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This is an emergency, Scouting Legion report!

[Okay, so there is some weird stuff going on and Hange is in full-on business mode. Not only is she sporting her three dimensional gear but she's got her swords out just in case she needs to beat anyone else down.]

This is your commander Hange Zoe ordering you to report! Unfriendly's have been engaged. I repeat, unfriendly's have been engaged. I want all scouts in uniform. Be advised, running into potential replicas of our own comrades is possible. I advise extreme caution when approaching anyone. Report back to me for more orders!

[She came across a corner and edged closer around it before continuing her jog down the hall.]

Lumi? Killi? I better hear from you both. Report in! Lightning, don't you stay quiet now. Where are you guys? To everyone else fighting off these intruders, if we work together, we can prevent them from getting what they want. We can't let them find that sword before us!
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[Largely because Dylas doesn't know what a video is, let alone how to make one happen. What he does know is that this weird thing that's attached itself to his waistcoat showed a person talking yesterday and, after following the instructions as best he could*, no prize turned up.

Unless you count the huge haul of fish he caught. That was pretty good. But it wasn't as good as the prize he wanted and assumed was on offer: to be freed from this weird place and go back home to Selphia. He feels he deserves this prize now**, and is poking at his communicator in an attempt to cash it in.

Anyone watching will get a screen full of Dylas frowning, his fuzzy horse-like ears twitching in frustration. Finally, he thinks that maybe it needs reminding where he wants to go.]


[A whole lot of absolutely nothing happens. He tries again, speaking louder and clearer.]


[He's getting very irritated with this device. What does it think it is, dropping stupid messages that give him a headache? And who gave it permission to attach itself to him? He rips the cord connecting it to his clothes and flings it on the ground. Wonderland, enjoy your close up of the bottom of Dylas's boot!]

*Not very well at all.
**He is wrong. But hey, he was also wrong about what the prize was going to be and whether or not he'd want it, so two wrongs make a sort of right if you squint really, really hard.
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From what I’m understanding, some idiot kidnapped me. Which is dumb in and of itself, I am not as nice as I look . They did a half assed job to boot; like I wasn’t a threat. There weren’t even any guards watching me. I don’t know which is more insulting: getting kidnapped by idiots or being considered harmless.

[Normally that would be great that they underestimated him but this is ridiculous. ]

Just because I wouldn’t slaughter them outright doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rip their limbs off. A person doesn’t need all of them to stay alive, you know.

...Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. All I want to do is get back to my sister, because I know she’s super worried by now. So if one of you could help me out with more information that would great.

[Killua is just upset about his missing sister, really. Nothing else is wrong with him at all. You can find him wandering around with a pout as he takes in his surroundings.]

((OOC: As a warning, there is a good chance that Killua's dearest older brother [personal profile] needlepoints  might pop up and threadjack. ))
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[Marco will keep to video since it's kind of easier for him, this texting stuff was a degree for him. What happened to just writing a letter or something?

With the video on he rubs his cheek before he offers that smile he's known for.]

So, this place is still confusing...but not as bad as when I got here. I'm still kind of amazed with the stuff I've seen and the people I've met here!

[A pause.]

Also...I've noticed that I haven't seen Jean around for a bit now.

[The cadet looks nervous as he says this...he knows Jean can be odd at times or kind of wander off. So he has some concern, he hasn't spoken to him in a bit.]

I tried to call him too and there was no answer. If anyone's seen him let me know.

[A switch of subjects.]

Also, would anyone be interested in doing some surveying of a few places here, or even up for doing anything?


Sep. 8th, 2014 03:13 pm
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 A companion of mine made me think of a strange little question...

There are many different types of people here. Humans, mostly, but we can call agree there are things definitely not human here too. Yet...

[During this time, Saki has been in her room. The device is propped up on a desk, as she is trying on make-up. She's never really been one for it, save for fingernail painting, but now she's curious. Today, she's seeing how black lipstick goes on her. After the 'yet', she rubs her lips together, and makes a little 'pop' sound.]

... What, I wonder, is the line we cross at, to decide what makes someone not human? Is a human a completely normal person? Or can someone have abilities beyond, and yet still be considered human?

