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Recently I realized I've been here over a year now. At least, I think so. With the way Wonderland alters our memories, it's hard to be absolutely sure about anything.

This time last year, I was supposed to be going to my new school. It was supposed to cultivate my talent as a nurse and make me become even better at nursing. It was supposed to make me a better person.

So I guess what I'm asking is, what do you think it takes to make someone 'better' than they are? 
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[Nate doesn't really sleep.

Not on a normal schedule anyway; it comes with being a night owl and an obsessive researcher and a restless guy trapped in a place barely larger than some estates he's burgled, in and out in under twenty minutes. There are borders here, unseen but present, and the inability to leave has him (quite literally) climbing the walls. Somewhere between dinner and digestifs he appears on the network.

I'm, uh- [Not good at this.] Putting out a public inquiry about the caves - not like I've got geological questions or wanna know about the stalagmites or the Mole People - but I'm thinking more along the lines of...cartography?

[His intentions are patently obvious: Nate is already standing in front of a rocky outcrop, illuminated by a flashlight and wielding a loop of rope cast over one shoulder.]

Just curious if anyone's got a handle on the terrain. Hit me up.

[Eventually. He knows it's late, but he'll be exploring well into the wee hours, as if time matters in a cave. Intent on keeping track of the various rock formations, twisting crevices, and cavernous limestone cathedrals Nate can be found periodically in central chambers, taking notes and climbing enormous pillars with his bare goddamn hands and precious little else.]
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(The journal begins to record, obviously without its new owner's intention.

A Geth in a garden is probably a disconcerting sight. It's disconcerting for them too, albeit for an entirely different reason. They had not expected to encounter a garden, or anything else, ever again.

Legion begins to look around. It doesn't take them long to find the journal, and the residents of the mansion will get a good look at their flashlight face when they pick it up and stare quizzically at it for several moments. Upon realizing that it is recording, the flaps of plastic wrapped around their head flare out in an expression of surprise, and they click off the feed.

A moment later, they send a text.)

My reactivation is unexpected. Personality dissemination was irreversible.

Local flora matches that of the Human planet Earth.

(How is this possible?)


Jul. 21st, 2016 02:29 pm
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[ Carolina's been sitting on making this broadcast for almost three weeks now, not entirely sure that she really wants to make it. She's not typically one to seek help, especially not from a bunch of strangers over a public network, and yet... It seems like the best way to get some answers.

So here you go, Wonderland. One redhead who, for once, is showing her face instead of addressing the network with her helmet and armor on. ]

I'm hoping there are some people out there who can give me a bit more information on the vendors outside. I know that they trade harder to get items for memories, but that's about all that I know.

[ And before anyone assumes that she's looking for information before being stupid enough to make her own trade... ]

A friend of mine made a trade, and I'm... concerned. I just want to make sure there aren't any bigger problems that could come from someone doing something that stupid. Is there any way to reverse the transaction after it's been made?

[ Probably not, and she doubts Epsilon would be willing to anyway, but it's at least worth asking. ]
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[The feed starts off fuzzy for a moment, then clears to show a figure in a white and green uniform, though her helmet's off. Pidge smirks as it clears. Some people might be satisfied with the basic phone, but why settle when you can relay it into the holographically projected wrist computer that houses all your other cool toys?]

Hello. My name is Pidge. I'm… well, I'm a Paladin of Voltron, but from what I've come to understand through reading the archived posts in this network, that might not mean anything to anyone else. [At least that means the Galra Empire doesn't control this… planet? She isn't even sure if that's the right word.]

I've managed to obtain the answers to all my basic questions, and while I'm sure more will come up, for now I only have one pressing question.

[She throws her hand up, the one not transmitting the video, frustration creeping across her face.] Why are there no access panels anywhere? What's powering this mansion? I want to see how it works but I can't do that if it won't let me in!

[She exhales, clears her throat, and gives another nod.]

...that's it. Thanks.
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[Jane has yet to address the mansion at large. Sarah and Kurt both have, and people seem to do it all the time, so today, as she sits cross-legged in the garden, she turns on her video feed. The only tattoo visible for now is the bird on her neck. Briefly, the tattoos on her hand can be seen as she tucks hair behind her ear before speaking.]

