to give her the kiss, she kisses him back. Light, easy. As far as she knows they're alone, after all, so what's the harm?

I'll give you the girls versus boys argument, though, but I'm not saying she's not really awesome. I'm just saying that in a fight, if given the time to research and prepare, Batman would totally win.
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[Clint does not like it when places screw with his head.

He has had enough people doing that in the past few weeks. He got better, recooperated under the care of friends and loved ones only to end up dressed in a sparkling jumpsuit chasing people around for validation.

He doesn't need any validation. He's good enough to be on this team without super soldier serum, without a strange history (even if -well okay his history is pretty strange.) but if people are screwing with him...

Between the pigs and this he's not particularly okay persay. Still. There's no real TV and it's really only by luck that he's gotten his music.

So he's made a space for himself out a bit into the forest where he's set up a few targets, gotten a few knives in addition to his non-explosive arrows and he's training. Some of you if you happen to pass by the forest might be able to hear him playing this song at unbelievably loud volumes.

However you're about to get a closer look. There's a loud thud first across people's filters before there's a faint video feed of...an ass.

that's right. Clint Barton's rear end across the network. Except then - in time to the music he discharges several seemingly impossible shots in time to the music before he vaults upwards into the tree, fires two more shots, then falls on the target. Stabbing it. It's a distant image but he's clearly got talent.

It switches to another song while he repeats the motions on a second hay bale. It finishes and he drops the bow exhausted before he wipes a hand over his face, grabs for a canteen and drenches himself. His hand goes to his pocket and there's a distant moment of panic before he retrieves it from it's space by the tree. The music has shifted once One more time as he reaches for it, pushing the button - apparently ready to speak...before he realizes that it's on.

Cue a very loud, highly inappropriate, very soldier swear, before the feed turns off.]

[Ten minutes later he responds with a text message.]

Unwise, to keep these things in your pocket. Hope you all enjoyed the show. So it's not a total waste, tell me your favorite song wonderland.

[Private to Tony and Bruce]

So what do I have to do to prevent unwanted broadcasts?
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Now I don't want to sound pretentious when I say this, but no matter how much this camera blows, you can't deny this view. [ booms the voice of some guy who still manages to find a great angle to showcase a particularly beautiful shot of the gardens that most residents are probably already familiar with. yes, residents. he's done his research. he's tech-savvy enough for that and smart enough not to run screaming, blabbing to the first person in his vicinity. he recovers what's left of his sanity and he waits; he learns. then he appears on his own terms. ]

It damn near takes your breath away. [ so does arriving face first in the pool. ] There are only a few things in life that have that kind of power. That kind of sway over you. [ hm? he shakes his head clear of it and steers the view away from the fountain ( far, far away ), cutting the feed and switching to text without ever revealing his face. ]

so, i wanted to pose a question to you, Land of Wonder. what would you describe as a sight for sore eyes, and why? is it something that can be physically found or does it exist strictly in the imagination?

and don't worry, i know all about how curiosity killed the cat. i'm more of a dog guy. on that note, if anyone's seen either one of mine, i'd really appreciate whatever information you have. one of them is like a wrecking ball. he's big, hairy, and he leaves a huge mess. he answers to Derek, and no, you never get used to the drool. the other one's kind of small, but he never stops trying to learn the same darn trick. Scott's just so predictable. you almost have to like him and feel sorry for him at the same time.


Apr. 7th, 2014 08:59 pm
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Hey there, total strangers I've decided to video chat with.

[ here, have a single wave and a big smile from Kira! who then... sighs, and winces at herself. it's been a few hours since she got here, a few hours she used to lie down and calm herself down and get her headache down to a tolerable level ( healing powers are so weird ), so she's already in one of the rooms, broadcasting from a spot at the edge of her bed. ]

I don't know why I said that, that was- [ she shakes her head, laughs. oh god somebody save her, or just put her out of her misery. either one. ] Anyway. I'm sure you guys get this a lot, but I'm kind of hoping to find some of my friends on here. If they are on here, I don't know. I've never heard them talk about anything like this before. Actually, I'm pretty sure this isn't anything like the internet I have back at home, so. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm hoping to find out if any of my friends are here. Or, I guess I'll only have my fingers crossed for one friend, since I was with him before I woke up here - Scott McCall? I just- I'm kind of hoping since I'm here, he's here too. Since we were together, like I said.

