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[ filtered from all demons ]

Okay. [ Here's Sam, looking as level-headed and composed as you can when your brother is both a homicidal demonic monster, but also a booty-calling creep. ] Couple things. First, in case this wasn't really clear, don't engage Dean. Don't talk to him or agree to meet alone with him or even look at him if you see him in the hallways. He's not just a demon, he's a demon who's killed a bunch of people with a weapon that gets more powerful with blood.

Second, thanks to the people who're trying to keep the general public safe; I know there're a lot of you that're pretty strong around here, and I'm not sure what the whole powers comparison chart would say about you and Dean right now, but just be careful.

Third, and most importantly; I've got some Demons 101 info for anybody who wants it. And that should be everyone, right now, just FYI. Lines of salt keep demons out and rock salt in a shotgun will mostly just piss them off, but it'll also sting. Holy water burns like hell I've seen it in super soakers if a flask isn't interesting enough. Iron burns, too, if you've got something like a fire poker.

Most of the stuff you can get out of the closets. I've got tons of vials of holy water, anti-possession charms, and hex bags, which'll keep you hidden from demons. If you want any of that, let me know. Everyone should have something on their person to keep them safe after everything that's happened.

Last thing. Devils' Traps keep demons stuck down, if you can lure them inside. I'm not saying to do that, but I've put a bunch of them around the mansion and you should draw a few in your doorways to be safe. They look like this and have to be in one piece to work. I can help draw some if you're not big into... you know, occult art.

... That's about it, for now. [ He shifts, frowning, now. ] I can answer questions if you've got them. And my dad, John Winchester, can, too. ... Or, he can dish out embarrassing stories about Dean if that'd make you feel better.
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[ she almost uses text for this, almost hides away her face and voice from her audience. but in the end, sansa appears to all in a gown of stark grey. there is little point to hide anymore. alayne stone is dead to all those who knew her for they have seen into the girl beneath.

queen in the north, she was called but when sansa speaks, it is soft and unassuming ]

Good people of Wonderland, such odd days we have seen.

[ days which were too familiar, too filled with memories that are not welcome and some which are ( stark banners and a pack of wolves to protect the pack and - ) ]

I send word to those who have been of house Stark and their allies. Some of you I have never met before. I would extend my hand and offer my friendship. For all of Wonderland's tricks, if we can maintain such friendships rather than lose them, I would think it to be wiser.

[ a beat and then ]

I am Sansa of house Stark and though - there are many here who Wonderland would have made my enemies,

[ lannisters, boltons, greyjoys ]

I do not wish to let its falsehood come between us. I am your friend, no matter what house you belonged to. If you ever need me, I shall be at your service.

[ a breath. ]

For your kindness and your attention, you have my thanks.


Mar. 16th, 2015 01:23 pm
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Hey, um... Wonderland. I just... [There's an orange tabby flopped over his shoulder, a white bunny on the other, and a bearded dragon curled up on his head. Rule 63'd Snow White, everyone.] Isaac Lahey's gone. I've been babysitting Parker and Jackson, but I went to his room to get one of Parker's toys and it's empty. Reset. I just thought the friends he made here should know.

[Besides Jackson and Parker, the only things he'd been left with were Allison's bow and Isaac's hunter's journal. He had no idea where the heck it actually came from--he'd never asked. Now he feels like maybe he should have...]
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[Sam appears on the video, positively beaming. Five, the newfoundland puppy is sprawled on his lap, taking up entirely too much space an Sam doesn't care one little bit.]

Alright! Some people I've mentioned this to before, but really anyone is welcome. The more the merrier.

[He picks up a leather bound tome, brandishing it at the screen.]

Tomorrow, in the room we used for the Star Wars marathon, we are going to be having an epic Demons and Darkness game. Or 'Dungeons and Dragons' in some of your weird worlds which are not quite so awesome.

[Because obviously Darkness and Demons is the best roleplaying game.]

We've got all the Croatic modules, including 'Night of the Shambling Ones'. Maxine is an amazing DM and it- it should be really fun okay?

I'll probably bring some other board games too. They actually have all of the pieces and cards and stuff which is... surprisingly novel experience for me these days.

Bring drinks and snacks and feel free to come along just to watch or chat, or we'll teach you how to play if you want.
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[When the video starts the first thing people will notice is the music playing in the background. Yes, you are dealing with a huge nerd here. Then you get Billy's grinning face, and Teddy in the background....holding a green lightsaber?]

