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[Jonathan Crane finds being on the other side of the glass... well, illuminating, in a frightening way. He's spent most of the week exploring, and trying to sabotage his Real. Not for the sake of sabotaging, but for the sake of everyone else stuck on his side of the glass. He'll be coming 'home' soon, after all. He's made a temporary living quarters elsewhere, for himself, because sleeping on the cot in the Scarecrow's spacious, warehouse-like room just isn't his style.

It's in this room that he begins a feed, taking off the ordinary-looking gas mask that he was using to protect himself. Just in case he'd stumbled across a trap. He breathes freely, aware that what he's about to say is going to come out very honest.

Honesty doesn't bother him. Not really.]

Hello, everyone. My name is Doctor Crane. I hope you've all enjoyed our vacation over here, though this... last day appears to be a little off. I just wanted you all to know, you're welcome to come find me anytime, whichever side of the glass we're on, if you need someone to talk to. About anything at all. I'm here to listen.

[ooc: Feel free to encounter him on his way back to his room, gas mask on, if action is more your thing!]


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