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Mar. 5th, 2017 10:47 pm
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A few things have occurred to me in the time that I've been here. Mainly, that I really need a hobby. So I've decided to give back. I'm compassionate, wise, and over-brimming with life experience.

So, ask me anything. This is a test-run for an advice column I may or may not actually run based on how much Wonderland is in dire need of my help.
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Are you happy here?

Don't answer immediately. Take a minute to think about it. It's a complicated question. The concept of happiness is vague and hard to define, especially if we try and generalize it for all people. Certainly, there are moments of joy to be had here. As far as cages go, the gilding on this one can't be denied. Anything you want for free? The ability to come back to life without a hunger for human flesh? Eternal youth? No one is starving to death here. Everyone has a bed and a roof. Compared to a lot of the places people come from, this place is downright utopian even including the events. I know I'm dead at home. That's almost enough to counterbalance the lack of internet. Almost.

There are a lot of reasons to be happy here. All we're giving up is freedom, and how many of us even really have that at home? It's the permanent all-expenses-paid resort vacation no one asked for, and time isn't moving so it's not like we're even missing anything.

You know who was especially happy here? The people who lived in the Wonderland we all dreamed about in December. The ones who didn't remember ever living anywhere else. Talk about a happy ending. No one fighting, no one in pain, everyone living every day in pure, ignorant bliss.

I've called Wonderland a lie before, and I maintain it, but it's the worst sort of lie because it's so very tempting to believe it. Would it really be so bad to give in and just be happy? Why fight it when it isn't our call, when we are powerless to do anything but try and survive whatever Wonderland throws at us?

I say bliss is overrated. What's the point of being happy when you aren't yourself anymore? Is it really a vacation if you have no choice but to take it? There's so much here that we know isn't right. If we give in to being happy, we risk complacency, and if we get complacent, we risk losing the opportunity to rise up when we can.

I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy the good times Wonderland gives us. God knows they're few and far between. Be happy. Just never forget everything Wonderland gives us is the equivalent of giving a favorite pet a nice toy. Wonderland is pampering us because it is using us. The minute we forget that is the minute Wonderland owns us. None of us are free. Never forget that.

So am I happy here?

It doesn't fucking matter.
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[The video jolts on as the device is knocked to the floor.

It's tilted upward at what seems to be the attic ceiling. Badly framed in the lower corner, one can see a figure sit shock upright. A moment of squinting around in the dim light. Then it held out one empty hand palm-downward. A long, sticklike object leaps, impossibly, on its own from the sidetable up into that palm.

The figure croaks,]


[The tip of the stick abruptly bursts with blinding white light.

By the time the device adjusts its picture settings to the new exposure, the figure has left the bed and is kneeling beside the device, staring at it, touching it just enough that the screen shakes and has a hard time giving an identifiable shot. Whoever it is—human, gaunt, filthy, haunted-looking, with something almost animalistic about his movements.

It's that motion—more than his terribly changed face, which seems to have aged decades (though in fact only months since you last saw him, if you'd ever seen him)—that identifies him to those who knew him before. Those who'd ever seen him right before a full moon.

His eyes lift and stare about the attic.

Then he springs to his feet and shouts something indecipherable.

The light abruptly zooms away from his wand and slams itself into the door. In its dying glow, the man follows it, slashes the wand viciously, and the door flies open with a bang so violent it nearly jars the door off its hinges.

He looks out the doorway. Just barely visible in the abandoned device's cockeyed view is the staircase down from the attic, and the adjacent door to the roof. Which the man, unable or uninterested in hearing whatever sounds might be emanating from the device now, dashes toward, magicks open, and disappears through. You can just see him making his way up to the roof.]

[OOC: Remus will be responding to any comments on this post! It'll just be a slightly-future Remus, who's calmed down after this log plays out!]


Jan. 8th, 2017 12:00 am
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[Max decides to stick well within her comfort zone for this one, and only bothers to send out a text.]

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year... and I guess happy one-year-Wonderland-anniversary for me!