Hello Wonderland! So, now that we all seem to not be puppets anymore, I figured it was time for a little announcement. As some of you may remember Teddy and I threw a movie night back in August featuring sharks and tornados. Since that seemed to go so well we've decided to host another one this coming weekend.

I know, I know, it's Valentine's Day. And what better way to spend it then watching the greatest love story of all time? [Don't argue with him on this, Han and Leia will always win, okay?]

Star Wars. [Why yes, he's pausing for dramatic effect.] The Original Trilogy, to start anyway.

Now I'm sure some of you have seen it already and some of you haven't but theres no excuse to miss the best scifi movie of the twentieth century. Besides some lucky guests may just get a lightsaber of their very own. [Cue Teddy swinging it around in the background.]

We're starting Saturday at noon, so anyone who has a special someone can swing by and still have date night. There will be food and drinks and awesome movies.
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[He's not sure where the snow came from. Last he'd checked, it had been a pretty fine day. They were planning a party. Couldn't have it until Runner Five and Maxine got back from London of course, and they should probably wait until everyone from New Canton returned and licked their wounds, but it was too exciting not to plan. And this time... this time there would be no mind controlled people walking out of the gates to stop them.

Probably. Sam had stopped trusting that his life would ever be simple.

Case in point, the snow he was trudging through towards a- what was that building? It was bigger than the farmhouse, bigger than any building in Abel and-

A flicker of memory, newly reignited, flared bright and he just stared at the Mansion for a long moment. He'd forgotten it, of course he had. Not even a bizarre dream. And yet here it was, larger than life in front of him.


Oh my god.

[He reached the steps at the front and went inside, the grand entrance hall just like he remembered? Had forgotten? He nearly slipped from the way he was dripping over everything, the snow melting off him. No-one around at this time of night, not here at least, no signs of how long he'd been gone. Wonderland was weird. It could have been an hour. It could have been years. Who knew?

He glanced back at the door, and then headed for the stairs. He'd find an empty room for now. He didn't want to find his and realise that it was gone.

When Sam appears on the network later, it's with a wry smile. He looks a little the worse for wear; his face is mottled with bruises which are in the fading, sickly yellow-green stage, but must have been horrendous when they'd been fresh. There's a new scar just above his left eye, through his eyebrow, where stitches have only recently been removed.

Besides the bruises, he looks exhausted but perhaps not as upset about being back in Wonderland as most people would be.]

So uh... I guess I'm back here. It's weird man. Like realising a dream is totally real.

[He sighs, shifting uncomfortably. It isn't just his face that's bruised and it hasn't all quite healed yet, even if it looked a lot worse than it was. His laugh is a bit strained. He is really, really tired.]

I don't even know how long it's been. Heh. Might be me waking up back here and no-one remembers me so... Hi? I'm Sam Yao. If anyone from Abel is still here... or anyone I met when I was here before... just, get in touch okay?

[He could use something to ground him. He's not even sure what to believe. The last few days... weeks... they've been pretty crazy and while it ended on good crazy, it was also crazy that was very difficult to believe.]
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[He'd been back home, but he didn't know he'd ever left home until he got back here. The wolf was disoriented, confused, away from his puppeteer. He was to fight. Fight and die or wipe out his pack, his friends, the people he loves most. All because he was a True Alpha; an Alpha whose abilities couldn't be stolen by another wolf. This was his fate, decreed by the Bone Woman; La Loba.

However, when he hits Wonderland again, his mind shrouded in magic, is bombarded with memories of nearly a year here. It makes the Berserker's head reel, trying to force out the real Scott. The one not under the were jaguar's spell. He tries, he really does. He goes for his phone, but the gloves of bone and leather make it difficult and the device falls from his hands.]

[Accidental Video] )
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[Cami's given the announcement she's about to make quite a bit of thought: her idea isn't exactly a small undertaking. Back home she'd tried pushing aside all the supernatural mayhem to help normal people with normal problems, although that part of the world doesn't exactly let go very easily. Here it's a million times worse, but also somehow closer to being normal. Maybe it's just because of the scale, the fact that literally everyone knows how Wonderland works, that magic is real, that life is dangerous.

