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arrivals are such disorienting things )
[After spending an hour in a room so comfortable it actually set her on edge, Peggy Carter finally decided to test the network after covering the only mirror in the room with her jacket. She'd managed to read up a little on where she was, but there were still many answers she lacked. The little device could only look back so far and that left her in the dark about too much. She knew this was some alternate world - as insane as that sounded - and that it was called Wonderland. She had no idea that the American company had adapted Carroll's works, but alright, that was apparently a thing? She also didn't know who Michael Phelps was, but she assumed he was famous in one world or another. Recently, there had apparently been two "events," a bunch of cartoonish puppets were talking like real people, someone had died, someone else ate people, and Peggy kept her gun squarely in her lap. She didn't delve far, but she read enough. A young girl had shown a puppet show and Peggy was fairly certain she was either drugged or in an insane asylum.

Whatever the truth turned out to be, for now she needed allies, people who could help fill in the blanks. It was time to see who here was of the "helpful" variety. As it seemed others were also in her position, and many were panicking, she chose a different approach. Panicking seemed to be normal, but in asylums, no one spoke to the unstable ones. Her tone was sardonic as she addressed the network.

This will be the second time within a few weeks I've found myself homeless. It seems I'm making a rather disappointing habit of it despite my better intentions.

Now, do we simply choose any of the open rooms here, or is there somewhere I report for an assignment?

[She paused for a moment, looking at the irritating little pamphlet.]

And one more thing, by your reckoning, what year is it?


Jan. 15th, 2015 07:25 pm
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People would tell me how much they hated this place.  Why they thought it was awful.

I used to think that it wasn't so bad, really.

[Hazel's expression is stone-faced and her tone calm, but there was a noticeable tightness to her shoulders.  She was sitting on her bed with a borderline defeated aura, closet door behind her partially open and a...bow in hand.]

[Those who had known him may or may not recognize it as Frank's bow.]

[Her fingers gripped it so tightly, it was a wonder the wood hadn't broken in half yet.]

Now?  I finally get it.

[Audio 003]

Jan. 6th, 2015 09:10 am
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[Private to Phil, Skye, and Jemma]

[Long time no talk, guys.]

Sorry. For just...you know.

Going quiet.

[Everything that had been going on had been a whirlwind for Fitz and it had taken him some time to deal with all of it. Plus, he wouldn't have been all that valuable in a fight anyway.

The whole little kid thing and all and then his general..uselessness that he constantly felt.]

I hope you all are okay.

[Open to all | Still Audio]

...I hope everyone came out on the other side of that whole mess alright. I...I wish...

[There's a pause and when he does speak again, the engineer sounds sad and frustrated with himself.]

I'm sorry I didn't do much of anything to help.
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[Carol’s in her costume, though she’s not wearing a mask. Her expression is grave. She’s experienced a lot of weird things in her life. She would have been perfectly happy to never add kidnapped to a fairytale world to that list, but here she is.]

Calling all Guardians of the Galaxy. Or better yet, Avengers. Really, I’d take even Deadpool right now. Can anyone hear me?

[It’s worth checking. She’s not sure if she’s hoping for friends to be caught in here with her or not. Back up’s good, but she’s been here five minutes and already she knows she wouldn’t wish this place on anyone she likes.

But that’s not the only reason for her call. There are other people here, she knows, and this is a public channel. That means some people will have information she might need. Some other people might just want to know there’s a superhero in town. Possibly another superhero. Either way, she’s going to make her presence known.

She smiles, keeping most of the tightness out of the expression. She’s stuck for now. Might as well try and look reassuring about it.]

For the rest of you, hi. I’m Captain Marvel, from Earth. If anyone has any information on this place, I’d love to hear it. That goes double for anyone who has a way to contact Earth. I’ve got some friends who can help.

[At least, she hopes they can. If this place is stronger than the combined might of the Avengers, they’re really in trouble.]
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[There were only so many distractions that could keep a small child, especially one that got bored very easily, from realizing that he still wasn't home and he still hadn't found his parents.

Leo had ended up back in his room, huddled on the floor in a pile of blankets and piles with some of the cookies in front of him, eyes red rimmed and full of tears even if he looked angry.

As angry as a five year old could look, that is.]

I want to go home.


Straight to the point, leaving no room for arguments.