It's been a hella crazy ride. ^_^

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summary: iris west returns to wonderland. )

[ iris west is a reporter back in her home world, and it's a shame she has not taken advantage of the network as much as she should. tends to happen when you lose yourself digging up info within the network. ten years worth of it. her notes went missing the day she did, so she'll have to start from the ground up.

let us tell you, it won't be easy. but it's also not impossible.

to iris west, impossible is nothing.

once she is more or less settled in and let those closest to her know she has returned, she reaches out to the network.

I've got a few questions for you, Wonderland.

Specifically, I have questions for those of you who've been sent home and were brought back. Note: I won't turn down information even if this technically doesn't apply to you. I'll take everything you've got.

1. Were you able to remember anything about Wonderland while you were home?
2. How long were you gone Wonderland-wise, and were all your Wonderland memories intact when you returned?
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[The post opens up with... Is that waves? Why, yes! It's the rolling breakers on the snowy beach, meaning the broadcast is being made outdoors.]

Greetings! Hahah, it's been almost a year since my first address to this network beginning with the same word.

This is Dr. Stanford Pines speaking on board a small research vessel. I left you all to these barren grounds and now I come back to lots of snow! It's very picturesque.

Hope I didn't miss anything too exciting. [He has no idea. NONE.]

Stan? Kids? Wendy and Fiddleford? Everyone still here? [Fuck you, Bill.] Speaking of my twin-- If you're still here, get your butt over to the beach pronto. I have a surprise for you!


Hey kids, just between you and me: I'll be more than happy to give you a tour of the Stan-o-War II after I show Stanley first. Don't forget to bundle up!

[ooc: HE'S BACK FROM CANON UPDATE to the end of Gravity Falls. If you DON'T want spoilers, PLEASE TELL ME.]
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[It doesn't take long for James to find his network device again, and to sprint up to his (his and Lily's) room for a change of clothes that are a bit less date night and a tad less covered in snow.

He's fiddling with his wedding ring when the video begins, making sure it's securely on his hand. It's a bit hard – his hands are shaking. He tries to sound like himself on camera though, and tries not to seem so rattled.

I...I-I'm. I'm back. How long was I gone? Should've been about a week, right?

[What if it wasn't, though? What if he was like Coraline and came back years and years later? He pushes a hand through his hair and messes it up in a fit of nerves before continuing.]

Lily? Sirius? I'm back, and I remember. I'm-- you know where I am. Just, err. Thought I'd let all of Wonderland know.

[He forces a smile as best as he can, and gives a wave to the camera before shutting it off.]
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[There's a teenage boy staring at the camera for just a fraction too long before he starts to speak. Ed's a smart kid, and while he doesn't have any kind of phone remotely like this back home, he figured out how to use it pretty quickly. Still, he's done a lot more listening and watching and reading than actually communicating with other people through it. He wants to make sure he understands it fully before he uses it.

But he's ready now. Once he's satisfied that it's recording, he nods, then sits back.]

Hi. I'm Edward Elric. I'm an Alchemist. But from what I've heard, that doesn't mean anything to most of you. But even if you don't have alchemy, you do have science, right? What do the scientists of your worlds study?

[There, question posed successfully. He's mastered this fascinating device. He turns it off, and waits for people to reply.]
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[John decided he's just stay away from the network for a while after getting shouted down for arming children. In retrospect, he should've done a little more intensive background on the kids here, but that would've been bordering on creepy. And there's nothing wrong with guns anyway, you're all terrible.

But regardless of guns and kids, he's back today. Not with lessons, but questions, snooping like the other old farts around here love to do.]

what's magic like where you're from? does it exist? is it more fucking witches making people's teeth fall out or goddamn fairy dust and unicorns? does anyone come from a place with magic like Wonderland?

most importantly: does the magic from your world work here?

01 Video

Aug. 16th, 2016 10:26 am
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[It's taken Albus all week to figure out how to use the muggle device. He thinks he has a pretty good handle on it now as he turns the video on and clears his throat. It's also clear that he's rehearsed what he is going to say. He's not leaving anything up to chance.]

