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[Somebody with actual expertise in these matters should probably say something, so Regina puts yelling at Henry on pause to grab her device and make a hurried broadcast.]

Everything Henry said about the Sleeping Curse is true, especially the part about True Love's Kiss. It's the most powerful magic in our world, and it can break almost any curse.

[Well, it can break any curse but as usual, there's loopholes galore sometimes.]

As for the curse itself, it won't cause any harm on its own but... I don't know if it will work the same here, but there's a chance there might be an epidemic of nightmares after this. It traps a person's soul in the Netherworld where they're forced to endlessly dream about their own regrets, and for some time after being woken up, they can experience nightmares of being trapped back there again.

They'll fade with time, but until then, there isn't much to be done.

[Especially since the only amulet that can afford a person a measure of control is back in Storybrooke.]

And don't worry, I'll be making sure this never happens again.
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under the cut: bruce/henry. post cut: network post. )

[Well, he’s going to be grounded for the rest of his natural life. Convenient that none of his family will fall under the curse because they’re all immune. After thinking about it, all he can do is address Wonderland en masse.]

Uh. Hi. So. You guys may have...noticed people falling asleep and some purple smoke?

[Deep breath.]

It’s called a sleeping curse. And it’s from my world. It’s not supposed to go through the air like this though. It’s like the curse from Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, if you have those in your world. Poison apple, prick of a spindle or a needle...

...The only way to wake someone up
[and BOY IS HE SORRY ABOUT THIS] is true love’s kiss. But that doesn’t have to mean a romantic person. It can be a spouse or significant other but it can also be a sibling, parent, best friend. If you love that person, it should work. Otherwise...they’re just asleep. That’s all.

[And he has no idea how to wake them up.]

I think since we are in Wonderland and it only likes things to be temporary, the whole thing will end in at most a couple days. And if not I’ll work with everyone I can here to make it better. I’m...I’m really sorry? I was just trying to show one person how magic and science work together.

[Bruce chimes in with some more practical suggestions, not ignoring Henry’s apology but not addressing it yet either.]

If you find anyone lying around in strange and random places, it might be for the best to get them somewhere safe. Either their own bedroom, or we can make use of one of the empty rooms here for everyone. It might be better to have someplace where it’s easier to keep an eye on everyone, especially if it takes any longer than a day or two for this to pass.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking into a way to fix this.
[A way that’s not a kiss, anyway.] Any scientists and magic users are more than welcome. We could use the help, I think.

[ooc: feel free to have people react to either Bruce or Henry on the network post, action tag them in the lab, and of course, use this post as gathering for all your rping needs! The lab portion with Bruce and Henry was not broadcast to the mansion. You're more than welcome to create your own posts. For more info on this plot, including the duration, see this post. blue - henry, green - bruce.]
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[ If there's anything on Sam's mind about people who may or may not have disappeared from Wonderland recently, he doesn't say it. In fact, he looks and sounds like a person who is trying very hard to stay busy, to keep his mind occupied in the midst of something else. Hence: ]

So, I realized recently that we've got a problem. People here get excited about the closets - "cool, I can get a... damn miniature unicorn out of them" - but I think we can get a little irresponsible about it. If you're pulling living things out of the closets, then they're your responsibility. Don't dream up a hundred and one dalmatians if you've never taken care of anything before.

[ God knows these people can barely take care of themselves most of the time (Sam himself included). ]

That's not even getting into whether or not they're really... real; this isn't a discussion about the actual animal status of Wonderland animals. [ He pinches the bridge of his nose, feeling a little headache coming on. ] What I'm trying to say is that you get a few pets, fine, and then... one day, you might leave for good. Then, we've still got Fido here without an owner. I'm planning on setting up something in the basement that can help with the animals that're left behind. Maybe just like a doggie daycare sort of thing. I can't be there all the time, so... if anyone else is interested, maybe we could set up shifts, figure out what we've got, here.

[ There's a thoughtful pause. ]

If there's something a little more dangerous than dogs and cats, we'll deal with that, too. For now, just let me know if you want to get involved, or if you've got someone's pet with you that you inherited and can't really take care of. We can't forget about those guys.

