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[ Though she'd been mysteriously absent over the past week, the last Targaryen is not shy in her return. Clad again in Dothraki clothing, Daenerys looks displeased as she appears over the network. ]

I know not where I have been these few days, but it seems I am not yet to return to Essos. [ And that's annoying, to say the least. ] What has happened that so many run about the mansion in fear?

[ There's a long, thoughtful pause, during which her silver eyebrows come together, and then... ]

Where is my dragon?


Dec. 1st, 2014 03:46 pm
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[ there's the sound of a thud! that the phone picks up, like someone tripping and sprawling out across the floor. because, well, maybe that just happened. possibly. because it wasn't like Nico had been in one place and woke up somewhere else or anything! except that definitely happened -- he'd expected to wake up in his cabin at Camp Half Blood, only to actually find himself sprawled out across the floor of his bedroom in Wonderland, landing on top of his phone in the process. when he finally shuffles around enough to pull his phone from under him, he leaves it on the floor while he sits back up, clearly ignoring the fact that he left the voice function running.

he huffs out a sigh, evidently very inconvenienced by this development. ]

Really? Again?

[ another thump when he drops his head back against one of his bed posts. not the happiest of campers being stuck back in Wonderland again. ]

( ooc. Nico's returned from his canon update, which means there will likely be spoilers for Blood of Olympus in the threads below! )


Nov. 5th, 2014 01:59 pm
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[ Frank is scratching the back of his neck as he turns the network on, looking… well, extremely awkward. He isn’t one for making open posts to the entire network like this, especially when he doesn’t really have anything specific to say.]

Uhm, so I was told it was better to tell people that I’m back. It was… weird, like I was dreaming about something that had already happened to me. I didn’t even really remember this place.

Does that kind of thing happen often? This going-home-but-not-really thing, I mean.


Nov. 3rd, 2014 08:01 pm
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[When Hazel awoke that morning, she had no immediate clue that she ever left.  Besides the memories.  But the thing about memories...especially memories from home...especially demigod memories from home about things that hadn't even happened yet...was that this wouldn't have been the first time such images had come to her in her sleep.]

[It hadn't been a Blackout.  She knew that much; her Blackouts had always been past events only, and there had been no one else with her--as far as she could tell--to have influenced what she saw.  Which left her with a Vision, brought to her as a child of Pluto in the depths of slumber.  And a very immediate reason to alert the others.]

[So it was, Hazel...hair still disheveled from sleep, not even bothering to change out of her pajamas, appeared on the Network.  Still fumbling with the settlings, like it had been so long she'd forgotten how to use the darn thing.]

Frank?  Nico?  Guys?

[Eventually, she gave up trying to figure how to call each of them separately.  Publicly or no, this was simply the fastest way.]

...I had the strangest dream.

[She figured they would know what she meant.]

((ooc: Hazel's been updated to the near-end of Blood of Olympus, shortly after the final battle.  Spoilers are likely for canonmate threads, less so for non-canonmates.))


Oct. 30th, 2014 06:45 pm
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[ there had been a large vacancy in his life during that event, one that continued through when memories were returned and everyone was back in Wonderland.


she hadn't been in Storybrooke, and her room looked as though she had just- disappeared. he'd gone to find Frank, to find if he'd seen her, but that had come up fruitless as well. they'd both been absent during the event, continued to be following it.

(her things were still in her room, which was the only part of this keeping him together. the fact that her belongings were right where she left them meant that she wasn't gone, wasn't sent him, just- missing. missing could be found again. ]

If you know them, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang are missing. Their belongings are still in their rooms, but they weren't present during the recent event, and Hazel hasn't been seen since everyone returned.

[ the video flicks on briefly, but only so that Nico can hold up a sketch from Hazel's sketchbook; an incredible likeness of his sister and her boyfriend. before long, the feed cuts again so he can return to text. ]

That's what they look like. If you happen to see them- [ what? do what? Nico isn't exactly known for sticking around, either. but he'd never been gone for the entire duration of an event and stay disappeared once things returned to normal. ]

Do people often go missing like this, as opposed to being sent back to their own worlds?
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[ the pamphlet's a little bit of a bore to read, but luke makes do with what he's given. alice's adventures are a few of the tales he had sat through his dyslexia to try and finish when he'd been a kid, the stories read to him by his mother before she became literally and completely lost to him. it's one of the few adventures he'd always prayed to hermes for, wanting to fall down a rabbit hole and into a different life completely. ]

[ who knew dying would get him what he wanted? ]

[ with his nifty technology abilities, luke manipulates his name to read as a curious oyster. he favoured the 1951 film quite a bit as a kid, too. ]

So. Got a question for you, Wonderland.

