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Ah...hello. Is everyone okay?

[It's very dark in Tohru's video. She sounds a little quiet and uncertain, but otherwise seems to be herself. ...Well. Except for the voice in the back of her mind that sounds very much like her own. That loud voice that says Idiot. Of course they're not okay. You know that and everyone else knows that, so why even say it?.

She's been doing her best to ignore it, but...she has to admit that it stings a little. But, she presses on, even though she seems sort of uncomfortable.

I...I just wanted to let everyone know that unfortunately...

[Well. She gets up suddenly, and takes the camera. The view shakes for a moment, and Tohru turns it around and...the roots have overtaken the diner. They've completely destroyed the walls and even taken out the bright lights. Many of the booths and tables have been destroyed, and the kitchen has been totally torn apart.]

No one's been hurt, but I'm afraid we have to close the diner until this is over. It's not safe to bring people here.

[You really are stupid if you thought it was going to be safe when everything else was being ruined.]

U-Um. Hopefully...hopefully, this will be over soon. And once it's over, we can try to fix it. Please, stay safe everyone.

[And she shuts off the camera, as her Mirror scoffs - Are you kidding? It's a wreck in here! There's no way someone like you could fix any of this. And Tohru...Tohru goes back to ignoring her Mirror, or trying her hardest to.]
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[Greed is well-protected, but even he can't keep it up forever. It's been almost a week and he's worried, since no event has lasted this long and maybe this really is how things are going to be from now on and that's kind of a terrifying thought.

So he's in his own head a bit. And he gets careless.

The gash is on his right temple, and sparks with red light every so often as the Philosopher's Stone in his body tries to repair something that refuses to go away. Charity doesn't mind. As soon as he's oriented himself, checked the network, pieced together the situation, he has more important things to concern himself with. His brothers and sisters, for one.]

Are we all settling in okay?

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Mark is in his double's room, bent slightly over the fishtank in the corner, when he notices the red recording light from the wall mounted camera. He sets the jar of shrimp he was holding on the desk with a irritable huff and goes to shut it off--then, taken by a sudden impulse, pauses.
Steps back. Looks directly into the lens.

"You know what? You know what, I don't know who's watching, but I have something to say. I know it's not our fault, how we're made. I don't blame you for being broken--narcissistic--disaffected--sociopaths. But..."

What is this?

"We have a very brief, very limited existence, by the standards of our Others."

What is he doing?

"We wait and watch in enforced patience, and I am aware that it is a trial, for many..."

...Why can't he stop?

"But we are born into a place that we know has full capacity to grant wishes. Right now we even have leave to do whatever we wish. But this seems like an ordinary day on the other side, to me. And ordinary days really aren't much. And. I'm disappointed, I suppose. In all of us."

Finally, as if something has released its hold on him, he lunges for the camera. Viewers might catch an expression of abject horror on his face before the feed cuts off.

He can be found rushing out of the mansion, trying not to look at any of the cameras he passes on his way, or, later, out in the hedge maze--it's the first hiding place he thinks of. In his hurry, he might have forgotten that his comm device is still in his pocket.
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A polite reminder to my fellow mirrors: though we have been given free reign of this side for the week, it is still the Queen's property. I will not be foolish enough as to suggest you all refrain from messing with your others' belongings. Still, there is no need to be ill-mannered to the residents or damage the grounds.

We are guests here. Please keep that in mind, as well as your manners.
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[It's your friendly neighborhood Mirror!Kid, smiling oh so pleasantly behind his bandanna as he faces the camera.]

This is proving to be quite the nice vacation, isn't it? There are so many interesting places and things to examine here. And such a wealth of materials not always afforded to us Mirrors. For instance, look at what I have found among my double's possessions.

[He ducks out of camera view for a moment, then reappears with what looks like a giant, horrible, shoulder-mounted cannon of some kind.]

Do you suppose our fair queen would accept it if I presented it to her? It may well be a fine addition to her arsenal.
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Rook to G5!

[The Queen of Hearts watches, with a sick sort of pleasure, as her Rook Yousuke makes the final move. If Zacharie moved one way, he would be taken by her King Elizabeth. If he moved the other way or forward, her Queen James would remove him from the board. And if he remained where he was, her Rook Yousuke or her second Queen Owen would kill him, certainly.

With no where to run, the King has been checkmated. The Queen of Hearts practically bounces out of her shoes in excitement

Ha! That is CHECKMATE, dear sister! And now the Shield is rightfully mine once more!

