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[ how about let's not talk about that dream. that sounds like a really good idea, even if becky is pretty curious about it, if not a little scared. she knows she's in good hands, what with the winchesters around, so, you know, how about instead she just shares a little something of her own with everyone. she's been doing a lot of writing over the past few months, after all, and it's about time she posted some of it for everyone to R&R. it's a little taste of home for her and hopefully a lot of other people in wonderland; she couldn't actually bring herself to write about anyone ... in wonderland. that's sort of crossing the line into rpf and while writing about sam and dean isn't really technically fanfiction anymore, she can at least pretend it is if she sets it in some alternate version of home. ]

Title: All I Want For Christmas Is You
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13, for implied sexual themes.
Summary: How "A Very Supernatural Christmas" should have ended.

The ground outside was covered in a light dust of snow. )

[ the next part she cut into a separate entry because she couldn't decide if she actually wanted to post it or not. but, you know, wonderland will have none of that. and neither will i. so, of course, by some inexplicable wonderland magic, it posted itself. so here is the thrilling and explicit conclusion! ]


[ shortly after this very angry conversation with sam the whole fanfic has been deleted from the network and in its place is: ]

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[ There's a long stretch of silence, of a fizzling screen and no picture. Then, there is one, and it's Sam, who's been missing for exactly a week. He's less than a year older than he'd been before his disappearance, but there are a lot of noticeable differences: his hair is a little shorter, his arm in a sling. And, most importantly, his expression is a little... different. ]

Great. Should've known... well. Guess not, since we can't, but...

[ There's a dark, mirthless chuckle. Someone is having a bad, bad day. ]

Screw you, Wonderland. I'm sick of this friggin' bungee cord that keeps snapping me back to this place.

private messages below )
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[ when the feed comes up, it catches what sounds like a laugh already in progress, and the bottom half of a face. as it comes into view, someone seems to be righting the camera, before allison eventually turns her attention away from whatever she'd be grinning to off-screen and looks towards the camera. she opens her mouth to talk, but before she can get the words out another voice comes from off the screen. ]

Dude, have you ever seen Monty Python? Killer bunnies with big nasty fangs [ what you can’t see is stiles attempting to make bunny fangs with his teeth, but you can definitely hear his “arrghhrarrgh” in what is clearly a killer bunny noise. ]

[ allison's eyes follow the voice, laughing again. ] You're kidding me, right? You want to put the Easter bunny in this? [ another shake of her head and then she more pointedly looks back to the screen. ] Sorry, someone is-

--Very prepared and always right. [ he at least sounds a little cheeky. it’s a joke. really. sort of. ] And it’s not the Easter bunny!

Yeah okay. Anyway, for those of you we don't know, I'm Allison. Stiles here- [ eyes motioning off the screen and then they're back. ] and I are trying to put together a book. A beastiary, if you know what those are, of as many creatures - supernatural or not - that could potentially show up here.

And that totally includes the people of Wonderland who go bump in the night, I’m just sayin. What’s kosher for my creature of the night may not be kosher for yours.

[ she continues like she didn't hear him. ] If you don't already know, Wonderland likes to throw events at us from the worlds of people here. Sometimes they're fine, sometimes they're not, and-

-And sometimes they end in blood and gore! We haven’t had one of those in a while, I wonder--

Stiles, you can talk later! Let me finish! [ she laughing, though, so it's pretty obvious that stiles' interruptions aren't really bothering her. ] Sometimes they can be really dangerous, and in order to help everyone protect themselves, we figured collecting the information would help. Just to get it out there for people to know if they want to know, and if they don't, that's fine too.

Help a brother out, basically. [ a beat, and stiles pokes into the screen from an awkward angle, all button nose and spotted cheeks before he grins and jerks his head in allison’s direction. ] Or a sister. [ and then disappears from the feed again. ]

[ allison takes her hand back - having shoved stiles out of the frame in the first place - and resets the camera. ] We’ve done this before, so we have a good list started from a few worlds, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned is that even if the lore is in different worlds, a lot of the time the details aren’t the same. For example, take-

--Aaaany form of the supernatural! At all. Anywhere. Oookay, that’s the end of that, no more of that feed. [ #smooth ] Bye!

