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[Remus had never had much use for phones so try to be patient with the raggedy wizard while he taps curiously through the functions of the little device in his hands. He had no idea what he was going to do with it, but perhaps if he found who it belonged to, he could find out where he was and how he had come to be there.

The audio function is all that has been activated, so at first the only sound is the tap tap click of his fingers on the screen. And then he noticed what happened.]

Ah, I see. Apologies, I'm not sure who this is, but perhaps you could help me, if anyone is there.

[Being from a half muggle family has its advantages. While he may not commonly use a phone, he had done so before and he understood them better than some wizards might.]

Could you perhaps tell me who this is and where you are? I believe this gadget belongs to someone else. They must have misplaced it.

[Did someone use a memory charm on him?]

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Okay, so I get that this place is supposed to be infested with "monsters from other worlds" -or some bullshit like that- every now and then, but is all this considered "normal"? Because if it is, I'm gonna need to make some friends I can trust and quick.

[Excluding Kelly, of course. However in regards to normalcy, most obviously she's referring to the mansion getting a makeover; however, she's indirectly inquiring about the whole "murder to keep your secrets safe" notice she found in her room and assumes other people have found in theirs.

Her question is asked via audio on purpose as well; while in her own case, the irony of murdering to keep murders a secret has not escaped her, and while she doesn't plan on killing anyone just to keep other killings under the table (as she'd probably still be caught with blood on her hands), that doesn't mean she's unprepared to kill in self-defense, if someone were to attack her.

Should anyone happen to see her in the halls, in one hand is her communicator, and in the other, a baseball bat; she was lucky to have found it while scavenging through some of the sports-related rooms.]

Private text to Kelly )


Sep. 7th, 2013 01:39 pm
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[See Brittany.]

[See Brittany smiling at the camera.]

[See Brittany wearing what looks like a Japanese school girl uniform. And totally rocking it.
Pigtails are so in, yo.]

[But also see Brittany very casually carrying around a
giant butcher's knife like it was totally nbd.]


[ might want to stop seeing and start running. Maybe.]

I think I saw a porno like this once.

[A pause. She glances down at the knife, then back up again.] was a really weird porno.
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[ The video shows a curly haired teenager looking far far more healthy and... not drugged looking than the last time he'd popped up on the network. Yeah, so this time he's not chock full of wolfsbane, but he's not even going to address that. There's also a little orange tabby on his shoulder, claws sunk into his coat for purchase. Thanks to one Cecil Baldwin the werewolf has a kitten.

He's not the most social, sort of an introvert unless he's familiar with who he's talking to. So he hasn't really gotten to know many of the people in Wonderland. He's not stationary, no, he's been wondering around Wonderland trying to get a feel for the place. Walking and talking, well, at least he's sort of kind of good at multitasking... He hasn't run into anything yet. ]

Do you ever stop and think like, "what if I'm actually in a coma right now and this is all a weird dream?"

[ Some real deep thinking going on obviously. But he's sort of bored, wondering around Wonderland wasn't actually all as interesting as he'd expected. He should have asked Scott or Allison to join him... But oh well. ]

Because I'm really starting to get that feeling from this place.
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[ If there is one thing that Derek doesn't like, it's the concept of a network like this. Back home, he hated the idea of Facebook and other social sites, because it meant others would be able to track what he was doing. Besides, what was the point of the damn thing when all you had to do was pick up the phone or go and see them in person?

He didn't have problems with technology, just with social networking.

Still, he winds up utilizing the network that's at his disposal now, sounding intensely disgruntled and... wet, actually. There's a distinct sloshing sound like wet clothes, and faint dripping as he tries to shake himself out.

Hilarious. I really appreciate getting dumped into yet another pool without my consent. [ For as drenched as he is, his tone is dry as a desert right now. There's a moment where his words (at least I wasn't paralyzed this time) are muffled-- his hand passing over his face, swiping water away-- before he exhales with annoyance. ]

... Scott? Stiles? [ A pause. ] Peter?

Where the hell...

[ He's going to stay calm, and he's going to shake himself off and get away from the pool before some scaled monster winds up coming along and keeping in it for two hours. He's not particularly interested in repeat performances, especially since this pool isn't one that he knows. ]

An explanation would be nice.
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[ A red-haired woman appears on the screen, eyes wide with alarm. ]

Hi, so... I'm not really used to this whole Alice in Wonderland scene, but... curiouser and curiouser! Heh --

[ She laughs, but judging from the way she averts her eyes and scratches along the part of her hair, she's at a loss for words and with good and predictable reason. The smile soon dies off Charlie's face, but it tries hard to stay on there! ]

I don't suppose there's someone out there who can fill a girl in on what's going on? Preferably someone without 'queen' or 'mad hatter' in their job description?


Aug. 18th, 2013 12:48 pm
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[Greetings, the Land of Wonder.  Or Whatever.]

[Those of you who are familiar with Brittany's usual smiling face will find she is...not smiling.  Or even remotely amused by the simple happenings of life around her.  In fact, right now, there is only judging.  Hard judging.]

This place is lame. 

Anybody who's not lame, hit me up.  I'm bored, and we don't even have cheerleading practice or jocks to distract me from the lameness.

Bonus points if you're a hot jock, by the way.

((ooc: In the world of things that are different...Brittany never joined Glee Club, and thus, is back to being a mindless, bitchy cheerleading popular girl drone.  Enjoy.  Or not.))
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[ Something is really, very Wrong with Sam today. And it isn't like their loss after the chess match when his determined, smarmy mirror was able to slip through to Realside; oh, no. Anyone who's spoken to Sam will know that the man now projecting over the network, face a mask of distrust with a faint but chiding smile, will be able to tell that something's a little off about the younger Winchester. Anyone who knows him very well may find his new confidence, disregard for morality, and general robust asshole attitude to be striking and disturbing.