[ Whether he means the abandoned animals or their vanished owners is unclear as he ends the feed. ]
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[Elizabeth looks far more comfortable addressing the network than at her arrival just a few short months ago. She's sat in her room, the ornate belle époque furnishings visible in the background, and music crackling away on the gramophone; a song that may sound odd in its arrangement to those familiar with it. She offers a friendly smile and waves hello before she speaks.]

I realised the other day just the sheer amount of books and moving pictures I have to catch up on, given that most people here from a version of Earth are so far ahead in time from me. And that's not to mention culture from completely different worlds, too! I'm at a bit of a loss where to start. Max said I should watch animation by Disney, but does anyone else have other recommendations? I think I'm going to make a list.


Jun. 18th, 2016 06:09 pm
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After a conversation a short while ago, I find myself wondering if anyone has ever made any attempt to organise a group of people willing to teach other capable individuals their combat skills.

[He had thought about simply doing it himself - he knows he can, but he will get nowhere by stepping on toes.]

If they haven't, then I'd like to begin. It won't be something suitable for everyone, but it should be available to everyone, should they want and be able to engage in it.
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[ It's like 9pm on a Friday and to say Chuck is 'drunk' is a vast understatement.

But Aussie's are built tough, so when he comes on the network, he's not even slurring. ]

Right, 's been a while, kids. We're gonna play a game. Ever hear of word association? I say a word, you say the first thing that comes to mind in association with that word.

I'll start.


(( ooc; chuck's drunk and bored. come at him with words, feel free to threadjack if other players are okay with it, or just bounce back and forth with Chuck. ))
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So, hey, Jack here.

[The video shows the man with the mismatched eyes framed neatly in a large room. It looks more like an office than a bedroom, but the wall behind him seems to be almost entirely taken up by a large window that overlooks Wonderland. He's sitting in an overly large yellow chair, looking into the camera of his device with his fingers laced together and propped under his chin.]

In light of recent weirdness, I was curious about something: So do any of you scrubs actually keep in touch regularly with your doppelgänger? Like, the usual morning 'Sup' scrolled on the mirror and the evening, 'How was your wonder-tastic day?' type dealio? 'Cause honestly? Mine's loonier than a Scav on Mercenary day after he's had a few, [He mimes knocking back a few drinks with his hand.] and that's saying something in comparison to the people I've met on Elpis.

I mean, the guy can just watch me do whatever I do through any mirrored surface and that's just normal? Any of you feel a little self conscious when you're jacking off or something? Maybe there's a deranged dead ringer on the other side watching you get your rocks off. It's weird, right? Point is, wow, am I the only one interested in this?


Jun. 15th, 2016 12:30 am
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Dear Wonderland.

[She says it like she's starting a letter. To all of you Wonderland girls and guys! She's obviously in her room, the wall of pasted-on Polaroid photos behind her, with softly lit lanterns hanging across the surface on thin wires. It's late at night- or rather, it's the wee hours of the morning. Max has no idea how much the old midnight gang of insomniacs still prowls around the network. She used to be pretty active at this time- not so much anymore.]

This is gonna sound kinda weird, but I swear I'm not off my rocker. Maybe groggy and craving for food, but not crazy.

[ Come on Max, stop embarrassing yourself on the network!]

I was just thinking that I would've graduated by now, since it's June. I'd probably be scrambling to find some sort of arts college that I can afford or that I can even get into. [Or not. Spending a year traveling and taking photos sounds great, too, but college seems pretty important.] And it sucks that I don't have school here.

But... obviously a lot of things suck about Wonderland. Nutso mirrors, certain newbies showing up, all kinds of scary mystery type stuff, nasty events. I mean, sometimes it's... just shit. [Like the past few days, for a lot of people. The network's been full of downers. Her brow furrows as she looks to the side, and her mouth curves into a slight frown.] And I'm sure some of us are bringing in a ton of messed up baggage from back home, too.

