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[Cronus has been having a hell of a day so far. He'd woken up floating in the ocean, which wouldn't have been so bad, given that he's a seadweller - though it had been a particularly insensitive reminder of his regrettably non-human body - except that he'd been floating in the least dignified manner possible. Luckily no one had seen that, or the zero action he's been getting over the past few centuries would have somehow found a way to fall into the negatives.

Of course, once he'd gotten himself out of there and stopped worrying about how lame he might be looking to people he might want to hit on, other pressing concerns had arisen. Like the fact that he seems to be alive; being a ghost in the dream bubbles wasn't tremendously different from being alive in general, but he'd been one for so long that any change was immediately noticeable. There's also the fact that he has no idea where he is, and he's spent so long watching things from the dream bubbles that he'd thought he knew most of the landscapes of the sessions following their own by heart. Unless he wound up outside the sessions somehow, which is probably not impossible...he just - has no idea how that could have happened. Maybe something one of the others did?

And that's the last thing. None of the others are around. Even though most of them don't generally associate with him if they can help it - most are too lowbrow to appreciate him - there's just too many of them for Cronus to go long without spotting at least one of them lurking around. But he doesn't see anybody, not even after ten minutes of walking and looking.

It's when he's getting out a cigarette that he discovers a communicator-type thing tucked in with his pack. It only takes him a minute or two to find the text function and from that moment no one was safe.]

vwould someone tell me just vwhat the fuck is going on here?

i kind of get the feeling this is a genuine peixes gambit here, but i vwish she vwould hawve vwarned me. it's not as though i'm not an approachable, understanding guy. it's not evwen like i don't appreciate being aliwve again; that is vwhat's happened here, right? leawve it to peixes to be dead for fiwve minutes and stage some kind of escape.

but vwhere the fuck did she escape us to? peixes, vwantas, vwhoewver knows vwhat's up here, i think i deserwve an explanation. i'll evwen sit through one of serket's stories if i hawve to.


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