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[ it's ben a few days since elena got back to wonderland, and she's mostly been taking the time to stay as close to damon as possible. she's been trying to ignore the fact that katherine is here, that caroline is gone... everything that isn't damon is being ignored. but now, a week later, there's no more ignoring it. who knows what katherine's been getting up to, and if she's been pretending to be elena the whole time... well, it's about time she addressed the city.

she's sitting on her bed, the video feed focused on her neck up.

Hey, everyone. Elena Gilbert here again with a PSA. I have this doppelganger, a woman who looks exactly like me, named Katherine Pierce. She's basically my evil twin, and she's here -- Damon told me she actually sent out a video about a week and a half ago. I know I don't know a lot of people here, but I wanted to warn you all. She kills, she ruins lives, and she's not to be trusted.

[ elena reaches out to turn off her tablet, then pauses and drops her hand, biting her bottom lip. after a moment, she speaks again. ]

Also, this may be a strange question, I don't know, but...

[ she tucks her hair behind her ears and bites her lip. she's not quite sure how to ask this question. the first time she addressed the network was easy; after she found out she had damon back she was ecstatic. this one, she thinks, is already stranger, and about to get worse. or maybe it won't be. who knows, with wonderland. ]

Has anyone else gone home, experienced some stuff, and then... come back?

[ yeah, that definitely sounds weird. and there's weirder still to come. ]

And if you have, did you forget about Wonderland too?
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[ the face that comes upon the network today is full of smiles. wonderland, meet a young woman dressed in soft jeans and a pale blue sweater, blonde hair caught up in a ponytail. she's in the kitchen, standing upon what seems to be boxes upon boxes of ice cream. ]

-- Wonderland, I was told, how are you?

[ a moment later the smile brightens a bit more. ]

Perhaps a silly thing to ask after the hard days we have seen. I'm new to this....place, myself but!

[ look at her being cute ]

if there is anything I've learned is that no matter where you are, there is no woe that cannot be cured by ice cream and I happen to be quite good at making it so.

[ she gestures towards the boxes. ]

I would like to invite you to try for yourself. I know this Mansion gives food away quite easily but there is no competing homemade ice cream and I happen to have made fourteen different flavors.

[ and they will stay cold and won't melt either, can you guess why? ]

I can think of no better way for me to get to know you and this land.

[ come meet the ice cream lady, wonderland. she's obviously harmless. ]
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Just what the fuck was that?! ( snappy malia is snappy. she looks like she just woke up. which means, of course, that she just experienced the helldream. )

And where'd the moon go? ( THAT'S IT THAT'S THE POST )


Dec. 2nd, 2014 09:35 pm
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[ Ding, dong, sketchy teenager alert! What was obviously a fumble causes a video broadcast - it's dark out, at first all that can be seen is the night sky and the tops of trees - someone is out in the forest. And then suddenly a familiar face comes into view; Isaac looks tired and just a little too unfazed by life in general. But despite the look, he mutters a minor obscenity under his breath before reaching down to grab his phone.

As he stands back up the moonlight catches in the reflection of his night-vision - causing his eyes to look a bright yellow for a moment, blinking it away as if he doesn't even notice he offers the network an unwavering stare.

Has anyone else been feeling - different lately?

[ Maybe Wonderland's up to something, he's not sure, either way, the freaky glow-y eye thing is definitely not normal but apparently something he didn't notice. ]
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[ when the feed comes up, allison looks exhausted. probably because for whatever reason, it feels like she hasn't slept in weeks, and that much probably reads in just how tightly her jaw is clenched. her eyes shoot out to the side for half a second - paranoia, if anyone recognizes it - before they come back.

she's not holding the camera (it's set up on a table) and her hands are hiding under the table in front of her, so no one can see how much they're shaking. ]

I'm sorry. [ it's the first thing out of her mouth before she can stop it. she takes a shaky breath before she continues. really, it doesn't make too much sense why she apologized, because she doesn't know for certain, but... ]

It's- you need to find an anchor. Someone who can calm you down. It's got to be one of the Wonderland events, so it'll go away in a day or two, but- [ with every word, she looks as if she's working her way up to something. edging closer and closer to some kind of breaking point. when she cuts herself off, she looks up at something - some one - before she takes a deep breath, visibly calms, then turns back to the feed. ]

Back home, Scott, St- [ oh, ouch, okay c'mon allie keep going. everyone is watching. ] Scott, Stiles and I had to find our parents. The way we did that was we had to die, some sort of magic that helped us find the- [ oh. that's...that's weird. whatever, she's making this take too long. ] To help us find them. We were told ahead of time that it'd leave a darkness around our heart, leave it open for things- dark things- to come in.