My name is Jane and I've been here for a little over three weeks now. What I've learned, other than everything people have told me about Wonderland, is that most everyone has something difficult happening back home. I don't think anyone I met came from a quiet moment. But, because everyone's from such different places and because...everyone has a story, I have a question. And I hope it's not too personal; no one has to reply, or you can reply privately, but um...

[She frowns a little, looking down for just a second before continuing.]

What's the worst thing you've ever done, that someone still forgave you for? And if that person...if you think they cared for you, do they still?

[Maybe she's just looking for some hope in her own situation, and she waits, biting at her thumbnail idly.]
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[ ooc: Darcy is blue, Fitz is red, and Jane is purple. ]

[ Darcy hadn’t really been spending a lot of time in either of the labs after this whole mess, not wanting to be around someone who was so good at getting under her skin it should’ve been an art form. But, even with everything that happened, she couldn’t stay away forever. Besides, she was helping Jane with the aether research while everyone else handed other Wonderland related things. You can’t just magnetize glitter and then ditch someone. Of course, maybe she wouldn’t have been saying that if she’d known what was going to happen.

Which is what brings her to addressing the network with a slight look of panic, even if she’s trying to maintain her cool. For those in the know, she’s not fighting with Fitz right now, so… Progress? ]

Houston, we have a problem. Slight complication in the lab, may turn into a much bigger issue depending on how this goes. [ Despite her best attempts to play nice, it’s hard to not shoot Fitz a dirty look and let her tone take a turn to the salty side. And though her sass levels are reaching critical mass, the offscreen brogue that replies doesn’t rise to the prodding. He’s softspoken and quick instead, because there is literally no time for this. ]

The area of effect seems to be a column in shape. Rooms along the fifty-two block might want to strongly consider evacuation.

Darcy, do you have a hairpin?

Yeah, for once. And just for a little clarification on that, we’re on the fourth floor. So if you’re around this area either below or above, it might not be a bad idea to listen to him. [ Considering she normally wore her hair down, it was rare for her to have much of anything on her. But, a few things had changed over the past weeks - including her wearing her glasses more often than contacts and her hair pulled back. She removes the one that had been keeping some of the shorter strands out of her face, quickly handing it over before returning her attention to the small device in her other hand. Guess who’s really trying to not draw attention to the fact that they’d agreed on something and she actually said the words listen to him. ] Something happened that set the aether off. We’re trying to keep it from damaging anything other than the lab, but it kind of has a mind of its own. [ She gives look offscreen to check to see if she actually has time to explain or if she needs to just ask people to trust her on this one with a promise for answers if they survive it. ] It turns things into dark matter. There was a convergence back home that opened up weird portals and then Dark Elves tried to plunge the universe into darkness using it and -- It’s bad news bears. [ Less ramble, more to the point. She can do this. ]

While you talk to the rest of them, could you apply pressure to this piece? I’m running out of ways to complete this circuit.

[ For much of the remaining feed, Darcy’s face is lit with a tint that alternates between blue and red. It might be best not to ask. It tends to be a good rule of thumb that if Darcy’s not questioning something, it’s either because she trusts the other person or the situation is just starting to head in that bad of a direction that there’s no time. ] Yeah, I -- [ She complies with the request before looking back to check on Jane, not expecting an interruption. ]

Darcy. [ Jane's seated, weary as evidenced by her slouch. The camera pans slightly to show her as Darcy’s full attention is turned with her name. Jane’s eyes shine unnaturally as she looks up, the still flashing red and blue lights not helping at all. ] It's happening again-- get down!