And if even centuries-old hybrids could benefit from therapy, who's to say others won't?]

Hi...Wonderland. [She gives the camera an awkward grin before glancing down.] I guess I'm still not entirely used to saying that. Most of you don't know me, but my name is Cami O'Connell. I've been here about a month now, although it feels a lot longer, given recent events. [Seriously, she's pretty sure someone said some of the events were mostly harmless, but she has yet to really see that.]

And that's kind of the point. This place is crazy, and I think that if we were all left to our own devices, we'd probably all go crazy in it. Everyone has to find a way to cope with it somehow, and I'd like to offer one, if people are interested. Something may already be set up for this, and I'm sorry if I'm stepping on anyone's toes. Back home I was studying to be a therapist; I'm pretty far into my grad degree, so while I'm not an actual doctor I do know the basics. Enough to know how to listen, and maybe give advice.

[Enough to know that not offering is just going to eat away at her. Cami's learned that she doesn't do well if she does nothing, and that the consequences of inaction can be far too great.]

If anyone's interested, we could set up a time and place to meet, or go over any questions. Or if there's already a practice in place, I'd like to talk about working together. Either way, the option is there. So, thanks for listening.

[And with that, the feed clicks off.]
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[ how about let's not talk about that dream. that sounds like a really good idea, even if becky is pretty curious about it, if not a little scared. she knows she's in good hands, what with the winchesters around, so, you know, how about instead she just shares a little something of her own with everyone. she's been doing a lot of writing over the past few months, after all, and it's about time she posted some of it for everyone to R&R. it's a little taste of home for her and hopefully a lot of other people in wonderland; she couldn't actually bring herself to write about anyone ... in wonderland. that's sort of crossing the line into rpf and while writing about sam and dean isn't really technically fanfiction anymore, she can at least pretend it is if she sets it in some alternate version of home. ]

Title: All I Want For Christmas Is You
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13, for implied sexual themes.
Summary: How "A Very Supernatural Christmas" should have ended.

The ground outside was covered in a light dust of snow. )

[ the next part she cut into a separate entry because she couldn't decide if she actually wanted to post it or not. but, you know, wonderland will have none of that. and neither will i. so, of course, by some inexplicable wonderland magic, it posted itself. so here is the thrilling and explicit conclusion! ]


[ shortly after this very angry conversation with sam the whole fanfic has been deleted from the network and in its place is: ]

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his knuckles are unmarked graves )

I know that there are people here who deal in memories. [ The voice is low, a little rough from long disuse, but still unmistakably Bucky's. ] Is there anyone who knows how to get them back and... fix them?

[ He lingers long enough for replies, and then turns off his phone and moves on to the roof. It's exposed, but the chill doesn't bother him, and it will help to keep the curious away. Or so he hopes. He has a sniper's nest there, and the scope on his rifle will let him get a look at the scar on the hillside.

He lays down on his belly to do just that, the rifle braced against his shoulder. He's wearing ill-fitting layers, the brim of a baseball cap pulled low over his eyes. Keen eyes might catch the edge of a knife sheath strapped against his lower back, hidden largely by the bulk of his clothing. It's a fair bet that he's carrying at least as many weapons as he has layers to hide them.

If anyone approaches, he may not move, but he will notice. ]


Dec. 2nd, 2014 09:35 pm
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[ Ding, dong, sketchy teenager alert! What was obviously a fumble causes a video broadcast - it's dark out, at first all that can be seen is the night sky and the tops of trees - someone is out in the forest. And then suddenly a familiar face comes into view; Isaac looks tired and just a little too unfazed by life in general. But despite the look, he mutters a minor obscenity under his breath before reaching down to grab his phone.

As he stands back up the moonlight catches in the reflection of his night-vision - causing his eyes to look a bright yellow for a moment, blinking it away as if he doesn't even notice he offers the network an unwavering stare.

Has anyone else been feeling - different lately?