We found them and came back, and a few days later started noticing these things. That has to be what's happening. But guys- it's not real. What you're seeing, it's not- [ you're going insane, is what she should say. instead, allison blinks a few times before her eyes get a little glossy, her shaking and fidgeting calming.

the process takes about ten seconds, maybe less, and then her attention is elsewhere. it looks a lot like she's totally forgotten about what she was going to say, none of that twitchy urgency she'd had before. ]

Allison? [ she looks up, but her movements are slow. fluid. she reaches over the table, having forgotten the camera entirely and wraps her hand around a ring dagger that had been sitting there. ]

Allison? Allison, breathe! [ isaac steps in from the side of the frame, grabbing her wrist with a fairly tight grip, his blue eyes looking from her to the video - a bit far away as well, but differently than allison's. he's still there, in a way - before he reaches over to the camera with his free hand, shutting it off. ]

[ ooc replies can come from both Allison and Isaac! allie will be back to normal/no longer a crazy murderer when she replies, too, just fyi. ]


Nov. 20th, 2014 09:58 am
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[Lucifer can only presume that the... difference he can sense in Wonderland is related to the cryptic post. As far as he can tell he's avoided any effects of it so far. He intends for that to continue.]

Uh oh. Someone left a door open.

[And that little girl tried so hard to warn everyone too. What a shame.

ooc: Your character can respond at any point during the week! Also, Lucifer can choose to appear as someone else to make your character think they are more insane, if you would like that, either PM this journal or plurk me @sprakles. Happy insanity, everyone!]


Nov. 16th, 2014 04:32 pm
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[When the video comes on William is in the gardens, lion cub on a harness leash prowling around his feet as the young man talks to his device.

Just another day in Wonderland, but hey at least William looks awkward today, frowning slightly as if he's trying not to cringe too much. It's something he's curious about though, and for once William is going to take the initiative and just ask.]

When we were in that other town for a bit, it made me a Pastor. And that's not actually far off from what I do back home, so it got me thinking on it. And I have to apologize in advance if this isn't everyone's thing, though feel free to say so, I'm pretty open to most things and we never forced people to join the church back home.... Right, anyway, are there many people here of a uh, religious persuasion? I was head of the church back home, and it's not something I've given much thought on since the last event that happened. More like I never thought to ask, I just assumed it wasn't a thing here.

Is there even any kind of church or chapel here?

[With that William just gives a half-smile and ends the feed. Feel free to bump into him in person if you wish.]

( video )

Oct. 13th, 2014 08:24 pm
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[ he turns around. that’s all it takes. he turns around and the world as he knows it has vanished along with the little girl that’s supposed to be in his arms. he shouts her name ( and the names of the rest of his family ) until his throat burns raw and it hurts to keep yelling but he can’t stop. he doesn’t know if any of them answer him because his ears are still ringing; he can’t hear anything. the explosions rocked the field he stood in and part of him is still waiting for another bomb to drop and to engulf him in flames or another trap of the Espheni’s design.

simply one of the many reasons that drives him to do something he wouldn’t normally be proud of. normal left the building years ago when the aliens invaded his planet. if holding a young woman at knife point is the way he has to get their attention, then so be it. she’s the one he encountered first. it has to be for a reason. he hopes the fact that he found this device planted in his pocket means that it's still functioning.

If you can see this, then I want you to listen very carefully. [ his words are exceptionally measured and articulate. he knows what he wants to say and how to say it from years of playing the messenger. being practiced never makes delivering bad news any easier. the discomfort is obvious for those wise enough to spot it, but his duty to his family comes before everything else, even his morals. ]

This isn't what you... [ the girl currently at knifepoint tugs a bit at his arm. clearly (or clearly enough for anyone who knows her) not trying her hardest to escape. she doesn't seem to notice the fact this is being recorded, or just doesn't seem to care, her attention more on her captor than anything. ] -think it is. If you'll just listen-

I’m through listening. [ he tightens his grip around her, struggling slightly to keep her under his control. is she stupid? does she want to die? it only proves his point that maybe she isn’t real. if she keeps this up, he’s only going to press the knife harder against her throat. ] Here’s what’s going to happen: You’re going to return my sister to me and tell me where the rest of my family is, or [ and he sighs, forcibly pushes the last part of his sentence out. ] people are going to start dying. Starting with her.

[ her eyes widen, then, like it suddenly sinks in that this guy is serious. it's the death threat that does it, something shifting in the lines of her face. she moves - subtly enough, as far as the camera is concerned. a sliding of her feet for balance, her hands moving for a better hold on his arm, and then she drops low in her stance. the exact moment she does that, she tugs, hard, pulling him over her shoulder and the camera goes with him.

sorry, ben. you don't really want to put a knife to the throat of a girl who's been training with black widow.

the feed is upside, tilted, thrown off somewhere a little ways away where it only catches a canted view of her legs as she walks over to where he'd fallen - not much more than a black mass against the grass. ]

Okay, now you're going to hear me out.

