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[When Wonderland started moving itself around all crazy-like, it was important to investigate what was going on. Especially if things went the way they did last time, one might want to know if the breakfast commute was going to involve hiking gear or acrobatics. And so, after spotting the altered courtyard from her bedroom window, Harleen set to work examining the new additions.

She got as far as the second floor before things started going strange. It seemed like the bright Wonderland decor was subverted and replaced with a scene that was entirely too familiar. Stepping into the asylum halls triggered muscle memories Harleen hadn't considered in years. She didn't really think about slipping into a white jacket and grabbing a clipboard.

For the first few hours, she made the rounds that she knew were hers, visiting patients and talking to them about the worldcrash. But the more people she visited, the sillier the talks began to feel. People being trapped in a children's book? Madness!

And of course they were mad. This was an asylum, wasn't it? And it was her job to help them. She'd probably just gotten lost in sympathizing with their crazy stories. She'd need to shake that off if she wanted to help bring them back to the world of the sane.

After that, Harleen scrubbed off her face paint and returned to her duties, refreshed and normal. Where earlier she'd been playing at psychoanalysis, now it was time to take care of the patients for real. She was thoroughly serious, as depicted by her hair, pulled back into a Serious Doctor Bun. The outfit involved glasses as well, just for the sake of completeness.

She returned to work refreshed, greeting the next tortured soul she met with a calm, professional smile.]

Good morning. I'm Dr. Quinzel, and I'll be taking care of you today. How are you feeling?

(( OOC: Feel free to run into Harleen any time during her stay at the asylum floor. If she's new enough, she'll try to do what she can to break your character out of the asylum environment. But if you're into a full therapy session with a doc who thinks your character's gone off the deep end, she'll be fully into the event before long. ))
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[Since she's been here, Harleen's done her homework. She's researched on her own to get a sense of where she is now, as well as how little information there is about the world around her. It's kind of someone to have such an extensive network, at least.

There's some static at first, as Harleen fusses with the program's settings. When it doesn't work automatically, she strikes it against a desk a few times. Hitting tech makes it work, right?]

Hey. Is anyone listening?

I don't know who you are or where you're from, but I guess we're friends now until we find a way out of here. So. Hi, I guess. I'm Harleen. I want to help, if I can.

[Wow, this feels a whole lot like a job interview. Harleen always hated those.]

I'm pretty okay with weapons, if you need a hand with that. And I could probably wire up some explosives if you can help me find the raw equipment. My specialty is bombs shaped like baked goods, so if you need something like that I'll totally be your girl.

And. [A pause. It's still weird to say it, but she's been trying to spend more time saying these things out loud lately.] I'm smart, too.

So just tell me what I can do to get us out and I'll get right to it. It's nice to meet you.


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