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[The video opens up to the beach. Still just as pretty as anything else Wonderland has to offer on the surface. Nice weather, beautiful and clear waters. And a masked, 4th wall breaking merchant.

He's sitting in the sand near the edge of the water, back to the camera and a little ways from it. One might think he set it up so he was filmed this way but judging from awkward angle it's more likely Zacharie simply dropped it and it turned on randomly, as Wonderland's communicators tend to do. Zacharie himself seems fairly relaxed yet is dripping wet. Evidently someone decided to go for a dip, even though one might question why you'd go swimming in a sweater and jeans.

Then again, Zacharie's a weird guy. He claimed to be from a video game so maybe he just like swimming in heavy clothing.

The feed continues to record him simply staring at the sea before him. Nice weather today. Always nice.]

....A-a-a query, Wonderland. [Was he someone who stuttered like that?] Would you all leave here if you could? Could? Switch strings to something else? I know some of you won't leave. Won't walk away or Qu-

[Whatever Zacharie was about to say is cut off by a sudden burst of static. If any Wonderland's residents remember a certain man and a certain entry he made a long time ago might recognize it.

Something is wrong here and something is very wrong with Zacharie.]

--at is fine. That is why we are here. So we are fine and we should not worry. Everything is fine. It's okay, it's all okay. I promise, I mean it I͟ ̴̧͝me̸a̕͢n͞ ͞͡i̛͏t̢ I̴ ̷̛m̴̡ęàn ͝ì́̕t̵̀͜ ̢I̶͠ ̵͢͢m̴e̵an͘͟͡ ̴i̷̧͘t͞ ̡̢I̧͘͞-̸͟

<̴͢>͜͠M̨̕͟e̸s̡̛s̡͠͞a͞g̷̀e:̶̴ ͜T͞ó̡ ̶͝m͘u̸̵c͟҉̀h.̴ ͢͞Th̵͡er̛e'̴̢̀s͝͡ ̷to ḿ̡u҉ch҉͜ ̛o͜f̵ ̢̨i͢͠t͢͢. ̢Į̶ ̴̷t̨͘h̶͡i̷̛͏n҉ḱ̴ ̶̛I͞ ̷̷un̛d̡̛ę̵͞ŕst̢̀á̴́nd̶ ̧t̢̨h̵̀͠e̢͜m̕ ̵̢ņoẁ̴.͞

[The audio begins to glitch out as another distortion kicks in as Zacharie sharply turns to look at something that's behind the camera before it cuts out. Quickly words flash on the black feed:


The feed re-appears and Zacharie is walking down one of the many hallways of the mansion using the camera as a recorder. He turns to one of the doors, although the camera fails to catch the number, and tries to yank it open. Locked. Then the camera freezes and the action repeats. Still locked! An unpleasant screech distorts the audio as it cuts out once again.

It picks up in the forest. Zacharie walks through it quietly but there's still something wrong the audio. For some reason it sounds like there are two sets of footsteps despite the merchant being the only one there. He doesn't seem to be looking for anything in particular and at one point Zacharie turns around and the camera catches the still-visible mansion in the background.

He's not that far away. But again a distortion corrupts the image and a few more words appear before it ends for good.




[ooc: as the links suggest, thanks to an overdoes of DT and interactions with the Operator Zacharie's not doing so good. Zacharie may or may not respond to this, so feel free to threadjack if you like!]


Mar. 7th, 2017 12:54 pm
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What an absolutely delectable distraction!

[A frightening feline visage graces the viewer. While it registers more or less as a cat in shape and size, there is something particularly off about it. The eyes are too big, and the mouth gapes, full of crowded teeth pointing in all directions. It’s visibly smiling, which is something a normal cat shouldn’t be able to do. Maybe this is what cats look like in nightmares?]

Such an array of colours and textures! I find myself mourning my poor ability to see all the different shades, but oh, the sensations underneath my toes! The feeling of raking my claws over the various chairs and couches in this lovely building is nothing less than sublime.

I’ve been missing out my entire life, only able to sharpen them against the cold metal of Zone 0. It makes a most unpleasant sound, but one must endure. Hygiene is very important, children.

And they have even made me a little present. While I would prefer some fresh quarry to chase, or perhaps something to open those vexing little tins with, this device is more than satisfactory. It is made just for the charming, rounded shape of my paws.

[It kneads them against the screen, purring in a satisfied manner.]

Tell me, my well-kept inmates, what is the purpose of our prison? I was thoroughly convinced that my world had been reduced to nothingness, as my wanderings proved fruitless, and yet I am here, vibrant and alive! The puppeteers have made quite the tangle of strings here, but it does not bother me any more than any other ball of yarn, which we cats are so expert at unraveling.

