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[Oh, he looks so enthused to do this when the feed opens, but his expression gently takes on a more welcoming and charismatic visage.]

I am Loki, no longer one-of-a-kind here in Wonderland. Many of you know me as the villain, monster, God of Lies, but you should all know by now that I possess a deal of magical ability. I specialise in illusions and deception, however I am not shy to offensive and defensive magics.

[He gives that a moment to sink in and decides to continue. Now was as good a time as any with Captain Criticism briefly out of the picture to cast his judgement on Loki's actions.]

I am also aware that there are some of you here with, at the very least, an inkling of magical ability. It got out some time ago that I was secretly training young Kaplan in the development of his abilities, and while I do not have the desire to extend such extensive treatment to others, I will however offer basic training to aid those of you with the gift in its development. Be it setting you down the right path to learning your abilities or providing a training target for you to cast more powerful spells without the fear of injuring others, I may as well assist you. This is not out of sheer kindness, for those of you fearing ulterior motives. I may as well admit that it is out of self preservation. The more able magic users we have here to defend ourselves against threats, the more likely we are to succeed should... certain creatures resurface.

We have many such residents offering combative training, but few offering magical aid and I thought it was high time we correct this err.

[He managed to give an entire speech without a single lie. Half truths were not, in fact, lies.]

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to those who are knowledgeable of such, I would ask,

are all people born with the inclination towards magic?

[ to those who might be outside today, miss elphie is by the fountain, looking at the water. as she reaches a finger towards it, however, in a blink of an eye it freezes over, leaving solid ice where water once were. it'll turn back to water as soon as she moves her hand back.

curious, indeed. ]
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[ At first, the video on the screen is kind of crazy, and it's hard to make out just what's going on. There are fingers and blue sky, and then the bottom half of a little girl's face--and a close-up of her braces--as she taps the phone on her chin. She doesn't realize it's on, let alone that it can connect to literally everyone in Wonderland. She doesn't even know where the heck she is, even if it looks like some weird fantasy land. She would probably assume she was on some cool magic quest thing, if she hadn't been facing off against an all powerful freak of nature before arriving.

She drops her hand to her side, and yep, that sure is a beautiful, upside-down picture of the mansion grounds. ]

Alright, you proved your stupid point! You're as powerful as you are pointy. Can I go home now? I know you're there!

[ Mabel sighs and fidgets with the phone, turning it around in her hand as she just kind of...wanders around, looking for a magic door or...or something. Something to get her out of this mess and back to her puppet show, so she can punch Bill in her brother's face. Ugh. ]

Okay, okay, think Mabel. If you were an evil triangle, where would you hide the exit...?

[ She's got nothing, though, so she continues her aimless search. Eventually, Mabel makes her way to the mansion itself and sits on one of the front steps, setting the phone next to her when she does. Finally, finally the crazy camera angles stop. She sighs and rests her chin on her hands. She doesn't look defeated, exactly, just a little worried. Because whenever crazy stuff happens, Dipper's always been there by her side with information and plans. But right now, it's just her, and she has no idea what to do.

She looks down at the little phone and...woah, hey, it's on. Did she accidentally call someone? Maybe they can help! She scoops it up and puts it to her ear. ]

Hello? Hey, is anyone there?

[ ooc; People are more than welcome to run into her while she's wandering around the grounds. Because really, she's everywhere. ]
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[Nageki wakes up in an unfamiliar library. This situation isn't new for him, which is why he looks about in fright for a moment. But, even if the library is unfamiliar, the situation isn't quite the same. He still has his memories this time. It's odd though. He isn't supposed to be here, in this library. He's supposed to be in the school library. Did riding that train change something? Or did he get off at someplace other than Earth? It's probably the later, which means others from the school may be here as well. He needs a way to contact them. To find out whether they are here or where they, at least, made it safely to where they're supposed to be.

He spots the device sitting on a nearby table and turns it on. A video feed showing a bird flickers on the screen for a brief moment, before switching over to text.]

Miss Tosaka. If you can read this, don't worry about me. I appear to have gotten off at the wrong stop. If you or anybirdie else from the school is still dreaming, you can find me at a large library.
-- Nageki

[A little bit later, another text follows.]

Does anybirdie here know where and when I can get on the next train to Earth?


Mar. 23rd, 2015 05:42 pm
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[ Luna has her large pink Spectre Specs glasses on her face as she addresses the network, looking somewhat unsure of the device. She'd read the pamphlet a few times over, but the device was surprisingly muggle-like for something found in what seems to be such a magical place, and she's not the most experienced with this sort of thing. ]

Hello. My name is Luna Lovegood. I think I might be displaced.

[ She knows where she is, of course, so she's not entirely lost. She's just not sure where Wonderland is. ]

I was at Hogwarts a few hours ago and I think I'd like to find my way back in time for my lessons tomorrow. I think I've already missed today's.

[ And then as if she's just remembered she's got the Specs on, she pushes them down her nose to eye the camera over the rim. ]

I get the distinct impression that there are blibbering humdingers floating around the mirrors here. Has anyone else noticed?


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