He sniffled, reaching up to rub at one of his eyes a bit, the five year old reaching for a cookie afterwards then pausing, pouting a bit.]

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[When the audio clicks on, Skye is very clearly in the middle of panicking, she sounds close to hyperventilating, in fact, and it takes her a long time to speak. When she finally goes to, she stops and starts, more than once, like she can't quite get it out. It takes very little time to realize she's crying from the hitch in her voice when she does actually start talking, though it's probably obvious long before.]

I-..It's Simmons. I can't-... I don't know what to do. I- I don't know what to do. I-

[She stops, unable to continue right away, it sounds like she can't quite catch her breath and she lets out a warbling sound like a sob. Skye's very rarely completely lost for answers or a way to even begin, and that's enough to be terrifying to anyone who knows her.]

I don't know what happened- Or- I-

[ Skye can't bring herself to flat out say it. She can't. This has to be part of this whole nightmare horrible thing, but it's not, and it's real, and Skye's got blood under her nails and she just wants to wake up. Skye's voice catches again, and she doesn't continue. the audio rolls for a moment or two more before it cuts out.]

[OOC: backdated to very soon after Simmons' run in with Meg.]
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[He just found out Lydia was okay (as okay as someone living through that could be) just a few days prior, then Isaac... Isaac's been gone several days since then. He'd tried to find him, and turned up nothing. With things the way they are, he's been a bit on edge since Stiles and Derek never came back. Now Isaac. He was losing his friends, his family, his pack one by one. So he went to visit Isaac's room to see if he'd come back or to follow up with Allison. Neither were there, so a look around their floor and a few messages and long waiting later to reveal something disconcerting.

The feed opens and he tries to look calm, but the dark, sleepless circles under his eyes might give him away.]

Has anyone seen Isaac? He's been kinda not around lately and that's unusual. I was hoping he was just... I don't know what I was hoping. [He fidgets and looks away for a bit, making it somewhat obvious that he does suspect something's wrong, but is hoping it's nothing.] Now I can't find Allison. Maybe I'm overreacting, but if anyone's seen either of them, can you let me know?

[He doesn't want to bother Lydia with this so he doesn't want it to seem like he's panicking if she does happen to catch his post. She's been through a lot lately. She doesn't need this, too.]

004; Text

Nov. 12th, 2014 10:03 am
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Shout out to the really cute waitress who was serving me coffee, not to mention the rest of the town. Take it from me, I would have made a lousy cop though.

[Ask anyone who knows him in SHIELD. Seriously. It takes a lot to get him to follow an order.]

Unless I was Hooch like in Turner and Hootch.

[Then, a slew of privates]

[Private to Natasha]

I know Stark is gone, who's in charge of our tech now if anyone?

[How are you holding up, checking in.]

[Private to Coulson]

...Did you see Rogers's post?

[What do you know Phil. You've got to ]


Nov. 12th, 2014 09:10 am
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 [Last time Saki Hanajima was on the network, she was screaming and crying about a vampire who killed and tortured her. Then she went missing because the same vampire killed and tortured her again. Then she was freed, but remained locked up in her room.

So. It's been a bad autumn.

When she chooses to address the network, she looks disheveled, her hair all over the place, her clothes shabby and wrinkled, has she even bathed or eaten in a while? She doesn't speak for a long time. It almost makes you wonder why she bothered doing this, but then she finally opens her mouth.

Death isn't permanent here. For those who didn't know.

It just takes you a little longer to wake up each time.

... I'm not sure what to do. I'm not... sure, why I'm here. But I guess no one really does.

We have no choice but to accept things. 
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setup and introspection )

[When the feed starts, Steve's seated at the desk in his room, which is as neat as always. There's distant barking in the background that he does his best to ignore, at least for the moment.]

For anyone who knows Bucky Barnes, he's left Wonderland. All of his stuff is still here, though, so he'll be back. But... he's not going to be the same.

[Usually when Steve makes a public announcement, the words flow out of him with no trouble, but now it feels like each one is sticking in his throat.]

Back home, something was done to him. He won't remember who he is, and he probably won't remember any of you. He's... [He heaves a sigh.] When he first gets back here, he'll be pretty disoriented. He may lash out, so you might want to keep your distance at first.