[ movement, and then the feed cuts. ]
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Ok, I'll try and keep this short and sweet. There should have been a little gift outside your door in the form of chocolate with a nifty logo on it.

[A task that would have been ridiculously annoying if she hadn't had help in the form of one Percy Jackson.]

Since I've been here for like 6ish months, and it's clear I'm not going home any time soon - I figured I might as well do something semi-productive.

[No, this has absolutely nothing to do with her recent death - nope. Not at all.]

Coffee shop's open for business on the 1st floor. You can't miss it - it's right next to the training center so stop in and get your java fix sometime. Also, I guess if people want to help out, I def won't say no.

[It's not like it's a legit legit business with paperwork and things like paychecks. Makes things way less messy that way.]

One more thing before I forget - if I'm not around, I don't object to people doing their own thing as long as you don't burn it down or break everything and leave a mess in your wake. That happens and I'll find you and I will kick your butt. Don't think that I won't. Because I will.

[Or she'll call for back-up to do the butt kicking. DETAILS.]

I'll be here hanging out so stop in and say hi. We also have pie courtesy of Ned, so that's a thing. There's also non-caffeinated drinks like tea and decaf if caffeine isn't your thing.

Oh!If anybody's up for it, I'm totes looking for guinea pigs to test coffee things out on so just let me know if you're game.

[And with that that, she ends the feed and returns to setting up various colored coffee mugs behind the bar.]
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[ so getting kidnapped, in all honesty, isn't the weirdest thing that could have happened to leo valdez. sure, he was in kind of a time crunch to save percy and annabeth back home, and the Argo II just might die without him steering it (probably overexaggerating, but still) but getting snatched up off the ship and dropped in some freaky-deaky mansion?

sounds like just another normal day in the life of a demigod.

leo's spent most of his time upon arrival exploring the little device he now had. this is the first time he's ever had a cellphone--literally ever--but with enough tinkering (screwing around) and messing with it, he found the network function. and the scrolling function.

is that percy?

his face pops up on the screen; tan skin, a mass of curly, dark hair, little bit of an oil smudge on his cheek. ]

So what kinda God-slash-Goddess-slash-enemy-of-demigods-everywhere kidnaps your friends and makes them start singing their feelings? Cause, uh...that's a new one. [ guys u ok. ] Whoever you are, I'm like...not a musical guy, so you're gonna have to just come out and let me blast you to bits or beat you up or whatever and give me back my friends so we can go back to saving the world and stuff, before I bust out in the boleros. Nobody wants to see that. Cool? Cool.

[ a beat--aw, you know, he realizes that the device might have been a demigod weapon. leo pales a little, stares at it, and mutters ] I'm putting this down before it bites me. [ and click, off goes the video. ]
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[Scott tumbles back into Wonderland disoriented and in full Lacrosse gear. He even still has the burns on his neck and hand from the attempted assassination, though they’re rapidly healing. His mind is a jumble, processing how he went from the locker room to the middle of a… garden?

He pulls out his phone and thinks he hits the call-back button because Stiles should be the most recent call on his list.]

Stiles? What the heck happened? Where am…? [But his voice trails off as memories hit him like a freight train. The network audio hangs there a while as he sorts through them in his head. Then it ends and is flipped over to a video feed.

The dark eyed teen looks a little dishevelled, but he seems to look less startled than his voice had been moments ago.]
Wonderland, right. Sorry about that, um… disregard?

Private Video filtered to Allison and Isaac )

Action for Stiles )

Private Text filtered to Natasha )
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( before any actual speaking is heard, there is a snarl. it's a quiet, low sort of sound - a warning, more than anything. then comes the muttering. )


( a couple of tonal beeps are heard as she fumbles with her device. )

This isn't even my phone. ( a sigh. )

Hello? Look - I don't have time for this. Okay? So whatever prank you're trying to play, Stiles, just -- Ha-ha, funny joke. But I'm still mad. This isn't winning you any points. ( muttered, quietly, under her breath: 'I'm gonna kill you.' )

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[ when the feed comes up, it catches what sounds like a laugh already in progress, and the bottom half of a face. as it comes into view, someone seems to be righting the camera, before allison eventually turns her attention away from whatever she'd be grinning to off-screen and looks towards the camera. she opens her mouth to talk, but before she can get the words out another voice comes from off the screen. ]

Dude, have you ever seen Monty Python? Killer bunnies with big nasty fangs [ what you can’t see is stiles attempting to make bunny fangs with his teeth, but you can definitely hear his “arrghhrarrgh” in what is clearly a killer bunny noise. ]

[ allison's eyes follow the voice, laughing again. ] You're kidding me, right? You want to put the Easter bunny in this? [ another shake of her head and then she more pointedly looks back to the screen. ] Sorry, someone is-

--Very prepared and always right. [ he at least sounds a little cheeky. it’s a joke. really. sort of. ] And it’s not the Easter bunny!