[She holds up a stack of instant photos, maybe seven or eight. She angles the stack sideways, so only the sides can be seen by the camera. The girl's still a little too shy to show the actual images.] But see this? Each one's a photo of a... a friend I've made here. People I could actually hang out with. [She waves the little stack at the screen, preparing herself for this next admission.] That's more friends than I had- have in my school.

So yeah, Wonderland totally bombs sometimes. But there's some pretty good stuff going on, too. And I know this is gonna be really hard right now, but I want to hear it- what's something you're super grateful for? Something you might never have had if you hadn't fallen down the rabbit hole? [She tries to make it sound like it's fun challenge, smiling timidly at the screen.] Cuz I'm sure you could name at least three things.

[[OOC: After the post, she leaves her room to roam around the mansion, phone light in hand. Feel free to bump into her wherever! Also, she'll be replying to all responses, even the ones after sunrise.]]
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Greetings denizens of Wonderland!

[Bubblegum looks excited today. She has a lab coat on over her pink dress, her hair piled into a bun and out of the way.]

I have made some rather alarming discoveries, and I thought I would share them with you.

[She fiddles with a remote and the picture is replaced with an image, her face shrinking to a smaller box in the corner.]

For those of you from less scientifically advanced worlds, this is a PET scan. It shows activity in the brain. As you can see, I've marked off several areas of note. This subject made an excellent example, as they have experienced unrelated amnesia as well as Wonderland memory loss. You see in "Area A," there's a darker smudge? That is what I'd expect memory loss to look like. This subject's memories have been manipulated rather extensively, so it isn't surprising that the data would be a little... fuzzy.

But the areas marked "B" and "C".... when I first noticed those I thought there might be something wrong with my equipment, but after discussion with the subject and testing my equipment further, I am forced to conclude that my reading is correct.

My subject has lost two memories from the so-called "Wonderland Events" and traded one away to the vendors. She has three dots where there is simply... no data, two smaller, one larger. This should not be possible. It certainly is alarming. Nothing should be able to remove data so thoroughly. Nothing. But if my hypothesis is correct, Wonderland is doing just that.

[She touches her control again, sending the brain scan away, her own image now taking up the entire screen. She smiles sunnily.]

Anyway, I'm happy to share my full report with anyone interested. I'd also welcome anyone willing to volunteer as a subject. The more data we have, the more substantial a theory I can build.

Thank you for your time. I will take any and all questions you may have now.


Apr. 26th, 2016 02:50 pm
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Hey, Wonderland. Henry Mills here. And I wanted to keep a running tally of all the monsters or villains that you know of from your world that could come here. And then note whether or not they have been here.

I'll need people's help since I've only been here a year and a half, and I'm not sure what was here before me. So, I'll go start:

  • Ice queens (but only evil ones) - One named Ingrid was here but left.
  • Dark One (any form)
  • Ogres
  • Peter Pan - he was here and left a while ago
  • Curses (any type, usually there are a lot of clouds that build up before hand)
  • Poison apples/spindles/pointy things
  • Dragons (but not all of them are bad so you have to be careful)
  • Cruella de Vil
  • Zelena (she's here. Hi, Zelena. Sorry you're on this list.)
  • Flying monkeys (but they're actually people so...I'm not sure what to do about that?)
  • King Arthur
  • Trolls
  • Mermaids (but NOT Ariel.)

  • There's probably more, anyone from home can add to this. But yeah, it just might be good to know what to be aware of?


    Apr. 5th, 2016 11:11 pm
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    Alright, how many of us got roped into taking care of a cat?

    [Us, because there's a sweet little kitten climbing up her arm. Black fur, bright eyes, and an obvious talent for clinging to her new owner. The cat seemed familiar in a way Emma couldn't walk away from. Maybe it was because she needed a home, maybe it was because she's clearly a troublemaker covered in fluff.

    Only time will tell whether or not it was a good idea. She's still wondering how Henry's dog will respond to her, and whether or not this is going to be the disaster Emma thinks it could be.

    The sad eyes got to her; the truth is, they work every time.]

    And what did you name it?

