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[Jo seems to be having a bit of trouble keeping the camera steady, probably because of the Jack Russell terrier in her lap that just can't seem to keep still, though she has an arm loosely around his middle. The dog appears to be out of sorts, and Jo herself looks worried, lips pressed together into a thin line. It's not unusual to see her looking a little low these days, but anxious is another thing altogether.]

So this little guy sought me out today looking to get fed.

[She turns the camera to give folks a clear shot of Jormy's face, though he protests with a whimper and turns his head away almost immediately. Still, for anyone who knew Gabriel well, he probably seems familiar. She sighs, facing the camera herself once more.

Gabriel wouldn't just leave Jormy on his own to go hungry. He was attached, to say the least.]

I tried getting in touch with Gabriel, but he's not answering his phone, or, uh-- [She winces. It sounds wrong to say this, considering Gabriel had gone pagan and didn't care much for the traditional angel shtick, but:] Or prayers. Angel radio, whatever you want to call it.

Anyone else seen him around? I don't want to assume the worst, and if he's popped out it could just be temporary, but it would be good to know if Jormy is just visiting or needs a place to stay for a little while.

[More than that, she and Gabriel were friends. Good friends. He was the best almost-guardian angel a bartender could ask for.]

Private Text to Dean Winchester )

Private Text to Tom Hanniger )
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[When the transmission begins, Alice is in a tearoom having a cup of tea. Though, should anyone attempt to find her, they will find all of the tea rooms empty.]

That was a nice party, wasn't it? It's a shame everyone had to go home before they spoiled - I would have loved to have that many people here all the time! Everyone would have friends everywhere and not a single soul would be lonely. It sounds absolutely grand. The more the merrier, right? Isn't that how that saying goes?

[She hums thoughtfully.

But is more merrier? A person can be perfectly merry on their own, if they want to. How does one go about measuring merriness, I wonder? Is there some sort of merriness scale? Though, maybe that's not right either. I don't think merriness weighs anything so it would be silly to use a scale. You'd have to use a cup, I think! Or maybe it's the sort of thing you count and whoever has the most merriness is the merriest! That sounds about right. It must be a countable sort of thing. An accountable sort of thing?

[They sound like they could be interchangeable, so she shrugs it off and lets it go. Sort of.]

Or, wait. No, perhaps it's how much merriness you can fit inside of you. This might need to be solved with a merriness-eating contest. Then whoever eats the most merriness would be the most merry! That's absolutely brilliant, if I do say so myself!

Does anyone else have any good ideas?
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(OOC: Until the gender swap wears off mid-event, replies will come from [personal profile] halfsister, his gender swap equivalent! Open sections are for the early days of the event, approximately glossing over the 20th-22nd. :D Audio portion is posted a tad early for convenience's sake.)

Chapter One )

Chapter Two | action )

| Chapter Three: "You can't get the beer even if you want the beer" | audio

[On day two, Adam's ready to get off this ride. Sitting down to pee all the time is too much. Not being able to twist bottle caps off without waging all out war on them with the side of a table or a bottle opener isn't just a waste of time, it's annoying.

If there's a quick fix out there, he'd like to know.

Hence, Adam comes out of self-imposed isolation to speak to the network as a whole, though there's a bright side to having a girl's voice and that's that no one can guess who it belongs to straight away. In an attempt to protect his anonymity further, he's stepped out of his room to use one of the wall units he's seen around and not his actual phone. Better safe than sorry.]

This Freaky Friday body switch stuff is great, but has anyone figured out how to switch back? Someone should let the talking lizard know this isn't fixing shit.

[One might be inclined to believe this bluntness is hiding a calmness of some kind. Almost.]

Look-- [When he goes to speak again, something clatters to the ground. There's a grunt of irritation. He's made the mistake of trying to grab two of his travelling companions--his personal device and a bottle of water--with one hand, the same hand that has a noticeably smaller hand span now, too small to hold both.] Damn it. For f--

[No, he's not dealing with this calmly. He'd enjoy going back to normal, okay, please and thank you.]