[ Maybe Wonderland's up to something, he's not sure, either way, the freaky glow-y eye thing is definitely not normal but apparently something he didn't notice. ]
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[ when the feed comes up, allison looks exhausted. probably because for whatever reason, it feels like she hasn't slept in weeks, and that much probably reads in just how tightly her jaw is clenched. her eyes shoot out to the side for half a second - paranoia, if anyone recognizes it - before they come back.

she's not holding the camera (it's set up on a table) and her hands are hiding under the table in front of her, so no one can see how much they're shaking. ]

I'm sorry. [ it's the first thing out of her mouth before she can stop it. she takes a shaky breath before she continues. really, it doesn't make too much sense why she apologized, because she doesn't know for certain, but... ]

It's- you need to find an anchor. Someone who can calm you down. It's got to be one of the Wonderland events, so it'll go away in a day or two, but- [ with every word, she looks as if she's working her way up to something. edging closer and closer to some kind of breaking point. when she cuts herself off, she looks up at something - some one - before she takes a deep breath, visibly calms, then turns back to the feed. ]

Back home, Scott, St- [ oh, ouch, okay c'mon allie keep going. everyone is watching. ] Scott, Stiles and I had to find our parents. The way we did that was we had to die, some sort of magic that helped us find the- [ oh. that's...that's weird. whatever, she's making this take too long. ] To help us find them. We were told ahead of time that it'd leave a darkness around our heart, leave it open for things- dark things- to come in.

We found them and came back, and a few days later started noticing these things. That has to be what's happening. But guys- it's not real. What you're seeing, it's not- [ you're going insane, is what she should say. instead, allison blinks a few times before her eyes get a little glossy, her shaking and fidgeting calming.

the process takes about ten seconds, maybe less, and then her attention is elsewhere. it looks a lot like she's totally forgotten about what she was going to say, none of that twitchy urgency she'd had before. ]

Allison? [ she looks up, but her movements are slow. fluid. she reaches over the table, having forgotten the camera entirely and wraps her hand around a ring dagger that had been sitting there. ]

Allison? Allison, breathe! [ isaac steps in from the side of the frame, grabbing her wrist with a fairly tight grip, his blue eyes looking from her to the video - a bit far away as well, but differently than allison's. he's still there, in a way - before he reaches over to the camera with his free hand, shutting it off. ]

[ ooc replies can come from both Allison and Isaac! allie will be back to normal/no longer a crazy murderer when she replies, too, just fyi. ]
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[He just found out Lydia was okay (as okay as someone living through that could be) just a few days prior, then Isaac... Isaac's been gone several days since then. He'd tried to find him, and turned up nothing. With things the way they are, he's been a bit on edge since Stiles and Derek never came back. Now Isaac. He was losing his friends, his family, his pack one by one. So he went to visit Isaac's room to see if he'd come back or to follow up with Allison. Neither were there, so a look around their floor and a few messages and long waiting later to reveal something disconcerting.

The feed opens and he tries to look calm, but the dark, sleepless circles under his eyes might give him away.]

Has anyone seen Isaac? He's been kinda not around lately and that's unusual. I was hoping he was just... I don't know what I was hoping. [He fidgets and looks away for a bit, making it somewhat obvious that he does suspect something's wrong, but is hoping it's nothing.] Now I can't find Allison. Maybe I'm overreacting, but if anyone's seen either of them, can you let me know?

[He doesn't want to bother Lydia with this so he doesn't want it to seem like he's panicking if she does happen to catch his post. She's been through a lot lately. She doesn't need this, too.]
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setup and introspection )

[When the feed starts, Steve's seated at the desk in his room, which is as neat as always. There's distant barking in the background that he does his best to ignore, at least for the moment.]

For anyone who knows Bucky Barnes, he's left Wonderland. All of his stuff is still here, though, so he'll be back. But... he's not going to be the same.

[Usually when Steve makes a public announcement, the words flow out of him with no trouble, but now it feels like each one is sticking in his throat.]

Back home, something was done to him. He won't remember who he is, and he probably won't remember any of you. He's... [He heaves a sigh.] When he first gets back here, he'll be pretty disoriented. He may lash out, so you might want to keep your distance at first.

[Steve and Natasha, those people who are in the know, they can help him adjust. Or so he hopes.] But eventually, he's going to need help. He's going to need friends. He's still Bucky, he's just gotta be reminded of that. [Together, maybe they can all make that happen.

Steve dips his head down and a brief, somber smile passes over his face.]
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll explain as best as I can. [And then he reaches forward and ends the feed.]


Oct. 11th, 2014 03:03 am
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[Back home, Peter had a cat. He loved that thing, too, right up until he had to kill it. He didn't have the heart to get another one after that, not with all the bullshit and all the moving, but now that he's been settled in for a few months... Well, he's seen other people with pets, random animals running around, and it sparked a thought.