Yeah okay. Anyway, for those of you we don't know, I'm Allison. Stiles here- [ eyes motioning off the screen and then they're back. ] and I are trying to put together a book. A beastiary, if you know what those are, of as many creatures - supernatural or not - that could potentially show up here.

And that totally includes the people of Wonderland who go bump in the night, I’m just sayin. What’s kosher for my creature of the night may not be kosher for yours.

[ she continues like she didn't hear him. ] If you don't already know, Wonderland likes to throw events at us from the worlds of people here. Sometimes they're fine, sometimes they're not, and-

-And sometimes they end in blood and gore! We haven’t had one of those in a while, I wonder--

Stiles, you can talk later! Let me finish! [ she laughing, though, so it's pretty obvious that stiles' interruptions aren't really bothering her. ] Sometimes they can be really dangerous, and in order to help everyone protect themselves, we figured collecting the information would help. Just to get it out there for people to know if they want to know, and if they don't, that's fine too.

Help a brother out, basically. [ a beat, and stiles pokes into the screen from an awkward angle, all button nose and spotted cheeks before he grins and jerks his head in allison’s direction. ] Or a sister. [ and then disappears from the feed again. ]

[ allison takes her hand back - having shoved stiles out of the frame in the first place - and resets the camera. ] We’ve done this before, so we have a good list started from a few worlds, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned is that even if the lore is in different worlds, a lot of the time the details aren’t the same. For example, take-

--Aaaany form of the supernatural! At all. Anywhere. Oookay, that’s the end of that, no more of that feed. [ #smooth ] Bye!

What? No, Stiles- [ the device is then forcefully plucked from allison’s hands, muffled sounds of a struggle, and then it shuts off. ]

[ ooc both stiles and allison are open for replies! ]
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[ The feed clicks on to a certain curly haired werewolf who is very obviously trying to play up the apathy and probably failing in the case of anyone with eyes ]

So... Uh, I guess I've been here over a year, kinda - lost track... [ Eyes drift away from the video feed for a moment, seeming to focus on anything other than the entirety of Wonderland he's addressing. He wants to talk about how Chris disappearing sucks, and how he's terrified Scott might come back with no memories again, but he doesn't. ]

Has anyone seen Scott? [ Stiles? Derek? Anyone? He knows the alpha went home, but... he still has to try. It's Scott for heaven's sake. ]
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[oh hi. santana's been doing her thing, ignoring all the crazy as best as she can. but there's only so much her patience can take, which is why she's now addressing the network in general, minus one brittany-shaped soul.]

Hey. I know who you are, and I know you've been trying to mack on my girl. I don't really blame you; she's the best person in the world. But this is a friendly warning--you're not gonna win. The last guy to tried? He's in a wheelchair.

[...she doesn't bother to mention that artie's been in a wheelchair for half his life.]

So you can put away the puppy eyes and innocent act. She's mine.

[not at all ridiculously jealous announcement done, she clicks the camera off.]
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[Although she's had some help from people who signed on for building duties in her little venture, George has been learning a lot of the ins and outs of ship building on her own. In small pieces. In the tunnels.

Okay, so, like, if you're going to build a boat to try and escape and you don't want mirror people and the Queen of Hearts to fuck with it, you've gotta do it in a place they can't see, right? And the tunnels don't have mirrors. Awesome! But they also don't have enough room for a boat big enough to carry a dozenish people. Goddamnit. So here she is, building small pieces of the boat with intentions of, on the day they set sail, gathering everyone up to drag the pieces onto the beach and assemble them as quickly as possible.

Needless to say, this isn't going especially well. Which is probably why the video turns on to the sounds of a hammers and power tools banging interspersed with bouts of loud cursing and creaking wood. The image doesn't show much of what's going on, just some wooden pieces and the bottom half of George's legs. After a few minutes, though, there's a loud, wet crunching sort of sound just barely audible over the sound of a powersaw, and the legs tense up. The powersaw turns off.]

Godfuckingdamnit all to HELL!

[She lets out a muffled shriek, stomps her feet a little, and then whirls around, marching over to the--]

Of fucking course it's on.

[She sighs and picks up the device, aiming its camera at her face.]

Hi. I'm fine. Just. I'll be heading to the clinic in a few.

...Do you put a severed finger in milk or is that just for lost teeth? Well, fingers...

[Uh. She's gonna end the feed now.]
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( Sorry for the pack invasion, Wonderland. )

Matt was askin' about Lacrosse, so - uh.