[Steve and Natasha, those people who are in the know, they can help him adjust. Or so he hopes.] But eventually, he's going to need help. He's going to need friends. He's still Bucky, he's just gotta be reminded of that. [Together, maybe they can all make that happen.

Steve dips his head down and a brief, somber smile passes over his face.]
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll explain as best as I can. [And then he reaches forward and ends the feed.]

01 | text

Nov. 1st, 2014 11:22 am
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Wonderland occurrences aside.

( Because yes, Storybrooke was a thing but some people would very much like to ignore that )

There have been a number of death announcements or warnings about those that are here. I also doubt this is the first time it's happened.

( Too coincidental. With the amount of people here they won't have just all sat quietly and then decided to act at once )

What is there here to keep them out of the public? Rooms here can be changed - has one been adapted before? They can't be sent back, but there needs to be something to keep others safe.

( She'd heard about someone de-powering Loki. If there's that potential they should be able to do something. At least she's not insulting you by saying there's nothing there or no one's trying, but things are popping up frequently lately )

private | natasha romanoff + pepper potts
My room. Bring a bottle.
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 [Skye, is first looking down when the feed clicks on and then she looks up, all wide eyed wonder.]

There we go. 

Okay. So this is not the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. 

And that's really saying a lot. 

[She looks up and around, because she's still trying to figure out where all she is. And recognizes approximately nothing. And the helpful little info packet only made her more confused.]

Still I have to get back? It's not like I get paid vacation time and I am pretty sure that no matter what is going on here, it's weirder back home. So if I could get directed….somewhere to the nearest shuttle back to normal that would be awesome.

[Skye smiles, somewhat mostly because she's not going to be a total jerk just because this is not her favorite thing that's every happened.]

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[When the feed clicked on, Fitz was still in the midst of a panic attack, the young scientist barely able to focus on the device as he fiddled with the settings some, hands trembling.]

Director Coulson? Agent May? Anyone? Please tell me I'm not the only one here.

[Because that's the last thing he needed right now. He didn't want to believe his was happening right now. It just wasn't plausible.

Trying to pull himself together, Fitz set the device down for a moment, scrubbing at his face and letting out a breath. It took a moment for him to get himself together, his hands still trembling but it wasn't near as bad.

Breath in. Breath out.

He could do this.

A little more composed, he picked his device up once more, trying to put on a neutral expression.]

This is Agent Leo Fitz of SHIELD. Can anyone hear me? I'm not sure where I am but if someone...if someone could please contact me....please?
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Discoveries and Introspection )

For those who know him, Tony Stark has gone back home.

[She says it calmly, as she would any other announcement; as she has, when she's pushed through bad news in the past. And though she's tired, always feels tired these days, Pepper still continues with her original intention. She doesn't want to drift back down into that same darkness she's fought so hard to struggle out of. So she glances down for a moment, then looks back to the phone, quietly determined to get out the rest before the inevitable replies from their friends.]

I was wondering if someone was taking care of the art gallery these days. I know Lord Buckingham had originally run it, but I haven't seen him in quite some time. If no one minds, I'd like to take up the mantle. I have experience curating art collections from back home, and I think it'd be worthwhile to maintain the one here.

[To give herself purpose, and focus. Something from her old sense of normality to fold into the new. She needs that, and more importantly, now she's ready to take it on.]

Thank you for your time.

[The feed ends there, though of course she's listening for replies. Pepper's planning on spending a fair amount of time in the gallery that afternoon, to get a feeling for how things were set up and what she might want to change in the future.]


Sep. 29th, 2014 07:12 pm
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[ video on! after a beat of looking directly up at the sky, a handsome blond man comes into view. he seems to be in the gardens, and his expression is one of mild puzzlement. just visual in the frame is what looks like -- red shoulder pads, the beginning of Thor's cape, and shiny silver heavy-duty armor.

Heimdall will not answer him, which could mean any number of things, but given that this is most certainly not where he expected to find himself...

Thor glances up, then back down at the device, and clears his throat ]

Is there a... Jane Foster here, by any chance?