The closet couldn't bring back his cat, but it did mass produce cats that looked a hell of a lot like it.

It's more disturbing than it is cute, and he comes on the network for the first time since he's arrived to poke at a question that started bugging him the second he opened the closet door.]

Animals have souls, right? I mean, if you believe in that shit anyway- they're just as alive as humans, some are smarter. Dolphins probably have a few more IQ points than a few people I've met.

[He flicks some hair out of his face.]

So when you get, like, a cat or something out of the closet, where the hell does it come from? You can't just... make a fuckin' cat, they're not like robots. Food, furniture, I get all that stuff, but living things?

[Seriously, this shit is bugging him. Call it his harmony with nature or whatever.]

Are we stealing some jackoff's pet like this place snatched us, or what?

08 | video

Oct. 9th, 2014 09:22 am
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( Lydia's stood in the ballroom, walking around and surveying the area as she posts - multitasking, obviously. She's in planning mode, and that can only mean good things for everyone. Unless you obstruct her planning )

Next week I'm throwing a party.

( Stay with her, Wonderland. You've not been to a Lydia Martin party before )

Monday. In the ballroom from- ( There's a pause. She's thinking ) -seven. And I expect everyone to dress up for it.

( Don't be too casual you might get turned away. It's not just a regular dumb teen party. There's another bit of a pause as Lydia turns around, looking up above the doors. Clearly she's decorating in her mind )

It would have been my birthday. Just because I'm here instead of at home doesn't mean I have to miss out on anything for it.

( #priorities. She also wouldn't be able to celebrate with some of you back home either )

So dress up, turn up and have fun. Unless you'll ruin it. And if anyone wants to help decorate- ( Aka do the lifting ) -I would appreciate it.

( There's a smile before she shuts the feed off. You've been warned )
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I need - ( there's rustling, and it sounds like her device is being... fumbled with. perhaps with less finesse than usual, and then a frustrated growling sound comes through. it's garbled, a mixture of human roars of frustration and the primal snarl of a coyote. ) some help.

( her tone is strained, through clenched teeth, and the word help is said on nothing short of an unmistakably animal growl - throaty, low, and dripping with danger. malia has come a long way when it comes to control on the full moon, but in an unfamiliar place, situation, with additional stress factored in... she's not doing so hot. )

The closet isn't giving me what I need. Stiles - ( his name is snarled, angry sounding more than anything else. ) Or Scott or someone. I don't even care - chains.

( she stops trying to talk and just kind of... roars. it's not like an alpha's roar at all, and the feed cuts with a loud crash as she throws her device. her bedroom is taking a huge beating right now and there's every chance that if she doesn't get what she needs, the rest of the mansion might have a little bit of an issue... maybe you talk to her through the device, if you can get her to pick it back up, or perhaps you just happen to live nearby { or know her room number } and hear a commotion or... go straight to where the angry coyote girl is ruining everything and trying her best not to do so. she's on the sixth floor, in room thirty seven. )

Video 003

Oct. 8th, 2014 08:49 am
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[Billy's face appears on the screen, it's clear he's worried. It's also kind of obvious he hasn't slept; dark circles rim his tired eyes. He looks exhausted and not at all like his normal bright self.]

Uh, has anyone seen my boyfriend? Tall, blond, incredibly too good looking for me, answers to the name Teddy. I seem to have misplaced him.

[Or he was still avoiding Billy. Or the real reason he couldn't find him was that he'd been sent home, home before they could even talk about what happened. Before he could apologize...at least Teddy wouldn't remember anything.]

If you see him, tell him...just tell him I'm looking for him.

Private to Kate )

(OOC: Action is also fine if you want to find him wandering around looking for Teddy. He could use the distraction :) Edit: He's also apparently now at the bar, someone keep him from drinking too much? Yeah? )


Oct. 5th, 2014 03:03 pm
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[Brittany looked...troubled.]

[Not overly concerned.  Not yet.  But it was clear that something had been weighing heavily on the young girl's mind.  Evident by the fact that she was once again coming to the Network for help.  Better than the Internet.  Usually.]

I have a question.  One of those hippopotamus--[hypothetical]--kind.