Are we doing something about this or are we just sitting on our hands, 'cause I'd really like to know.

I } text

Mar. 17th, 2014 12:49 am
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[It’s taken Hook a while to type out the message. What business do letters have being in some strange, nonsensical order? What sort of alphabet goes from Q to M instead of A to Z? It’s bloody confusing, but he’s managed, at last, to type out his message on the automatic writing mechanism he found in his pocket. It seems to have some sort of magical ability to show images and produce sounds too, but he has yet to figure those ones out.

The message is short and a bit stilted. He’s not used to having to hunt so hard for each letter, and finding advanced punctuation or capital letters is beyond him. But it gets the point across.]

to whom it may concern

ive found myself on strange shores and could use information should it be available. the name is captain hook. im supposed to be in new york. does anyone know how to get there? i need to find emma swan. it is very important.

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[ it probably sucks that when the video feed comes in all that the viewers are getting is a shot of someone's feet, pacing back and forth. over and over again, for at least one minute. ]

This can't be happening. This can not be happening. Gods, this is not happening right now. [ it's not like he's crazy or anything, just super disorientated and not at all organized. that doesn't have to mean he's crazy! so the talking to himself part is concerning, big deal. like you've never! let's be real, though, he'd still be doing it if he didn't step too close and send the device skidding about a foot, making him kneel down to pick it up and realize it's recording.

this kid is not a sight for sore eyes, or any eyes. he's scuffed up, exhausted, covered in scratches and probably some bruises. and yes. yes, that is dried blood.
] Is this thing recording?

[ some beads are visible around his neck along with a dull orange t-shirt that says Camp Half-Blood, which is somewhat legible. if you can get past the tear or two. ] I wish I could say I've never been on Who Wants To Kill Percy Jackson? before, but I'd by lying. So if you're hearing this right now, you can skip the basics. The wheres and the whats, I'll wing it. Just— [ and he's trying super hard here not to let his shoulders sag or his eyes give away how tired he is. ] Annabeth Chase. I need to know where she is.

[ and yes, he can actually care less about how many monsters using this device draws to him. ]
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[It takes a little bit of time for Lily to sort out the device once she's found it on her person, but she's always been a resourceful girl. She also has the benefit of being raised among Muggles, meaning that Muggle technology isn't exactly foreign to her -- though this seems to be years beyond anything she's had the opportunity to use. At the very least, she finds that it has features in common with both a telephone and a camera, enough to very plainly mark it as useful.

Though it takes some poking and prodding, she manages to open up what she assumes is the audio feed. While it doesn't seem to be directed to any one person in particular -- and if it was, she's not even sure who she would go out of her way to call -- it's very decidedly on, and so she decides to cast a line and see if she gets any bites, figuring it must work like a radio if not a phone.

It's not like she could be any worse off than she is at the moment, right?]

Is anyone out there? I've been up and down these halls the last fifteen minutes. I've never seen so many mirrors in one place.

[Maybe she should try something a little more specific. This place is unmistakably magic in some way, and that means that talking about magic itself can't possibly be off-limits.]

I found myself in the middle of your hedge maze; I think I must have touched some kind of portkey. What's the big idea, dropping people in your garden without warning, anyway? I'd like to find the way back, if you don't mind. I've got school.

[If she misses the train and thus ends up being an absent Head Girl on the first night, so help her.]
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[Having somewhat recovered from the trauma of being murdered, Evelyn is acutely aware of the dearth of intellectual discourse in Wonderland outside of burgeoning conversations on everyone's respective pasts (for the sake of being better prepared when events choose to strike). It is for this reason that she has decided most avidly to endorse an activity she originally wanted to address in mid-February, but...

...well, the unmitigated carnage was a definite distraction from more trivial pursuits.

I'm looking to start a book club!