But anybody else from Beacon Hills, or - [ my mom and dad. I wouldn't mind seeing my mom and dad right now. no oh my god Kira you can't just ask for mommy and daddy, pull yourself together. be cool. ] - um, no, that's it. If anybody else from Beacon Hills is here, let me know. It's important. Like, really, really important. [ like we can't trust Stiles important ]

Okay, thanks.

-- Bye.
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[Erica had experienced a lot of things in her short life, but this was completely different from anything she'd ever even thought possible. Having spent the past who knows how long chained up in a basement -she's a little worse for wear, to put it lightly. She'd toyed with attempting to track down Boyd, hoping they'd just been separated but quickly decided it was a waste of time - too much space to cover alone.

Looking at the communicator in her hand, she figured posting a video would be a faster and more efficient way to get answers and hopefully find him, and possibly others. She looks around her strange surroundings, finding a small washroom to clean up in quickly before recording. Feeling slightly better, she starts the feed. Erica gives a tight smile before speaking, silently reminding herself to be careful how much information she gives about her being a werewolf - not knowing who this was going out to.]

Look. I don’t really know what the hell is going on so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. Boyd, if you’re here – please let me know you’re okay. If anyone seeing this knows of anyone else from Beacon Hills – tell them Erica’s here. [It's a long shot, but she figures it's worth a try.

She takes a moment, shutting her eyes. The stress and exhaustion hitting her as the last of the adrenaline wears off, her ordeal having ended not too long ago. She gives a sharp exhale, flipping her long, blonde hair over her shoulder.]

I’m - [She starts to say she’s okay, but there’s really no point in lying. She’s nowhere near it, still feeling phantom currents of electricity washing over her if she holds too still.] I just really need to find my [PACK] friends. I need to know they’re okay, that the Argents didn't get them too. Isaac or Derek, if you're here, I...

[Her words die off, not wanting to get her hopes up. She needed her pack. She needed Boyd to be okay. She needed a familiar face. She gives a small, sad laugh thinking about how much she could use a Batman right now. She takes a steadying breath, nothing else coming to mind on what to say. She reaches out to end feed, but stops herself, her face contorting slightly as a thought occurs to her. She decides to voice it, just in case, knowing first hand what lengths people will go to for a laugh.]

I just want to add that if this is someone’s version of an elaborately sick joke, it’s not funny. I will find you and I will kill you. It won’t be pretty and it won’t be slow - no one messes with me without there being consequences. [Not anymore.]
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I can say 100% that that was the crappiest april fools ever. "Hey, have fun with the random body mods. If you don't, be sure to stop by the party with all of your least favorite people." Seriously, just when I think this place can't get worse.

I'm not letting this stop the original plan. If you signed up for school stuff, I'd like to get everyone together Saturday to kick things off. Not gonna wait for another catastrophe to drop on our heads.
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[ A little while after that disaster of a video Stiles made in his body, Isaac is on the network, in Stiles' body. Said body is shirtless and literally every mole on his pale awkward frame is circled in red permanent marker. Also if you happen to be the body's owner, or body's boyfriend the manscaping Isaac has done is rather obvious.

With surprising ease he falls into the role of Stiles Stilinski.

Have you guys ever noticed how weird looking I really am? Seriously, look at all these moles.

[ He frowns before scratching the back of his neck. Okay, and really this all comes off like Isaac making fun of Stiles instead of actually being stiles... ]

No wonder I'm a virgin. No one really wants to date the weird twitchy dude that's benched every lacrosse game ever. I get it. So -- I figured I'd take a hint from Isaac and get rid of my stuff and start over fresh. Comic books included. I've got way too much plaid anyway.

[ Lips are pressed into a thin line, very reminiscent of a face Isaac would pull before the feed clicks off. Oh, it's on. ]
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[ everything is completely fine when this video post comes on. don't even be remotely alarmed.

the feed flickers and shows one isaac lahey, sitting in front of the camera with his hands folded together. he's in his room, sitting by a dresser. ]

Hello, Wonderland. My name's Isaac Lahey--

[ he reaches over, and opens a drawer.

it's legitimately full of scarves. ]

--and I have a problem.