What if...you know...the other you on the other side of the mirror...say, for example, had sex with somebody else's somebody else?  Does that mean YOU had sex?  Does that count?
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[ The feed opens with Bucky stepping back to stand at ease, his hands clasped behind his back. There's still a general weariness about him, but any injuries that were visible have long since faded. This might seem a little unusual to anyone who knows how extensive the damage was. Luckily, that's not a lot of people. His tone is low and even when he speaks. ]

Anyone I talked to earlier about classes, self-defense or otherwise, can meet me in the training room. 20 and 22 on the first floor, if you don't remember where it is. I'll be there all day. If you've got some experience, I wouldn't mind learning a thing or two, myself.

We've all been through a lot lately... Sometimes the best thing you can do is try to get back on your feet again.

[ There's a short pause. He tries to keep the same casual tone, but his jaw tightens a moment, and there's something resigned in his expression when he goes on. ] Oh, and one other thing: if you got dragged over to the other side of the mirrors and ran into a man with a metal arm, and a red star on his shoulder... We should talk.

[ The feed cuts out there. Bucky will be in the training room most of the day and well into the evening, as promised. He might have invited the people he spoke to, but he'll work with anyone who's there.

Shirts are negotiable, unfortunately, not optional this time. ]
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[Hello, Wonderland.

This is an unfeasibly large gun.

In fact, that's pretty much the entire broadcast right now- the four barrels of an unfeasibly large laser cannon. Off-screen, presumably wielding said unfeasibly large cannon, a Brooklyn-accented voice speaks up.]

I've been here two hours and I ain't heard any demands, so I hope I'm not stealin' your thunder if I skip the theatrics and move right on to the negotiation process. [There's a pause and then a dry laugh.] Oh, who am I kiddin'. I don't give a shit about your thunder. You took somethin' what belongs to me. Four somethings actually. They go by the names Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, and Groot. They are completely helpless without me, so I get why you'd think they were the ones to kidnap. This will still go down in history as the dumbest move of your lives, so way to think strategically, you d'ast imbeciles.

Here's my terms. If I don't see all four of 'em alive 'n breathin' in the next six seconds, I'm gonna put a round in this communicator just for the hell of it. And then I'm gonna put about eight more rounds in your face. And after that I'll get real creative.

[The gun is lowered. And there is one pissed off raccoon now staring into the screen.] Do I make myself perfectly freakin' clear?

07 | text

Sep. 23rd, 2014 03:59 pm
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Did anyone find the answer to the puzzle? Or get anywhere close. I know that the sword is gone again now but how close was the answer?

( If there was one. Lydia hasn't really looked at it but she's seen that there was something that had happened whilst she was gone )

( PRIVATE | scott mccall )
Are you back?
You disappeared. Went home?

( PRIVATE | natasha romanoff )
How many secrets do you have?

( PRIVATE | allison argent )
We need coffee. I wish this place did better coffee, there's only so long I can go about pretending it's actually good.
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[Scott tumbles back into Wonderland disoriented and in full Lacrosse gear. He even still has the burns on his neck and hand from the attempted assassination, though they’re rapidly healing. His mind is a jumble, processing how he went from the locker room to the middle of a… garden?

He pulls out his phone and thinks he hits the call-back button because Stiles should be the most recent call on his list.]

Stiles? What the heck happened? Where am…? [But his voice trails off as memories hit him like a freight train. The network audio hangs there a while as he sorts through them in his head. Then it ends and is flipped over to a video feed.

The dark eyed teen looks a little dishevelled, but he seems to look less startled than his voice had been moments ago.]
Wonderland, right. Sorry about that, um… disregard?

Private Video filtered to Allison and Isaac )

Action for Stiles )

Private Text filtered to Natasha )
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[Natasha doesn't normally make open posts on the network and she's been fortunate so far in that the magic here hasn't decided to reveal her at inopportune or embarrassing moments for everyone else. Today she makes an exceptionhowever, opening a broadcast for the network in general. When the video starts, it reveals the redhead dressed in her typical sparring attire in a bright open room. Her manner is friendly and open because she's here for a reason today. Which should be apparent when the video pans out to show the expanded room behind her.

