Jul. 31st, 2015 08:51 pm
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With all of this activity around Wonderland, I would wager that we are facing a coming apocalypse or something of the like. It's all just so exciting.

That being said, has anyone noticed items missing from your personal possession? I dislike being stolen from and the item was precious to me. I will forgive the thief this once, if they present themselves. After that...I am not so kind.
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Well, that was eventful. At least things seem back to normal, now. It was a bit of seeing "the man behind the curtain," wasn't it? No offense to those of your from Oz, of course. [ Snow White sighs; she's thinking of a particular flying monkey whose assistance she's starting to miss. ]

I'm not exactly sure if this has been asked before, but are there are records of the people of Wonderland? Not the residents, just us. Our... histories, names, that sort of thing.

[ She hasn't had much luck with her own project, in noting it all in a book, unfortunately. ]

Aside from the network. But I guess it would be too convenient to ask for.

[ beat ]

I'm sure that it was taken in the Mirrors' rampant thievery, but has anyone seen a few [ there's the tiniest hesitation, barely discernible, and then: ] pictures? They've gone missing; they've very important to me.


Jul. 24th, 2015 02:21 pm
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[ Robin generally prefers spending his time outdoors, when the weather and circumstances allow for it, of course. The forest isn't always the most hospitable environment, but in an explicable and inescapable way, it will always be home, no matter where he happens to be. When he's doing target practice, though, he tends to keep to the gardens, especially if he's teaching others, as it's much safer that way. Unless he's hunting, and then he ventures further into the forest.

But though he's been teaching a few friends how to handle a bow, Robin's been considering making an offer to the network at large. The more prepared everyone is, the better. Given what's just happened with the rips, it seems more imperative now than ever. ]

I was wondering how many others here in Wonderland know how to wield a bow?

[ He's boasted to many people before that his arrow never misses its mark, and he's tempted to playfully declare that very same thing now, but he tempers himself, not wanting to put off anyone who doesn't know him and his penchant for cheekiness. He's not really cocky, just...confident. ]

If you're not familiar with using one, would you perhaps like to learn? I have years of practice, I'm quite skilled, and I'd enjoy the chance to help others who might want to learn, either for fun or in defense. Especially in Wonderland and given what's happened recently, one can never be too careful or prepared.
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Right. That was weird. Those rips were kind of fun, but I was hoping one of them would take me back.

[ as if waving off all that just happened, seemingly unperturbed by the fact that he's in a brand new world with dimensional rifts and portals and what have you. he lifts a piece of bread to his mouth and rips off a big bite. if you look carefully you can tell where he is, but his camera work is shoddy at best. no one needs to see your face this closely, eddie. ]

Not going to lie, I'm loving this dining room. [ talking with his mouth full ] Does it just keep filling up like that?

[ right, that's rude. he finishes chewing. ] I'm Eddie, by the way. If you've seen some old, tall and ugly guy talking funny, or a pretty lady in a wheelchair, or a kid with a fucked up weasel in his arms, let me know? [ his eyes leave the camera, and he's looking at something beyond it. the food on the table, probably. distracted: ]

They're friends of mine.

[ a spark of recognition. ]

Holy mother of god and all things holy, is that pizza[ and the feed cuts off in his fumble to reach for the food. ]


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