Hi. My name is Albus and I've been in Wonderland for almost a week. It's still rather confusing here, but from what I've gathered it's normal to feel that way.

[He clears his throat and holds up a small piece of paper with writing on it.]

My first day here I met a girl in the library. She gave me a list of names of people who know about magic. She didn't give me their last names so I was hoping that perhaps someone would recognize their name. I have some questions about how magic works here.

[The list includes the following names: Henry; Sans; Lily; Nageki

He puts the list down and glances down. Yes, Albus has written notes for this post.]

One of the names is rather familiar. My sister's name is Lily, Lily Potter. If it's her then it's important that we get in touch.

Lastly, I'd like to apologize to the girl I met in the Library. I didn't get your name but then again I was being a right ass so I understand why you didn't introduce yourself. You did help me. I shouldn't have said what I said.

[Albus doesn't give any more details than that. He's hoping that the girl is watching. Otherwise, he's certain to run into her.]

Thank you for your help.

[He's come to the end of his notes. It's not the best sign off but it will have to do. He's hoping to get some answers.]


Aug. 1st, 2016 02:17 pm
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so i looked up what i could online but none of it was helpful from an experience standpoint.

does anyone here know what kind of care a weasel needs? are they all really clingy?
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[The feed starts off fuzzy for a moment, then clears to show a figure in a white and green uniform, though her helmet's off. Pidge smirks as it clears. Some people might be satisfied with the basic phone, but why settle when you can relay it into the holographically projected wrist computer that houses all your other cool toys?]

Hello. My name is Pidge. I'm… well, I'm a Paladin of Voltron, but from what I've come to understand through reading the archived posts in this network, that might not mean anything to anyone else. [At least that means the Galra Empire doesn't control this… planet? She isn't even sure if that's the right word.]

I've managed to obtain the answers to all my basic questions, and while I'm sure more will come up, for now I only have one pressing question.

[She throws her hand up, the one not transmitting the video, frustration creeping across her face.] Why are there no access panels anywhere? What's powering this mansion? I want to see how it works but I can't do that if it won't let me in!

[She exhales, clears her throat, and gives another nod.]

...that's it. Thanks.
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[He's going to regret this. He already knows he's going to regret this. But he has questions, and he's not exactly sure who to go to. Not his moms, not...anyone who would tell his moms, probably? He's going to regret this.]

So. Hi, Wonderland. Good afternoon.


I just...I had a question. So. Here it goes. My question.

How do you
I mean, when you want to know what or how, or
I mean

[Stop saying 'I mean,' Henry.]

Girls. Girls and the things that make them girls.
When do you get to see those things?

[Oh, man. He's going to have a panic attack over girls and boobs.]

I'm not trying to. I mean I just. How does anyone ever get to see them if you're also trying to be respectful?

[This is all Kenzi's fault.]


Jun. 15th, 2016 12:30 am
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Dear Wonderland.

[She says it like she's starting a letter. To all of you Wonderland girls and guys! She's obviously in her room, the wall of pasted-on Polaroid photos behind her, with softly lit lanterns hanging across the surface on thin wires. It's late at night- or rather, it's the wee hours of the morning. Max has no idea how much the old midnight gang of insomniacs still prowls around the network. She used to be pretty active at this time- not so much anymore.]

This is gonna sound kinda weird, but I swear I'm not off my rocker. Maybe groggy and craving for food, but not crazy.

[ Come on Max, stop embarrassing yourself on the network!]

I was just thinking that I would've graduated by now, since it's June. I'd probably be scrambling to find some sort of arts college that I can afford or that I can even get into. [Or not. Spending a year traveling and taking photos sounds great, too, but college seems pretty important.] And it sucks that I don't have school here.