I implore you to tell me all you know. I am very, very curious.

[OOC: Before playing with The Judge, please check out his
permissions post! He has a particular fourth-wall breaking power that you need to know about before engaging with him.]
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[This kid's been busy, it turns out. Very busy. It's Valentine's Day, as most everyone is in all likelihood well aware, and for the first few moments of the broadcast, they appear to be quite busy with something, tongue stuck between their teeth, brow furrowed with concentration.

Eventually they glance up, however, and hold up a simple heart cut out of red construction paper. They appear to have been in the process of drawing myriad swirls along the edges. They were going for something reminiscent of a lace pattern, but results are...inconclusive.]

If anyone needs valentines, I made... [A brief pause, and they duck out of sight, only to return with an armful of hearts of every color in the rainbow.] I, um, I have a lot extra.

[But that's just the first purpose of their broadcast. The second is something they've been hard at work on for some time. A combination of careful observation, idle speculation, and wheedling questions has yielded some interesting results, and it's about time those were documented.]

And there's something else, too.

[For a brief moment, they form a fingergun with their free hand, one maroon eye winking shut in a gesture that was, in all likelihood, meant to emerge as flirtatious but simply ends up comically overexaggerated. And then...then they upload the file.]



[And yes, they will very much be monitoring any and all chatter that goes on within, so they may update their couples list accordingly. Go hog wild, Wonderland.]
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[Forward-dated to when the dead revive.]

[That could have gone better. But now Zacharie knows what death in Wonderland is like, compared to what happened in that white room. One out of five.

Guess it was time to move on.

Or he would if Wonderland hadn't decided to play an additional joke. Zacharie was willing to admit that dying from oxygen starvation had left him more than a little shaken. At least in OFF it was quick. But that was why the NPC hadn't gone on the network immediately, to give himself time to relax and focus his thoughts.

Turns out things didn't settle even if Zacharie did. If he talked to himself it came out garbled and in code. Writing didn't work and Zacharie sincerely hoped that Wonderland wasn't going to make him mime out his items list. He could be considered a comic relief character yes, but Zacharie had his limits.

In addition to this, it seems the Resets were still happening. Zacharie stares at his phone, wondering just how many times he's sent out these texts. But hey, sometimes you just had to roll with it.]

Crush the bones and turn them into fine powder.

This event? Plays love me loves me not with us. Not fun Wonderland. Not Safe.

<>Change Face Graphics: le batteur, 16, Left.
<>Play Sound: ZachMaw
<>Message: How are you all today?

Myself? Tuer, tuer, tuer.


[He knows it won't make much sense. The French might - "Tuer" means kill but the context isn't quite correct. Oh well, someone can probably ask. He'll wait.]
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[Sans is sitting on the floor of his room, methodically tearing pages out of a plain-looking notebook. There's clearly writing on the pages, but he's propped his device on a table a few feet away, so it's impossible to tell what it is. He balls up each page and chucks them forward, and from the angle it looks like he's throwing them out into the hallway. There's a watery plap every time.]

anyone opened their door yet? some pretty crazy water physics happening. it just kinda stays there. my cat doesn't know what to do about it. he's kinda freaking out.

[Said cat goes running past the screen with a "mrrbbllggmmb" sound. Sans keeps chucking wads of paper, looking as calm and collected as he always does.]

so, second time trying to post this. we'll see if it takes this time, i guess. dunno if wonderland's just gonna erase it once it's posted or not, but whatever. i'm guessing people have noticed the, uh, weird time stuff going on by now, right?

[Maybe a stumble-jolt feeling, like missing the last step on a staircase? A sense of deja vu?]

yeah, that's my bad. looks like wonderland's giving us a twofer this time.

[Tear. Wad. Toss. Plap.]

listen, i'd just try to ignore it if you can. focus on surviving. might mess with your head a bit, but just try to roll with it. you're gonna get used to it after a day or so. no point in trying to remember what you've forgotten, cause trust me, it's gone. trying to make heads or tails of it's just gonna give you a headache, heh.

[It's not his fault, he keeps telling himself, but haha, it's real easy to just say that. Then it's your event messing everyone up and--well, anyway.]

also, if anyone needs help moving rooms or getting to the kitchen or whatever, hit me up. i'm good with shortcuts. you won't even have to get wet. [He sighs a bit.] can't help everyone, though. you can't make a shortcut to somewhere you've never been. so...


and if this is your second or third time hearing this? sorry. sometimes you gotta repeat yourself to make it stick, heh.

