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[Now that the mansion and its residents are no longer contending with pollution and starvation, Jack has cleaned himself up and donned one of his usual spangled masks.]

[Locked from Chell]

I...have a question.


How do you tell if--if you like somebody?
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Why is this happening and who do I have to punch to make it stop?

[Jack has made it as far as the beach seeking out better scenery, only to be greeted by a roiling tide of oily slop and garbage. When he'd first seen the smoggy skies and felt the burning in his lungs, he'd tried using his control over the wind to clear the air, but all he'd managed to produce was a dark, toxic-smelling whirlwind. Next he tried flying above the toxic clouds, but the pollution just stretched endlessly above him. Eventually he'd been grounded completely, his lungs on fire and his head dizzy. He doesn't really need to breath, being essentially dead already, but it's clear that confronting the clouds directly was not been a good decision for his overall well-being.

Now walking along the beach, his feet covered in sticky black sludge, Jack leans a little more heavily on his staff than usual. Every once in a while he coughs up something black, looks really annoyed, and mutters to himself. To take out his frustrations he begins picking up random bits of trash off the beach- bottles, cans, the occasional shoe- and batting them as hard as he can with his staff. Some of the weaker pieces freeze and shatter instantly on contact, but others make it far out into the ocean, slowly sinking back into the sludge. This probably looks really odd for anyone who doesn't believe in Jack, as from their perspective there's just a lot of trash spontaneously exploding or leaping back into the ocean by itself.]
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[John's got a tent up outside which he's stockpiling with food, just in case. He's been sticking mostly to the Cheetos and Mountain Dew line of thinking, so he hasn't really needed to head into the kitchen. Instead, you'll probably catch him going to the nearest closet inside the mansion, loading up, and then heading back inside. He's already given up on trying to blow the smog away, so he's got a gas mask on.

You might notice that, for a normally pretty friendly guy, John's keeping to himself an awful lot...]
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[Ah yes, Wonderland gives us an unintentional video today as Sollux enters the kitchen. He's got a very serious gaming marathon going on which has led to the inevitable -- A HUNGER THAT NO CLOSET FOOD CAN SATISFY. This kid needs nerd food. He walks over to the oven and looks down at it.]

Okay I need a fuck ton of bagel biteth.

[The oven pops out a serving of the things. Sollux is not amused.]

No, I thaid gimmie a tonne.

[Of course there's no actually way of knowing if he says 'ton' as opposed to 'tonne', but we'll have to give it the benefit of the doubt. As you know, the mansion does, as it proceeds to generously present the troll with a tidal wave metric ton of pizza flavored bagels. That's like 45,545 of the things, son.]

JEGUTH. [And then the camera politely shuts off.]
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[Someone has had just about enough of the mansion and has decided he's taking his furry self out into the forest for a while. He has missed communing with the trees. Even if they're mostly sleeping, right now.

With the snow and all, The Lorax has actually donned an appropriately sized sweater and scarf combo. It's not the most dignified thing, but it'll do, given the cold.

The video switches on to find the Lorax digging through some snow. The camera's not high off the ground, probably perched on a log or rock a few feet away. The Lorax doesn't notice it's on and keeps digging, sighing sadly every once in a while.]
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[Jack has never felt more betrayed in his life, and the traitor in question is the wind. One minute he was just soaring along, trying to decide whether hitting a town with a snowstorm over Christmas break would be an appreciated bonus or an empty joy since classes were already cancelled. The next minute he was tumbling roughly out of the sky. He shakes his head, his blurry vision coming into focus to reveal an unfamiliar forest that definitely was not below him a few minutes ago. The wind has always taken Jack where he wants to go, but now he's not even sure where he is.]

Did I black out?

[Jack talks to himself. It's a habit you pick up when nobody else can talk to you.]

That's never happened before.

[Maybe he ran into one of North's portals? He scans the sky, looking for some sign of that awesome sleigh, but there's nothing there. He looks around the nearby woods, but doesn't see any yetis or six-foot rabbits or any of the other creatures that tend to kidnap him. He grins.]

It looks like after three hundred years I'm still finding new ways to get into trouble.

[Feeling that walking might be the safer bet, Jack makes his way out of the woods.] )


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