But... obviously a lot of things suck about Wonderland. Nutso mirrors, certain newbies showing up, all kinds of scary mystery type stuff, nasty events. I mean, sometimes it's... just shit. [Like the past few days, for a lot of people. The network's been full of downers. Her brow furrows as she looks to the side, and her mouth curves into a slight frown.] And I'm sure some of us are bringing in a ton of messed up baggage from back home, too.

[She holds up a stack of instant photos, maybe seven or eight. She angles the stack sideways, so only the sides can be seen by the camera. The girl's still a little too shy to show the actual images.] But see this? Each one's a photo of a... a friend I've made here. People I could actually hang out with. [She waves the little stack at the screen, preparing herself for this next admission.] That's more friends than I had- have in my school.

So yeah, Wonderland totally bombs sometimes. But there's some pretty good stuff going on, too. And I know this is gonna be really hard right now, but I want to hear it- what's something you're super grateful for? Something you might never have had if you hadn't fallen down the rabbit hole? [She tries to make it sound like it's fun challenge, smiling timidly at the screen.] Cuz I'm sure you could name at least three things.

[[OOC: After the post, she leaves her room to roam around the mansion, phone light in hand. Feel free to bump into her wherever! Also, she'll be replying to all responses, even the ones after sunrise.]]
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[Being here is impossible. Simply being is impossible. The large, alien woman had given up her physical form to allow her son to inherit her gemstone, the source of her very essence and abilities. There's no explanation for her returning to herself, just as there's no explanation for her appearance in his Earthly -yet unearthly- place. The last thing Rose remembers is the birth, followed by simple and otherwise indescribable nothingness. Time passed, but she can only recognize that now that she's herself once more. Yet...the thought of her son weighs heavy on her mind, taking precedence over any concern she should be feeling for herself. Was he born safely? If she's here with her gemstone, was he still born half-Gem? She knows he would have been born regardless, but that doesn't ease her mind entirely. Human infants are so frail...

However, Rose Quartz knows she can't dwell on what-ifs and personal, anxious conjecture. That won't solve anything, but gathering her bearings and facts will. Small communication device in hand, she steps into the foyer of the imposing mansion, all eight feet of her (plus massive hair) making her equally imposing in her own right. She doesn't know who lives here, but if no one responds to her impeding attempt at communication, she can hopefully catch residents coming and going from the building. It's a simplistic strategy, but it's all she has until she knows more.

Without further pause, she places an all-call. Despite the warm, bell-like quality to her voice, there's a distinct unease and uncertainly based below the practiced calmness.]

This is Rose Quartz, calling all who are able.

I'd like to ask about this place, if anyone has a moment. I'm not supposed to be here. I'm... not supposed to be anywhere. So any explanations of what this place is and how it's able to do something so impossible would be greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to ask if anyone has met anyone by the name of Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Greg, or... by any possible chance, a boy name Steven from Beach city.

That is all. Thank you.

Rose Quartz out.
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[The feed opens up with with an extremely pale young woman. The most prominent feature on her being the large pearl in her forehead. It's not just on her forehead. It's literally in it. Obviously, Pearl is always oblivious to how strange she may look to those unfamiliar to Gems.

She clears her throat, smoothing out her top, to make herself more presentable before she addresses the feed.]

Hello and greetings to... whoever may be receiving this.

[She curls some pink hair from her cheek and steadies her view on the feed.]

My name is Pearl, and I'm in search of my friends. One of them is tall with two gems in her hands, one with purple skin and a gem in her chest, and the last one is a young boy named Steven. He usually wears a red shirt with a bright yellow star on it.

[Her gem glows softly, and images are produced from it. Holograms. Simplified and rigid images, but they gets the message across pretty well.

Her hands fidget as she looks around her new 'room' and the images fizzle out from view, her gemstone dimming. She shifts her weight on the bed, pursing her lips.]

We were on a very important mission, and if they were transported here as well, I'd like to regroup with them and make sure they're alright.

[Pale blue eyes look at the feed worriedly, but she fights to tug out a small smile on her lips.]

Thank you for your time.

