Mar. 21st, 2012 07:50 pm
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[Kyle's eyes dart from side to side. He's shivering, despite being well-padded in a thick winter coat.]

Where am I?

[Not expecting an answer, he gingerly steps around the room until the flickering light of the camera catches his eye. He inches closer, curious, and suddenly the fear is ripped from his face to be replaced by rage. He's realised that someone's filming and therefore someone has to be watching. Watching him suffer. Now who does that remind him of?]

What the fuck? Cartman, if you're behind this, I'll get your ass banned from Shakey's for life!
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[This is the worst post you will ever hear and I apologize for it.

It's the sound of crying. Somewhere in the mansion, there is a little girl crying, and thanks to her non-understanding of technology, she is clutching the journal and crying directly into your speaker. That's all. She doesn't sound in pain or in danger; it's just the hiccuping, exaggerated sobs of a frightened child. The post goes for a few solid minutes. Just. Crying.


So, enjoy that.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:24 pm
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[This morning, George just happened to wake up to a yellow room. Except, no. There was just something stuck to her forehead. Something yellow.

A post-it.



George, after waking up enough to scream into her pillow in frustration, deduced that her assigned K. Hummel was that gay kid and, maybe, like, an hour later, she realized what this was. An event. A reaper event.

Shit. Shit fuck.

Better clue some people in. Carefully.]

So, uh. Anybody else find some weird post-it note this morning?
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[That snow storm sure was something, wasn't it? Once everything calmed down, Max ventured outside to the beach to check out what washed up. He tugged his sailboat onto the grass weeks ago; there was no danger of any debris hitting it.

He was originally filming it documentary-style, but once he saw everything on the beach he sort of dropped his journal somewhere and ran off to play. He climbed up on a palm tree and walked across it like a gymnast's high beam. When he got to the end, he jumped down into the leaves, and after a moment of shuffling, he emerged with a coconut.

And then he tossed it as hard as he could at one of the boulders, hoping it would break into a billion pieces and spray milk everywhere. ...But it didn't. Coconuts are hard and he didn't really throw it well enough. He paused then, and looked around some more.

...Where did all this come from anyway? That island?

[It's a good question, but he didn't have any better guesses. So he returns his attention to playing on the cold beach again, where anyone is free to find him or message him.]


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