[ The camera still has Jane somewhat in view, Darcy no longer paying attention to keeping it on any one point. Red tint envelops the feed, the atmosphere around the trio cloying with the unnatural hue of the aether spreading its influence against Wonderland's magic and rippling outward through the mansion. Darcy doesn’t hesitate to grab Fitz and hit the ground, hoping whatever he’d been working on helps in keeping this from destroying a solid chunk of the mansion. Objects seem to turn at random to dark matter. The stool beneath Jane seems to dissipate into nothing, as do various pieces of equipment and assorted belongings around them. Sensors and alarms ring out through the lab, electronic panic ineffectual against the power of the infinity stone at work. And that’s when the feed cuts, suddenly and almost violently. ]

[ ooc: For those who are canon blind, here’s a handy dandy link about the aether. If you’d like your character/your character’s objects or room to be hit by a bad bout of dark matter, feel free. It’s totally up to you on how much or how little or maybe even not at all. This will be affecting floors 3, 4, and 5 for dark matter shenanigans per mod approval. Action is welcome to come to the lab afterwards. Please specify if you want a particular char response, otherwise one or all will respond. ]
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So, hey, Jack here.

[The video shows the man with the mismatched eyes framed neatly in a large room. It looks more like an office than a bedroom, but the wall behind him seems to be almost entirely taken up by a large window that overlooks Wonderland. He's sitting in an overly large yellow chair, looking into the camera of his device with his fingers laced together and propped under his chin.]

In light of recent weirdness, I was curious about something: So do any of you scrubs actually keep in touch regularly with your doppelgänger? Like, the usual morning 'Sup' scrolled on the mirror and the evening, 'How was your wonder-tastic day?' type dealio? 'Cause honestly? Mine's loonier than a Scav on Mercenary day after he's had a few, [He mimes knocking back a few drinks with his hand.] and that's saying something in comparison to the people I've met on Elpis.

I mean, the guy can just watch me do whatever I do through any mirrored surface and that's just normal? Any of you feel a little self conscious when you're jacking off or something? Maybe there's a deranged dead ringer on the other side watching you get your rocks off. It's weird, right? Point is, wow, am I the only one interested in this?


Jun. 9th, 2016 05:18 pm
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[ York turns the device on well before he has any intention of actually speaking. He's mostly fidgeting with the thing, tapping icons on the indicator, and as soon as he realizes it's recording he sets the thing on his desk to balance it into a good position to record him speaking. He lounges back in his chair, arms crossed, and peers at the screen to check that it's got a good image of him before proceeding.

He smiles a charming smile and begins: ]

I know I can't be the first one who showed up here and figured I'd come out on the good end of things. Free food, free shelter, and I don't even have to work for it? Well.

I do want to say, though, that I like what I do and I'm still interested in doing it, should anyone have the need. I'm a locksmith. I can get you in anywhere you need to go. Lock yourself out of your room? I’m your guy. Other cases, well, we’ll discuss the particulars when they come up. But that’s who I am and what I do, okay.

[ Here York's expression softens just a bit. ]

By the way, I kind of have this idea someone who was with me might have showed up here about the time I did. His name's Delta. He's a great guy, doesn't really have a body though. So it's possible if you found a liquid-crystal data chip lying around, that it was him. Be careful with it if you find it and just...let me know, okay. I'd really appreciate it.
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[ It's late. Adaline can't sleep. She's tried counting sheep, reading, warm tea, a purring kitten on her chest -- nothing works. So wraps herself up in a robe over her cozy pjs, crams her feet into some slippers, and heads down to the bar area, nestling in a comfy booth with a drink and a deck of cards.

Once there, that's when she addresses the network.

Quietly, because again. Late, Thursday sometime after midnight. ]

Is anyone awake? Would anyone be up for a chat, or a game of cards? I'm in the bar.

[ she'll be there a while. join her for a hand if you feel like it. ]


May. 15th, 2016 11:55 pm
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[ She's seen the pamphlet. It sure as hell hasn't killed a number of her questions, but it's at least satisfied the biggest ones. After the immediate confusion has worn off, Carolina grabs her new-found device to send a message out to the residents, and to find out if anyone she knows has ended up here, too.

Hello everyone, here is one fully armoured space marine staring into the camera. ]

Wonderland, is it? I remember reading the book when I was younger. Can't say I ever wanted to actually visit, though.