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[When the video starts, Sirius is already out of breath. Sweat trails down his brow and he pants into the camera for a long moment before he manages to speak.]


[He swallows. Tries again.]

So this escort business. Lovely gig. Really been enjoying it. But I think I ought to be honest with you all back at the diner. And anyone who might've been waiting for some help. Because--

[Sirius' features tighten and the camera jostles awkwardly. He clears throat before beginning again.]

I think it's time this job and I go our separate ways. I'd call this my two week notice, but I'm afraid the event will likely be over long before that and...

[This time, the pain is just in his eyes.]

And I can't wait that long.

[He forces a smile, but there's no hiding the tears.]

Just. Thought you all should know.
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[Sans seems to be sitting against a tree somewhere. There's angry growling coming from the vicinity of his coat.]

so, you know, i consider myself a pretty fun-guy, but this is kinda crazy.

[This might not be the best time for puns. The growling in his coat seems to agree.]

...anyway, uh. where is everyone? if you're from the underground, check in? hell, even if you're not from the underground, check--crap--

[There's a groaning moaning sound from nearby and it's very rapidly getting closer. Sans gets to his feet and the camera swings around to show a runner about ten yards away and charging at Sans.]

ah crap hold on--

[The camera turns toward deeper in the trees and then--

[--the video seems to cut out, the screen filling with glitching static.]

[A moment later it's back. It's still the forest, and it being a forest, it's hard to tell that the location has changed much. But there's nothing groaning anymore. Just the sound of angry hissing from Sans's coat.]

[Sans lets out a breath.]

uh. anyway. just. wanna make sure everyone else is okay. i, uh. i haven't seen anyone yet, at least no one...yanno. alive.

papyrus and everyone else, let me know where you are.
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[The first image that pops up on the feed is a happily panting corgi. Then the camera redirects to show what appears to be a sleepy boar piglet. Other than the soft noises the animals are making, the only sound is some soft, muffled sniffling.

Which is revealed by the camera to be Sirius, sobbing into the hand that's slapped over his mouth.]

They're so cute. They. Look at their faces. I'm so.


I love them so much, you guys.

[The rest of the message is mostly made up of Sirius crying and petting his pets.]

( text )

Feb. 16th, 2016 12:02 am
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I seek audience with those who have known a girl named Alayne Stone.

And with those who have been good enough to name themselves my friends. I require your aid. It is a small manner but important, still.

Thank you.
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Film recommendations after 2001. Go.

PS.: Anyone seen Dr Meyers around? Bonus question: If that's a resounding no, how are we looking on actual medical personnel right now?
PPS.: Would prefer the old-fashioned science kind, but I guess I'll settle for wand waving if I've got to. No offence.

[ Anyone looking to catch Philip in Action will find him sitting in his usual library corner, doodling while he waits for inspiration on something better to do. ]
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[It's everyone's favorite loser skeleton. He's looking pretty tired.]

so that event was kinda fun, yeah? spent the whole time hanging out with a bear. can't say i've ever done that before, heh. he's--they're?--a pretty chill guy, or guys. good taste in music.

but it's pretty crazy. wonderland makes all these thinking, talking monsters, and then at the end of the event, poof. they're gone.

[Best not to think about it.]

that reminds me...

looks like my brother's gone home.
[Gone home, back to being a pile of dust in the snow. Some other Sans will find him, and so on ad nauseum. But at least now Chara can't kill him. Again.] you mighta seen him around. tall skeleton, way cooler than me. all his stuff's gone and his room's back to the default. only one thing that means around here.

[He shrugs as if it doesn't really matter. And really, does it?]

[He's about to sign off on that note, but then he pauses. There's something else he should say. Something that, if he's honest with himself, he'd be remiss not to mention. Even though it's essentially pointless and won't change whatever is going to happen.]

by the way. there's two humans here now who came from my world. frisk and chara. you might see 'em around--they're pretty independent kids, but if people could keep an eye on them both, i'd really appreciate it. frisk's a good kid. chara's...kind of a hellion. heh.