What? No, Stiles- [ the device is then forcefully plucked from allison’s hands, muffled sounds of a struggle, and then it shuts off. ]

[ ooc both stiles and allison are open for replies! ]
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[ when the feed opens on becky's face, it's obvious from her expression that she's trying to hold back her excitement about something. her grin seems to say she knows something that everyone else doesn't know — and, well, it's something everyone has probably been wondering about since tuesday. at least, the ones she'd subjected to being set up. she would have attempted to hide her identity as the person responsible for the blind dates for longer than a few days, but she's simply dying to know how they all went and the only way she can find out is if she outs herself. or she could just stalk everyone, but this way is much easier and much more direct. ]

Soooooo... [ the vowels fluctuate in a sing-song manner and she stares expectantly at the screen, brows raised. ] How was everyone's Tuesday? I'm dying to hear all about it.

[ yeah, she's really not trying for subtlety here. she might actually die from excitement at this point the way she's practically holding her breath. it's almost like she's saving it all in case she needs to let out a powerful fangirl screech... sadly, that probably won't happen. maybe next time, becky. ]
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?

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[ Despite events and whatever else this place throws their way, Kíli looks, as he always does, cheerful. All the more so given the reason for this broadcast. ]

Hello, Wonderland! This is Kíli, and today I come with an announcement: I'm getting married!

[ Yes, you heard right. Because what this place obviously needs is a big wedding party for everyone to dance, eat and get drunk to their hearts' content. ]

We have no set date yet, but anytime would work. Still, we wanted to make a big celebration of it. A while ago I spoke with a Lord Robert about a tournament and I though we could do something of that sort as well, though only harmless competitions. Archery, sword fighting... anything anyone can think of, so feel free to share any ideas!

[ He nods excitedly at the camera. ]

Other than that, I would ask if anyone knows how to provide with those devices that make music by themselves. Either that, or any group of people who can join in for a band. It's not much of a party if there's no music, after all.

And lastly, I ask: how are weddings usually celebrated where you come from? What are the customs of your people? I'd love to hear them!

[ He bows deeply at the camera, then adds before ending the feed. ] Oh, and everyone will be invited, of course!


Jul. 22nd, 2014 12:04 pm
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[ Charlie's been pondering for a while, and with that pondering comes some questions.

Nothing too serious, of course. This is about fun.

Your friendly neighborhood Charlie here! [ She gives the camera a little wave as she shows up on the network. It's still kinda sorta weird to facetime the area at large, but hey - when in Rome. ] Got a question for everyone. If I were to start up, say, a friendly game of D&D, would anyone be interested?

Or, even something extra awesome - like paintball! [ It's an idea that pops into her mind as soon as she says it, and her eyes light up. ] We've totally got enough room to spread out, get some teams together. Just seeing if there's any interest before I start getting down to the nitty gritty of planning and plotting and scheming.

[ Obviously, not the nefarious kind of scheming. Just some harmless fun times! ]

Let me know!
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[ Today, most are getting to see a side of Sam that they haven't seen before. The expression he's sporting and his general air exude the hunter slice of his identity. His eyes are sharp, narrowed, face collected and cold. This is the expression of a man on a violent mission, of a man who's been to Hell and back, of a man who cuts the heads off of monsters.

It isn't the quiet, thoughtful younger brother. Not today. ]

I'm gonna make this quick. Whoever strung up my brother isn't getting off with a slap on the wrist. Doesn't matter that people come back a few times here after they've been offed; as far as I'm concerned, that's just a push toward a permanent ending.

I've got a few hunches. If you did this, then I guess you don't know us well enough. Winchesters don't stay dead, but they do stay pretty friggin' pissed.

[ And they're glorified serial killers, which is why, right now... Sam Winchester looks decently scary. ]
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Now before I say anything, I want to remind you all not to shoot the messenger.

[Yes, Wonderland, the angel of light is still amongst you- and is making a rare video appearance on the network. Reasons for this will soon become apparent.]

Dean and I never saw eye to eye, but really-

[He pans the camera around as he speaks and...

