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[He was grinning ear to ear, nonplussed by his rather sudden arrival, and, yes -he had been in the shower-, but that was all water under the bridge. The hunter had landed in this new place, soaking wet and covered in irish springs soap suds, momentarily disoriented but quickly recovering. Luckily, he'd appeared in an empty bedroom, and when he’d opened the closet door in search of some clothes.. well, everything he’d needed had been right there. Garth hoped, since he didn’t know whose room this was, that they didn’t mind his borrowing their things, but honestly, he couldn’t walk around naked, now could he.

Later, someone would explain the closets to him, and he'd learn that those clothes hadn't actually belonged to anyone.

Now dressed, he brushes his hair out his eyes, and opens the door so he can stroll out into the hallway. It doesn’t take him long to find the lobby, or at least, what he thinks is the lobby, and he snatches a pamphlet up and flips it open.

Wonderland, huh. Now, that was something he hadn’t been expecting. Shrugging his shoulders, he turns to scope out the room, and eyes wide -he was pretty dang excited-, he takes it all in. He wasn’t thinking about what he was supposed to be doing, finding Kevin, or what the guys were expecting of him. Nope. He was too enthralled by the domed ceiling, and the candles, and how fancy this strange place was. But, as cool as everything was, he wasn’t stupid enough to stand around and wait for the other shoe to drop. Especially, if this was some sort of trick. Or spell.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, looking for anything useful, he'll find the device and quickly turn it on. He spends a few minutes fiddling with it before he gets the gist of it's purpose.]

Hey. Garth, here.

[The device is pointed downward, he knew which angle to hold it at as to not give everyone a less than striking view of himself, and he was smiling. Garth, for lack of a better word, was tickled.

He liked this place so far, it was just the right amount of strange for him, without crossing over into tooth fairy territory.]

I’m lookin’ for anyone that can fill me in on what’s going on.

[He pauses.] Ya’ know. Give me the lowdown.

[With that, he’ll stop again, only a little longer than the first time and he’ll purse his lips thoughtfully.] I’ll be in the lobby, ‘cuz that seems to be the main area of this place. Until then, amigos.

[ooc: He's in the main entrance right now, but can be contacted through video, text, or do action stuffs; can meet or be anywhere in Wonderland, as he'll be likely out exploring.]


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