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[As daytime is turning to night, the network is taken over by a single feed. It can't be turned away from using the various network settings--it can't even be turned off.

The image is of Red Queen, who stands on the main walkway that leads from the front door of the Mansion into the gardens. Her Vorpal shield is at her side, which isn't all that strange considering she watches it like a hawk. What's a bit out of place is the armor she's wearing. For those who are more religiously minded, she might cut a somewhat familiar figure.

She lifts her shield a out of the snow at her feet and steps aside, gesturing with her free arm at the hole in the walk behind her.

Lifting her chin, she addresses the network she's hijacked, but her voice seems to come from everywhere--the speakers, the vents, the next room over, maybe even inside your head, if you're of the type who's prone to hearing that type of thing.]

The time has come [the Red Queen says] to take action! The Vorpal sword is lost and the other side of this land is nearly so.

[She takes several quick steps toward the Rabbit Hole.]

Your assistance is required, those of you willing to give it. The Jabberwock, eyes of flame and catching claws, is ripping Wonderland apart at her seams. The damage will soon reach to you, Real creatures, and those dear to you here.

[She hikes her skirt with one hand.]

The time for uffish thought is through. Follow me through this Rabbit Hole and we will slay the beast, for once and for all!

[And there there she goes, hopping down into the hole in a blur of red skirt and hair, and she's gone.]
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[The Red Queen is in the garden, standing beside the new gazebo. She doesn't step inside--oh no--but she does run her hand over the wood, admiring the workmanship.]

Well, that did not go as expected. It seems that things have become quite threadbare, but never fear! Our dear Bill is back and he will put things right.

[She looks at the camera with a bright smile.]

For your patience and your long-suffering, I'm organizing a bit of a party. Come tomorrow, it will all be set up in the ballroom. There will even be special guests!

[She spreads her hands.]

I do hope you'll all come.
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[The Red Queen appears on the network with her Vorpal Shield hanging on the wall behind her. She doesn't sit on a throne, of course--she's not as presumptuous as some Queens--instead she stands, straight and tall. The room she's standing is is completely nondescript, giving away no hints about her location.]

I'm happy to say that I have regained my shield, dear friends, and just in time. Danger is once again coming your way. A crash is imminent.

But there will be a safe haven set aside for you. I fear it may be difficult to find, and it won't be large, but it will be there nonetheless.

[She tents her fingers together, looking pensive.]

It is...the best that could be done.
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The worlds will crash again soon and it will be particularly unpleasant this time around. You have some time to prepare, but not much, so you must listen carefully.

On the third day from today, you will hear howls in the woods, but the creatures voice them will not approach until the following day.

The creatures that you'll face are powerful and tenacious, and will not stop pursuing their prey once they have a scent. But there are ways to hold them off! Salt will create a boundary they will have great difficulty crossing, and a well barricaded door may hold them off, though be careful not to trap yourself in a dead end.

Finally, a large enough explosion will destroy them, but be cautious. You don't want to catch yourself or any of your comrades in the blast.

In the future, I will see that you are warned sooner of crashes. For now, please use the time you have and survive. I believe in you.
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[When the door finally opens for the third time, what emerges isn't another monster, but a woman dressed in red. She bears a striking resemblance to the chess pieces that have appeared up until now throughout the event, but is noticeably more human, lacking the red-tinted skin. She holds a large shield, which she carries with little apparent effort on one arm.

Stepping into the entrance hall, she gazes around and a small, controlled smile graces her face. Behind her, the door swings closed and dissolves, leaving behind a bare wall.]

What a long time it's been since I could take in this sight. Though some things have changed, it appears that, on the whole, everything is as I remember it.

[She raises her voice, addressing the Mansion at large.]

Come, I would like to meet those brave souls who have freed me from my tomb. I am the Red Queen of Wonderland, who bears the Vorpal Shield. Do not be afraid. Come and introduce yourselves, as I have already done so.


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