[ he sounds a trifle uncertain. on such an enormous, usually-confident man, it's like an ill-fitting shirt. ]

((ooc: editing to add that action is also fine! You will find Thor, as mentioned, in the gardens. ♥))


Sep. 22nd, 2014 04:21 pm
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[ Phil has his device propped up on his desk. He's framed himself almost like a news reporter, a few neat papers and writing implements visible on the desk in front of him. ]

Well that was my first time over to the other side of the mirrors. Has anyone else spent time over there? I'm curious to hear about what else people might have found over there.
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[She's heard before of the phenomenon where things happen both incredibly fast and slow all at once. She's even experienced it to some degree, staring at flashing red lights or down the arm of a massive mechanical suit ready to kill her. But this, this is something new, and all the more horrible for it. Wind and heat wrap around her body, flames from below that promise her doom. She's falling, faster than any person should, too fast for Tony to summon a suit to save her.

And the worst part is that they both know it. That's the part that happens slowly for her: what she sees above, the horror and shock etched so perfectly on Tony's face when their fingers just miss. She knows, knows in her heart what's going to happen then, her body clenching as his eyes send the message home even more certainly than the pyre beneath, the ground too far below.

She's going to die.

But even though the fall only takes seconds outside of her own head, that's still enough time for things to change. Just as fire surrounds her, burns her flesh and blinds her eyes, the world shifts in an impossible way. She should have landed among oil drums, brought down during the dark night just before Christmas. Instead Pepper falls from a clear blue sky, not into fire but the fountain, sending up a wave of water and steam with her landing.

That shouldn't have been enough to save her, however. Not that she knows it yet; her world is comprised entirely of pain, her body glowing bright as it stitches itself back together. Broken bones set themselves and mend, burnt flesh reforms with a different brand of fire. The heat surrounding her is immense, and any who have already arrived would be wise not to touch her. Even after she stands, when Pepper can finally try and figure out what's happened, she's still burning under her skin.

Eventually, her mind clears. Memories of Wonderland return, and whatever calmness she can find knowing that Killian hasn't truly killed her, neither here nor at home, manage to make the heat of Extremis ebb. She won't go to the clinic--no matter who tries to take her there, no matter how much they swear she needs to be looked at, Pepper staunchly refuses. She's had more than enough of people examining her, and other things that are fare more important. She has to find Tony, to replace that last memory of his eyes with something far better, to tell herself that things truly are and will be okay--eventually.

But there's still the virus inside of her, the danger it presents. Pepper can't remember much from her time spent as a captive, but she knows why Killian and Maya were after Tony. They needed him to stabilize Extremis, to keep people from dying. The future's promise, that in a few months back home she's going to be lunching with Natasha, only does so much to ease the burden of the presence. She needs a sense of control, which is why for almost everyone else, her reintroduction comes in the form of a video message. She's put herself together as much as she can, showered and dressed, looking as far removed from the woman who fell from the sky hours before as she can manage.]

This is Pepper Potts; I'm back now. [She hesitates, on the verge of apologizing for any inconveniences her absence caused. That's too formal though, too businesslike. She's talking to people who care about her, friends who are going to see through whatever facade she tries to put up, because she's never been good at lying, and some of them are very perceptive. Her lips pressed together, Pepper takes a breath, then manages something close to a smile. She won't stop people from visiting, and she can't stop them from asking, but this way, hopefully, she can manage the conversations.] I guess I should ask what I've missed. I've heard it's been over two weeks since I was gone?
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[ Simmons smiles a little nervously once she sees the camera is working, though her face is a little pale, and her hair is probably a little less straight now than it was this morning. ]

Oh. Hello. I'm Jemma Simmons, Agent of -- [ She blinks and mutters to herself. ] Well, I suppose that doesn't matter anymore. I've just arrived, and I've read this handy little pamphlet I found, but I have a few questions, mainly how is this possible? Because it shouldn't be. Is this alien technology? Asgardian? [ Her expression flickers a bit. ] Chitauri? Are we in a pocket dimension? I suppose that might be possible, but I'm very curious as to how the time flow here matches up to the time flow in our home universes --

[ She stops, suddenly aware of how she sounds, and she smiles, though it's a little more confident this time, but no less sad. ] Right. Basically, my question is, is anyone here looking into the science of this place, and may I have a look at your research? Thank you.

[ Simmons hesitates. ] And... This is probably a long shot, but... Fitz? Fitz, if you're here -- [ Her words get tangled in her throat, and she inhales deeply. ] Just, please be here, Fitz. Please.