    Entry #4

    Apr. 4th, 2016 10:08 am
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    [Oh god. Oh god. The horror's coiled tight in his chest, flat and sick and heavy, his mouth powder-dry as he rolls over and scrambles to his feet. That's another death down, Kralie. Burning through them awful quick, aren't you?

    Burning - oh jesus christ. And it's the fourth on top of it. He died on what, the second, and now it's the fucking fourth. Perfect.

    He needs to try and set this right, as much as he can. And not by fucking dismembering anyone who's been even vaguely friendly to him. He punches out his message with trembling fingers.]

    hell of an event.

    [God no, that just sounds so damned casual. Shit shit shit shit.]

    well sorry for freaking people out. wasn't in my right mind. i don't think anyone was so

    [Pause. This is grief. This is what grief feels like.]

    today's april 4th.

    it's my birthday.

    [Happy birthday, Alex. You almost killed the only person you can call your friend here, and then you died because of it. And you know what? You deserved it.]

    [text - private to Max]

    I guess sorry doesn't really cover it. I know I messed up. A lot.

    Please tell me you didn't die.

    [text - private to Evelyn]

    I know what you did. Don't worry about it.
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    [From the Korcari Wilds to the gilded corridors of Orlesian palaces to the mysterious hallways of this very mansion, observation has been key. There are few betters ways for Morrigan to learn, and learn she must.

    As a black cat with watchful golden eyes, she spends an entire afternoon studying anyone who uses the network in the mansion's more public areas, particularly the gardens, the dining room, and the library. Those who seem to be moving from one place to another with a very specific destination in mind also earn her attention. The cat shows no fear, moving in close when the need arises, but attempts to touch her are met with evasive maneuvers.]


    [Later, in the evening, she resorts to privately using the network herself, her observation paying off to some small degree. Without introduction or pointless small talk, she launches directly into what currently weighs on her mind.]

    I am led to believe that leaving this place by choice is unlikely. I would speak to anyone who has attempted it. Or perhaps those who know someone who has disappeared. Is there a pattern that has been pieced together?

    (ooc: I'll be pretty steady with tags this afternoon/tonight but then I'll be unusually slow for about a week. If that's okay with you, tag away!)
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    -land's influence on you. [ Good morning from the tired and faintly exasperated countenance of Robyn, who hastily replaces a wayward braid behind her ear before actually attending to the broadcast. She smiles wearily, clearing her throat before addressing the mansion. ]

    Hello, Wonderland. In case we've yet to meet, my name is Robyn Cousland of the Gr- [ She cuts off momentarily to glance away, frowning, and speaks to someone or something off-camera. ] Stop. Sit.

    [ There's a low whine, but she returns to the device with a satisfied, short sigh. ]

    When I arrived, I... found, if it can be called that, a mabari - a Ferelden hound - in the wardrobe of my room. He isn't nearly as well-behaved as my own, unfortunately; he seems much younger, though I've just been thinking it might be because of the way that this place seems to affect us all. Though, luckily, we haven't all been taking little things from other people and hiding them away.


    Which... brings me to my point, which is that the dog has apparently been taking things that don't belong to him. Some of them have names written in them, some books, but most of these things have been difficult to return. I know for a fact that he confiscated possessions of an Emily Bennett, Evelyn O'Connell, and Cullen Rutherford. Also... [ At this, the Warden sifts through the pile as she speaks: ] Several boots, gloves, and gauntlets, mostly leather. A... necklace, I think, made of bone, a clay flower pot, some kind of- [ Maker's breath. She looks momentarily pained and spots of pink rise into the apples of her cheeks. ] Something... called Busty Asian Beauties, and several other things I've yet to identify.

    [ The picture on the cover of that particular piece of reading material is overwhelmingly embarrassing and she hastens to end the broadcast. ]

    Andraste's grace. Please stop by room thirty on the first floor if you've been missing something, or just tell me what you've lost and I will return it once I've made some sense of this mess.
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    I'll be honest, I don't know how all of you are living here.
    Not existing, I don't need an explanation for that. I just...