Stiles and I have decided to combine teams, luckily for him, and we're gonna let Scott take the lead as captain of the team. It's gonna be our team against Jackson's, who is currently missing, so it's gonna be Matt's team right now. [ Matt literally gets no say. ] Uhh... [ Obviously he's either trying to remember something or read Stiles' notes about what they're doing. ]

It's just practice and stuff for now - so y'know, you can change your mind if you don't like it...

We're gonna keep practices and drills up until Saturday.

The field is right outside the mansion - we're gonna have it set up so ya can't miss it. Stiles has a bunch of other stuff I'm supposed to read off - but his handwriting is crappy so, if you've got any questions just ask...

Oh - uh, and, if you wanna be on our team, it's The Cyclones.

[ The log is over here! ]
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[ this message goes up late, to the point that it's actually early, and while allison knows she should be sleeping it's hard to get rest with the way her head is spinning. she's been doing a lot of thinking, a lo of checking, and now? ]

this might be kind of a weird question, but
has anyone here been in wonderland long enough that you kind of consider this place home?
I moved a lot back home and I never really settled in one place long enough to feel at home anywhere
and the one place that I kind of wanted to be home...it's complicated, I guess
I'm just kind of curious if wonderland could keep us here for that long, or if anyone really minds being here that long
even with all the events, and all the crap we deal with.
there's some good, right? somewhere?

oh, and happy one year wonderland anniversary to me.

[ she doesn't really want to think about how long this makes. about how allison can't remember the last time she was ever in one place, consistently, for this long. the one place she wanted to hang onto, the one place she had decided to feel loyalty to, to come back to, was beacon hills.

and she's officially lived in wonderland for longer than her entire time in there. even considering her summer off.

a whole year in wonderland.

allison sends off the text before she has a chance to think about it, before her mind comes back around to see who all is going to see this - from home, from here, wherever. she slides the phone under her pillow and sighs, turning back over. ]
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[The last thing she remembers of home is finally making a stand against one of the alphas during the eclipse, hoping it'd work in favor. She didn't have anything else to lose, the four months they'd been held only pushing her further and further into a feeling of desperation. She needed to do something, to at least try. The tiny shred of optimism she'd had about a rescue was gone - she knew how this was going to end... The least she could do was put up a fight, even if there was little to no chance of her winning. Then a flash of blinding pain, the sight of Cora and Boyd, and then nothing.

An empty and cold darkness with no way out.

She wakes with a start, the room dark. The floor beneath her has no give, wondering how much of that has contributed to her stiffness. Erica shakes her head a few times, that memory overpowering and blinding. She gets the weirdest sense of deja-vu She moves to stand up, it taking a few tries before actually succeeding, finally taking a look around the small room.

It's a supply closet.

She has a moment of panic, thinking she's still being held by the Alphas - that she hadn't actually died. She slowly makes her way out of the tiny room, her senses heightening as she readies herself for an attack. The wariness quickly gives way to confusion as she enters the hall, realizing it's not the same place she'd been held before. She cautiously continues her exploration, moving up a set of stairs and into what appeared to be an entrance hall. A very familiar entrance hall. There's an echo of a memory pulling at her, attempting to make its way through the fog. She'd been here before... Recently.]


[It's said more to herself as the strong scent of incense hits her nostrils, pulling at the memory a little more firmly. She moves through, running a hand over the wall before starting up the stairs, remembering being carried. Carried to… the 8th floor? No, the 9th - yeah, her room was on the 9th floor. She pulls her jacket shut a little bit, the outfit the same as it’d been the 2nd time she’d landed here - burgundy pants, a black top, and a black jacket. The shirt is ripped and bloody, claw marks evident if looked at close enough. The scents of the vault aren’t as strong as they’d been before, overpowered by that of death. She focuses on breathing through her mouth, wondering if she’d been dead longer this time around than she had been before.

It’s almost muscle memory, bringing her to room 620, her hand reaching for the door. The room is familiar, much like everything else here. She turns on some music, feeling like she's repeating herself by showering and changing, a memory of her last arrival coming back from death.

She mulls around the room for a bit, bigger memories starting to come back to her like her fight with Isaac, but the smaller moments were still hazy. She picks up the communicator, tempted to text a few people, but the words don’t come to her. She doesn't know where to start, having already come back from the dead for most of them once before if she didn't count her own return. There’s an uncertainty about who’s still here, how they’ll react, if they’ll be happy to see her or if they’d made their peace and said their own goodbyes for the 2nd time. It was cruel, almost, this game that Wonderland was playing. She'd feel bad if she wasn't so grateful at being able to take another breath.

Rather than sit there wracking her brain over how to proceed, she decides to turn to the network. It was the fastest way to reach everyone and get the info she was looking for. She remembers her last post, asking about dealing with death. There’s a lot less shock this time around, a perk of dealing with it a second time. She lets out a sigh as she starts the feed, moving some of her damp, blonde curls out of her face.]

