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It’s surprising how many of you can’t keep healthy. A few squats in the morning, a good ol’ huff and a puff in the lungs—you’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time at all! It’s laziness, I think. You children are so lazy. Sigh.

Well, a spoon full of sugar, as they say. You’re going to need a lot of spoons, oh dear.
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Oh, how sad. How so very unfortunately sad. The saddest thing that ever did happen in the history of sad, no good, very bad things. Perhaps I should write a poem? That’s an excellent idea. Maybe a haiku—that’s a proper artform.

Who might your friends be?
All who smile, deceivers.
Leaves fall from brown trees.

Exceptional! That was a particularly good poem, especially that little bit about nature. Maybe I should get it published...


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