[she announces over the communications system cheerfully, looking in considerably higher spirits than she had been a near-month ago.]

We've got this positively marvelous library and a veritable mountain of fiction; I know we're all from different places and times, but- but that might make it all the more exciting, to see the sort of literature our worlds produce.

[A beat.]

...although I'm going to have to insist on ruling out The Great Gatsby as reading material, it's terribly un-progressive.

[Attached to her broadcast is a little missive that reads:]

Please feel free to send in any book recommendations!

A satisfactory hour will be agreed upon for meetings.


Mar. 8th, 2014 08:19 pm
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[Hello Wonderland. It's been a while since Sirius' arrival but taken a while to adjust. Suits of armor, psychopaths, the world breaking into pieces. Even for a wizard that's a lot to process.

The idea of a network is brilliant, but he's not had much of a reason to use it yet. Until now.]


[Young, handsome, English and well articulated, he's sitting with an easy grace and confidence that is clearly identifiable as upper class.]

My name is Sirius Black. [Because it's only polite to introduce yourself, right? James is lurking somewhere in the background with a large red pool inner tube. The kind you might float along a water ride in.]

I'm lead to believe there is a swimming pool here. In fact, I know there is, but what I find surprising is that it is completely deserted.

Now, unless the water is poisonous, which it's not because I threw James in and he's not dead or grown a second head, I think we should fix this.

So, what I think I'm proposing, is something of a pool party.

[Do you see that glint in his eye? Bikinis are optional. He goes to sign off but quickly has a second thought and comes back to centre.]

Ah, also I've been told that I've apparently been seen here before? For the record I have no knowledge of this and therefore accept no responsibility whatsoever for any of my previous self's doings.

...But...if you have a good story, I'm all ears.

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[ The Doctor's never been one for sleep, and the only times he really does stop for a rest is when he's injured or drugged or otherwise incapacitated. But the point is, he doesn't require copious amounts of it, and it's for that reason that he's a little disconcerted just now.

For all the traveling he's done and all the things he's seen, he's never been witness to a moment quite like this one: a moment that the video feed is happening to capture.

The Doctor's standing on a decent-sized chunk of Wonderland that looks like it might have been part of a corridor at one point. It's hard to tell, though, since it's well and truly broken off from the rest of the place, but there's definitely a bit of carpet clinging to the thing.

And judging from the way he's glancing back and forth, he looks as if he's contemplating trying to hop off his piece of Wonderland and land on the next closest piece. Which isn't exactly that close, hence the need for contemplation.

But he's got bigger fish to fry besides his own plans, and so he turns his glance back to the device to check in with the other denizens of Wonderland. ]

Everyone alright? Got a piece to hold on to?

[ He hopes so, as hurtling through the air to who-knows-what hardly seems pleasant. ]

I'd say this is a little curious, wouldn't you? I don't know about the rest of you, but entire buildings don't just break apart on a whim.

[ It's something he'd like to investigate, if he can just move past the part about being trapped on a floating piece of hallway. But for the moment, he's alright with just settling in and waving to anyone who happens to float by. If they get close enough, he'll try for a jump, if they're agreeable. ]
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I need everyone to listen closely.

[It's unusual for Angel to show his face on the network, especially if it comes to leaving a message of his own. He'll reply to people here and there, but largely, he doesn't think it's worth the effort -- phones being the invention of a bored warlock and all.

But this is different. This is urgent, and it's written all over his face, his jaw squared and his mouth set in a hard line, tense.]

Your pal Tom that started warning people over the network, apologizing for this creep from his world? Don't trust him. In fact, stay as far away from him as you can -- lock yourselves in, do whatever you have to do, but do it immediately. He's the one responsible for these murders.

[He hadn't been sure at first. He'd smelled the blood of more than one of the victims on Tom when they'd gone to investigate one of the more recent crime scenes together, but it hadn't been enough to go on -- Tom could have just gone to two or three different sites to help handle the aftermath and picked it up that way -- but then Angel himself had gone to each and every point of discovery. Every one.