[ After an awkward pause, she switches the camera off. ]
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[The video clicks on abruptly in the middle of a rather heated discussion. Billy and Teddy are seated on a couch, their legs tangled together as they sit on opposite ends. In both of their hands they hold a bowl of popcorn that they occasionally reach into, taking a few pieces and tossing them at the other person who opens their mouth and attempts to catch the popcorn. It looks like something they’ve done a thousand times before - sometimes they catch the kernels, sometimes it sails over their heads, and sometimes it bounces somewhere around their face, pausing their conversation as they laugh.]

[It’s Billy’s voice that the video cuts in on, their voices alternating in an old debate.]

No, no never, Hawkeye could totally shoot an apple off Black Widow's head from that distance, he's Hawkeye.

Why would she be standing there with an apple in the first place? Unless it's Attack of the Killer Tree Fruit, I doubt Black Widow would need help regardless of Hawkeye's ability to outshoot William Tell.

Maybe she lost a bet? [He pauses.] No, you're right she wouldn't be standing there with an apple. But he could still do it. Ok, who haven't we done in a while? Oh I know Captain America without the shield vs. Thor without the hammer?

[Teddy crunches on some popcorn, thinking.]I know you love Cap but I’m going to go with Thor on that one. He’s an Asgardian! He didn’t need super-steroids to power up, again, no offense to Cap. Thor hits him without that shield, it’s going to hurt.

But in hand to hand? When Thor is so used to fighting with weapons? I don't know, I think my money would be on Cap. And what do you mean I Love Cap, Mr. Captain America is my favorite Avenger? [He tosses a few kernels at Teddy.]Your turn.

[Teddy tried to snap the popcorn out of the air and only succeeded in having them bounce off his forehead.] It’s because I love Cap that I’m able to talk truth. A Thor punch would definitely hurt. But, I’ll give you that it would be one hell of a fight. Ok. How about this - Tommy at half-speed and Kate with a nerf gun.

[Billy didn't even pause.]Kate. That was easy, go again.

[Teddy laughed and tossed a few pieces at Billy’s head.] I’ve got one - this is tough - Falcon versus a Falcon/Shark hybrid. Right? That would be the best. I mean, sharks that can fly? I’m surprised there isn’t a movie about it yet.

[Billy laughed trying to catch them in his mouth, grinning when he succeeded.] How would you get a falcon/Shark hybrid? Are we talking Falcon's DNA or just putting a jet pack on a shark? Also what do you think- wait, you haven't seen Sharknado have you?

Sharknado? Wait… is that a Shark in a … tornado? They made a movie of that and I haven’t seen it? I’m surprised the world hasn’t collapsed in on itself right this very second.

It's hundreds of sharks in multiple tornados. They are making a sequel. I mean, it's not as epic as piranhaconda, but it's up there in horrible acting.

A sequel? That’s it. B, you are showing me every horrible movie made that I’ve missed. I need this in my life.

Bad movie marathon? You don't have to talk me into that. Sharktopus vs Pteracuda needs to be watched too. And of course Piranhaconda.

Should we invite other people? Because odds are with us… in the dark… I don’t know how much movie I’m going to be watching.

[Billy laughed and threw another piece of popcorn at him, smirking when it bounced off his head.]You have a one track mind. We should. Wonderland bad movie marathon?

[Teddy wrinkled his nose and threw a handful of popcorn at Billy, moving the bowl off his chest so he could sit up.] That sounds like a great idea. You know another good idea? Speaking of one track minds…

[Teddy reached over and kissed Billy softly, his hand blindly putting the popcorn bowl on the small table in front of them. There was a clattering sound and the video suddenly tilted as Teddy knocked the device off the table.]

I’ll get that.

[The video rights itself again only this time it’s focused on Teddy’s face as he stares at the screen, a bit confused.]

Uh, Billy, do you know how long this thing has been on?

I didn't turn it on. [He moves over to Teddy peering at the screen. Well if everyone already heard.]

Ok Wonderland you're all invited to a bad movie marathon. Let us know if you want in and we'll tell you when.

{OOC: Billy and Teddy will reply to tags jointly following an a->b->c order.}
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[He's midway through walking through a door, mid sentence even, when it happens.]

-ike I have any fucking clue either, it was some kind of fucking demonic bat, I don't know, I don't know what in the... hell... that...