    [She's trapped by a future that hasn't happened yet. Hook doesn't have to tell her she's gone dark for her to know he was thrown by the fact that she wasn't. If there's going to be a fight, she's going to lose. In his future, she's the Dark One.

    And to have it not happen just because she's here, when she doesn't know why, or for how long, or what this place wants out of her is maddening.]

    I feel like I'm waiting for someone to flip the switch and send me back to my life. And I don't know whether to want that because it's mine or to want this because it could always be worse.

    [She could be the person Hook thought she was. And eventually, she will be.]
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    [When the feed clicks on, at first all it shows is a view of Regina and Robin's room; it's tidy, but there's touches of both of them visible and a large chemistry set in the background. Soon, the device is jostled as someone picks it up and Regina comes into view. For once, she doesn't look like her entire world is awful forever, instead, she looks remarkably happy.]

    Wonderland. [That's it. That's your greeting.] Recent developments, both here and at home, have reminded me of the pressing need to figure out a solution to our little memory problem.

    [Unfortunately, her own missing memories are back home trapped in a dreamcatcher...]

    So, if you come from a land with magic, I'd like to talk to you.

    [Regina reaches down to turn off the device, before she stops. Her smile warms again before she speaks.]

    Before I go, I want to let everybody know that there'll be another wedding in the near future. Robin Hood and I are getting married.

    [So everybody can expect another giant party. The feed clicks off after that.]
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    [He's waited probably longer than he should have, but that's how it goes when you're the exception to the rule. Most people, when they go and come back, are gone for a week at most. Then they show back up, memories in tact, bringing with them some new information or development from back home. Any longer than that and they don't remember Wonderland, instead showing up just the same as a person there for the first time: lost, confused, pissed off at the circumstances.

    But Neal had been gone two months, then came back remembering everything. So maybe someone else could too, and that's what it's taken so long for him to actually make the announcement.]

    Don't know if anyone ever put it on the network, but Elphaba Thropp's gone home. [She's been gone, but today is February 14th. It would've been a year--you know. If Neal hadn't vanished for those two months and come back to find her gone, plus that whole mess with the curse of Shattered Sight before. Still, what they had? Had been good most days.

    Sucks that it ended like it had, but then--they were in Wonderland.]

    Happy Valentine's Day to those celebrating it.

    [Neal, personally, is not. Which is why he's going to be in the bar, thank you very much, having a drink in memory of his departed girlfriend.]
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    happy singles awareness day
    did you know that saint valentine was full of shit
    i mean maybe he wasn't but theres no way to know since theres like no actual history on this guy
    there are records of three different saint valentines
    though i guess the one thing thats consistent is that pretty much all of them died horribly

    anyway there's your exciting earth history fact of the day
    have fun

    [Alex, for his part, is currently planning on getting at least a little buzzed tonight. Despite the apparent bitterness of that mass-network text, he's not technically single. His SO just happens to not be here. Hence, drinking. Hence, bitterness.

    Hence, that fun Valentine's Day Historical Fact.

    Anyone looking for him will find him at the bar.]
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    Film recommendations after 2001. Go.

    PS.: Anyone seen Dr Meyers around? Bonus question: If that's a resounding no, how are we looking on actual medical personnel right now?
    PPS.: Would prefer the old-fashioned science kind, but I guess I'll settle for wand waving if I've got to. No offence.

    [ Anyone looking to catch Philip in Action will find him sitting in his usual library corner, doodling while he waits for inspiration on something better to do. ]
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    [So in case anyone is curious? Cami's day has sucked even before the trip through dimensions. She'd been grabbed by Klaus' creepy old vampire serial killer Lucien, left to find a dying man she couldn't save, then made suspect number one by Kinney, who not only thinks she's a murderer because she's an O'Connell, but who broke into her family's private collection of black magic knick-knacks to arrest her.

    And that's just today. Let's not talk about the rest of her year, at least not before she's gotten her memories back and hit the bar.