And at each one, he caught the same scent. None of them belonged to this 'Harry Warden,' but each and every trail lead back to the same place.

He hadn't wanted to believe it at first, thought he had to have been mistaken, but his senses had never lead him wrong before now. People were surprising where demons and other vampires were predictable. Angel expected better from humans, admired humanity for what it was -- there were always bad apples, but even after two and a half centuries, he wasn't used to them coming in mild-mannered packages like Tom Hanniger.

Just goes to show. And yet, something about it still didn't sit right with him, like it couldn't possibly be as cut and dry as Tom lying, but there's no time for him to try and pick that apart now. What matters is keeping people away from him, getting Tom contained somehow and keeping him from doing any more harm than he already has.]

Every one of these crimes leads back to him. There is no Harry Warden, that story is nothing but a decoy.

Do not try to go after him on your own. He might be human, but that means he's unpredictable-- this guys is killing like he's got nothing to lose. Get yourselves somewhere safe, each and every one of you. Arm yourselves if you have to, just in case.

This will be over soon. I promise.

[He plans to see to that personally.]


Feb. 14th, 2014 07:52 pm
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[Hi Wonderland. It's been a while, huh. Last time Tom was on the network he wasn't quite himself. This time? He very much is. He looks tired and word and pissed, and so addresses the network frankly and with regret.

It's a moment before he's able to speak, worrying his bottom lip. He really, really hates this.]

These murders... shit [He drags a hand through his hair and over his face, having to resettle before he can go on.]

I'm so sorry. He's from my world. This event is mine.

His name is Harry Warden. He..uh. None of you know this and why would you, but I own a coal mine in Harmony, Pennsylvania. Harry was a foreman working for my father when I was a kid..there was a collapse and his team was stuck underground on Valentine's Day, 1998.

By the time emergency services got down there, everyone was dead but Harry and it wasn't because of the collapse. He killed them to conserve his own air but fell into a coma...when he woke up...literally a year later he..I don't know. I guess he wanted revenge for the collapse and stalked back to the mine killin' anyone that got in his way. A whole mess of kids died that night, hospital staff, innocent...good people. Friends of mine...

My town, my people. His evil is here because of me and there're no words I can say to apologize for it.

But we can end this. Harry is human. He is in my world, anyway.

I saw him take a full magazine and keep going but there are more of us and we're all armed.

If you see him, run. Shoot and run. Don't let him get close to you.


Guys, I didn't... I'm so sorry.
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[Lena doesn't address everybody like this very much. In fact, she can count the number of times on one hand. But she feels this is important.]

Has anyone seen Caroline since the thing with the statues? I haven't been able to find her.

[She doesn't want to think of her friend getting turned to dust and not coming back like the others. What if that's what happens to vampires here?]

Just, if you see her? Tell her Lena's looking for her. Thanks.

[She nearly ends the video there, but her hand pauses midway to the button and then draws back.]

Actually, I have another question. How do you celebrate birthdays here? Because it's kind of confusing if the dates don't match up... I mean, like, say your birthday's this month.

[She's not saying hers is! Just say it was. (Spoiler alert: her birthday is totally on Tuesday.) ]

But back home, the time you got pulled from? It was February there too. And then you arrived here and it was summer. So did you celebrate your birthday right after you arrived, or do you wait until it's February here? I'm just... curious how it's been handled, if at all.
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[Garry doesn't like statues that move. He didn't before, and he doesn't now. Death of the Individual had been bad enough, but the strange damage these angels are causing doesn't seem to be curable just by refreshing his rose. He's tried it a number of times since failing to get inside fast enough that first day, and no luck.

The one bright spot is that they don't seem to like to be watched moving, which means there is safety in numbers. The gathering place he knows best is the diner, so he made his way there after his first, terrifying indoor encounter.]