[ he tries to keep a very, very serious face, and in that moment, it's mostly obvious that this is not exactly isaac. in fact, someone decided going for a "sorry we're dumb" lunch with stiles at the new diner would be a great idea.

bodyswapped stiles is on the case to torment isaac for however long they're stuck like this--gotta make the most of being stuck in someone else's body, right? the serious face shifts into a grin for a second, and he adds--]

So, if anybody's looking for some fashion accsesories, I've got an unholy amount to throw away. Or burn. Maybe I'll burn them. I'm working on this ten step path to healthiness and kicking my scarf addiction, and Wonderland, I'm looking forward to your support for the foreseeable future.

[ he winks, and then shuts the feed. GAME ON, LAHEY ]

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Mar. 17th, 2014 12:19 pm
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[ she's been missing for a month. cora doesn't know it for certain, but she can sense something is different about wonderland. it's the smell, the way the leaves crunched differently beneath her feet when she walked out of the woods earlier that day. she can't quite put her finger on what's different, but she knows that the world she had left behind earlier that morning (five weeks ago) has somehow shifted on its axis. ]

[ however, despite her suspicions, cora's not going to bother with the pleasantries. nor is she going to bother to ask. she doesn't do network posts — doesn't see the purpose in them — but she'd been out for a run in the woods. she'd gone out in hopes of pushing herself out of her negative headspace, but has only seemed to dive further in it. ]

Throw a dog a bone.

Anyone know any good jokes? Could use a couple. My brother doesn't smile much and it'd be nice to see him :) for once.

Or :D if I'm lucky.

[ ha ha. something is off and perhaps it's because derek hale has learnt how to smile. ]
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[ One minute, you're minding your own business in camp, enjoying your victories, and ignoring the impending doom that is becoming a constant cloud over your head, and the next, you're appearing in a mansion.

At first, Leo's ninety percent sure he's getting some weird dream vision from his dad again. Supposedly Zeus put a stop to those, so he's a little impressed with Hephaestus' tenacity, but after a hard pinch to the arm, he's sort of figuring out he's actually awake right now, and someone just transported him out of nowhere to somewhere else. Was it Gaea, or was it something else entirely? No one had ever been able to do this before, and there's something on his person that wasn't there before, like a little phone, so maybe it was his dad--

His mind is racing, to the point where his body is hot to the touch, and then there's no warning and he just lights up, flaring wild orange and red in the middle of the hallway. It's that that brings him back to the present, and Leo swears, loudly, and tries to calm himself down--by the time his fire's been put out, he's standing, butt naked, in the middle of the entrance hall.


The little device he found himself with, however, is unharmed. The demigod pretty much scrambles across the room to find a tapestry to duck behind, covering the important bits, then squints at the device, just laying there, innocently.

There's a moment of indecision before he dashes across the room, grabs it, and runs back. A little curious tinkering reveals the capabilities of the device, and Leo clicks record on the video setting. He looks a little singed, and is holding the device far enough away from his face so that you can just see the tapestry and part of his naked chest.]

So... Am I posting to some kind of kidnapee network? Uh, hi, my name's Leo, and I think I just got kidnapped too, and, uh...

[ He winces, and tries for a smile that might be sheepish. ] Can anybody bring me some clothes?


Mar. 8th, 2014 08:19 pm
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[Hello Wonderland. It's been a while since Sirius' arrival but taken a while to adjust. Suits of armor, psychopaths, the world breaking into pieces. Even for a wizard that's a lot to process.

The idea of a network is brilliant, but he's not had much of a reason to use it yet. Until now.]


[Young, handsome, English and well articulated, he's sitting with an easy grace and confidence that is clearly identifiable as upper class.]

My name is Sirius Black. [Because it's only polite to introduce yourself, right? James is lurking somewhere in the background with a large red pool inner tube. The kind you might float along a water ride in.]

I'm lead to believe there is a swimming pool here. In fact, I know there is, but what I find surprising is that it is completely deserted.

Now, unless the water is poisonous, which it's not because I threw James in and he's not dead or grown a second head, I think we should fix this.

