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[As daytime is turning to night, the network is taken over by a single feed. It can't be turned away from using the various network settings--it can't even be turned off.

The image is of Red Queen, who stands on the main walkway that leads from the front door of the Mansion into the gardens. Her Vorpal shield is at her side, which isn't all that strange considering she watches it like a hawk. What's a bit out of place is the armor she's wearing. For those who are more religiously minded, she might cut a somewhat familiar figure.

She lifts her shield a out of the snow at her feet and steps aside, gesturing with her free arm at the hole in the walk behind her.

Lifting her chin, she addresses the network she's hijacked, but her voice seems to come from everywhere--the speakers, the vents, the next room over, maybe even inside your head, if you're of the type who's prone to hearing that type of thing.]

The time has come [the Red Queen says] to take action! The Vorpal sword is lost and the other side of this land is nearly so.

[She takes several quick steps toward the Rabbit Hole.]

Your assistance is required, those of you willing to give it. The Jabberwock, eyes of flame and catching claws, is ripping Wonderland apart at her seams. The damage will soon reach to you, Real creatures, and those dear to you here.

[She hikes her skirt with one hand.]

The time for uffish thought is through. Follow me through this Rabbit Hole and we will slay the beast, for once and for all!

[And there there she goes, hopping down into the hole in a blur of red skirt and hair, and she's gone.]
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Rook to G5!

[The Queen of Hearts watches, with a sick sort of pleasure, as her Rook Yousuke makes the final move. If Zacharie moved one way, he would be taken by her King Elizabeth. If he moved the other way or forward, her Queen James would remove him from the board. And if he remained where he was, her Rook Yousuke or her second Queen Owen would kill him, certainly.

With no where to run, the King has been checkmated. The Queen of Hearts practically bounces out of her shoes in excitement

Ha! That is CHECKMATE, dear sister! And now the Shield is rightfully mine once more!

[Suddenly, the remaining Real Side pieces vanish – to the holding area, for a few moments – and all of the fallen Mirror pieces reappear. The Queen of Hearts raises her arm, and the Vorpal Shield materializes itself there, as if it senses it has been won. She then raises her Vorpal Sword and shows them off to the crowd. Many Mirrors both on and off the field cheer simply because they know the consequences of doing otherwise.]

Now, why don’t you go back behind that silly door? Clearly no one has any need for you anymore without the Shield.

[And like the sore winner she is, she attempts to just shoo her away with a hand, as if that will actually make her leave. Then, she looks down at her Mirror pieces, with a rare smile.]

My Mirrors, you have done me proud today! My dears, I have a special reward for you. [Then she turns, and addresses her subjects in the stands.] A reward for all of my Mirrors. This win has put me in the rarest of good moods, and I wish to extend that goodness to you all.

[That causes a stir in the stands – one of curiosity from the Mirrors, and nervousness from the Reals.]

I think I shall grant you a vacation! Beginning exactly now, my Mirrors will have free reign of the Real Side of the mansion to do with what they wish, for one entire week. The Reals shall come with me and spend a week on the Mirrored side of things.

[She beams at her audience, but then she (badly) feigns and yawn, as if she’s bored of talking.]

Well, I've got a Shield to polish, so I’ll leave you all to enjoy your precious reward. I’ll see you in a week’s time, my Mirrors!

[She waves her sword, and then suddenly, everything goes red for just a moment. When the redness fades though, everyone will find themselves somewhere else – Mirrors will all be on the Real Side of the Mansion, and the Real Things will all be on the Mirror Side. ♥]
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[When the Queen of Hearts sends a transmission, she likes to be heard, which is why her face is suddenly on every screen mansion-wise, on both Real and Mirror Sides. However, instead of one of her usual haunts, there is blue sky behind her – and the only side with blue sky outside is Real Side.]

Pardon me for the intrusion, but I require the attention of the Reals’ Monarch, The Red Queen.

[She does not sound particularly sorry, but she presses on anyway.]

I am here to issue her a challenge. My Mirrors versus her Reals, in a game of chess – here.

[She gestures around her, and it becomes apparent that she’s standing where the chessboard hills once were – she has flattened the area out into a large field, and a perfect chessboard, suitable for playing on.]

The wager will be our prize weapons – my Vorpal Sword, and my Vorpal Shield which was so rudely stolen from me. The victor will receive both, and the loser with receive absolutely nothing but shame and humiliation.

[Her eyes narrow, as if to speak directly to the Red Queen, though she is still addressing everyone.]

I want that shield, sister. And if you do not accept my challenge, you’ll leave me no choice but to invade with my Mirrors and take what should be rightfully mine.

If you accept, then pick your sixteen weakling Reals and meet me on the battlefield at ten o’clock Monday morning. And if not, then prepare for war anyway. Either way, I’ll be seeing you soon.

[And then the feed abruptly cuts out. If anyone ventures out to the hills, they will only find a large chessboard field and no sign of the Queen of Hearts anywhere.]
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[The Queen of Hearts, the one and only true Queen of Wonderland, has killed the Jabberwock once more. She looks up from the corpse, where there will surely be another scar, and stares at anyone still standing on the battlefield.

However, this address, this new first decree extends far beyond them. It extends to every journal, every wall unit, every vent in the darkest corners of the mansion. She could lose her head, easily. She should, for their betrayal. Anger has always been easy to spot in her face, and this is a cold sort that won't easily be forgotten. That threat of explosion will always linger.

I expect every Mirror to return to our side of the glass at once.

[She allows a pause, to make she she has everyone's utmost attention.]

Bring our dead and dying to my throne room. And then, if I feel like it, if they have been unwaveringly loyal to me, I will consider remaking and healing them.

You don't want to suffer the consequences of disobedience.

[Then, in a blink, she is gone. All Mirrors who don't want to end up like the Jabberwocky should follow suit, as soon as possible, as soon as the dead have been collected. Then, then the last Mirror crosses, there will be a long moment of pause, with the mansion unchanging.

Ten minutes later, there will be a BANG. When the Reals' hearts stop racing, they'll see that everything is back to normal. The glass has returned to the Mirrors, both personal and scenic events have stopped, and the only sign that the Jabberwocky was ever there is another mark on the ground.

Oh, and the bodies and wounds of the Real Things who got in its way. They have their five lives and their own doctors and healers, so they'll manage somehow, she's sure.


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