[[ ooc: I'm going to write some starters in here for planned threads- if we haven't plotted and you'd like to thread, that's okay too, just specify what day! ]]
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[ Sam looks to be in about the same situation as he usually is pre-broadcast; somewhere, like his room or the library, with a lot of papers and books in the area. His expression is one of both deep thought and piqued interest, as if he's thinking through one thing while broadcasting something entirely different. ]

Hey. [ And he clears his throat, brow creasing slightly. ] I'm not sure how many people knew this, but a friend of mine who was here before--Clara--had an idea to start up something like a school. That was a few months back. I know we've been through some major crap this past month, and I know it's only gonna get tougher from here on out, but... I thought it over, and I still think it's a good idea. Even if it's not a totally kosher set of classes, I bet we can get together a bunch of people who've got, uh... "specialized" skill sets to teach. Could even be helpful with this upcoming doom and gloom, if we make it that way.

Anyone interested, just lemme know so I can get a read on this. Teaching, participating, whatever.


Jan. 4th, 2014 08:08 pm
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Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

[It's a few days late, but it's a good way to say it to everyone at once. There's a little pink polaroid camera hanging around her neck, and she holds it up right away.]

I hope everyone had a good Christmas too, or as good as it could be under the circumstances...ah, I found this camera in my stocking though! And I was thinking...well, after everything that happened, or is going to happen, or might happen...I thought it might be good to have a picture of everyone who comes into Wonderland!

[And then, she holds up a photo album!]

Souji was kind enough to give me an album for all of the pictures! Ah, thank you very much again, by the way.

It might be useful if anyone goes home, or if anything bad happens. That way, we'll have pictures to remember everyone by. I know there are people I've met here who went home that I wish I had pictures of now...

[People like Ruby, and Aerith, and Kougyoku, and Kirigiri, and that's only naming a few.]

Anyway, I think I'll keep it in the diner, in case anyone ever wants or needs to look at it. But first I need to fill it up, so...everyone, could I please take your picture?

[ooc: We can either thread it out in this post, or you can come over here to handwave it, or to clarify anything that needs to be clarified. She will be asking everyone from now on though (since it's not really just for her anymore), even people she doesn't know well, and the album post will always be open in her journal if you want your character in it. ♥]
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[He debates how to send the message for a few hours, and then whether he wants to at all. Tough call. Stay quiet and let the people who know you in Wonderland wonder if you've lost your mind, or put yourself out there and make them seriously question it?

In the end, Adam figures there's got to be weirder stuff out there than just what he's seen and experienced. At least in this place.]

Anyone else seen a dragon around? Big black thing with wings that can understand what you're saying?

Where does it live around here?

[Color him curious.]


Nov. 17th, 2013 08:07 pm
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[The video turns on to show an excited Elizabeth.]

I finally got it to work! It’s a lot harder than people make it look, but I--oh.. oh.. no not like that.. please stop!

[The phone is dropped and from the ground you see a yellow kite whirling around in the air. Elizabeth tugs on the string, but the kite goes zooming through the air and plants itself on top of a tree.]

Oh no!

[The phone is scooped up and she runs off.]

[ooc: You can either network tag or action tag and find Elizabeth trying to figure out how to climb a very tall tree.]
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[ Here's someone who hasn't been on the network recently. A thoughtful, albeit tired (though, honestly, it would be surprising if he weren't tired) Sam Winchester peers briefly at the camera, then away. ]

Anyone have, uh... issues looking at your reflections, now? [ There's a weary sigh, as there usually is. ] Having them exist in the first place--the doppelgangers--is hard enough, but...

[ The rest goes unsaid. "Having them with us here is too much." ]

... Makes you wonder.
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cut for tl;dr )

[So Castiel does something rare and records a message of himself on his phone, broadcasting it to the rest of the mansion. His expression is as flat as always, but there might be a hint of grimness to it for anyone who knows him well enough to pick up the subtle differences.]