So, this is messed up. I get sent to Wonderland only to get sent home to apparently die, then back, then home... or I guess nothingness, and now back again. Nothing like getting to deal with the whole death thing not once, but twice. Awesome.

[She rolls her eyes before focusing back on her actual purpose for doing this.]

There are pieces that I can remember of my last time here but everything else is kind of foggy. I'm sure the longer I'm here, the more will come back.

[She's not sure how much of that is Wonderland or the fact that she'd been dead. Considering she'd returned post-death before she figured there could be some hang-ups.]

If anyone has had anything like this happen, how long did it take for everything to be back in place? I just -- It's weird. This whole thing is weird and if I had my way, I'd --

[She stops herself with a tight smile, this not being the best place or time for that. She was back and that’s all there was to it. She just needed to suck it up and deal with it.]

Look, help me or don't help me - I honestly don't care, it's up to you. I bounce back pretty quickly on my own and I've dealt with worse. Missing memories right now is a cakewalk. If you'd rather talk in person, I'm in room 620 - 9th floor - same as before.

[ooc: Feel free to find her on her way up to the 9th floor or if you know her (such as fellow teen wolf peoples) everyone is more than welcome to hear noises coming from her room and go check it out because there will be music and the shower running.

As stated in my OOC Intro, I will be out of town with little to no internet access the 9th through the 13th but any responses I don't get out before then will come in the form of a tag bomb when I return. Thanks!

( video )

Jul. 7th, 2014 01:10 pm
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Wasn't there supposed to be a lacrosse game?

[ yes, that's the first thing he wants to address to the network since the last time he's spoken to the entire population. it's a neutral topic that may end negatively for him. the only reason he's even participating is because he was invited, but he knows there are people from Beacon Hills ( try all of them ) that want nothing to do with him, and he's sure he's going to hear all about it shortly in response. ]

I might be getting ahead of myself, but I don't remember training season taking this long back home. So what's the deal with that? Are we still on?

[ he wants something to do, something active. something that gets him up and out of his room and his mind, and away from whatever else happens to be going on. he expects feedback from Stilinski about how he hasn't heard anything because he's actually not invited anymore, for reasons. it's a mental argument. he keeps his cool. expects the worst but allows himself to have a half ounce of optimism. ]

And since I'm on the topic already. [ he trails off, regretting it already. he knows what this is going to look like, but if he hasn't heard from him in their weird situation where Jackson can't ignore him, well, it's weird. ] Has anyone seen Jackson lately?

[ Or Erica? but he's wise enough to keep that question to himself, for fear of becoming a target again. ]
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This is impossible.

[There was a new arrival in Wonderland and she had just found her 'room'. She wasn't entirely happy with the number she had been given (666) but when she opened the doors she was shocked into a strange silence. The room had transformed to her own master bedroom back home. It was large and grand with a four post bed and every detail of her home had been put into the room. Hell, even the curtains were just as they had been before she had appeared here. She left her door open in her surprise and moved towards the bed.]

What kind of game is this. How would they know... [It didn't make sense! Had they been spying on her? Could they read minds? She sat down on the bed slowly and yep- this was her bed. A hand brushed along the bedspread feeling its rich soft fabric. It even smelled like home as if Walter himself were brewing her tea. Walter. Home. Those too things were probably gone by now and she was here wasting precious time.]

Well played, Wonderland. [Whatever magic this place was using it was definitely strong and this Hellsing heiress was determined to get to the bottom of this.]

To all you trapped here, who is responsible for bringing us here and who's bloody head do I have to cut off in order to leave. Some of us have unfinished business to attend to.

[You know, like a war against vampire zombies who are trying to take over the world. And Catholics. Can't forget the crazy Catholics trying to take back England.]

[OOC: Anyone on the 10th floor is welcome to go poke their heads through the open door!]

05 | video

Jun. 30th, 2014 08:56 am
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It seems that Scott was right putting a vets here. First we get an invasion of piglets and now there are dogs everywhere.

( Although guess which one Lydia doesn't mind so much though. In the background of the video there are definitely a couple of puppies running around and-

-oh. One jumps up on Lydia and knocks her hand that the video's in. It goes wonky for a moment before she corrects it, and starts scratching the puppy's head )

And since some of you have obviously never seen a dog before- ( She's talking about you Samandriel and 'what is dog food?' ) -you should probably go and see him. Don't keep a dog if you don't know what you're doing.

( Lydia on the other hand... might be thinking about keeping some )

And Allison? How many dogs can I keep before you tell me to get my own room?