Entry #89

Feb. 4th, 2017 11:57 am
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[The world is dark, and it's quiet. Suffocation's an unpleasant way to go, and everyone knows it. The heat and the pressure crawls up into the back of your throat and your eyes feel like they'll burst, your .hea'ds poudning., your breath high and tight and ragged in your lungs that scream for deeper breaths, for air, and that's when everything else begins to pulse in an unfurling of phosphenes and scalding colors across the backs of your eyelids.

You get dizzy. The panic, assuming it hasn't set in by then, claws its way up your esophagus as your jaw parts, throat straining to take in air that doesn't exist with a high-pitched, dragging wheeze.

Unfortunately for Tim, it seems the panic settled in early; cloying and unbearable and tearing away at what little composure he still had. He'd switched on his device at some point, though his oxygen-starved brain can't possibly latch onto what that reasoning might have been, not now. Possibly a cry for help, hastily stifled. Have you seen this video before? It's possible that you have. It's possible that it's gone up already, only for the hitching slide of time to roll things back. Déjà vu. It's a hell of a thing.

When you've begun to suffocate, perception of reality - already muddled to a gross fault and exceptionally poor to begin with, for one unfortunate Mr. Wright - tends to be one of the first things to go.

The subject of the video is pressed somewhere in the corner of the room, practically wedged there, curled around himself with his hands sunk into the fabric of his shirt. Words stream from him in a perpetual rise and fall, a breathless litany, high and sharp with a cresting panic:]

Not coming for me and if it does I'm dying anyway. 'S not coming for me and if it does I'm dying anyway, it's not coming for me and if it does I'm dying anyway it's not coming for me and if it does I'm dying anyway -

[His voice breaks. He buries his face in his hands.

He's seeing something in the corner of his eye that's not there, regressed to the state he always regresses to when that thing creeps into his memory, nothing more than a scared and trembling little boy huddled in a windowless hospital room, and it's keeping him pinned until his air runs out. And that's looking to be - soon.

Very soon.]
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( a happy looking figure is the first thing seen when the device switches on, the smile usually present on stretched lips going even further. the only thing that looks strange is the two dots that rest on either of her cheeks - they go with her smile, as though they're a decoration merely there to make her look. )

Can you think of something beautiful? ( that's the problem she's having. despite her usual positive outlook, dying and being dragged to another world has put a damper on her oh so cheerful self. despite her smile, it's difficult to think of anything - even a beautiful day is escaping her, since she doesn't know if this place has them at all. but she's trying her best, despite the knowledge that she's in another world, without her basement and her sugar. perhaps she could begin thinking of the fact that the batter isn't here — some solace, in this strange situation she's been pulled into.

she sighs, as though she's been heartbroken. theatrical until the end. )
If you can, tell me? I can't think of anything right now. I wish I could dance.

( she almost wishes she could hide in her basement again. )
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[For once, Georgia's actually using video. She's probably staring at the camera since where else would she be looking, but with her usual dark sunglasses on, it's hard to tell. She doesn't smile when she starts to speak.]

I'm looking for any Wonderland residents who have had encounters with Mirrors. I'd like to ask you a few questions to help with an article I intend to write about Wonderland and the nature of the Mirrorside.

Thank you.

[She disconnects.]

Action/Mirror Writing

[Georgia's interested in more than just the Real perspective on things. Every story has two sides, and the only way to find the truth of the matter is to hear them both. And the only way to communicate with them is to write on the mirrors. Pity a lifetime of computer usage means her handwriting is less than perfect, and that's when writing the usual direction, not backwards.

She sits in one of the tearooms next to a mirror, uncovered for once. She's frowning as she glares at it through her sunglasses. Usually her weird eyes make one-way mirrors useless, but these aren't real one-way mirrors. They're fucking magic. She'll be going in blind. She's written out what she wanted to say beforehand, though, so she can place it against the mirror and carefully write out each letter. It may not win and penmanship awards, but it's legible.]

Hello, residents of the Mirror Side. My name is Georgia Mason, head of the Factual News Devision of After the End Times.

[Not that most of them will know the paper, but establishing credentials is important. She's not just anyone. She's a journalist.]

I'm hoping I can interview a few of you for an article I'm writing about Wonderland and the nature of the Mirrorside. I want to make sure I get the perspective of people who live there so that I can keep my article as factual and free as bias as possible.

Thank you for your time.

[Then she sits back to wait. Whatever happens next, it should at least be interesting.]
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[The feed, when it clicks on, does not have highly auspicious beginnings. The lens is tilted skyward, granting everyone a lovely shot of the iron-gray sky. It's been raining. You can almost smell the peppery sting of petrichor, the clinging of the after-dew to blades of grass.