[Suddenly, the remaining Real Side pieces vanish – to the holding area, for a few moments – and all of the fallen Mirror pieces reappear. The Queen of Hearts raises her arm, and the Vorpal Shield materializes itself there, as if it senses it has been won. She then raises her Vorpal Sword and shows them off to the crowd. Many Mirrors both on and off the field cheer simply because they know the consequences of doing otherwise.]

Now, why don’t you go back behind that silly door? Clearly no one has any need for you anymore without the Shield.

[And like the sore winner she is, she attempts to just shoo her away with a hand, as if that will actually make her leave. Then, she looks down at her Mirror pieces, with a rare smile.]

My Mirrors, you have done me proud today! My dears, I have a special reward for you. [Then she turns, and addresses her subjects in the stands.] A reward for all of my Mirrors. This win has put me in the rarest of good moods, and I wish to extend that goodness to you all.

[That causes a stir in the stands – one of curiosity from the Mirrors, and nervousness from the Reals.]

I think I shall grant you a vacation! Beginning exactly now, my Mirrors will have free reign of the Real Side of the mansion to do with what they wish, for one entire week. The Reals shall come with me and spend a week on the Mirrored side of things.

[She beams at her audience, but then she (badly) feigns and yawn, as if she’s bored of talking.]

Well, I've got a Shield to polish, so I’ll leave you all to enjoy your precious reward. I’ll see you in a week’s time, my Mirrors!

[She waves her sword, and then suddenly, everything goes red for just a moment. When the redness fades though, everyone will find themselves somewhere else – Mirrors will all be on the Real Side of the Mansion, and the Real Things will all be on the Mirror Side. ♥]
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[Say who's that in front of the big door? It's Mell! There's a red-orange glowing hole in the floor beside her, y'know, just in case, and looking down it you'll see... the wall across from Chell's room. Which is on the tenth floor.

Physics aside, Mell seems to be taking her shot writing on the door. Her message before she starts:]

Don't worry, guys! I got this! I had a friend in my world who could hack passwords! So it's only a matter of time before I get this one!!

[And then she starts writing:]


[She waits, and then rubs it out and goes again:]


[... Guys?]




[Stop her.]

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[As soon as the Mirror Once-ler hears the Queen's decree, he crosses.

This won't be like the last time. He's learned his lesson, and what knowledge he gained from disobedience was far from worth the trouble. He is unmistakably the Once-ler in physical appearance, but the style he has always prided himself on is diminished. As a traitor, he cannot use the closets. And as someone who has not made good friends and is far above begging to those who probably won't help, he has had to resort to handwashing his only green suit in his sink. It's frayed and worn now, and he truly looks like a fallen businessman.

The only brightly colored item on him is a Thneed, worn as a pink scarf to hide the traitor mark on his neck. He can still feel it, even now, but the determination to succeed has numbed it slightly.

As soon as he's on Realside, he makes a beeline for the door. He tried looking for a pen, but the closets don't listen to him here either. Eventually, he finds an old sharpie near the door - probably left over from someone else's guesses. And damn it, he is going to figure out what that is and take the prize to the Queen and get this goddamned mark removed. His hand subconsciously finds its way to his neck, to scratch at it while he thinks.

He writes down the first answer that comes to mind - R E M O R S E S. It seems to match the line about life-long regrets. But the letters sink in, and nothing seems to happen. No bad reaction, no good. The answer must be wrong.

Which makes it entirely reasonable for the Mirror Once-ler to start kicking at it in desperation.

Argh! Stupid piece of shit door!

[He even tugs on the handle as hard as he can, but it's no use. He has no fear of the consequences of such things; his life is already ruined anyway.]
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[ Riddles. It just had to be riddles. ]

Forgotten and alone... unlock my body... what even is this?

[ The lone figure stands in front of the door, hands on hips, eyebrows cocked in disapproval. She had hoped that it'd be some other kind of challenge - something that didn't require so much puzzling and thinking, or maybe something she could let someone else do and take the credit for. No dice. ]

Ugh. This is some bullshit.

[ She scoffs, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently. Figuring out the riddle is out of the question for the moment - what would someone expect Chihiro Fujisaki to do in this situation? ]


[ Opening up the video channel, she puts on her best pitiful face. ]

*sniff*... It's hopeless, isn't it? I d-don't know where to begin... has anyone else figured out what this riddle's supposed to mean...? I'm sorry, but I just can't figure it out... I'm so useless and terrible...


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