    Oh, and gotten the handcuffs off. See, part of being arrested involves having her hands bound behind her by really uncomfortable, really inconvenient metal shackles. Then add in Wonderland's influence, and instead of finding herself guided into the back of a police car, Cami lands on her ass in the middle of the mansion foyer. This is her life, and it kind of sucks right now.

    Bonus? The fall jostles her cellphone from her pocket, and starts the video. So never mind that she's already in one of the mansion's most highly trafficked areas; now her blight is being broadcast for all to see. Picture one blonde, huffing out a breath as she shifts so she's sitting upright on the floor.]

    What the hell? Kinney? [Shaking her head Cami looks around, trying to figure out just what's happening now. Granted, this isn't the first time she's found herself disoriented in some place new, but traveling at superspeed because a vamp's gotten hold of her arm feels different than whatever just happened--because Cami can't remember feeling anything at all.

    Still, she has to wonder if it might have been Lucien again--at least until she gets a better look around. A vague sense of familiarity grows into certainty, old memories slipping back into their rightful places. She knows where she is, how impossible it is and how undeniably true all the same. She's back in Wonderland, and as it all clicks she twists around until she sees her cellphone off to the side, conveniently already recording.


    So...hi there, Wonderland. This is Cami. [Why is this her life again?] Short story, I just got brought back from a trip home, and now I'm inconveniently stuck at the entrance and could use some help. Bring lockpicks. And maybe bourbon.

    [And that's it! Sort of. Cami can't exactly turn off the feed in her current state, but with a bit of shuffling she does manage to knock the phone over so it's not pointing at her. That's progress, right?]
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    ( after the brusqueness of his arrival, it takes a little bit to get to using the network. he wasn't expecting to dig in his pockets and find a new variety of talking phone, all right? who even knew that it's possible to have more than one kind of talking phone?

    once he finds it and figures out what it's for, his first move is probably a predictable one. he looks tired and maybe a little sick as he addresses Wonderland, still dressed in whatever he was wearing when he poofed back from Camelot, but his mind is on different things. )

    How do I get out of here?

    ( that's it. short and to the point. too bad he's not getting out. )
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    [Henry’s had a good start to the year so far. He has no idea how long it will last, but all of his parents are in Wonderland, no one is the Dark One, and he’s...happy. So, he can focus on other things, like trying to understand just how far reaching this place is, and how many realms over-lap each other. He knows there are worlds with zombies, where New York is completely over-run and America is gone, but he also lived in New York for a while, zombies. So, how many versions are there?]

    Hi, so. I was kind of curious about what people have experienced in their worlds versus my version of the world. So, I’m gonna toss out some things and if you could say where you’re from, and which ones you’ve heard of (not because of people talking about it here in Wonderland), that’d be cool. Oh, and maybe your best guess on what year it is at home, too.

    No one has to do anything, I just thought it’d be fun. So, here are some popular things/events in history or whatever:

  • The Ogre Wars
  • The Beatles
  • Central Park
  • iPhones/Apple
  • The Dark Curse [sorry, mom, it was an event.]
  • Disco
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Titanic
  • San Francisco Earthquake (1989)
  • The Dark One
  • Internet
  • Moon landings (or space exploration in general)

    Thanks in advance if you answer back. You can ask me about events too, to see if we match on anything you think was important.
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    So I'm pretty sure people have asked these before me but I couldn't find an archive of FAQ anywhere and I just want to be on the safe side:

    1. can we assume all food inside the mansion is safe? I'm p sure the rule was some would make a person smaller and/or bigger and I'm really not feeling the whole different perspectives experience.

    2. is anyone here somehow experienced with traveling through the multiverse aside of arriving here? if so, I'd like a word. I'm Barry Allen and I'm @ third floor.


    Jan. 4th, 2016 02:15 pm
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    [The transmission starts after a small pause. The speaker takes a breath and when he does speak his voice is like graveled velvet and honey - low and smoky with an intercontinental but mostly American accent.]

    Ranger Raleigh Becket initiating mayday protocol. Serial R-RBEC_122.21-B. Signaling PPDC personnel and or United Nations affiliates.