[He trails off, startled, as his feet plant on red carpet. The hallway's décor is way less industrial, way less clinical than the white tower he'd been expecting to step into, and it throws him off kilter for a long second. He glances left, glances right, scrunches his face and turns back around to talk to the man he'd been with just a second ago.]

Did you redecorate?

[He asks no one, literally no one, because the door swinging open behind him leads to an empty bedroom rather than the roof of a skyscraper.

No way.



He glances around again like he'll find answers on either end of an abandoned hallway, like maybe he's being fucked with, then cautiously paces back into the bedroom to look around. It's friendly and empty and lacking in explanation.

He turns to the door, puzzles at it, tentatively touches the doorknob. Closes the door, waits a beat, and then abruptly pulls it open again. No, no change, still that same hallway.]

What the f-

[He cuts himself off as a blinking red light in the corner of his eye catches his attention. A device, or a camera, or some kind of technological bullshit sits on a dresser, happily recording the entire event. He scowls, snatches it up, flips it over to study it. After a moment of this, it's directed more or less back on his face, but completely upside down.]

I don't know what the fuck is up with your secret passage bullshit in this fucking building, alright, but I'm gonna need some security guards or a map or an escort or something, for Christ's sake.

[An expectant pause, and then he snaps.]



Jul. 22nd, 2014 12:04 pm
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[ Charlie's been pondering for a while, and with that pondering comes some questions.

Nothing too serious, of course. This is about fun.

Your friendly neighborhood Charlie here! [ She gives the camera a little wave as she shows up on the network. It's still kinda sorta weird to facetime the area at large, but hey - when in Rome. ] Got a question for everyone. If I were to start up, say, a friendly game of D&D, would anyone be interested?

Or, even something extra awesome - like paintball! [ It's an idea that pops into her mind as soon as she says it, and her eyes light up. ] We've totally got enough room to spread out, get some teams together. Just seeing if there's any interest before I start getting down to the nitty gritty of planning and plotting and scheming.

[ Obviously, not the nefarious kind of scheming. Just some harmless fun times! ]

Let me know!


Jul. 1st, 2014 06:13 pm
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If I'm going to be here again, I'd really appreciate everything back where it was before. I distinctly remember a naked Will Graham in my bed then that appears to be missing. If anyone can point him back to my bed in his previous state of undress, I'd really like that.

Should Will Graham be unavailable, I'll take a Doctor, Ianto or anyone with a good resume`. Please see Captain Jack Harkness, room 69 on the first floor to submit.

Well, hello again, Wonderland. While it seems some of our pig invasion has abated, can anyone explain why the mansion smells like wet dog and there's dog hair everywhere? Always thought I'd like a dog, but never managed to find the time for one. Now a pteranodon was another matter altogether, although I blame her love for barbecue sauce and dark chocolate solely on the Welsh.

For those of you I haven't met, I'm Captain Jack Harkness. Good to meet you all. I expect we'll see each other around sooner or later.
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So. As I told you before, my name is Captain Jack Harkness. All of the alcoholic beverages you had in any of your common areas are now mine.

[There's a good chance he's lying there. If one judges by the background, he's up on the roof in a lawn chair sunning himself. A plastic pink flamingo at his side holds his drink. It can't be healthy to be drinking something that's a swirling liquid of red, blue, and orange.]

So is some of the food.

[Meaning snack food. A few piglets lounge about, safe and content with Jack. Each one has a light drink carrier strapped to it. Who doesn't want a drink they have to keep up with?]

I've met a few of you that want physical contact. Should you want that, feel free to come to me. What I won't promise you is sex. While I like it as much as the next person, but something is wrong. We all saw that in one's communication about this not being something we are in control of. Addictions. Craving.

It's safe here.

[All he wanted long ago was the Doctor to be proud of him. He'd like to think Ianto could be now too. He smiles, welcoming and as seductive as Jack Harkness can. He can do this for them.]

It's a great view of the beach. I have cards too! Ever watched the sunset? It's amazing here.
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[Two hawkeyes for the price of one on the network today folks. He's dressed in a dark black vest, shirt - looking considerably better then when he was last seen in the hallway. He's slept and eaten and slept again only to wake up with...


this. Only instead of it taking place in the grass and on the floor it's taking place in a room - Barton's room.

Never been more grateful then to sleep in a nest of sorts.