With the soft tick of someone's fingers fumbling over the microphone, the camera tips down until the visual is of a grassy field just outside the gardens. It's a spot Frisk commonly frequents, even as the weather grows colder.

Speaking of Frisk, they take their time adjusting the picture before they eventually enter the frame. They've got their overlarge jacket on and the cap of white wool perched on their head, and a familiar object in their hands. They settle down with their back to the camera, the slender tip of their ukulele peeking out by their shoulder, as they begin to play the instrument with slow, deliberate strums from their bandaged fingers.

Maybe you've heard the tune before.

When the impromptu performance is finished, Frisk turns their face to the camera. Their expression is as contained as always, but not, as it has been for a disproportionately long time, wholly devoid of emotion. Their eyes, when they flick them up to at last to regard the lens directly, are a dark and rusted red, perhaps a few shades darker than Chara's. They can't maintain the proverbial eye contact for long, and their eyes shutter to half-mast again.]

I've been acting kind of weird lately.

[Kind of weird. Between the way they tore through the world, mined all the numbers from the workings of the g̵̜͍ͦ̎̚͘á͉̄̇̂͠ͅm͏̨̨̬̖̋̚e̶̛̪ͤ᷅͂͝ they Played, the way they couldn't feel anything - Chara gone, and now the absence aches like a scab torn newly open, a limb newly cracked in two.

They've probably already...

Yes. Probably. If they found out, that is. Leonard needs to know it wasn't his fault. A lot of people need to know it wasn't their fault. Chara. Sans. Alphys. Ford. Mabel. Dipper. Stanley. Zacharie.



[A blanket apology, not nearly sufficient, and then a pause. It's not clear to where their gaze redirects itself, or if it does at all; their stare is flat, and difficult to perceive.]

...I'm better now.

[One corner of their mouth lifts in a smile, a reassuringly organic expression.

Then the video ends.]


Nov. 23rd, 2016 11:29 am
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Gotta ask - whatcha gonna say is the weirdest thing you've ever seen? Discountin' all the freaky shit that happens here, anyways.

[He clears his throat. Dan's seen some weird stuff and coming here wasn't needed to classify it as weird. Even in the wastes, the kinds of trouble he gets himself into isn't anywhere close to normal.]

Fer me, it's gotta be my own brain floatin' in a jar. But, y'no. Ain't a competition. Jus' curiosity.
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[SURPRISE. Wonderland’s favorite twins are back and their faces are on your devices, all smiles… Well, Mabel is all smiles, anyway. Dipper is smiling too, though, as usual, he looks a little more subdued. He's also got an entirely different hat than usual. It's Mabel that speaks first, though.]

So bad timing, Wonderland… Or maybe good timing, depending on how you wanna look at it, but Dipper and I were, like, just on a bus going back home to Piedmont, and then suddenly it’s all whaaaat. [she waves her hands in a mock pantomime of her mind being blown.]

Still pretty good to be back though. And, just in case you were sad and missed us while we were gone, I come bearing gifts! ...Technically, it’s a gift for the future, but Future You can thank me somehow. I know time travelers. We can make this happen.

[Dipper shifts forward, grinning.] We all know the worst part of Wonderland, right? The whole memory loss thing. [That and the not aging thing, but Dipper's feeling a little less bad about that than he was. They are growing up. Just… not too fast.]

Well, lucky for all of you, Mabel here is an expert at unerasing memories. [ that a word? Dipper decides not to worry about it.] Her scrapbooks have literally fixed amnesia.

YUP! [she’s so proud of this, okay.] So I’m gonna be donating all my Wonderland scrapbooks to the gallery. That way if you ever feel like you’ve forgotten something or if you wanna see if one of your friends was here and you missed them or just wanna be reminded of all the times Wonderland isn’t being a jerk, you’ll have something to ease your mind. With sparkly gel pen descriptions! [she leans forward and whispers, conspiratorially] That’s the Mabel difference.

[Dipper raises a finger.] Also, for people whose eyes hurt when they look at things Mabel has written, I've been keeping a very thorough account of all my time here. Those will also be available in the library as I finish them.

[Mabel sticks her tongue out at him.] Neeerd.
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[ Obviously a wrong turn was taken here somewhere, because as far as Rick knows, he was just in the middle of storming away from a campsite and heading for the woods. There's still woods here, of course, but it's not the woods he remembers last seeing.