[No one would believe the truth. Right?]
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[Max has been thinking about doing this for a while, and she has to convince herself to send the invitation to the whole of Wonderland. In all honesty a smaller group would be more pleasant, but she doesn't want to start any cliques or something like that. Besides, she might actually discover more fellow nerds out there.]

Does anyone want to watch some TV shows? I'm thinking Twilight Zone or X-Files so we can pretend we're not living in them for a few hours.

I'd vote for Plan 9 from Outer Space, but I bet that won't fly.

[But yes, she's including that last one in a hopeful attempt someone will agree.]

[Action A]
Max is okay. After more than a month since the incidents in Arcadia Bay, she feels like she's had enough time to mourn and recover. The events have been fun and unique, nothing to burden her with additional weariness. People have mostly been nice to her. In fact, she's really starting to settle in to Wonderland, enough that she had comfortably camped out in the dining room to work on her journal... at nearly four in the morning.

But she fell asleep. Her sleep cycle is completely messed up after all of the long nights spent wandering around Wonderland or through the events. Even now, with her head and arms resting on the table, her sleep is shallow - she squirms, mumbling softly. Beside her is the journal, and watercolors next to that, the strong blue paint hardly touched among the rest. The open page of the journal shows a splotch of blue among some writing, an obvious attempt to start a drawing which ended with her drifting off to dreamland. A half-finished bowl of mushy cereal is also on the table next to her.

Her phone (the one from Oregon, not Wonderland) is playing music on repeat, and it happens to be playing this song when someone walks into the dining room at breakfast time.

Walks in on her being okay, obviously.
[OOC: She'll be falling asleep like this multiple nights, so feel free for multiple people to find her like that. Also, she'll probably wake up whenever someone walks in.]

[Action B]
Max is nosy as hell. Open doors, books, pieces of paper lying around - these are all fair game. If you're in the library you might find her looking into a book or some notes you left lying around. Or, if along the hallways, she might be pretty obviously looking into your room from the door you left ajar. She won't peek at anything that looks too personal of course, but that's not a well-defined boundary by any means. It doesn't seem so much like she's deliberately intruding (at least she's not trying to hide the fact that she's looking), but rather she seems curious and lost in thought.
[OOC: Prose or brackets, either works!]
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[Henry’s had a good start to the year so far. He has no idea how long it will last, but all of his parents are in Wonderland, no one is the Dark One, and he’s...happy. So, he can focus on other things, like trying to understand just how far reaching this place is, and how many realms over-lap each other. He knows there are worlds with zombies, where New York is completely over-run and America is gone, but he also lived in New York for a while, and...no zombies. So, how many versions are there?]

Hi, so. I was kind of curious about what people have experienced in their worlds versus my version of the world. So, I’m gonna toss out some things and if you could say where you’re from, and which ones you’ve heard of (not because of people talking about it here in Wonderland), that’d be cool. Oh, and maybe your best guess on what year it is at home, too.

No one has to do anything, I just thought it’d be fun. So, here are some popular things/events in history or whatever:

  • The Ogre Wars
  • The Beatles
  • Central Park
  • iPhones/Apple
  • The Dark Curse [sorry, mom, it was an event.]
  • Disco
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Titanic
  • San Francisco Earthquake (1989)
  • The Dark One
  • Internet
  • Moon landings (or space exploration in general)

    Thanks in advance if you answer back. You can ask me about events too, to see if we match on anything you think was important.
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    Hello, Wonderland.

    [The girl on the video is prim and proper, in a bright blue dress that looks like it comes from the 1950's. A bright blue hair ribbon ties back her ringlet curled ponytail, and the demure smile on her face makes her definitely seem like someone caught in an era that isn't their own. Slowly, her head tips to the side. She looks curious, like any adventurous little girl in a new place might.]

    I've been here a full day now, and have completed numerous searches to the community network. There aren't any traces of Frank Walker or Casey Newton present, though mistakes are always possible.