Let me preface with a little bit of context: Going a little mad here. I know, it's not exactly original, but I can't help it if I'm a guy who likes to repeat things others have done. I've met the greatest puzzle of them all, and maybe a few of you old timers might be able to help A Lost Kid out.

Yeah, I know, that reference doesn't really belong.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

[ he doesn't really care. he had a nice breakfast of pancakes and bacon and eggs and a little hashbrown on the side. the tea room is going to be his favourite place in this world. ]

Curiouser and curiouser: What were six things you believed in before breakfast? I never knew I'd find myself here, but, hey, guess the impossible is possible.
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when was the last time the mirror copies crossed over?
that's up for anyone, by the way. those from the other side and here
alternatively: why is one side better than the other? why are you still here?
I understand needing to solve the riddle, but do we know for sure the dutchess isn't hiding on the other side?

also a fair warning to anyone who might know them.
percy, clarisse, nico, hazel and rachel are all switched.
if you talk to any of their mirrors here, at least keep it in mind.
is anyone keeping tabs on everyone whose crossed?

[ is that her way of saying 'um watch out they're kind of crazy and dangerous?' maybe. but annabeth is a little too strung out on trying to keep up with these mirror versions as well as trying to solve the riddle to even bother making herself clear. ]
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[When Frank turns on the phone he's barely looking at the network. He seems more focused in checking his arrows- all the different kinds of arrows he could gather.]

These things, the... mirrors, the ones that have crossed over.

[He strings the bow, testing the feel of it on his fingers. Those from his world will recognize that as something Frank does when he's nervous, even though his face is completely calm.]

What happens if we kill them?
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[ time's a little off here. he's pretty sure that his birthday had been right around the corner back home, only to crash land in Wonderland and find himself ripped out of summer and thrown into spring. it circles back around until finally that day ( which is also his anniversary ) creeps up on him. he hasn't forgotten this year but that's really only because things are so much quieter here in comparison to camp, or Ancient Rome. he isn't rushing towards his very possible death at breakneck speed for once ( and let him tell you, that's strange ). the sun has barely risen but he's wide awake, eager and bright eyed, and probably the lightest that he's felt in days baggage wise.

yes, it has everything to do with the blue cupcake in front of him.

that's unusual too. that the cupcake has survived his growling stomach and the natural instinct to shove food ( in handfuls ) into his mouth. that's his duty as a teenage boy. as happy as he is, there are two things on his mind while he turns the cupcake in his hand wistfully. the first is the color blue and what it means to him and where that tradition originated. it's an awfully thoughtful face to be fixed on baked goods.
] Whenever I was with my mom when I was younger, she went out of her way to have something blue we could eat. Candy, pancakes, cupcakes, [ he holds it a little higher although this one isn't from his mom ] you name it and she probably found a way to make it blue. If you've never met my mom, then it sounds kind of silly. But I loved it. It was her way of proving she was still here and the world hadn't gotten to her, you know? Food can be blue. Anything's possible.

[ he doesn't want to ruin today by talking about his gross ex step-father, so that's out. no full story time for Wonderland. ]

Does anyone else have a tradition out there that's special to them? Mine happened as often as we could make it happen, but it could be something that happens every year, or every few months. [ he shrugs, generally curious, and briefly homesick. his heart aches. it shows in his eyes for the short span that he allows it and something thuds against the closet door, making him turn from where he's seated and glare at it. the noise stops. on the one hand, he should investigate and on the other, he's not entirely sure he isn't hearing things. so! next matter of business. ]

And I guess my other question is: what do you give someone that's already given you everything? [ like really. Annabeth's been with him through thick and thin, death scares, the end of the world, grisly fights in the sewers, holding up the sky, being lost in the labyrinth, traveling through a sea of monsters, halfway across the world just to find him again; she's taken a poisoned dagger for him, and yeah, maybe he chose mortality for her and snubbed the prospect of living forever. maybe he's gone above and beyond by choosing to fall into a place of "no return" with her, but he still doesn't think that's the end-all, be-all. Paris was cool, but he can't spring for something quite that romantic when he's trapped in Wonderland. ] I don't mean gifts and flowers. That's a part of it, but Annabeth means more than random gifts to me. I know I wouldn't be here talking to you today if it wasn't for her.

