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[being a mostly unsociable person, it's hard to gauge exactly how much other people want to be left alone when there's clearly something wrong. perspective, hearing everyone's voices filtered through your own music--it scrambles things.

so when Neku noticed Joshua hadn't been exploring their pretty prison like he normally did, he wasn't quite sure what to do with that information. it wasn't a secret that freaky monsters were taking people over and attacking--hiding was probably the better strategy. but Joshua didn't include Neku in that plan. that was the red flag.

Neku noticed on Saturday. he gave Joshua a day to himself. after he still hadn't seen him around throughout Saturday, Neku actually started getting worried for the prick. Joshua cooping himself up in his room? the guy's room is posh, but it isn't that bombin'.

still not quite sure where the lines are drawn in their friendship, Neku opts for a text message this time around. on Sunday, Joshua's phone--or whatever Wonderland contraption he's using--will receive this message:]

Hey, Josh. you still alive in there?
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[The Cheshire Cat appears across the network, all stripes and teeth, and nothing else showing, as it claws the back of a chair in the dining room. It lets everyone enjoy that annoying tick-tick-y sound before settling back down onto all fours and streeeeetching.

Most of it is still transparent when it starts to speak.]

A hunt is a game of who best blends in.

[The Cat leaps up onto the table top and crouches down low, haunch-stripes twitching, tail-stripes lashing.]

It's not always easy to tell who's the hunter and who's the prey, shishishi.

[It's aim appears to be a particular tea cup several plates and sets of silverware down the way. There may be a sleeping Dormouse in there, and if so, the Cat will have it.]

The trick is to be the first one to flush the other out.

[The Cat leaps, grasping the tea cup between its paws and flipping over on its back to wrestle it into submission.

When it turns out to be empty, the Cat huffs a breath through its nose and knocks the thing off of the table with a satisfying crash of china. Lolling on its back, it finishes the hunting lesson, undeterred by its lack of success.]

In the end, just don't be the one who gets eaten.
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[James has been busy today, but he's been in very good spirits lately. There's an extra skip in his step and a bright smile as he goes down every single hall in the mansion and tosses a red invitation beneath every door that looks like it might have someone living behind it. It reads:

James Potter & Lily Evans
Request the honour and pleasure
of your company at their marriage on
Saturday the twentieth of June
Two thousand fifteen
at three o'clock in the afternoon
in the Gardens of Wonderland.
Reception to follow in Ballroom

He's admittedly gone a bit overboard with distributing them. In addition to slipping them under doors, he's charmed several of them to stick to the walls and doors, and there are even some strewn about communal areas like the kitchen and the tea rooms. The idea is for no one to be able to go anywhere in the mansion at all without learning the good news - that not only are James and Lily getting married, but they have a date.

At some point in the middle of distributing them, James decides to take a break and sits right down on the stairs. He sends out a message to the network, holding up one of their invitations.

So! You might've found one of these already, but if not I'm sure you will soon - Lily and I are getting married! In two weeks!

[He sounds like he can hardly believe it himself. He's so excited, and so happy. Happier than he's been in a few weeks even.]

I just wanted to be absolutely clear - everyone's invited. We could all use a bit of a celebration, don't you think so? And we know there's always the chance an event could come and derail things - if that's the case, the 27th will be the...err. "Rain" date, let's say. [It's not really, but everyone knows what he means.]

Anyhow, I've got to give out the rest of these. [He waves the invitations in his hand.] We hope to see you all there!

[Then he stands up and shuts the camera off, getting back to work. He can be contacted by video, or he can be found distributing more invitations all over the place.]
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[when the transmission starts, all you hear is heavy breathing a moment. Neku's been running around the mansion since he woke up, looking for someone. he's only stopped so he can put a call out there properly.

finally, a deep, urgent voice comes through]

Hey, Beat! Come on man, I know you're out there. Don't talk to any of the weirdos and just--tell me where you are, I'll come to you. Please don't start any fights. I'd like to get out of here alive. Well, in one piece, anyway. [har har]

And hey, if any of you see a Japanese kid running around who looks like he thinks he's in a gang--well, you won't have to shout, he'll do it for you. But let me know where he is.

[the urgency drops away for an awkward pause. he's speaking to an entire community, but this isn't just the Internet. this is a creepy corporation kidnaps you and thrusts you onto a LAN network for mass socialization. how do you people.

. . . Great. Kidnapees working together. I'll let you know when the trust exercises start.

[and the transmission cuts out]
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[Dipper looks even more frazzled than usual. The stress lines that always surround his eyes are more pronounced than usual.]

So, you might have noticed a really strange transmission that went through? That... that's from my world. His name's Bill Cipher. He looks like a surprisingly well dressed triangle, and he's... some kind of demon, I guess. He can get into your head and mess with your dreams and just be creepy.

[He leans in closer to the camera.]

Whatever you do, don't trust him. Really, it's probably best to run as far away as you can if you see him. And let me know if he somehow gets into your head. I've gotten him out before, I can do it again.

[He sits back a bit.]

...that's about it. Any questions?
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[Static crackles and pops over the feed.

It is a combination of a radio tuner whining listlessly between stations with decent service, the familiar whirring grumble of the dial-up tone ad infinitum, the hoarse screech of a car trying to start on a lonely highway in the middle of the night, where it has broken down for seemingly no reason at all.

Images flicker: an illustration of Lincoln's assassination, a room draped with red curtains, the Teletubbies, President Nixon, video footage of a piglet slowly decaying into loam. And then- A V O I C E.


[On occasion, between the odd frequencies scrambling the frame with black and white noise, a single eye will appear.]


I ' ᄂᄂ B Σ Щ Λ Ƭ ᄃ Ή I П G Y Ө Ц.

[The transmission cuts, leaving a fuzzy screen and a garbled message:]


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