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[ One cannot guess from where the Duchess might speak this time, as her transmission shows nothing but her mouth, and dark lips pressed together into a thin line. ]

You think my patience is endless? You think I offer you forgiveness in the palm of my hand, so you might devour my arm whole? I am a woman of my word, but I'll not have you twist my words so you might seize a thing you do not deserve!

[ She flashes her teeth, all bared into the hideous image of a snarl. ]

You think my patience is endless? No, its end grows nearer and nearer by the hour, and so does your last chance to prove yourselves to me. Solve the riddle and redeem yourselves, or suffer the consequences of my displeasure.
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[The face on screen might appear familiar to some, and yet...that expression...that posture...]

God, this place is an even bigger shit hole than I remembered.

[The Bitch was Back.]

Okay, look.  Here's the deal.  I got shit to do.  Places to be.  Queens to please.  I don't have time to get into it with you cunts, and honestly, I'm not really in any mood to get any blood on my new clothes.  Took me nearly ten minutes to steal, you know.  That's time I'll never get back.

So just stay the fuck out of my way, and we'll all get along peachy.  If you ignore the fact where I'd just as soon never see any of your pathetic faces ever again.

Got it?

((ooc: Any ACTION options will find M!Brittany either trashing her Real's room, or else wandering the courtyards in search of more clues.))
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Hello Real Things,

Believe me when I say it is very important that you simply work with me and tell me what you know about this riddle. The sooner I can return the sword to the Queen the sooner we can all breath a sigh of relief and my fellow Mirrors and I will go away. Trust me you don't want to bring her ire down on you. I'm only looking out for what's best for your safety as well as ours, I don't want unnecessary bloodshed. Let us handle the Jabberwock, bring me the Vorpal Sword.

Please. I wouldn't out myself like this if not to gain your trust. Let us work together to get everything back to the way it belongs.

[He'll end the feed and wait for replies. Though any of you may run into the Archangel as he flies or otherwise moves about all over Wonderland to try and figure out this riddle on his own. He's not hard to spot, he looks fairly different than the Gabriel some of you have met, decked out in armor that has intricately woven designs on it and a long crimson cape. His hair is a little longer and somewhat frames his face as opposed to his slicked back look. He may appear somewhat younger and he doesn't carry that intense hatred of humanity as his real counterpart. So enjoy that while it lasts!]
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[Martha's opened up video recordings like this before. She's in the clinic, in her labcoat and sitting at her desk, though at least this time there's no monster raging and so it isn't strictly a crisis situation.

Except for the fact that there are Mirrors seeping into their ranks, which is not something they can outright ignore. It's a race to see who gets the vorpal sword, and yet Martha wonders if they should be thinking of it that way.]

Hello, everyone. The word's out, we have some Mirrors in our midst, so I hope you all know to be careful. Some very dangerous people could be posing as friends or family.

[With that warning issued, she quickly moves into the heart of this message.]

But I can't help but ask... aren't we all looking for the same thing? The vorpal sword, I mean. I doubt that you Mirrors want to be torn apart by the jabberwocky any more than we do.

[As preposterous as it might sound, would it be so horrible to actually try and work together on this?]

I know that I can't ask everyone to get along, though, so if something does happen and you're hurt -- whether you're from this side or the Mirror side, mind you -- I'll be here to see to your wounds. [That's no doubt going to be a controversial statement -- in fact, most of this broadcast falls into that category. Martha won't relent so easily, though.]

I hope it doesn't come to that, but I am prepared. [And with that, she ends the feed. When Martha isn't on riddle-solving duty, she'll be working long hours in the clinic in anticipation of any of the issues that crop up when Real Things and Mirrors mix.]
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[ dean’s looking the very part of a paranoid hunter when the feed clicks on, rushing down a hallway with a gun firmly gripped in his hands. he’s definitely not about to take any chances with what’s going down at the moment, the invasion of mirrors becoming more and more obvious. when he speaks it’s in a low, rushed voice. ]

I know the numbers are changing, but betting this is still a good time for a head count of the non-fake variety. Unless of course asking that triggers some kind of a goddamn identity crisis for our less than welcome guests from the great Wonderland mirror-y beyond. [ not that he really gives a flying fuck if it does, tbqh. ]

So— Sam? Cas? Jo? Whoever didn’t get their ass replaced by their Twilight Zone version, now would be a great time to know.

[ of course, telling the difference can be a little difficult too, in some cases, and more might come crawling through still. but a beat follows, as he rounds a corner somewhere in the mansion. ]

Oh, right— whatever you freaks are after- [ which is the sword because of course it is ] -whatever your mission here is that you’re scared of failing ‘cause the Queen on the other side might give you a spakin’ if you do? It ain’t worth the hell I’ll show you if you mess with our chances of findin’ that goddamn sword.

[ just a fair warning. or threat— whichever.

the feed ends with that. ]

( ooh: feel free to action a reply, too! the location can be almost anywhere near or within the mansion. )
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Hallo. Erm. I have...multiple announcements, I suppose. One is that the book club we established months ago, which fell to the wayside when there was an unfortunate incident at the library-

[Murder. It was murder. And she found the body. Let's move on.]

-is going to start up again. I've posted a sheet on the library doors for people to recommend books they would prefer to read and discuss. Secondly, and more importantly, I know that just about everyone has noticed the riddle the Duchess left. Far be it from me to encourage the scurrilous behaviour of questionable individuals, but those of us who have been here for some time know better - when last we were given a riddle, Wonderland was plagued by all manner of unfortunate fictional monsters.

[The late and grieved Mark Meltzer, in all his investigatory influence, has left a lingering effect on his pupil and peer, who appears steadfastly determined to solve this particular puzzle before any more beasties burst forth from the Mansion's belly.

It should be noted, dear listeners, that Evelyn is planted firmly in front of her library niche, where a good portion of the wall has been taken up by papers and notes, some of them a year old and others freshly scribed, a few bits of red string linking facts and events together. Is it the work of a professional archaeologist and researcher, or a manic conspiracy theorist?

You decide.

I've begun compiling old notes from the last riddle and put them alongside my notes from this one in the event there are connexions. There are a number of hidden words and statements, you see- the...the most evident of these are the bolded letters that form the word "mount," the green letters that spell "closet," lower and upper letters spelling "liar" and "old," et cetera. But there- there is absolutely more to this, more than I thought there was-

[She reaches for two larger pads of paper, one of which has a series of zeroes and ones with text beneath it, the other dots and dashes accompanied by tiny notations that detail the numerological meaning of the number eight.]

There is further hidden text. Holding a finger over the word "true" in the message, there appear ten figures of three dashes and two dots, Morse code for the number eight. Over the word "cost," there are dozens upon dozens of ones and zeroes. It's a binary code!

[If she looks frightfully ecstatic, it's because she loves being smart.]

I've translated it to uncover a hidden poem which may, perhaps, raise more questions than it will answer them, but I should like everyone's input. This is something we have to solve together.


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