She's— [ there's that thud again. he narrows his eyes and gets up from where he's seated to go look into the noise. his hand slips into his pocket, ready to draw Riptide in pen form and uncap it. fear his wrath! what he isn't expecting is to open the closet door and to have a hoard of blue food descend upon him. he doesn't have time to get out of the way or leap for the bed and get to the door. it knocks him over. everything he mentioned and more. any kind of food that can have food coloring added to it is currently trying to drown the son of poseidon. he digs his way to the surface and comes up with frosting in his hair. this is what he gets for wishing to see his mother, isn't it? ] She's going to be so stoked that I flooded her room with enough food to feed an army of giants.

[ huffs. ]

Happy Anniversary, Annabeth.

[ ..wait is that pizza? ]

001 Video

Jun. 18th, 2014 10:29 pm
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[The camera clicks on and amber eyes blink owlishly at the screen. Billy usually didn’t do things like this. The only videos that existed of him were usually taken by Teddy, because he claimed Billy was doing something cute, or by Tommy who claimed Billy was doing something idiotic and those usually wound up on the internet somewhere. This was a first for him.]

Well. This was not where I expected to end up when trying to teleport home. Unless someone slipped me something at the comic book store. Is it possible to hallucinate entire worlds? For all I know I’ve wandered into Avengers Mansion and I’m talking to a wall.

[He winced internally, he was babbling and the only one who ever found that endearing was Teddy, and Teddy wasn’t here, at least he didn't think Teddy was here.]

So um, hi, I guess? I guess I should introduce myself. Billy Kaplan, I can do magic…sometimes it works.

01 | Video

Jun. 16th, 2014 08:51 pm
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[At first, there's only a flash of an image. A young girl, all of fourteen. Rich, brown skin tone. Dark, curly hair. The most strikingly gold eyes. Eyes that conveyed a mixture of wide-eyed surprise and confusion. A moment later, however, once the picture steadied and she realized what she had done, Hazel grinned proudly to herself before turning her head towards a certain Chinese-Canadian boy sitting not too far behind her.]

I told you I could get it to work, Frank.

[Soon after, there was a slight jostling of the camera as she passed the device over to Frank, who looks a amused, but also a little proud at the same time.]

I knew you could! I was just asking if you needed help…. [And then his attention is back to the network.] Alright, so: hi. Wow, I haven't used one of these in forever? I guess not being at home had to have a good thing, and not being possibly surrounded by monsters is one of them. Is... everyone really getting this? Because that's actually rather useful.

So I’m Frank, and this is Hazel.
[She shyly waves at the camera.] We just kind of appeared here and we’re looking for a couple people we kind of lost in the way? So if you recognize us poke us, you know who you are.

We were kind of in the middle of something important- saving the world from Gaea and all that jazz, but hey, you know, no rush. Except yeah, we’re in a rush and if we could get advice on how to get back home too? Much appreciated.

[A pause]

Also, does this thing do Angry Birds?

[Hazel, who had been relatively quiet until now, furrowed her brows in confusion:]

...what’s Angry Birds?

[OOC: Join post with Hazel and Frank! They will both be replying to each reply, tell us on the subject line if you only want one of them.]


Jun. 15th, 2014 09:14 pm
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[ Nico realizes that he should probably stop putting this off. it's less about the network itself and more that he just doesn't want to carry around a device that could alert monsters to his location. and perhaps things are different here, but it's a force of habit more than anything that keeps him from using it. but he's heard familiar names, and maybe that's what makes this worth it.

the video will flick on, and though the room is well lit, each shadow in it seems to bend unnaturally towards him. he wonders if voice would have been better instead, but it's a little late for that now. ]

I'm looking for a couple people. Hazel Levesque, Jason Grace, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang. Some others too, but if you recognize the names then I don't really need to ask for you.