So, what I think I'm proposing, is something of a pool party.

[Do you see that glint in his eye? Bikinis are optional. He goes to sign off but quickly has a second thought and comes back to centre.]

Ah, also I've been told that I've apparently been seen here before? For the record I have no knowledge of this and therefore accept no responsibility whatsoever for any of my previous self's doings.

...But...if you have a good story, I'm all ears.

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[Where on earth was he? This place was just too wild. On his way to the mansion, he got sidetracked and looked over the checkerboard field. It was actually pretty cool in his opinion, but he'd hate to be the guy that actually keeps this place trimmed and neat. Detouring to the hedge maze, he looked around, taking a tentative step past the entrance, peering down the different options of paths he could take. What could go wrong, right? With that in mind, he ventures into the maze, vowing to backtrack if he gets lost or comes across too many options.]

[Several twists and turns and dead ends, he may have gotten himself a bit lost. So far, his sense of smell was still screwy thanks to the plethora of smells mingling the air. Yeah, this was definitely a theme park with all those scents, new and old.]

[Reaching for his phone, Scott unlocks the display and pauses. What… happened to his phone? It's still his phone, but it seems different, somehow. He debates his actions for a moment, then activates the video call button. The camera display flicks to give him a tiny view of himself up in a corner and a red recording light.]

Um… Okay. I think I'm dreaming… a really weird dream.

[Scott ends the call without waiting for a response. Who would respond in his dream, anyway? Sheesh, what did he have to eat last night? As far as nightmares go, this was actually not too bad.]
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[The feed cuts on to reveal a teenage girl with one eyebrow partially raised and her lips pursed slightly in an obvious expression of irritation. Despite her best efforts at appearing only irritated, though, her eyes are shining with wariness that's bordering almost on fear.

And no wonder, really, considering behind her is what appears to be a part of a nondescript looking bedroom and then, well, nothing. Literally nothing more than the void of empty space. Space that she very nearly tumbled into upon her arrival, no less. Not that she's telling anyone that. No, she isn't looking to explain who she is or what happened when she showed up here. She just wants answers and, instead of asking in a polite manner, decides to just make her irritation at the situation known before biting out a singular question between practically clenched teeth.]

What. The. Hell?

[And that's it. Feel free to explain, if you'd like, or even stop by to see her in person if you're capable. She'll just be sitting here, questioning when, exactly, her life crossed that thin line between makes-sense-only-to-a-hunter to this.]

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Feb. 17th, 2014 01:17 pm
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[ Derek doesn't do the network. He just doesn't. Replying to others is just as rare as his own posts are, but when he comes to and it takes him a long time to realize where the hell he is, what happened, he's a little more inclined to speak up.

Well, when the panic subsides and he can rein himself in again.

He sees Angel's post. Sees all the others on the network. But there's no sign whatsoever that Harry, or Tom, or whoever is responsible for the deaths in the mansion, has been found. And that sets him into motion, slowly navigating his way through the maze Wonderland has seen fit to dump him in.

Just another day down the rabbit hole.

How many people have been attacked so far? [ Being dead for two days is enough to throw anyone out of the loop. ] Was it only-- [ There's a pause as he works his jaw. ]

Was it only Tom or Harry or whoever attacking people? [ Not Remus, not another wolf. He has to be sure. ] And is there an actual attempt going to find him beyond the call for a witch hunt?

private cut )

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Feb. 6th, 2014 07:09 pm
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Did anything weird happen to anyone during the past few days?

[ It's coming as a text because Lydia can't face asking this. Can't trust herself to actually voice it without anything being leaked out. She doesn't want anyone to know that she's actually talking about her. Really Lydia would try to ignore this, to put it aside but Allison died, and its not just been a one time occurrence. It scares her ]

Not the aging but something else. Anything else.

[ And now she wonders how to word it without explicitly wording it ]

Blacking out for example. Anything.

[ That was possibly too specific but she has to know. Is she just crazy? ]

( private text. stiles stilinski )
    What's happening to me?
( private text. derek hale )
    For finding me.
( private text. allison argent )
    I'm sorry.
    You shouldn't have died.
    I shouldn't have been out there.
( private text. allisom argent. two minutes later )
    I don't know why I was.


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