I haven't had much interaction with the Mirrors myself, but I've heard enough to understand how dangerous they can be. I think I may be able to offer some assistance.

[His gaze drops down to his hand.]

This is untested for the moment, but it's possible I can disable its consciousness in your mind, to give... if nothing else, a small reprieve. If you're able to arrest control for long enough, you can contact me and I'll offer whatever help that I can.

[The feed shakes and tilts as he moves to turn it off, but then he pauses, remembering something. His face appears again, though slightly closer than before, and off-center.] For those who don't know me, my name is Castiel.
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[Those maneuvering around the mansion might see Lena stumbling around, knocking into walls, scowling and whispering harshly to herself, though sometimes it's outright yelling. The white bandage on her arm is up under the long-sleeved shirt she's put on, hiding the fact that a root cut into her skin earlier, but it's much harder to hide that there are two volatile personalities in one body now.

When Real!Lena's in control, she's desperate for others to stay away from her because she's not sure how long she can hold on before her mirror takes over. Anyone running into her at these times will be urged to get away. When Mirror!Lena's in control, she likes to taunt poor little Lena and point out how weak she is. She causes destruction in the halls, attacking roots or throwing furniture around for fun. She feels no allegiance to her fellow Mirrors and will "play" with anyone, whether or not their Mirror is currently in control. But if someone who hasn't yet been attacked by roots comes across her, she'll put on the innocent victim mask and plead for help. It's fun to play with the do-gooders and their silly habit of trusting too much. She wonders how many she can hand over to the roots. Maybe she'll keep a running tally.

Those thoughts are interrupted as Real!Lena screams in her head and Mirror!Lena loses her grip, stumbling as Lena takes back control.]

You're not doing that, witch.

[Mirror Lena boils with anger at getting pushed out of control, but she bides her time, gathering her strength again.

We'll see, she replies, waiting for Lena to give her an opening to take over again.]

[ooc: Real Lena is [personal profile] claimyourself and Mirror Lena is [personal profile] wickedways. PM me or leave an OOC note if you definitely want Mirror Lena to rough your character up! If not, let me know that too and I'll make sure Real Lena prevents her Mirror hurting yours until yours can escape.]
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[He spent five days living like a regular human, albeit a regular human stuck in a haunted mineshaft, and now a week as his normal, synthetically-enhanced self. Except Luke isn't aware Wonderland can turn them all into average humans, and he can't figure out what that last event actually did to him.

Because he doesn't have obvious flashy powers to lose, the only explanation he has is he got sick. But Luke isn't supposed to get sick, and no one else has been complaining about being ill, which is what usually happens when things go bad for all of them.

So, given a choice between going for a medical check up at a clinic staffed by UNIT, Torchwood and Victor Frankenstein, or asking a vague question that's going to sound really stupid to everyone, Luke's opted for the latter.]

That last week with the mines, did anyone feel weird? Not just 'trapped in the dark eating mine food' weird. Like sick, or really tired, or kinda... gooey?

[Phlegm and bile and oily skin, ugh. Surely that's not normal for a bunch of terrified people starving together in a cave.]

Like you couldn't think properly, because your brain was all messed up. But it only lasted for the event. Like the mansion made it happen. Am I just crazy?


Oct. 14th, 2013 12:10 am
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[Shock and awe, Wonderland. Tom has been here for how long and this is his first time on the network unaffected by an event. But anyone who knows him knows he hates the friggin' thing. Or, more to the point, just really doesn't like drawing too much attention to himself.

But hey. He's happy for once in a very long time. He's in love! And instead of jumping around on someone's couch or screaming from the roof tops, he's sitting outside the back of the house with a power saw, a generator, and a stack of timbers that he has lugged from the closest closet.

A lot of you he hasn't met but you might remember him proposing a football game a months or so back, but he wasn't feeling quite himself then. Living alternative lives and all that.]

Was thinking about doing some work out here. Idle hands and all that.