( Kidding. Maybe. She's not going to go that overboard. Maybe )
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[ The video comes to life with a dull thud as Isaac's communicator falls off the couch and onto the floor. He doesn't sound or look all too bothered by it, if it weren't for the quick glance, it'd look like he doesn't even notice.

The video's sideways but it shows both Allison and Isaac, she's on the floor with her back against the couch in question, while he is draped across it, seeming to take up far too much room. His attention is back on Allison, and he's looking a bet vehement.

No way, Black Widow has all the same powers as Batman, less money, and still manages to kick more ass. Then there's the whole [ Airquotes ] men are supposed to be stronger than women thing.

[ Allison turns another page in the comic she's reading, totally unaware of the device having fallen, or it even being on. As far as she knows, she's just talking to her boyfriend, while also trying to educate herself on comics.

Well, "talking". They're mostly just arguing at this point.

Yeah, but she also had training, almost to a brainwashed level, for a government agency. Batman had to get all that done himself, without the help of the government hiding him. Money doesn't count when you have a country's taxes paying for everything.

[ But then she leans her head back, looking up at him with a smile. A content smile. A "that was cute you got brownie points for that one" kind of smile. Isaac may or may not get lost in her eyes for a second before leaning down to steal a chaste kiss. The fact that she's actually learned so much about this, well, it's endearing.

When he leans down to give her the kiss, she kisses him back. Light, easy. As far as she knows they're alone, after all, so what's the harm?

I'll give you the girls versus boys argument, though, but I'm not saying she's not really awesome. I'm just saying that in a fight, if given the time to research and prepare, Batman would totally win.
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{The camera clicks on to a young man with messy brown hair and doe-like eyes that go wide when he realizes it's started taping. He fumbles the device and the angle changes bouncing against an arm of a chandelier and plummeting towards the floor. The young man's horrified face can be seen in a glimpse as it falls.

Suddenly with a small thwip sound a thin white cabling is obstructing most of the camera's perspective. Only the light changing and the passing of the wall can be seen as the camera continues to move. Then there are thin fingers tugging and pulling at the white cables, attempting to remove them from the lens. The hole gets slightly bigger, but not much progress is made.

One brown eye returns, crinkling slightly at the edges.

So, I'm Peter Parker, and I hope you enjoyed that thrilling show of what not to do with handheld technology. For more fantastic public service announcements I'm betting you know how to reach me better than I know how to reach you.

{The angle changes one last time hitting on an awkward grin before it finally goes dark.}
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[ one of the hallway devices comes on just as a girl with brown hair and eyes just a tad too wide looks away from it. it's hard to tell if she realizes it's on or not, just from her body language; she seems to be ignoring it. ]

I heard the trailing garments of the Night
Sweep through her marble halls!
I saw her sable skirts all fringed with light
From the celestial walls!

[ she moves down the hall with careful, measured steps before suddenly, a pirouette, suddenly, a spin. ]

I heard the sounds of sorrow and delight,
The manifold, soft chimes,
That fill the haunted chambers of the Night,
Like some old poet’s rhymes.

You're not that soft, you know. Not even for chimes. More like a pealing cacophony, an orchestra in nearly 140 counteractive counterproductive musical parts. Give the flutes to the viola players, see how you like the sound.

It isn't night, and this isn't quiet, there's too many of you and not enough of me.

What was calculated in the past does not account for the solution in the present, and all the precipitates have changed.

Hello and hello again.

We're grounded in a child's fantasy all bright colors and mirrored surfaces... [ she pauses here, and peers at the nearest mirror, across the hall from the device, but her eyes are looking right at it in the reflection. ] Reflections and refractions. What makes you so clever, so new?

[ the device switches off there. anyone interested in running into the young ms. tam in person is more than welcome - even if you don't approach her, she's likely to approach you. ]
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[ Sam's not showing his face. Not after demon blood cravings, hallucinations, and an almost-murder. Instead, he falls back on text for what he has to say: ]

One: Just because it's technically summer doesn't mean classes just drop, so if you've got a commitment you should probably stick with it. Even when the weather's nice. Especially if you're a teacher.

[ filtered from all demons: ]

Two: Anyone here do tattoos? It's kind of important and definitely urgent.
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[The last thing he remembers is the cold, wet asphalt beneath his body. Pain lanced it’s way through his chest with every breath. He couldn’t feel his arm anymore. Bloody Mary had taken good care to snap his left arm in half - a fitting end considering what he’d done to Grendel by relieving him of his arm. It would grow back. Everything seemed to grow back eventually.

Except heads of course.

But all of that is gone now. The pain has miraculously disappeared. He had always healed faster than most Fables but this was new. Bigby’s eyes fly open and he’s greeted to a lush garden. He’s surrounded by green and flowers of every shape and size. The scent overwhelms him and he sneezes loudly, the petals bursting into the air. He sits up, rubbing his nose as he stares, the day a stark contrast from the wet and brutal night he has just left.