In his experience, people don't just start walking in one direction only to wind up in another location entirely. So there's that particular problem to sort out. The other problem is figuring out where he is, who (and what) is around, and whether any of them can be trusted. It's not really ideal, using the phone that he's been given, because who knows who might be listening on the other end? But on the other hand, he doesn't have a lot of options here, so Rick pauses by a tree, fishes out the phone, and presses a button to turn it on. ]


[ It's the first word that comes out, but it's not the one he meant to say. He's not sure what to say, really, so he starts commenting about the phone. ]

How did you get this to work, anyway? We've tried before, tried with anything we had left or just came across, but they didn't work. Nothing works, not really. Not anymore.

[ Cars and things like that, of course, but not electronics. ]

And while we're talking about it, anyone know where we are?

[ Oh, he's read the brochure, of course. All that did is raise more questions. ]

Just saying we're in Wonderland isn't really all that specific, you know? And even if you don't know where this really is, it's just- Strange, 'cause last time I checked, I was with a group of people in Georgia.

[ Speaking of that, he decides to at least ask, thinking no harm will come of it. ]

One more question: anyone seen a woman named Lori or a boy named Carl?
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[That was no small comet that hit the checkerboard hills, that was an angel who was actually aiming for a car that was speeding down Highway 94. Talk about missing their target completely. In any case, should you check out the anomaly, whatever caused it is gone.

Around this time the network devices go a little haywire, glass starts to break. When a voice finally comes through, it’s not pleasant at all. But just as it becomes unbearable, it stops.]

My apologies. s...this... better?

[There’s a long pause as if the feed cut out.]

…Taken a wrong turn at the Grand Canyon. This does not appear to be Minnesota.



[And finally a face. Castiel tilts his head at the device, aware that it had to be used for some kind of communication, but whatever else it was capable was lost to him. Had he been properly warned about the candy, he wouldn't have politely consumed a proffered piece. He currently resembles what an angel should look like according to pop culture. Toga, harp, large black wings, and a sparkly halo to top it all off.]
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[Chara... thought for a long time before settling on this costume. They'd wondered if it would be in bad taste. How dare they pretend to be a boss monster after what they did, after all. What gives them the right to wear the Delta Rune when they were never the angel in that prophecy at all? Maybe this will just make Toriel and Asgore angry. ...It doesn't feel right at all to go as only one half of a matching set. It doesn't feel right at all to be their childish make-believe character without the Absolute God of Hyperdeath.

But... they want to remember him, at least a little. They're not replacing him with Frisk. They aren't. They can't. And isn't Halloween all about being something that you cannot possibly be in real life? So... it's a fitting statement, maybe, if they pretend to be a monster. Pretend to be a defender. Pretend to be something that belongs with Asriel. So this year... they're the character that they pretended to be when they played with Asriel. During the times where it wasn't Monsters and Humans, because they'd have to be the human. During the times where they weren't playing the bad guy so he could win, making up some absurdly sinister demon for him to stop. When they weren't filling those roles... they were the Guardian of Hyperdeath, faithful sidekick and loyal knight.

And it would have just been a closet cosplay of a childish self-insert, for the most part, but Chara's happened to get unlucky (or lucky) with the candy around the mansion. So when the video feed clicks on, there's. Uh.

It sort of looks like Asriel's Extremely Anime Sibling. An Asriel recolor. Shadowsriel the Hedgehog. Original the Character, Donut Steel.]

Greetings, pitiful mortals!

I see that there are plenty of SOULs about, just waiting to be presented to my beloved God. Never fear, monsterkind, for the Absolute God of Hyperdeath is a benevolent ruler. Your lives will be spared, so that you may live in freedom and prosperity. But let it be known that the humans among you are in mortal peril, for the Guardian of Hyperdeath NEVER lets their lord's enemies walk away in one piece!

Surrender now, and I may make your demises swift and painless. Dare to resist, and my Halberd of Absolution will rip asunder every last one of your hopes and dreams! Hee hee hee!!
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Another day, another event. It seems Wonderland is determined to remind me that I am short as both an adult and a child. Perhaps the next one could involve stilts of some sort. That being said, I apologize for anything strange I may have said.

[Because clearly that's the only thing to address here. Regardless, Zacharie moves on.]

My personal thoughts aside, I have noticed we have a few new faces! Welcome to Wonderland friends. I'm Zacharie, the traditional items merchant. I sell a variety of useful items and equipment for you protagonist types and I take trades, information and actual money if you have it as payment. Feel free to browse and I will be happy to help you with anything you may need.

[And here's his list! Enjoy all the video game lingo. He's just going to wait for any questions he might receive.]
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[ The video clicks on, giving everyone a nice up close and personal view of Norman's nostrils for a moment. You're welcome for that. But he pulls the device back and stares at it unsurely. He's been poking at it since he arrived and finally figured out how to use it but he's never done anything like this before. He's sitting against one of the library, knees up against his chest as he tries out the network. ]

Um... hi? I think I'm lost. This definitely isn't where I was...