Food for thought, for any hungry brains out there.
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[She's always excelled at keeping to herself, not letting anyone in. It's been how many months since she arrived here? And still, she can count the number of people she actually trusts on one hand. Finnick and Haymitch. Anyone else? Anyone else, she's still excels at keeping at arms length. It's better that way, she tells herself. Better for them, better for her. She's not someone worth befriending.

Because, in the end, she still can't break the feeling that all she does is get those she cares for hurt. For once in her life, she's doing her best not to be selfish. She doesn't need friends to survive this place. With Haymitch's stores, her ability with a bow, and Finnick's with a trident, they'll have all the food needed. They'll be able to protect each other when the game played here finally comes to a head. She has her allies. She doesn't need any other.

But it is a lonely life. And coming down from the high of actually being able to hunt large game the past few days, the loneliness only seems more amplified.

It's why she actually sits on the front steps of the mansion, staring at the phone device in her hands. Her quiver rests on the step behind her and her bow rests against her right side. A measly squirrel sits in front of her. Today's hunt had been one of the worst since arriving here. She hasn't been this empty handed in a while. And whether she admits it or not, the lack of success is starting to eat at her.

She flips the phone over in her hands before finally turning it on. There's a second of hesitation before she finally asks:]

They can turn on you. Or disappear at any moment. So what's the point? Seeking out allies here? Why bother?
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[The feed comes on to blue eyes, tanned skin and blond hair. A hallway is passing around her and it's obvious she's walking while she's recording.]

It has come to my attention that there might be a significant concentration of supernatural creatures living among us. While having your lot running amok is dangerous, it's not as troublesome as the ideology some of you seem to hold.

Let's be frank. Mortals have no reason to expect any form of sympathy from the Devil and I don't expect that to change. Humans are weak and for reasons only God knows humanity has been cursed to suffer the waves of powerful monsters for decades. Unfortunately for you fiends, Wonderland does not respect the order of things you are accustomed to. Let me remind you; beasts, who ever brought us here thinks no more of you than they do a mortal. You have been stripped, you have been put on the same level as the humans you seek to rot. That being said, whatever animosity still lingering towards mankind should best be directed at your captors. After all, it was not a church that imprisoned you or a horde of hunters. It was Wonderland and its masters.

[She comes to a halt in front of a door with the number 160 labeled clearly upon it. Before she proceeds, she turns back to the camera.]

Demons in particular are powerful creatures, I won't deny this. Holding onto old grudges won't get anyone out of here... unless your powers have been taken from you. Is that the case? Have you been stripped of your wings, monsters?

[A gloved hand comes up to knock on the door just as the video feed cuts.]
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[ Billy took a deep breath and turned on his video feed, smiling a little sheepishly at the screen. It was still really weird to be recording himself like this. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts he turned the camera, showing everyone the view from his seat on the roof.]

Some view, huh? [The camera panned back around to Billy's face. No more putting this off.]

So uh, I've been here for about two months now and a few conversations I had Saturday night made me think that maybe this would be a good question to ask all of you. What do you know about magic?

The world I come from has some pretty remarkable people. Superheroes. Some of them are just extra extraordinary humans, some of them are gods, or aliens or super soldiers, and some of them have gifts, mutations.

[ He holds up his hand, focusing his energy into creating a blue aura that surrounds his hand.]

I have magic. Though I'm probably far from being one of those remarkable people. I'm basically self taught, there was really no one around to train me when it manifested. Unless you count Teddy making me read his mother's self help books. Thanks for that, T.

[ He rolls his eyes playfully at the screen.]

Anyway, the point of this is, I hadn't been using my magic for a few years and then right before I got here of had a sort of teacher. [ And there was no way he was telling people his teacher was Loki.]

I'm not looking for lessons but I know there's a few people here who have similar abilities and I was hoping maybe we could talk? Share ideas or tricks or something.

[ He pauses for a moment about to end the transmission before adding one more thing.]

Or if you're just curious about magic and want to talk I can do that too.

((OOC: feel free to hit him up on video or find him on the roof, he'll be there for a bit.))
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Hello~!? Is there any one- woah.

[There was a new face in Wonderland and at the moment she was covered in dirt. After spending the night inside a dirt hole (thanks for that, Illumi) she was finally making her way about the mansion. She had just walked into the dinner room and pulled her glasses up in awe.]

This is fancy. What did I stumble upon, some sort of palace?

