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[The video shows Swain hanging around the kitchen.]

I believe I owe Wonderland an introduction.

[The new, fledgling bird on his shoulder perch caws and stretches her wings. He hushes her.]

My name is Jericho Swain, Grand General of Noxus. I've seen that we're not organized in the slightest. This needs to change if any of us are to find an escape.

Those who care to discuss the matter further can find me in the kitchen.

[He sits back further in the chair and cuts the video off, momentarily showing a pot of tea.]

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[Hello, citizens of Wonderland! Have an accidental video feed:]

[The video shows a massive, seven foot tall crow creature with six glowing red eyes and a beak covered in blood. Normal Wonderland fare, yes? His head snaps from side to side, as if suddenly confused about his change of setting. Black feathers are shaken loose from the beast's massive body, spiraling around him and glistening in the afternoon sun.]

[Suddenly, as if in a flash, the creature morphs back into an unassuming human save for intricate clothing. The man picks up the camera on the floor and inspects it, scowling under a mask that covers his lower face.]

Who's responsible for this interruption?

[His voice is dark, demanding, and raspy.]


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