    Location and status are unknown. Any information at all would be appreciated.. I am attempting to make contact with my people or the Shatterdome in Hong Kong.

    If anyone is hearing this.. If this isn’t all a dream.

    [The main body of the message is repeated in French, German, and Japanese before the transmission ends.]
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    Good thing that's over.

    [Zelena's doing her best to look completely unimpressed and like she didn't spend the majority of the Christmas season in a dungeon or dealing with goblins when she wasn't trapped in the already mentioned Krampusjail.]

    In fact, between this year and last year, I'm rather glad we didn't have nonsense like this where I come from.

    [There's probably not Christmas in Oz. If anything, there's probably some sort of horrible holiday called Zelenamas.]

    But still, I don't suppose anyone's seen that horrid creature around, have they? I'm assuming he's disappeared with the rest of the...well, I suppose everything except the snow, but I'd certainly like to return the favor if it hasn't.

    [...maybe she should've said which creature she meant.]


    Dec. 29th, 2015 12:58 pm
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    I found a, uh...

    [He waves a small leather-bound book with a flaking gilt cross pressed into the cover at the camera.]

    This. In the room I'm usin'. Don't know if it's someone's idea of a bad fuckin' joke or what... [The last part is muttered to himself as he flicks the book open to a marked page and sets it down, focusing the video on the passage.]

    Reading ain't a strong point of mine. Someone could do me a big favour in tellin' me what the hell this says.


    Dec. 23rd, 2015 10:15 pm
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    [The video shows a disheveled looking Gamora who appears to have been in some sort of fight. There are scratches all over her face and her arms, wherever skin is visible. Her blood is dark green, by the way, if you were wondering. She looks into the camera, not caring how she appears to issue the warning.]

    A strange creature entered my room last night and assaulted me! He kept hitting me with a sharp branch, but I managed to fend him off and escape.

    If you see him, take care. Call for help immediately. He's large, with black fur, horns, and a long, disgusting tongue. He also carries a sack.

    [The sound of chains rattling is then heard and Gamora turns to look. She might be in for round 2 very soon.]


    Dec. 22nd, 2015 04:38 pm
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    [Kaneki has been having a fairly uneventful Ewaymas so far, but he appears on the network now, looking a bit unsettled. He's standing somewhere in the library, as the book shelves stretching behind him attest.]

    I was wondering...does anyone else have one of these following them around?

    [He turns his camera to point at this fine fellow, who's standing a bit behind him in the aisle. Kaneki keeps the camera on the reaper for a moment, before turning it back on himself.]

    It isn't really doing anything, except following me around, so I don't think there's any danger. But I'm not sure where it came from or what it means that it's here... [He rubs at the back of his neck with one hand, uncomfortable with the whole thing.] Does anyone have any ideas?
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    That's one hell of a welcoming committee.

    [So far, all Ewaymas has offered her is more of the same; another opportunity to run for her life, courtesy of a flesh-eating wendigo. Getting the lay of the land had been a good idea until that thing showed up while she was out in the forest. The result is a breathless savior talking through panted breaths. She might not know what's going on here, but she doesn't like it.

    Then again, getting trapped in another realm is never really a pleasant experience for her, and she's done it a few of times now.]

    I'm guessing all of you can see me.

    [It's a shaky image; she's still moving, rushing around to avoid something she's already outrun. You might be able to catch her as she heads into the mansion, slowing her pace just enough to avoid a collision with anyone who she might run into now that she's indoors.]

    My name is Emma Swan, and I'm from a town called Storybrooke. If that means anything to you, I need you to say something. [Honestly, she doesn't even know what the hell to hope for. She doesn't want her family involved in this. They spend more time falling through portals than they do safe at home. If she has to take this on by herself, she will.

    All she needs now is confirmation; if they're where they're supposed to be, then this is about finding a way home. A portal, a magic bean, anything that gets her back to the moment she was pulled away from. ]
    ... If it doesn't, and you know a way out of here, that would help, too.

    [ooc: Feel free to catch her wandering through the mansion if you want to see her in person.]


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