Squeamish viewers will want to look away.

Dean Winchester is dead, and here is a graphic description of it )

Lucifer doesn't seem to mind sharing all this with the network without a warning. One part of a human is the same as another, right?

Instead of sounding pleased - as one might expect from a being who would like to end all humans - his voice sounds resigned.]
I suppose this is humanity for you.
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[ this message goes up late, to the point that it's actually early, and while allison knows she should be sleeping it's hard to get rest with the way her head is spinning. she's been doing a lot of thinking, a lo of checking, and now? ]

this might be kind of a weird question, but
has anyone here been in wonderland long enough that you kind of consider this place home?
I moved a lot back home and I never really settled in one place long enough to feel at home anywhere
and the one place that I kind of wanted to be's complicated, I guess
I'm just kind of curious if wonderland could keep us here for that long, or if anyone really minds being here that long
even with all the events, and all the crap we deal with.
there's some good, right? somewhere?

oh, and happy one year wonderland anniversary to me.

[ she doesn't really want to think about how long this makes. about how allison can't remember the last time she was ever in one place, consistently, for this long. the one place she wanted to hang onto, the one place she had decided to feel loyalty to, to come back to, was beacon hills.

and she's officially lived in wonderland for longer than her entire time in there. even considering her summer off.

a whole year in wonderland.

allison sends off the text before she has a chance to think about it, before her mind comes back around to see who all is going to see this - from home, from here, wherever. she slides the phone under her pillow and sighs, turning back over. ]


Jul. 3rd, 2014 10:41 am
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Should anyone see a small piglet running about wearing a little Red Cross vest, I would like it returned to me. It appears to have fled when I was pulled away from this place. It would be helpful if the few supplies it had carried with it were still intact but it is not required.

[The young man speaking to Wonderland has a curious lack of emotion in his face and dark eyes. The reds in the iris are more pronounced than before, giving a hint to the annoyance he's experiencing. Matters being beyond his control is not something he enjoys. Unlike the other Hannibal, this one is casually dressed in a grey shirt and dark jeans.]

For those that don't know me, I am Doctor Hannibal Lecter. I am a surgeon, unlike the other Lecter about. While I am not part of the clinic or those involved, I am an emergency room surgeon should someone fall out a window. Again.

Or encounter rabid crocodiles in the basement.



Jul. 1st, 2014 06:13 pm
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If I'm going to be here again, I'd really appreciate everything back where it was before. I distinctly remember a naked Will Graham in my bed then that appears to be missing. If anyone can point him back to my bed in his previous state of undress, I'd really like that.

Should Will Graham be unavailable, I'll take a Doctor, Ianto or anyone with a good resume`. Please see Captain Jack Harkness, room 69 on the first floor to submit.

Well, hello again, Wonderland. While it seems some of our pig invasion has abated, can anyone explain why the mansion smells like wet dog and there's dog hair everywhere? Always thought I'd like a dog, but never managed to find the time for one. Now a pteranodon was another matter altogether, although I blame her love for barbecue sauce and dark chocolate solely on the Welsh.

For those of you I haven't met, I'm Captain Jack Harkness. Good to meet you all. I expect we'll see each other around sooner or later.
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Ah, pardon me.

[Is that the most polite beginning to a network broadcast or what? There's an angel on your screens, Wonderland, looking somewhat hesitant.]

I have just a few questions, if someone wouldn't mind providing the answers for me? It's just that... Well, I'm certain all of you have become aware of the current situation.

[AKA, the vast amount of puppies running around. It's kind of hard to miss. The fact that he's currently lacking all of his angel powers and that everything is dull in colour are less important. Or rather, not anything he's going to be addressing over the network.

Samandriel glances downward, still seeming to be uncertain whether he should actually proceed. Also, there are a couple of puppies bouncing up at him and sitting around his feet, begging for his attention.]

I'm simply wondering, what is it that canines eat? And how often should they be fed?

[That's right. He's going to feed the puppies. As many as he can. It would be horrible to allow them to starve, after all!]