[ Her head tilts to one side almost thoughtfully. If she's remembering right, all of the Wonderland characters had been pretty awful. Here's hoping that's not actually true. Seems doubtful that anyone would like to see her attacking a talking cat, or something equally ridiculous. ]

If anyone has some tips to offer about the place, I'll take them. That pamphlet was helpful, but it could use a few more pages. Maybe a little less personal commentary by whoever wrote it, too.

[ But she's not here to nitpick. ...Not really, anyway. ]

In any case, I'm Agent Carolina, and I'm looking for anyone who knows me. I'm hoping no one I know is stuck here too, but I have the feeling that if I'm here, chances are high that someone else from my "universe" is too.

If you know me, the UNSC means anything to you, or you've seen someone in armour similar to mind, let me know.

[ There's an implied "please" and "thank you" in there somewhere, probably. ]

Carolina out.
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[ The feed clicks on, and immediately giggling can be heard. Giggling of goblins, for those familiar enough to recognize it. The video is angled upward, presenting you with one pissed off looking Carolina. She's obviously just out of bed--no make up, mussed red hair that's not pulled back into its usual ponytail, and pyjamas are still being worn. But not just any pyjamas. A t-shirt and no pants, just underwear.

Yeah. She's pissed about the goblins, and she's pissed about the fact that her, pantsless, is being broadcast across Wonderland. ]

Give that back, you little--

[ She dives down, reaching for the comm device, but the goblins are quick and barely move out of the way in time. However, they're still within arm's length of her, so as she crouches on the floor, she reaches over and grabs hold of the device. All that can be seen for a minute is her hand covering the camera. 

Then there's the sound of two goblins being kicked away, some fuzziness with the audio, before finally Carolina is back on screen, seemingly of her own will this time. It's just a shoulder-up view this time, and she still looks incredibly displeased. ]

Is anyone else having problems with little...things? They woke me up by bouncing all over me this morning, pulling on my hair, throwing my things around the room, and now they've done this.

I'm getting ready to punt them out the window, but if anyone has a better idea, I'm listening.
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Is there any sort of self-defense training for civilians already in place?

If not, I'd like to start something. It would be laid-back. Mostly sparring and showing each other moves.

I know we can't prepare for everything here, but it's important that we all know how to defend ourselves should the need arise.

If anyone's interested, get in touch. I'm available via the comm, and I'll also be in the Fitness Center on the first floor for the next couple hours.
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[The feed opens to a view of the night sky in Wonderland and maybe a soft snicker from behind the camera before it pans around to rest on two faces. It’s pretty clear they’re on the roof with a nice collection of blankets, coffee, notebooks, and a laptop.]

Is it on? Oh-- OK, so it’s clear that Wonderland’s sky at night is foreign in terms of patterning and that the stars don’t really play much of a part in our lives that maybe they would for some of us back home. They have no bearing on religion or navigation, which were two major necessities in ancient cultures in our world. But they do deserve to be studied, which means they should be named. Now, I don’t think that the Bayer desig--

What she means is the stars don’t look like anything from home. [Darcy turns to look at Jane, a smirk playing on her lips as she not-so-quietly whispers.] I don’t think they need to know the deets about Bayer or ancient cultures, Jane.

It’s important to understand how constellations were named in the first place, though. Those cultures regarded the stars with awe and respect, and named them using a range of things from everyday objects to important mythical figures. Orion, for example. [At that, Jane holds up a page of her notebook, showing a connect-the-dots hourglass, with “Orion: the Hunter” scribbled above it to illustrate her example, literally.] I thought if people had a basis for how they were usually named, it would help generate submissions.

Or, if you’re more of the free spirit type, you could follow your own heart and do something a little crazy because even if you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll land among the stars… And that’s a pretty great constellation prize, right?

[GUESS WHO’S SO PROUD OF HERSELF!!! It’s amazing how many star puns you can come up with when tuning out excited science babble over the years.]

OK, then did you have a suggestion? [Even as Jane says it, she visibly winces, dropping her journal back down. After those puns? She really should not have asked...]

Fraz. [It’s said so confidently and without missing a beat, it might be enough to cause a bit of worry. Time to see if Jane’s with her on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy nod.]