The first thing he does is reach into his chest pocket. His palm wraps around a familiar rectangular shape and he pulls out his pack of Huff and Puff brand cigarettes. He taps one out and places it between his lips before reaching into his right pants pocket. He pulls out his lighter and a strange, black rectangular device. Bigby lights his cigarette and breathes deeply, the smoke dampening the scent of the flowers around him. He turns his attention to the device, turning it over and over in his hands before the screen flickers and he’s staring at a reflection of his face. But it’s not a mirror - it’s more like a small television screen although Bigby has never seen one without an antenna before. Magic, perhaps?

There is small red letters on the upper right side that say REC. The video broadcasts a rough, deeply lined face across Wonderland.]

What the hell-? What is this? Where is Snow?

[The face frowns. He shakes the camera a few times before looks around. The world tilts as the man stands up. He takes a long drag from his cigarette before tapping it out, the ashes scattering into the wind.]

So tired of fucking games.
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cut for gore )

[ when the video comes up, it's of a blonde. set-jaw, dark eyes. it's almost as if a storm is raging somewhere in there, a sort of crackle of lightning, of thunder. when she speaks, it's with purpose, straight through that frown.

maybe then no one will notice just how pale she is. ]

When people die here, they come back to life. [ stating facts through a thick swallow. she can do this. ] How long does it take? Where do they show up? It- it does happen, right?

[ no, no no- that's too close. her voice is almost shaking. her stomach clenches and that need to figure this out, to figure it out as soon as possible drives her forward. ]

Someone's murdering people here. Whoever it is killed my friend and put her on a spit, on antlers, in a fireplace on the first floor. Her name's Clarisse. Whoever saw her last, contact me. This happened sometime in the last day. As for the murderer- [ and this is where she gets darker, her eyes and her look and everything about her. for most people, there's a clear line between anger and absolute rage, and annabeth has just about crossed it. ]

Whoever you are, you think you're smart. That you won't be caught. You're wrong. [ there some strange surge of confidence in her, here. something that tells her she's speaking right to whoever did this, and not the rest of the network. not every single person in wonderland. ] I will find you, and you'll regret laying a hand on her, on anyone.

[ and then it cuts. ]

PERCY: clarisse is dead
i don't know how long
she should come back to life
wonderland doesn't let people stay dead
she'll be back soon and when she does she's not going to be happy

i'm going to find out who did this

RACHEL did you see this?
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 [So here's Gold, looking mildly uncomfortable right now. It's very strange. He's broadcasting from his desk and there may be a couple of empty pie tins at his elbow. 

Don't think too hard about those.]

Given the situation, I don't think there's much magic can do to fix the symptoms of this... event. [He hates saying event. THEY'RE CURSES OKAY. CURSES.] However, I might be able to alleviate the symptoms.

[THIS IS NORMALLY WHERE HE WOULD SAY "FOR A PRICE, OF COURSE." But it never happens. He hesitates for a second, as if he's not sure if he should... elaborate or something] Anything to help, really.

[[ooc: Gold craves VALIDATION and he's attempting to get it by doing free favors, so if you want anything from him, here's your chance to get a freebie. also he will be madder than fire when this is over. HAH. HAH. HAH.]]
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[Castiel very rarely makes use of the network, but now he's had some time to evaluate what's taking place here and given the epidemic that's taken over the mansion since yesterday, he's got no choice but to say something.

Is this his fault, or Dean's, or Sam's? There's no way to be certain, but Castiel chooses to take the initiative with issuing an explanation. He would rather the others didn't draw attention to themselves.

He's seated in a room (the room Dean once occupied, which Castiel mainly uses for storage), cross-legged on the floor, with a burger in one hand. The area around him is scattered with wrappers, so it's clear this isn't his first one.]

This event is one that belongs to my world. [He takes a bite of the burger and keeps talking around the food.] We're all being influenced by Famine. He is...

[He pauses, his expression slowly shifting to one of confusion as he stares toward the ceiling, searching for a word that isn't there. He'd felt disoriented early yesterday morning. Something was taken.]

He's a powerful demon that's able to inspire Famine in any creature. This can manifest in a number of different ways. [His is actually rather mundane.]

Anything you may crave, any addiction you may have, it will be pushed to an extreme level. If you suspect that you could become dangerous, I would advise that you have someone restrain you to save you from yourself. [Not that it had worked with Sam the first time around.

Castiel takes another bite of the burger, finishing it off in one go. He doesn't seem to care that he's talking with his mouth full.]
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

[With that, he ends the feed and then sends a text message to Sam Winchester:] Where are you?

[OOC: Action threads are welcome! Castiel can be found at the dining hall, the diner, and his room on the fifth floor.]


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