[ which is roughly all he says, which may be surprising for a new arrival. but Nico doesn't really have any interest in pleasantries, just familiar faces. ]
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[ it's laaaate when Rachel turns on her feed, and it's obvious she's sitting at the edge of her bed, her face only lit by the backlight of her communicator, dark shadows under her eyes and hair a mess. she's even a little out of breath, obviously just woken up in a bad way ]

Hey. Okay, okay. [ hhhhhuff ] This is probably annoying for everyone that's sleeping, sorry, but I had to get this out there, I had to record it before I forgot the details. Quick backstory, I have the sight, I have prophetic dreams, and it's real and you have to believe me, just for a second, please. It's the Jabberwocky, like, the Jabberwocky, and it's like he knows I can see him, that I've been dreaming about him, and he doesn't even care. He's not trying to hide anymore. I don't know if he's planning something, or if he's just waiting, buh-

[ she huffs again, only it's not a pause for a breath, it's just a long release of air. her eyes fall shut, followed by her head dropping forward, and it's almost like she fell back asleep again, right there sitting up. almost! right up until her head picks back up, eyes blown wide, and they're definitely glowing. bright green, to be exact. so basically yeah, she looks completely possessed. and when she speaks again, her voice is tripled, like three Rachels are talking at the same time, in a low chant ]

A threat well known beyond great lore
Returns to Wonderland once more.
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch
Defeated only once her blade rejoins its match.
Convince the side who hides in shame,
Or kingdom's destruction shall be your blame.

[ aaaand then she's out again. only this time, after her head drops forward, she snaps back awake, totally back to normal. well, she looks like she's about to barf, but at least she's not flowing anymore. ]

Whoa. Did anybody catch that? What did I say? H-ang onto that. [ she points at the camera ] I'm just going to-

[ pass out again, whump, back onto the mattress. just give her a second, she'll come to pretty quick ]
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cut for gore )

[ when the video comes up, it's of a blonde. set-jaw, dark eyes. it's almost as if a storm is raging somewhere in there, a sort of crackle of lightning, of thunder. when she speaks, it's with purpose, straight through that frown.

maybe then no one will notice just how pale she is. ]

When people die here, they come back to life. [ stating facts through a thick swallow. she can do this. ] How long does it take? Where do they show up? It- it does happen, right?

[ no, no no- that's too close. her voice is almost shaking. her stomach clenches and that need to figure this out, to figure it out as soon as possible drives her forward. ]

Someone's murdering people here. Whoever it is killed my friend and put her on a spit, on antlers, in a fireplace on the first floor. Her name's Clarisse. Whoever saw her last, contact me. This happened sometime in the last day. As for the murderer- [ and this is where she gets darker, her eyes and her look and everything about her. for most people, there's a clear line between anger and absolute rage, and annabeth has just about crossed it. ]

Whoever you are, you think you're smart. That you won't be caught. You're wrong. [ there some strange surge of confidence in her, here. something that tells her she's speaking right to whoever did this, and not the rest of the network. not every single person in wonderland. ] I will find you, and you'll regret laying a hand on her, on anyone.

[ and then it cuts. ]

PERCY: clarisse is dead
i don't know how long
she should come back to life
wonderland doesn't let people stay dead
she'll be back soon and when she does she's not going to be happy

i'm going to find out who did this

RACHEL did you see this?
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[ Sitting in the view of the camera is a sign, written in red crayon.


Hey. [ And the sign gets moved for a second, to reveal a tanned face, a ridiculous shock of curly, dark hair, and bright eyes. That all belongs to Leo Valdez, who you are going to regret listening to in about two seconds. ] The name's Leo, local ship pilot-captain-repair-boy, dragon-fixer, and champion food-eater. I'm from, uhh... that's not really important, but I'm a totally nice guy! I like pretty much anything with a mechanical center, really bad--which really means really awesome--jokes, and trying really hard not to die.

Which, you like too, right? [ Leo gives a grin to the feed, runs a hand through his dark hair, and it's a little more sheepish than he meant for it to come off. ] The not dying part, since that's a problem here, I guess.

[ He rolls his gaze up and off screen for a second, rocks back and forth from his seated position, then returns to actually looking at the camera. ] So on the path of this not dying thing, we should not-die together, and maybe hang out. I mean, if I'm gonna get out of here at some point, I might as well try to do it with a prom date, right?

Right? [ Leo is this a joke. ] So, you know, if you're single and--[ finger guns ] ready to mingle with a...semi-human, hit me up on...

On my not phone. Man, I can't remember the last time I used a phone. That's kinda messed up.

[ There's a brief second of silence before he snaps back to attention and nods at the feed, knocking off a fake salute. ] Right! Okay, well, let me know. See ya!

[ ...click. ]

001; video

Apr. 14th, 2014 03:16 pm
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I… Err, excuse me.