Anyone who spent time with him when he'd been without a soul will know in an instant; this is the soulless version of Sam, come back to play. ]

Evenin.' [ He drags his tongue over his lips purposefully, gaze sharp, smile a complete facade. ] ... Honestly, I'm feeling a little, uh. Restless. I'm planning on hitting up the party later, but if anyone's free, I'd love some company.

[ Up for interpretation what kind of company he's asking for, there. ]

Or a good training session. Gotta get rid of all this energy somehow.
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[The feed flickers on to reveal silver eyes, peering into it. It looks pretty dark, but a figure can be made out through it. The man on screen has gray skin, silver eyes, jagged teeth, and raven black hair. He purses his lips, looking to be confused.]

How on earth...? I'm able to touch things again. This can’t be right. [He holds the device farther away from his face with one hand, running the other through his hair.]

I was reduced to almost nothing. Again.[A pause.] Perhaps it's this place. Whatever this place is, it is making me whole once more. Then that might mean people can see me. [He almost chuckles, grinning.]

If the Man in the Moon isn’t in charge of whatever world this is, then perhaps I can start anew. A world without those blasted Guardians.

[A pair of golden eyes peer over his shoulder, a snort audible through the feed. Pitch glances back and smiles as the horse-like creature behind him nuzzles his cheek.]

Mn, yes, this will be an excellent start for us.
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[Before making any kind of public address, Bela found herself in one of the tea rooms at random whilst she was exploring her new found 'home.' The truth was, she had been here about two days, spending most of her time snooping rather than speaking to anyone else. But one could only find out so much by themselves before they were forced to ask around.

When the feed clicks on, it shows Bela with a china cup in one hand and a biscuit in the other. She's attractive, her hair a light brown colour and if you looked close enough you'd notice the greenness of her eyes. Bela finishes the biscuit off, taking delicate, ladylike bites from it before brushing the crumbs away.

Now she's ready to talk.

What kind of place doesn't have an exit? That's something I've been asking myself the past few days while I was exploring this quaint little mansion.

[The English accent is clear and for once Bela isn't faking one nor playing a role. She is serious this time.]

It's beginning to frustrate me, being unable to go back the way I came. I can't stay here, I refuse to and I need to know the way out. [She holds back, reigning her anger in as much as possible. Not a good way to endear people to her, even if she didn't particularly care about their opinion.]

Now if anyone could help a girl out, I'd be ever so grateful.

[The last part is overly sweet and sickeningly so. Completely unlike her.]

((ooc:Feel free to action it up in the tea room! :D))

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Aug. 9th, 2013 06:39 pm
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Clearly, we've got a problem here.

[ If you saw Thea when she arrived, or even during the event, you might see that she looks a lot better. At least she's making sure that she looks it. The event was pretty traumatising, not just in itself but watching someone die also didn't really help ]

People died and there's no welcome back party?

[ Or a party to deal with the whole thing. Or, if she's actually being honest, just a party because why not have a party? ]

So I'm fixing that. Though I might need some planning help, as a new girl.

[ She'd do it all herself if it wasn't for that aforementioned 'new girl' party ]

Mainly somewhere to have it, other than all over the mansion. And people to make sure the sadness is kept away. So BYOB and I'll bring the rest. [ She means the drugs. She's testing out that magic closet of hers ]
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[ Isaac is lost. That isn't a figure of speech, well, okay, he's lost both figuratively and literally but he's a little too dazed to be bothered by it. Pale bare feet take a few steps, the grass not seeming to bother him at all. The device he's found is gripped loosely in his hands and he stares at it, a bit slow to the intake it seems. Pupils blown wide, leaving only slivers of ice blue to circle them. This is wrong, he can tell that much, even if he does feel... Strange. The staring continues before he wets his lips, brings his gaze away from the device, and speaks. ]

Boyd? [ He says instead of 'Where am I?' Were he in his right of mind, he probably would ask that first. Boyd was there with him a moment ago, he's sure of it... But he's not -- there is wolfsbane running through his veins, messing up his perception, making his brain feel as heavy as lead and feel wrong... Not that he's really aware enough to tell. To him, it's normal right now. This is normal. This is life and it's not getting any better, only more confusing. His blue gaze traverses his surroundings, a maze? ]

What happened to the Motel?

[ He turns his attention to the device again, questioningly, as if it holds some answer. Then he calls for the first person that comes to his mind. ] Scott? [ Feet start moving again, taking him even further into the unknown. He's still trying to make sense of what has happened. He seems to be cognizant enough to know there is someone else listening to him on the other end of the device... Or perhaps he just isn't able to filter his thoughts right now. It doesn't occur to the werewolf that he probably should not be wondering around when he has no idea where he is... ]

...Where am I?

[ If you do happen to try to find him, he's probably just going to wonder off, but good luck. ]

001 - Video

Aug. 5th, 2013 11:34 am
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[Hello, Wonderland. Hopefully you won't mind a new face, much less one that appears rather sour at the prospect her having been whirled away to some fantasy land. Needless to say, Alisha doesn't have the slightest clue as to what has happened to her, and frankly, it's left her fairly unsettled and more than a little confused.]

Er, does anybody want to explain to me wot the fuck is going on here? Because I dunno about any of you, but I don't exactly appreciate being kidnapped into some knock-off theme park.

And if this is some sort of shit, practical joke, all I can say is someone is getting a slap before I leave.

[It's a bit of an empty threat, but the frustration behind it is genuine.]

The sooner this bullshit is over, the better.


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