    [The corner of her mouth curves upward into something resembling a smirk, as if she finds what she's just said humorous.]

    I understand that I've been misplaced here, and that any attempts to escape are futile. I don't mind being here, as long as I know that Frank and Casey are safe. I want to thank whoever created the endless closets, however. Being able to wear my favorite dress again is something I didn't think would ever be possible.
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    [The video feed opens on a particularly cheerful-looking Lily Potter, dressed to follow the recent trend that seems to have sprung up within the mansion-- the familiar red with fluffy white trim is impossible to miss, hat and all. Somewhere in the background, the Potters’ cat can likely be seen wandering past with a tiny pair of reindeer antlers tied on. Any other time of year, a forced wardrobe change would have been more irritating than anything else, but this one happens to fall perfectly in line with a pet project she and James had already committed themselves to. Clearly, Wonderland knew exactly what they were up to.]

    Happy Christmas, Wonderland! [Given the lack of Jabberwock or Mirror shenanigans, Lily thinks most will agree that this one is happier than the last few, though this is only her second Christmas here in the mansion.] While we know that there are many of you who would rather be home with your loved ones this time of year, we were thinking we might bring some of our home to you!

    Yes, Happy Christmas Wonderland!

    [James can be heard before he even makes it into the frame, unable to contain himself for the short time it takes him to cross the room and join her - and when he does he’s in the same red Father Christmas outfit as her. What an adorable pair they are with their matching red suits and bright jolly smiles. He’s brought a large sack into the frame, because clearly this year they are taking Christmas into their own hands. They had already been planning something along these lines. Wonderland simply added more...enthusiasm!]

    We were thinking exactly that! Wonderland can be dreadful at the holidays, and what better way to combat that than holiday spirit and Christmas cheer? [He’s almost too excited, as if he had far too much coffee before this broadcast, but who can argue with that sort of energy?] Especially since we’ve noticed more and more children coming to Wonderland this year! Every child ought to have a gift at the holidays, don’t you agree, Lily?

    Absolutely! And while we know gifts can seem a little redundant when we have closets that provide just about anything you could possibly want, there are some things that they can’t deliver on! [She grins broadly in reply, beaming with cheer the same as her husband-- it’s hardly unheard of for either one of them to be bright or pleasant, but there’s something especially tireless about it this time around. There’s something to be said for holiday spirit, right?] There are a number of things no Christmas at Hogwarts would be complete without, and we thought we might share them with you!

    [James rummages through his bag, looking even more like Father Christmas for a brief moment, and pulls out a small basket filled with as many little gifts as they could fit into them without tearing the tissue paper and decorative cellophane.]

    There’s candy - wizard candy, naturally - and little magical toys and favours and things. Oh, and Christmas crackers! Can’t forget those!

    [He feels around in the bag again and pulls out a loose one for demonstration purposes. His hands are full now though, so with grin he offers one end of it to Lily.] On three! One, two...

    Three! [Lily obliges by taking the other end, giving it a sharp tug once the count is up. There’s a loud bang! as the cracker snaps in two, followed by a puff of bright red-and-green smoke that clears a moment later, revealing a number of live white mice that proceed to scatter, one leaping to the floor while another skitters its way up Lily’s arm, another taking a hard turn to try and get into James’ sack of gifts.] They have all sorts of gifts in them, not just mice, though we promise that any mice you do encounter will be very good-natured!

    [Madeline, for her part, edges her way back into view of the video feed, tiny reindeer antlers peeking up along the bottom edge of the screen as the mice grab and hold her attention.]

    Well, there’s at least one person who’s happy about her gift!

    [James laughs at all the mice, and gently plucks that one trying to climb in the gift sack away from it...and makes certain to set it down away from the cat.]

    Each of the crackers has got a joke as well, and- [He bends down and scoops up a top hat from the floor, and sets it right on top of his Santa hat.] -a spectacular hat! Nothing’s more Christmas-y than that in our world!