[It's a beautiful autumn day, guys. Come out and do something constructive.]

Could use some help to get the walls up. Not like we've got much else to do.


Oct. 9th, 2013 07:42 pm
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[It's taken Clara a while to get to the point of being able to speak out loud. She's freaked out after waking up in a random part of the mansion, remembering the event and the fact that she most definitely died.

It was all too familiar of a feeling, the intense heat and the feeling of internally being torn apart. So it's set her on edge, and she's not in any condition at all to post her usual video message. But those that know her well enough should recognize her voice, as well as the calculated level of calmness that she's projecting.

That wasn't very nice. Then again, not many things here are.

[A pause, and she gives out a shaky breath of air.]

So. [Awkward pause goes here.] Did anyone else happen to die during the last event?

[That's her way of demanding everyone she knows check in and tell her that they in fact didn't die, and they're all perfectly okay and in one piece and nothing at all is wrong with them.]
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[ cora wakes up in the maze. her communicator sits a few feet away from her. she spends an hour or two trying to navigate her way out of it, stubborn enough to refuse clicking on said communicator and asking for help. but she seems to only be walking in circles. dead end after dead end — and didn't she just see that hedge ten minutes ago? — and while she's not one to give up and toss in the towel, she's feeling like there's no end in sight if she keeps this up. ]

[ she turns her communicator on and after some fiddling, flicks it to video. she shows the area she's in, which pretty much looks the same as it did a few seconds ago. hedge, hedge, and more hedge. ] Anyone got a guide for getting out of this maze on hand? I'm stuck.

[ the camera passes over her (her eyes are narrowed, her hair is a little messy, but there's no open wounds on her forehead, that's the important thing) as she continues to show her surroundings. it's a pointless thing to do, but, alas, it's the only thing she can think to do. cora sighs. she's alone and she doesn't like it one bit. ]

Not really sure about the shortcuts at the moment. [ lifting her shoulders, she admits a quiet defeat, and begins to walk to the left. it's only a few beats before she stumbles ] — Crap — [ and her head's slightly pounding from how hot she feels and from each step she takes resonating in her skull, before she cuts it off, perhaps waiting for a reply back. ]

[ but she'll continue to walk around, for that is what hales do: be stupid. ]

( OOC: grabbing cora's reserved for the teen wolf idiots, but come engage in some deadpan conversation with her / give her directions. )
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If I was a uh--well If I was a dick to you during all that crap just tell me. [ Dean had killed him, but that's the farthest thing from his mind. Dean's like a brother to him and it don't matter that he came at him during the Event. That stuff changed people. It turned them into killers and they didn't have a damn choice in any of it. It warped and twisted your emotions to kingdom come. You didn't stand a chance in defending against that sort of attack. He's more concerned about what he'd be capable of if given half a mind.

He smiles a bit and just sort of shifts around awkwardly. He looks like a boy in trouble on the video right now. He's taken up sitting by the pool for now. It's quiet here. It's late too which means he's got all the privacy in the world. Hence the fact that he has three blood bags next to him. He intends to eat once this video is done. ]
Things got messy. People died. Some good and some bad. [ He kinda put himself in the bad category. ]

I don't blame none of ya'll for the crap that happened out there. It happened. We gotta move on right?
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To anyone who knew him, Henry Mills is gone. For good, this time.

[He's gone missing before, but his personal items had lingered. She's spent the better part of the last twenty-four hours sitting in his room -- or what used to be his room, anyway. There's no sign that he was ever there, now.]

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me by looking out for him while he was here.
Meant a lot.
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[The face that looks into the camera is wearing a black mask across her eyes, which is pointless for anyone who knows her, since not many people have one bright green eye and one gold eye. Of course, being that people aren't exactly acting like themselves at the moment, it's quite possibly no one remembers the Lena from before this event. In any case, this is Caster Girl, fighting to make the streets safe while fighting the Darkness within herself almost poetic, isn't it!]

