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[All over the mansion, John has been finding post it notes with poems like the following:

Dirty things. )
On his forehead when he wakes up. In his closet. In his cereal.In the boxers he was currently wearing. All in a surprisingly loving script, though some actually resemble John's own handwriting to a rather scary degree. Did Dave, like, hypnotize him or something? Somehow that's less creepy than knowing that Dave is that good at forging his handwriting...

But what is creepy either way is his sneaking suspicion that these things are all over the mansion. Where people who don't get Dave's special brand of humor might see them. John doesn't really want anybody to see the sonnets and villanelles Dave has been churning out in honor of his various body parts. It's kind of a private thing.

So, well, here goes nothing.]

hey guys uh.
if you find any post it notes today.
just burn them.
do that for me.
set them on fire.
don't even read them.
do whatever zuko does or throw a match at them.
i don't care.
just make sure there is fire involved.


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