4 ♖ text

Jun. 24th, 2014 10:41 am
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[ you know who caroline misses? tyler. enzo hadn't been able to give her a straight answer as to whether or not he was alive — caroline, truthfully, didn't particularly want to know if he wasn't. she's taken to treating her closet as a bar, ordering drinks as she knocks plenty back, until her eyes are blurred and her fingers are moving too fast along her communicator. it's a pity tyler isn't here — she ends up texting the entire network, rather than the individual inboxes she'd flooded back when everyone was singing about happy days. ]

[ cue: caroline drinking herself into denial, attempting to ask the closet for tyler's things in the middle of the night. instead of getting his football jacket, or even a picture of the two of them, all she's getting is images with his face blanked out and jackets of every colour but red. all her texts have failed to send, not that caroline's been particularly bothered to see the failed icon by her messages. so, at the lack of silence on the other end, she decides to send a threat that has worked in the past. ]

    ANSWER ME or u'll never get "tooo-rougdh" sex again!!!!
    and ur all-acces pass to my vagnia is supsen ded indefnitely

[ and then she wonders why tyler's not responding. ]

    ehllo????? TYLER
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[ becky doesn't remember ever auditioning for big brother, but when she peeks her head out of the room that has been made up for her to resemble her own room almost identically (they even got her posters!) all she sees is a long hall full of doors that presumably lead to other rooms. it reminds her more of a dormitory hallway than a house, but she's never actually watched big brother, so how would she know? maybe this, like, big brother college edition or something, despite the fact that she hasn't been to college since she dropped out her sophomore year. that wouldn't even make sense, anyway, unless they were in some kind of fraternity/sorority house. for all she knows, this could be part of a house, but it seems really odd for a house to have a whole floor of doors like a hotel. she almost feels like she's in a hilton. hilton's hotel california, more like... ]

[ she doesn't feel like she's been kidnapped, even though she's entirely sure that might be a possibility. she's read the supernatural books, she knows what's up. she also knows that if she's the first victim of whatever monster or cult this might be, she's screwed. but if she's not... ]

[ well. obviously the winchesters will show up. they always do. (except for the part where they aren't actually real. but a girl can dream.) but it's a good thing for becky she knows about these things, because if this is a potentially bad situation, panicking would not be a good option. she's obviously allowed to leave since the door isn't locked — or maybe that's just what they want her to think? ]

[ her eyes land on the computer on her desk. it might as well be hers from home, but she knows it isn't. it doesn't have all her stickers and sticky notes attached to it. it also doesn't have the fanfic she was in the middle of writing on it, or any of her other works. really, if she's going to get all the comforts from home, the least they could have done is copy all her computer files. she doesn't really care about the rest of the stuff in her room, but her fanfiction? that is irreplaceable. at least most of it is on the internet, so if she has internet access... ]

[ she opens the browser, which normally would take her to the home page of, but here it apparently takes her to some kind of... forum? she's not entirely sure what it is. it's not like any forum she's ever seen before. but if this is the only thing they want her to access, maybe she'll be able to communicate with whoever else is trapped here, assuming that the people on this strange forum are also trapped here. it could just be a red herring, to make her feel like she's not alone when actually she is, or it could be like all hell breaks loose, and they've all been kidnapped by demons or something — except demons wouldn't be this nice, so probably not. she doesn't really want this to turn into some kind of battle royale, anyway. ]

[ she clicks on the video option and the light on her monitor blinks to life, and some kind of video box pops up on the screen in front of her. she looks a bit lost for a second as she tries to figure out if it's recording or not, but she assumes it is since the only other button she sees is a stop button. she looks back up, as if she's trying to make eye contact with whoever might be watching. ]
Okay, this is kind of weird. Is this a kidnapping or, like, some kind of Hotel California thing? Or maybe it's both? It's hard to tell. But I don't remember how I got here, so that kind of makes me think kidnapping. Definitely not demons, but it's something... [ she seems distracted by something else on the screen, frowning at the 404 error she's getting for until she remembers that the video is still recording. ] Oh, anyway. My name is Becky Rosen. Not I would expect any of you to know that... But, uh, any information on this place and what's going on would be great. And is it just me, or is the internet down?


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