I caught a couple purse snatchers at the park if any cops are listening. I could bring them in, but I'd rather patrol this area.

[In the background a voice says "Hey! Hey, let us outta here!" Lena rolls her eyes and turns her device towards the voice. Two teenage boys are trapped under the limbs of an uprooted tree. And no, that tree wasn't like that until Lena needed a way to catch the two suckers.]

So you can rob more old ladies? I think not.

[The camera turns back to Lena as the protests continue in the background.]

They're secure until some officers get here. Bring a chainsaw.

[She's about to say more, but a scream in the distance catches her attention and she turns off the camera to go save the day.]

[ooc: feel free to have your character contact her on the device and she'll answer once she's free, or come meet her somewhere to stop crime together!]
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I have a question for everyone! I've just thought of it now, suddenly, and I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter!

I've heard stories about Superheroes, you know. There have never been any Superheroes native to Wonderland, of course, but sometimes they pass through now and then. They're very interesting, with all their colorful costumes and powers and gadgets!

But I was wondering - what makes a Superhero super? Where do they come from? How do they get so super in the first place? Is there a Superhero factory, perhaps, where you drop an ordinary person in one end and they come out the other more super than ever? Or maybe there's an entire world of Superheroes where Superheroes aren't terribly super because everyone is super! If that makes any sense at all, which it might not. I've never been known to make much sense.

But does anyone know how Superheroes are so super? Is there something that makes them super? I suppose what I'm asking is...could anyone do it?
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[Yeah, Annie hasn't been around for awhile, but this time she didn't go home. No, she's just been keeping to herself, hanging out in the library and her room and going for walks every now and then. This place is big enough that it's easy to hide when you need to, and what with her recent death and with her friends disappearing left and right-- she's been keeping up with the network, obviously-- and, in some cases, coming back with no memory of her, she's pretty fed up with everything.

But she's had a good mope, and really, depression doesn't suit her. At all. So. She clicks on her communication, puts on her biggest smile and speaks.

Hey guys! That last event sure was-- [A bunch of people died, right? She should be careful how she describes it.] -- sucky.

[Nailed it.]

Um. Sucky and awful. Anyway, I figure you guys are as done with this place and it's awfulness as I am, so what do you say we have a party? Like a small thing. Maybe an end of summer beach bash?

[Look at that hopeful smile. Don't you want to help her?]

Yeah. Let me know if you're interested! I think it could be fun, and we definitely deserve some of that.
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Secrets aren't really my thing. I mean, okay, so-- we all have them. They're secrety. I get it. People on the whole are secret-having and that's why we have secrets.

Can't there just be an 'opt-out' switch? [ she holds up her envelope, eyebrows lifting. ] What if I just burn this, without ever reading what's inside?

[ buffy turns the paper over, a slightly pensive frown creasing her features. ]

Here's the deal. The real-deal. This deal is so real they won't even put it on TV, real. Really. Dealy. So ask me a question any question, Wonderland. Because I'm willing to bet I know what's in this stupid thing anyway.

Which brings me to the real meat of my little speech. Don't ask me how words are meaty, they just are, and it's less gross than saying 'fatty.' But all of us, especially the girl-types of this venture, could use a night in. That's right, stick people of the skirt variety, I am proposing a girl's night hosted by none other than me. Buffy.

[ for the first time in the post she smiles, her envelope coming into view again. ]

And if for some reason these little things end up in the fire? We can blame it on the wine.

Oh, and someone, please bring wine! Room 2 Floor 2!! Xander, you're invited too. Scratch that, your presence is required. And you totally have girl's night precedent so gender is no issue of question.

[ and later on that night, buffy sits in her room and waits for her guests, wearing bunny pajamas, only pretend they don't have feet because pedicures are a thing that are happening. anyone is welcome to respond to the post but if you have a penis and your name is not alexander harris you will get turned away from the room, sorry notsorry! ]


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