Fraz. OK. Right, so there’s a more … creative name. [Jane will just … go with that one, in the spirit of being a good sport-- though it’s not immediately clear if she’s recognized it until she continues:] So if you’re from a different world than us, you could choose something you already know if you don’t want to make something up.
[So, that’s weird. Weird enough that Darcy actually pauses for a second to stare at Jane.]

Yeah, somethin’ like that. Or, if you want you can always come hang out up here with us for a bit, but it’s gonna be a byob situation because I can only share so much blanket.

Uhm. [Ah, that does make Jane pause a bit, finally. But she rallies, in the name of making Darcy happy:] Sure. Yeah, we could get the telescope out if anyone wants to have a closer look?

[There’s the pause Darcy knows and loves. It may or may not have been a little push to see just how wonky Jane was behaving - do her own experiment and the results? Well, Jane agreeing to other people coming to hang out while they science? Interesting. Interesting enough that they’re just gonna have to have a little chat before anybody gets up to the roof.]

Oooh, the whole nine yards. This could be exciting. We’ll probably be up here for awhile or at least until we can’t feel our faces or feet anymore - then it might be time to give into the cold and accept defeat. [Turning to Jane, she gives a little shrug and a quirk of her lips.] Anything else you wanna add?

Just that if you can’t think of anything right away, that’s fine. I’ll be putting the star charts I’ve made in the library and you can leave suggestions with it there. [Jane smiles, bright and a little awkward. Not everyone is about the stars like they are, but maybe some will come out of the woodwork now.]

Alrighty then, we’ll be up here chillin’ if you want to come hang out or give us your suggestions. I also have more puns if that’s that’s more your thing. Ok, bye!

[And with that, she gives a little wave and ends the feed because there was something else that needed to be addressed before anyone else graced them with their presence. If anyone’s looking close enough, they might have caught the eye roll from Jane at the pun suggestion. There’s only so much placating that can be done in a day.]

[ooc: red is Jane and blue is Darcy. Feel free to do action threads :D]
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[What’s up, Wonderland? There are two skeletons on the network. Did you know that there are skeletons in Wonderland? Well, now you know. Neither of them are looking particularly cheery today, which is probably weird for anyone who has actually met these two.]


it’s in your best interest that you pay attention. cause we’re only saying this once.

[ Papyrus’ tone is different, too. His usually cheerful and optimistic words have a sharper edge to them. He points one of his gloved fingers at the communicator before speaking up again. Sans just kind of smirks into the camera. ]


[ Papyrus has never really done the whole threatening thing before. ]

[Sans, on the other hand, has. He leans closer to the camera.]

now that’s not to say we’re looking for a fight either. fighting is hard work, you know? me, i’d rather avoid humans altogether. we avoid you, you avoid us, everything’s great.

[He grins and the lights in his eyesockets go out, leaving nothing but darkness.]

but let’s be real. not all of you are gonna do that, are you? some of you are gonna try and test us.


[ Click! The feed ends. ]
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[ Damn. No reception over her in-suit comms. She can't get through to anyone in Project Freelancer, and all she gets when she turns her radio on is static. Glancing around the area--which happens to be the inside of some fancy mansion. Not where she's intended to be, that's for damn sure. This is no mission--but no one's going to be happy when they find that the number one--no, number two agent is missing from the ship.

That's when she finally looks down at the device by her foot that seemed to have landed there about the same time she did. Picking it up, she inspects it, taps through a few of the menus, and finds she can broadcast a message. Perfect.

Her voice is calm, business-like, when it comes across the network. She's worried, sure, but she's not about to show that. Never know if there might be enemies lurking around. Especially on an unknown comm system. ]

FILSS? FILSS, are you there?

[ That has to be her first try, to get in contact with Freelancer and tell them where she is, that she's okay. But the longer she waits for a response, the less she believes that she's going to get through. So she tries something a little broader. ]

This is Agent Carolina of Project Freelancer, requesting intel and maybe a lift back to the Mother of Invention. I've landed somewhere unfamiliar and I'm not sure how I got here. Any information would be appreciated.

...Does anyone read? Or is this system as dead as my comms?


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