[A boy with blonde hair that doesn’t look like he could be any older than 15 stares into the eye of his camera with a look of far-off confusion, like he’s trying to deal with 1000 self-made questions at once.]

I remember this place. Vaguely, but I do. I feel like it was an incredibly long time ago, and yet-- In my world, it may have only been a month at best. Like having a painfully vivid dream, forgetting about it, and then suddenly having it again…

[He winces, like he’s having a headache.]

Tell me, is Eren Yeager still here? Or Captain Levi? As best I recall, they were here with me before I was taken back home.

--of course, I’m Armin Arlert, of the Recon Corps’ Special Operations Squad. Please forgive me if we may have met, and I don’t recall. I’m a bit of a mess at the moment.
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[ it probably sucks that when the video feed comes in all that the viewers are getting is a shot of someone's feet, pacing back and forth. over and over again, for at least one minute. ]

This can't be happening. This can not be happening. Gods, this is not happening right now. [ it's not like he's crazy or anything, just super disorientated and not at all organized. that doesn't have to mean he's crazy! so the talking to himself part is concerning, big deal. like you've never! let's be real, though, he'd still be doing it if he didn't step too close and send the device skidding about a foot, making him kneel down to pick it up and realize it's recording.

this kid is not a sight for sore eyes, or any eyes. he's scuffed up, exhausted, covered in scratches and probably some bruises. and yes. yes, that is dried blood.
] Is this thing recording?

[ some beads are visible around his neck along with a dull orange t-shirt that says Camp Half-Blood, which is somewhat legible. if you can get past the tear or two. ] I wish I could say I've never been on Who Wants To Kill Percy Jackson? before, but I'd by lying. So if you're hearing this right now, you can skip the basics. The wheres and the whats, I'll wing it. Just— [ and he's trying super hard here not to let his shoulders sag or his eyes give away how tired he is. ] Annabeth Chase. I need to know where she is.

[ and yes, he can actually care less about how many monsters using this device draws to him. ]
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[ alright, let's get one thing straight here: clarisse hates mazes. so, as luck would have it, she finds herself surrounded by bright green shrubbery in every direction and she is not happy about it. she doesn't even bother asking why she's here. she just gets straight to business and the feed roars to life. kind of literally, actually. the daughter of the war god is someone to be feared when she's angry and she's not going to take no for an answer on this one. ]

Alright, listen up, punks. I don't know where I am, nor do I care. But someone thought it'd be funny to stick me in this godsforsaken maze.

[ a beat. ]

Yeah. Well, guess what? I'm not laughing. And if someone doesn't get me out of here, I start trimming hedges and busting the head of whoever's bright idea this was. Got it?

[ she holds up her sword. her very, very lethal sword. she may not have her spear anymore, but she's just as good with a sword. and she knows she can't get out without help so this is her, er, "subtle" way of asking for backup. just don't expect her to thank you for it. ]

See this? You don't want me to have to use it.

[ she's about to cut the feed, when something else occurs to her. ]

Oh, and if anyone's seen a guy named Chris Rodriguez, you sure as hell better tell me or it's your head next.
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[ One minute, you're minding your own business in camp, enjoying your victories, and ignoring the impending doom that is becoming a constant cloud over your head, and the next, you're appearing in a mansion.

At first, Leo's ninety percent sure he's getting some weird dream vision from his dad again. Supposedly Zeus put a stop to those, so he's a little impressed with Hephaestus' tenacity, but after a hard pinch to the arm, he's sort of figuring out he's actually awake right now, and someone just transported him out of nowhere to somewhere else. Was it Gaea, or was it something else entirely? No one had ever been able to do this before, and there's something on his person that wasn't there before, like a little phone, so maybe it was his dad--

His mind is racing, to the point where his body is hot to the touch, and then there's no warning and he just lights up, flaring wild orange and red in the middle of the hallway. It's that that brings him back to the present, and Leo swears, loudly, and tries to calm himself down--by the time his fire's been put out, he's standing, butt naked, in the middle of the entrance hall.


The little device he found himself with, however, is unharmed. The demigod pretty much scrambles across the room to find a tapestry to duck behind, covering the important bits, then squints at the device, just laying there, innocently.

There's a moment of indecision before he dashes across the room, grabs it, and runs back. A little curious tinkering reveals the capabilities of the device, and Leo clicks record on the video setting. He looks a little singed, and is holding the device far enough away from his face so that you can just see the tapestry and part of his naked chest.]