[She reached a table and picked up a glass flicking at it just to make sure she wasn't dreaming all of this up. Luxuries like these were rare if not non-existent in her world. She took a seat bouncing on the cushioned chair just for the hell of it. This definitely was a new standard for her. She picked up a glass and examined it, tapping it with her nail curiously.]

Too bad this place seems to be abandoned, I could really use a glass of wate-

[Just like that, the glass began to fill forcing the girl out of the chair and the glass out of her hand. It landed on the floor with a loud crash.]

Did that thing just...

[She moved to the table picking up another glass. Again, it filled up with water. She didn't drop it this time and instead brought it slowly to her nose. It smelled like water. She peered through the glass at that clear liquid. It looked like water. She slowly brought it to her lips and took a sip.]

It is water. [What the hell is going on here.] Where is it coming from?!

[Guess who is going to get all the glasses in the room filled with water at this rate...]


Aug. 24th, 2014 04:42 pm
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[Just a quick message from the Once-ler this time - he's outside, and it's warm enough that he's removed his trademark pin-stripe green coat and gloves. Before he says anything though, he looks around and then behind him, as if he expects something to happen all of a sudden.]

So, uh. Last week that cat...thing...came out and talked about rivers or whatever. Usually when they come out that means an event's coming, right? Not that I want one, but...

[It's times like this when he misses swimming in denial all the time. Something feels distinctly wrong about this, and he really wants to ignore it, but he's got a stupid conscience now that says it's probably not the right thing to do.]

...Uh, what I'm getting at is, shouldn't an event have evented by now? It's kinda weird that it hasn't, right? Has anything weird happened to anyone?

[Maybe it's one of those ones that doesn't effect everyone, but it still seems...quiet, for an event.]

002 Video

Aug. 23rd, 2014 05:30 pm
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[The video clicks on and Teddy is seated in front wearing a shirt with a large tornado filled with flying sharks. There is a large grin on his face and it's clear that he's practically bouncing.

Truth be told, Teddy has been looking forward to this moment all week.]

So, Billy and I found a room on the fourth floor - large, spacious and now filled with pillows, chairs and couches in front of a large screen. Since everyone seemed to be into it, I wanted to formally invite you all to...

[Teddy pulls up a hand written sign that he's created. Bad Movie Night is written in the center, each letter with shark bites taken out of them. There are small doodles of sharks and tornadoes, along with the odd Sharktopus and MegaPirhana. The boy clearly has talent.]

Bad Movie Night! We'll be showing both Sharknado and Sharknado 2 starting at 8 pm tonight. Just come on over to the Fourth Floor and check out the new Movie Theater. You know you're in the right place once you see this sign. Billy is there now setting it up. We have popcorn and soda but if anyone wants to bring any other snacks we won't turn you away!

Everyone is invited and that means you! You really don't want to miss this!

[Teddy flashes a bright grin and gives a thumbs up before he reaches over and turns the video off with a click.]
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Considering that it's obvious that not everyone is from the same type of place, and about half of everyone here didn't know about any kind of magic before getting here- ( It's okay, neither did she ) -it would be interesting to know exactly what there is, and what's possible in worlds. When things get brought here knowing about it first could be useful.

And before anyone asks, no- it's not going personal. I don't care whether you're part of any of the questions just what you already knew and what's possible. It's from a science perspective.

( Which she will tell you about if you actually ask because no many people care about Wonderland physics )

Where are you from?
When are you from?
Did you already know about:
    Supernatural creatures? ( e.g. nazi vampires )
    Other non-human things? ( e.g. gods )
    Resurrecting the dead?
    Reality altering?
    Alternate/pocket dimensions?
    Something 'unusual' not specified?
( Yes, half of that list is also magic related but specific can be very helpful )

So fill it out. And yes, giving examples would actually be helpful. Any questions?

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[The Cat is lying on its stomach, its paws aligned in front of it, looking like a tiny lion with a large grin.]

You are on an hypothetical journey. You come to a river.

[It raises a paw to cover its nose and very little of its smile, listing to one side as it gives a hissing laugh.]

Shishishishi, do you ford the river?

[Shaken by its own laughter, the Cat overbalances and rolls onto side.]

Shishishishishishi. Or perhaps float across?

[The Cat rolls onto its back and then onto its other side without pausing. It's smile is a little slow to follow, but it catches up after a second.]

So much to decide on and such a long journey ahead of you.

Shishishi. I hope you don't get cholera.


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