    [He puts the gift basket back inside the sack though, and closes the whole thing up.] We’ll be delivering them shortly - no need to wait until Christmas itself when Wonderland’s brought the season upon us early, right?

    We’ll be seeing you all soon! [Lily beams, reaching up to gently tip James’ top hat so that it’s just slightly askew.] Sherry and mince pie not required!

    (OOC: Network and action threads both welcome! James and Lily are available to thread out deliveries as well as chat; they will be together by default and responses will come from both Potters!)

    Entry #1

    Dec. 14th, 2015 10:05 am
    rosswood: (your editing lacks continuity)
    [personal profile] rosswood
    [It's entirely possible this man is trying to say something important on video, but there's a problem. Static keeps fuzzing intermittently across the screen in a multicolored frenzy, corrupting his words beyond much recognition. You might catch a glimpse of a face squinting at the video feed, tongue stuck out between his teeth in concentration, before the video blurs and dips. Now you're getting a lovely view of the front of his shirt, jacket strings dangling, in between the rushes of white noise.]

    -nderland thing- [sorry, can't hear you over the roaring of ZZZZZFFFFFJFFZJZJZ now crackling merrily across the video feed] -iously? Is anyo- [and poor Alex is again interrupted by another squeal of distortion. This persists for a few minutes before the feed clicks off with the disgruntled air of a frustrated sigh.

    Then, a line of text:]

    alright i guess that idea wasn't happening anytime soon
    so this is some kindof wonderland shitshow is what i'm hearing
    i'll skip the obvious has anyone tried to get out blah blah blah youve all heard it
    what i wanna know is this

    how the hell do you keep track of time around here


    Dec. 7th, 2015 09:37 pm
    henrydaniel: (; someone pls help  me talk to girls)
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    [Henry's back in Wonderland again, after his first date and subsequent rejection. Once he confirms with his mom and Robin what they all know (and perfect, they're from different time lines. But at least they left and came back together), Henry trudges back to the mansion. He's not sure if he's missed anything or if anyone else has maybe arrived or left, but he's about to find out.

    Once he's in his room and he's made sure his pen (wow, he broke the one at home and...that was...stupid), the blank book, and the ink are still secure, he settles in, still wearing his Camelot clothes. The last thing he remembers is meeting Merlin, and he takes a breath, letting it out and turning on his camera, addressing Wonderland.]

    So, I don't think I was gone that long, but just in case I was, it's Henry, and I'm back. Fresh from...Camelot. I think maybe it's been about a month back home. My mom - Regina - and Robin are back too, in case you were worried. We all left together, which is nice. It's better when you aren't worried.

    Nothing bad happened while we were gone, did it? Nothing is on fire, the mansion is still the mansion, no one seems sad in the halls, so it seems like maybe everything's okay.

    [So that's a success?]

    Hopefully all my friends are still here. Are you?
    punful: (sansye shrug)
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    [Sans is back on the network, looking a bit awkward. He's put this off for a few days but figure it's high time he said something.]

    hey, sans here. just, uh, wanted to apologize for acting so weird last week. i don't actually want to fight anyone. fighting takes way too much effort, you know? and i don't really have a bone to pick with any of you. so, no need to worry about going into the gardens.

    [He scratches the back of his skull.]

    guess that was one of those events i kept hearing about, huh? are they usually like that? messing with people's heads and memories, i mean?

    [Not that he's not used to having his memories be scrambled and confusing, but he was kinda hoping that that wouldn't be an issue here.]

    [Sans shrugs, going back into his usual nonchalance.]

    ah, well. nothing ended up happening, so it's not a big deal. now, my brother, though... [He grins.] if he tries to pick a fight with you, don't take it too personally. heh, he's a human hunting fanatic, but he doesn't mean any harm. it's kind of a thing back home, catching humans. but don't worry about him. he's a great guy.

    [Please don't hurt his brother just because Papyrus is a rambunctious goober okay? Okay.]

    anyway, that's it. figured i should...ap-ulna-gize, yeah? heh.


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