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[ Damon's sipping on something that looks like wine - he looks bored and unimpressed but mainly wet and shirtless. He shifts and it becomes obvious that he's sitting in a bath tub, bubbles galore. Wonderland blogging out of boredom obviously.

At first it might seem like this is an accidental video but then he begins speaking and it becomes very clear that he's just not shy at all.

Pagan gods, morse code, duchesses. Anyone notice this is like Facebook for the criminally insane. [ Not that he's one to talk. ]

No offense.

[ Not that he really cares. ]
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[Largely because Dylas doesn't know what a video is, let alone how to make one happen. What he does know is that this weird thing that's attached itself to his waistcoat showed a person talking yesterday and, after following the instructions as best he could*, no prize turned up.

Unless you count the huge haul of fish he caught. That was pretty good. But it wasn't as good as the prize he wanted and assumed was on offer: to be freed from this weird place and go back home to Selphia. He feels he deserves this prize now**, and is poking at his communicator in an attempt to cash it in.

Anyone watching will get a screen full of Dylas frowning, his fuzzy horse-like ears twitching in frustration. Finally, he thinks that maybe it needs reminding where he wants to go.]


[A whole lot of absolutely nothing happens. He tries again, speaking louder and clearer.]


[He's getting very irritated with this device. What does it think it is, dropping stupid messages that give him a headache? And who gave it permission to attach itself to him? He rips the cord connecting it to his clothes and flings it on the ground. Wonderland, enjoy your close up of the bottom of Dylas's boot!]

*Not very well at all.
**He is wrong. But hey, he was also wrong about what the prize was going to be and whether or not he'd want it, so two wrongs make a sort of right if you squint really, really hard.
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From what I’m understanding, some idiot kidnapped me. Which is dumb in and of itself, I am not as nice as I look . They did a half assed job to boot; like I wasn’t a threat. There weren’t even any guards watching me. I don’t know which is more insulting: getting kidnapped by idiots or being considered harmless.

[Normally that would be great that they underestimated him but this is ridiculous. ]

Just because I wouldn’t slaughter them outright doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rip their limbs off. A person doesn’t need all of them to stay alive, you know.

...Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. All I want to do is get back to my sister, because I know she’s super worried by now. So if one of you could help me out with more information that would great.

[Killua is just upset about his missing sister, really. Nothing else is wrong with him at all. You can find him wandering around with a pout as he takes in his surroundings.]

((OOC: As a warning, there is a good chance that Killua's dearest older brother [personal profile] needlepoints  might pop up and threadjack. ))

001; video

Sep. 14th, 2014 04:36 pm
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[He's been around long enough, investigating everything long enough, Kyubey finally feels like it's time to make his network début. So, despite not having any hands or opposable thumbs to speak of, he hits a few buttons with his paws and starts up a video broadcast.

Round, red eyes stare into the camera, over the network, and you through the screen. It's understandable if anyone is made uncomfortable by this sight.

Tilting his head, he begins to speak, though his mouth doesn't move.]

Everyone here must have a wish. Something they want more than anything, even something they'd be willing to trade their lives for.

[Starting off a little cryptic... And not exactly subtle.]

For many of you, I'm certain one would be to return to your own world and leave Wonderland behind. But there must be others, as well.

[Ones he can actually grant... You know, in exchange for your souls.]

I'm curious. What wish would you have granted, if given the opportunity? And just how much would you be willing to put at stake for it?


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