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[ it probably sucks that when the video feed comes in all that the viewers are getting is a shot of someone's feet, pacing back and forth. over and over again, for at least one minute. ]

This can't be happening. This can not be happening. Gods, this is not happening right now. [ it's not like he's crazy or anything, just super disorientated and not at all organized. that doesn't have to mean he's crazy! so the talking to himself part is concerning, big deal. like you've never! let's be real, though, he'd still be doing it if he didn't step too close and send the device skidding about a foot, making him kneel down to pick it up and realize it's recording.

this kid is not a sight for sore eyes, or any eyes. he's scuffed up, exhausted, covered in scratches and probably some bruises. and yes. yes, that is dried blood.
] Is this thing recording?

[ some beads are visible around his neck along with a dull orange t-shirt that says Camp Half-Blood, which is somewhat legible. if you can get past the tear or two. ] I wish I could say I've never been on Who Wants To Kill Percy Jackson? before, but I'd by lying. So if you're hearing this right now, you can skip the basics. The wheres and the whats, I'll wing it. Just— [ and he's trying super hard here not to let his shoulders sag or his eyes give away how tired he is. ] Annabeth Chase. I need to know where she is.

[ and yes, he can actually care less about how many monsters using this device draws to him. ]
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[Mumbled as the video feeds starts up, showing a girl with electric blue eyes, freckles across her nose, and black hair. There’s a circlet around her head- a tiara if one will that doesn't quite go with the first impression that she gives- and her silver jacket, somewhat ill-suited for the current climate, is partially open, revealing a white t-shirt.

She appears determined and annoyed, as she gives what can only be described as an evil glare to the thing she is holding, and when she finally speaks, her voice holds her impatience, but also an authoritative tone.]

As if there isn't enough to do, that I need some other nonsense thrown on my plate.

[So… Her eyes narrow.]

Listen. I’m not sure if this is some joke, or if something has happened, again… Or who is really behind this or what they want. But I need to know where I supposedly am and what’s supposedly going on. For anyone listening- [Putting emphasis on that] this is Thalia, Lieutenant of Artemis. Can any other Hunters hear me? I need you to check in as soon as possible. Time is running out… And I swear, if Hera so much as had any role in this- what a loose cannon.


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