So... Am I posting to some kind of kidnapee network? Uh, hi, my name's Leo, and I think I just got kidnapped too, and, uh...

[ He winces, and tries for a smile that might be sheepish. ] Can anybody bring me some clothes?


Mar. 8th, 2014 08:19 pm
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[Hello Wonderland. It's been a while since Sirius' arrival but taken a while to adjust. Suits of armor, psychopaths, the world breaking into pieces. Even for a wizard that's a lot to process.

The idea of a network is brilliant, but he's not had much of a reason to use it yet. Until now.]


[Young, handsome, English and well articulated, he's sitting with an easy grace and confidence that is clearly identifiable as upper class.]

My name is Sirius Black. [Because it's only polite to introduce yourself, right? James is lurking somewhere in the background with a large red pool inner tube. The kind you might float along a water ride in.]

I'm lead to believe there is a swimming pool here. In fact, I know there is, but what I find surprising is that it is completely deserted.

Now, unless the water is poisonous, which it's not because I threw James in and he's not dead or grown a second head, I think we should fix this.

So, what I think I'm proposing, is something of a pool party.

[Do you see that glint in his eye? Bikinis are optional. He goes to sign off but quickly has a second thought and comes back to centre.]

Ah, also I've been told that I've apparently been seen here before? For the record I have no knowledge of this and therefore accept no responsibility whatsoever for any of my previous self's doings.

...But...if you have a good story, I'm all ears.



Mar. 3rd, 2014 12:49 am
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[ when the video feed comes on, it’s still moving, as if the camera hadn’t quite settled down before the person on the other end pressed record. there’s a faint voice in the background, a murmuring of some rant, just out of range. on screen you can see a tired blonde, dirty, covered in grime, dust, spider webs…

don’t ask.

but the feed itself is focused on a girl’s face, straight, tense- there’s a muscle that jumps in her jaw, like she’s doing everything she can to hold something in. the grey of her eyes is dark, stormy, and leaning towards panic. ]

This this is supposed to go out to everyone here, right? [ is that panic spiking a little? probably. not like she hasn’t spent her entire life avoiding that exact same sentiment. ] His name is Percy Jackson. If he’s here, I need to know. Seaweed Brain, if you’re-

[ in the background, the murmuring suddenly becomes much clearer, a very defined sort of Annabeth, what- and then the feed jumps again, like it’s being pulled out of her hand. ]

Oh, hey.

[ and that’s because it was pulled out of her hand, by a redhead that’s looking- not panicked, but confused, maybe. flustered. she’s pretty convinced this is some trick of the gods, but it doesn’t make any sense. the timing, the setting. why, so far, it’s just her and Annabeth. but Rachel’s life revolves around fate, the idea that everything does happen for a reason, so after she ran into her best friend and found a room to commandeer and just sit in a for a while, she started to ramble. whatever came to mind, whatever possible explanation there could be, she was spewing it out. which, apparently, was when Annabeth started to record.

hence the surprise on her face, despite the fact that Rachel is in no way camera shy or- any kind of shy. she’s mostly just hoping none of her rambles were broadcast on this little ( or not so little ) network

Right, so. We’re looking for Percy, yes, absolutely- [ she looks off camera to nod at Annabeth, see, she’ll restate it just so everyone hears it. he’s important, finding him is important, but so is- ] - as well as anybody else that recognizes the name Camp Half-Blood, or- [ there’s a slight grimace, but she’d deny it ] Camp Jupiter. And we’re looking for answers, too.

If anyone feels like sharing what they know about this place and why we’re here, that would be great.
[ nodnodnod ] Really, don’t be afraid to just lay it all out, plain and simple. Or plain and not-so-simple. We can handle it. We want to handle it. No sugarcoating, please. I will totally not be accepting any sort of “maybe you should sit down first” attitudes about this. Trust me, anything you have to say about this place, I guarantee you that we’ve heard worse. Or weirder. Or scarier. [ a beat ] But hey, good news would be nice too. So, if you’ve got any of that… [ there’s a big “ah? ah?” smile after she trails off ]
Oh! And where do we go to seek out medical attention? Annabeth - that’s my friend here, and I’m Rachel, hey - needs to have her leg looked at, sooner than later. So. Yeah.

I’m fine.

Oh, no you are not- [ click. ]

[ ooc;; rachel's dialogue is in green, annabeth's is in black. replies will come from both girls! ]


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