[ What with the lack of burning Town Hall and the angry mob waiting for him outside. ]

And I lost some... some people. They're kind of- weird looking? But they won't hurt anyone if you see them!+

[ He chews his nails a little, obviously not sure what to do about any of this. ]

Can someone tell me what's going on? Some... some stuff was happening and I have to keep a promise.
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[When the broadcast starts, it goes from silence to the immediate noise of two people screaming, punctuated by the sound of laser gunshots and mechanical whirring. It seems the device is on a side-table, giving a flat view of Ford and Alphys… perched on another table. Alphys is curled up, hands over her head, looking incredibly distressed, while Ford seems to be shooting at something off-camera.]

Oh m-my god, oh my god, we’re going to d-die here, I’m so s-sorry, I didn’t know they were all going to start...

Don’t worry! I happen to have excellent aim.

[All of a sudden, something takes a flying leap up onto the table, and Alphys yells as Ford shoots it down. The ensuing shot causes the device to fall over, revealing the floor is absolutely covered in knife wielding box tentacles, some with multiple arms, some with multiple knives, all running over each other and stabbing the floor, themselves, and the table. Alphys is still yelling. Ford is still shooting. It looks like an absolute catastrophe.]

Maybe we shouldn’t have prototyped them with the basic ability to learn--

Well it w-would have been fine if it was just, y-you know, one of them! They weren’t all supposed to turn on at the same time!

[Suddenly, Alphys turns her head and seems to notice the device, turning herself around and reaching out to grab it, bringing it in close to her and Ford.]

Uh, t-this is totally under control! No need to panic! I d-don’t, uhm, know how long this has been broadcasting, but, it’s f-fine! … And m-maybe don’t come to Ford’s room for, uhm, a little bit, for uh. Reasons.

Is that thing on? Uh, I mean-- Yes! Everything is absolutely, 100% under control. There is no need to worry about anythi-- [Ford cuts himself off and hisses.] Watch out, Alphys! I think it just tasted my blood!!

Oh g-god please don’t let that do anything new.

[And the device blinks off, cutting out the mechanical whirring sounds with it.]

1; Video -

Oct. 17th, 2016 10:29 am
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Elizabeth? Elizabeth!?

[Booker mumbled off camera for a bit until the device was picked up, and nearly dropped out of shock upon seeing himself on the small screen. He figured it was some sort of lady's compact mirror... with typewriter keys. He was more concerned about the gash on his forehead and the current nosebleed he was sporting. He touched two fingers to the bleeding wound, allowing himself to can the macho act for just a moment to whimper like a baby. This job was going from bad to worse.]

Great. At least we're away from that mechanical menace.

[He lifted an arm to wipe the blood away with a sleeve, inspecting the source of it, that's when he noticed the words ‘recording’ flashing in the corner of the screen.]

Recording…? Recording what? Hey, just so we're clear. I ain't paying for this moving pictures thing.

Uh, hello? I’m looking for a girl. [He felt like a moron for talking to a moving picture.] Brunette, blue skirt. Long hair- tied up in a ribbon. No, that’s wrong. Short hair. She just cut it. Goes by the name Elizabeth...?

This is ridiculous. No one is going to hear this.

[He pockets the device as it's still recording, catching a rather colorful monologue as he heads towards what he believes is civilization.]
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[Based on the shot of the grass and the surrounding floral backdrop, it's clear that the feed has switched on in the garden. The phone itself is buried in the grass, tilted at such an angle that the back of Frisk's head is visible as they bend over a crackling piece of paper.

They've a very - singular look to them today, it seems, complete with an oversized blue jacket reminiscent of the one Sans might typically be seen wearing, the sleeves awkwardly bunched at the elbows where they've been rolled up. On their head is something thick and white and almost woolen - a hat that, on closer inspection, has soft horns and long goatlike ears knitted into it. A gift. Something they haven't worn a single time since Toriel's arrival. It had felt too much like an insult to do so.

But currently, they don't intend for anyone to see or hear this except Napstablook, whom they'd been hoping to impress with how much they'd worked on trying to learn the song the little ghost helpfully wrote out for them. The recording isn't private, however, as they must have intended it to be.

Frisk settles onto the grass, facing mostly away from the recording device. For a moment they pluck idly at the strings of the instrument they're holding, one that the musically-inclined might recognize as a ukulele, before they begin to play. They're clumsy and halting, starting and stopping periodically as they struggle to master the instrument. It is difficult, after all, to play with hands that are perpetually bandaged.