All the same when the camera focuses back on him there's a pig appearing in frame in his lap happily squeaking at the camera.]

...So I'll be the one to ask.

Where'd they come from and who's responsible?

[The pig - apparently having adopted clint - tries to reach for the camera again before falling by the wayside with a loud unhappy noise.

He holds up a big one, with more black spots then brown.]

I'm calling this one Fury.

[Private to Natasha]

....I need back-up. No questions. [wanna help him share the wealth.]

[Private to Phil.]

So have you seen the network recently. [who is this kid calling herself hawkeye. :| ]


May. 12th, 2014 09:37 am
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Well, it’s not exactly Stark-level technology, but I guess it’ll have to do. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

[And, hey, at least she doesn’t have to worry about cellular or data service being shut off because she can’t pay the bills. Or, well, have access to her father’s credit cards. Or any of those responsible adult things she’d need to do back in California. The thought makes her pause for a second a she stares at the screen, brows creasing with worry. Lucky’s back there and Barton’s back in New York and it’s hard to stop the brief pang of guilt that hits her.

But it’s not like she had a choice in arriving in Wonderland. Some things, Bishop, she reminds herself, are out of our control.

The smile returns a split second later and she quirks an eyebrow.]

I hear we’ve all taken a trip down the rabbit hole together. Lucky us. I knew I needed to get out of New York for a while, but this is taking it to a little bit of an extreme, isn't it? [A shrug.] Well, since we’re stuck here, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Kate Bishop. Hawkeye – like this place needs anymore superheroes. You know, of the Avengers?

...well, practically anyway.

[She’d probably do a better job of it than Barton, if you ask her. At least she’s willing to take responsibility for her actions.]

So, what’s there to do around here? Because I was finally going to get a chance to experience that California dream lifestyle thing. Is there a beach? Someone tell me there's a beach.
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[ The device turns on to a man looking just a hint disheveled, but overall he looks very mild and gathered. He's taken his time to calm down by now, after all. ]

Ah, hey, so I read the... [ He lifts the pamphlet and waves it a little, though not at all dismissively. ] ... this little brochure. Very helpful, actually, so thanks to whoever wrote it. And yeah, you guessed it, I'm new.

[ It might be a little difficult to tell whether or not he's being honest in his appreciation, but this time he really is. ]

So. Parallel universes, who would've thought. Guess stranger things could've happened. [ Except not really. But it's nice to think that. ] I won't bore any of you with questions, I got the gist of it by now.

But I'd like to know if there are any experts out there, if I can pick your brain. Not just on alternate realities, but space and time traveling, wormholes, portals, pocket universes - which is what I'm assuming this all is.

[ He sets the brochure aside and rubs a hand briefly down his face. ]

Because here's the thing - how does a place like this even happen? This is tiny, unbelievably so. Even if opening a wormhole that can actually travel across different dimensions without any visible devices or power source, how can it happen with several? Because for not just one or two universes, but dozens or hundreds of them to be converging here, and from fluctuating times and points within them, this place should be... I don't know, torn into pieces, disintegrating entirely. No laws of physics can explain this, and just - you know what, just spare me the speech on how physics don't work the same way here.

[ He's trying to keep it simple for the common listener, but just in case he didn't succeed, he adds as a final thought. ] This place is impossible.

[ Not that he won't try to make some sense of it, and for now at least seeing if he can find someone who'll help him with that seems like the best option. That, and finding a quiet corner where he can stay. ]

Thanks for listening. And for answering, if you do. [ He hesitates for a moment before he finally decides to add. ] Name's Bruce Banner, by the way.

[ Not that he has a lot of hope that he'll find someone here he knows, but... well, yesterday he'd have said something like this would be hilariously impossible. So who's to say. ]


Apr. 29th, 2014 11:32 pm
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[ He's unsure of the network, but in the end, it seems like the smartest way to get what he wants. It's not the most subtle way to communicate, but he doesn't think this situation calls for subtlety and if he's been pulled into this place, there's no telling who else might be here. ]

This is Agent Phil Coulson.

[ Still an agent, even without SHIELD, he can't quite drop that part of himself. If SHIELD is just his team, then so be it. They're still SHIELD. ]

I'm looking for whoever's in charge here or any information anyone can give me that isn't in this handy pamphlet.

[ He pauses, looking around. ]

Or my team. I'm looking for my team.


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