Soon, though, Frisk's wavering voice joins the thrumming of the strings. They are not an experienced singer, nor is their playing perfect. Occasionally they have to stop mid-lyric to adjust their fingering, or to play a part of the song over a bit more smoothly. But the music peels out into the crisp autumn air regardless.

Can you hear it?

For a few minutes after the song's conclusion, Frisk sits there on the hump of grass overlooking the garden, apparently contemplating the empty air in front of them.

Then the feed fades out.]
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[The feed opens up with a low chuckle, revealing a man wearing a strange frog shaped mask. He seems remarkably calm for someone who wound up in another world, but hey. Day in the life of an NPC.]

Ah ah ah. Being ahead of the protagonist is par for the course for me, but another world is quite a difference. Perhaps a little to far down the rabbit hole, dear Puppeteer.

[Nobody answers Zacharie's question but he doesn't seem put off by it. In fact, for those who are observant, he's completely alone. Talking to himself, maybe?]

But nevertheless I will keep the introductions short and instead offer my services. More action and less questions, after all. I'm Zacharie, the traditional item merchant in every video game. I sell quite a number of useful items so feel free to browse and I will be happy to explain anything you need.

[And judging by his list an explanation or two are probably necessary!]


Aug. 25th, 2013 08:40 pm
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Without boring my dear customers too much with blabbering about my thoughts, I have only a few words to say on that last event and my experience with it for those curious:

My choice never mattered in the end. I am not designed for regrets and I still have none. My world was designed for one purpose and all choices, even the final and most important, are ultimately futile. I'm only surprised that in the alternate path I took, I passed feeling peaceful. ...Well. As peaceful as major head trauma could bring, ahahaha.

[ It's easy to imagine the somber tone of his statement. But then, he's never one to dwell too long on tragedy. He shifts gears quickly: ]

Regardless, I think I will try to make more choices. Wonderland is such a wonderful opportunity to experiment outside the box, after all! I have been pleasantly happy with all the ones I've made thus far, no matter how minor or meaningless they are.

But enough with my silly personal aspirations. Let's get down to business:

to defeat the Huns )

If any of these items interest you, please stop by my shop on the first floor. I am open all hours for the weary traveler.
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So... This is an event, right? Everyone's acting so weird, and that lady that showed up before...

[Yousuke's been having a particularly hard time with this one. He has memories, years worth of memories here in the mansion that suddenly feel like they don't exactly line up, with what people have been telling him and the theories they've worked out. And yet what he knew before, memories of his world-- they had to be true. The emotions he had then and the emotions they caused now couldn't possibly be fake.]

[Terrible things had happened. Terrible things because he wasn't good enough. Strong enough.]

[He's acting completely different than usual. The normally cheerful, bold and pushy Yousuke has given way to a sullen and shifty-eyed individual. Depressed, and unsure, like he can't even trust the words coming out of his own mouth.]

We know everyone else isn't right, but we're convinced we're the same-- how is that possible? Are we being tricked?

[Very quickly, that mistrust turns into shaky anger.]

I don't-- I don't like being messed with! Don't fuck with me! I want answers!
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[What's this? A new voice on the network? Oh, and what a voice it is. One might even call it smooth, if not also sonorous. It's a male voice, and whoever he is, he doesn't sound all that frightened or surprised.]

...Helllloooo? Night Vale? I don’t know if you can hear me...I seem to have slipped out of time and space again. This time, however, my surroundings are--actually quite pleasant! I am in a large room that looks a bit like an upscale hotel room. Possibly a Marriot? There is a bed and other appropriate furniture, as well as a closet and full length mirror on one wall. There is a door...I can only assume it leads to the rest of the hotel.

If this even is a hotel.

[There's a shuffling sound of feet on carpet.] There is also a window. I am moving over to it now...perhaps I can get the lay of the land from here. Let’s see. There are trees…and beyond that is...oh...oh my. It couldn't be.’re not going to believe this...I can see the ocean from here! Oh, dear listeners...I think it’s safe to say that...I’m not in Night Vale anymore.


Jul. 30th, 2013 02:49 pm
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So uh. Question.

[The Once-ler coughs into his gloved hand and looks at the camera. He looks like he's trying very, very hard to be calm but is actually freaking out not very far under the surface.]

Anybody else get a whole bunch of their stuff stolen after that chess thing? Because I haven't seen any of my Thneed materials anywhere and it's been days and I'm pretty sure my no-good lousy nerd of a Mirror snatched them all.

...Unless anybody's seen them around? Anybody seen a bunch of fluffy Truffula tufts around? If so, uh. Let me know. Because that is my entire company right there, and I would really.


Appreciate. It.


[And he hangs up.
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[ There's no warning as the audio starts, and it seems very likely that River isn't actually addressing the network at large at all. It cuts in mid sentence, to the rustling sound of movement and near incoherent rambling from River. ]

-but it wasn't meant to go like this. What went wrong? Something went wrong, was it her calculations? The numbers twisted and broke and now so much is lost and how are they supposed to find out why? Pushed too hard and too fast, why did he let her try? Why did I try?

[ She stops talking very abruptly, exhales slowly, and then for the first time actually sounds like she's talking to the network, like it isn't just an accidental pick up of a private conversation featuring one. ]

She's sorry. She didn't- it wasn't meant to happen. So, so sorry.

[ Without any indication of who she's apologising to, she cuts the feed. ]
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[ SCREAMING AND INCOHERENT (BUT SOMEWHAT DETAILED) DEATH THREATS AND THRASHING ABOUT AND EVERYTHING IS VIOLENCE AND NOTHING IS BEAUTIFUL but no, it really sounds like someone is trying to scream through a gag and they are doing an impressive job of it. ]
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[ The device is shaking when the feed begins, and it's evident that its holder is, too. There are a few flashes of the outside of the mansion, the front doors, and then the frightened visage of a young girl appears over the network, her eyes bright with tears, her face unusually pale. Evidently, she's in a state. ]

[ hic ] I-I... I don't know what's happening... [ She swallows with some difficulty, clutching the device so that it's very close to her, as if letting it go might break. ] I don't know if anyone can hear me, but...

[ She gulps. And then shuts her eyes very tight, trying to send out one telepathtic message to the intended recipient-- Sayaka-chan? Kyuubey? Before she opens them again, sniffling briefly. ]

Something... Something horrible's happened, I have to... I have to help Mami-san! Please...
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[ A C T I O N : anywhere in the mansion, but especially windowsills and bedrooms. ]

[ A fluffy white cat-like creature shows up in the Mansion in the early afternoon and, after getting his bearings, immediately sets to exploring and to perching on various places to simply observe. The bedrooms he finds particularly interesting and worth investigating. He doesn't talk to anyone at first but instead just gets his bearings. However, that isn't to say he doesn't interact if he is noticed.

Kyuubey has a tendency to perch on things like banisters and shelves and windowsills. He also seems to like appearing on (or in, if he's poking around) people's closets and among their pillows on their beds. If anyone has any stuffed animals, he will definitely be found making himself comfortable nestled among them for a few minutes.

As for his communication device, well... he keeps that in a trap door in his back at first, after ascertaining what it was, and it's only after he's certain that he is no longer on the Earth he was just a little while ago that he begins to experiment with it... ]

[ V I D E O => T E X T ]

[ The feed opens up with the adorable Kyuubey tilting his head and watching the camera. He swooshes his tail and then seems to come to the conclusion that this is ineffective. The device does not respond to telepathy, so he extends a paw and shuts it off, switching it over to a text mode. He is perfectly capable of typing, after all, even if the motion looks a bit silly. ]

I have gathered that this is Wonderland and seems to be reminiscent of the place from a human novel. This is most unusual, but I suppose the existence of worlds that in other universes are fictional should not be surprising.

Tell me: Does this universe obey the same physical laws as the one where a human male once wrote about Wonderland?
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[ The fuzzy face of everyone's favorite illusive vampire is now broadcasting because it's getting hard for him to focus on anything these days. He doesn't wanna bring this to Dean's attention either because he's got enough on his hands. He can't babysit Benny and his problems all the time. Benny is capable of handling this--or he thought he was. The hunger is getting bad though. He's not at his breaking point yet, but he has to do something about this. If he reaches the breaking point he's afraid of what he'll do to these folks. He doesn't wanna be a moving target either. This place has some angels in it and he'd rather not ruffle their feathers. Being smote just ain't his idea of a good time.

He shuts his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath that he doesn't actually need. Sometimes it helps him get his nerves under control when he gets like this. Sometimes it just makes him feel a little more human which he just ain't. ]
I got somethin' I wanna say to you fine folks. [ He swallows hard and looks around his room once more. He's putting himself in a considerable amount of danger if this place has hunters or humans with itchy trigger fingers, but he's hoping things won't go south. ] Whoever's listenin'--Hell I don't even know. I need somethin' from you people. If any of you are at all sympathetic to vampire's I could use a hand. I ain't gonna hurt ya, but I could sure use some food of the blood variety. Think of it as uh--a donation to my survival. I'd be awful appreciative if you could help. [ He hasn't drunk live in so long and he's not sure he wants to start again. He's hoping that nice doctor from before is still willing to help store some for him. He was willing to overlook the whole "drink me" incident. ] Please.


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