It's a mix between a gym and a training facility, something resembling the rooms that had been used back at SHIELD for the more extreme styles of training. There's no weight machines or treadmills here, but there are two large sparring rings off to one side, an aerialist set-up and high bars, a large climbing wall, and a row of waiting punching bags and training dummies. A simple running track rings the outside of the room and the entire area is lit by large windows on the far side of the room overlooking the lawn. The opposite side of the room holds a large obstacle course for training purposes. Behind it, the wall held a series of doors that led off to smaller rooms for private sessions, weapons training and a holographic simulator - the one room that was still in progress as Tony tinkered with it. The entire floor is one large mat, letting any space be potentially useful for whatever needs the users had. ]

Hello, Wonderland. I've heard a lot of discussion about this lately and about a week ago, some of us decided to do something about it. I know there's training and self-defense and weapons classes that happen at various times and places around here, but a few of us thought having one centralized location for these might be helpful. We had a facility similar to this back in our home and it was almost always in use.

This one will be here night or day and open to anyone who wants to come and learn or practice with others and if the existing lessons occurring would like an equipped place to hold them, we have private rooms set up along the side as well as this central one. We're also working on a room that can simulate battles and attackers in hologram form but we're still testing that out as our resident genius is still tinkering with the technology, so I apologize ahead of times if there's any bugs.

That said, you can find this room on the first floor in Rooms 20 and 22. I'll be here for most of the day to answer any questions or help out if you need it.

Also, on that note, I know I've offered this to a few people, but I suppose I should make it official. If anyone would be interested in learning self-defense or weapons skills, I have a wide variety of hand-to-hand knowledge and training in... well. A lot of things. I've been passing this on to some people, but I don't mind adding new students to people interested in learning, or even just testing themselves against someone, if you're in search of a sparring partner. I'm sure some of my fellow Avengers are also interested in doing the same, so you can let me know here or stop by.

I've found I have a lot of time on my hands here and I'd like to see about filling a bit better. [This is confessed with a bit of a rueful smile, because she's sure she's not the only one with this sentiment. She doesn't bother with goodbyes, but flicks off the feed after that, letting interested parties respond however they'd like.]

((OOC Note: Feel free to respond via video or stop by in person, Natasha will be chilling in the training area for a while to answer questions or set people up for lessons with whoever she knows of that might best benefit them. And don't be surprised to find random other Avengers wandering in and out as well.))

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Aug. 5th, 2014 11:11 pm
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[ The video opens up to a gym setting, with punching bags hanging in the background and weight-lifting machines off to either side. Front and center are Steve and Bucky, who don’t seem to have noticed the feed starting up. Steve dodges backward as Bucky's fist clears the space where his head was a moment before. They’re both clearly concentrating, their expressions pinched and serious. Bucky continues pressing forward and Steve inches back on the defensive, never throwing a punch himself.

They’re both extremely skilled fighters. Bucky is fast, tenacious, and precise. Several of his blows look like they would have done some serious damage, if Steve hadn't avoided or outright blocked them. Steve, on the other hand, is even faster and oddly graceful, and he doesn't look to have broken a sweat.

Despite the fact that they’re technically engaged in a fight, there’s something natural in the way that they move together, as if they’re going through choreographed steps rather than testing each other’s mettle.

it's going down, i'm yelling timber | you better move, you better dance )

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Aug. 1st, 2014 01:04 pm
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[So Tybalt is still pretty freaking bored. Being a cat, this is not a good thing for the most part, though he's too faerie to really do destructive cat things.

Instead, he just pokes at people to see what happens. Today he at least as two reasons for poking.]

Do all the floors in this mansion smell like wild dog, or did I pick the one floor that does? It reeks and there are only so many air fresheners one can stick in your room before that's almost worse than what you're trying to cover up. And of course those air fresheners won't work beyond my door.

[The joys of super senses.

And no he's not mentioning what floor. He's bored, not stupid.

You're welcome, Teen Wolves.]


Jul. 23rd, 2014 08:56 am
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I'm not sure whether to classify that one as harmful or harmless.

[Meaning the event which is in 'We Do Not Discuss' area for Hannibal. He is not going to address wandering around with the other version of himself as the Wonder Twins or the things that happened.]

My thanks to whomever returned my piglet to me. While the bow was unnecessary, I did appreciate its return with the supplies. It must have taken some tracking to find where it had gone off to since the girl who called the piglets here was most unhelpful.

[Meaning you, Clarisse. Rude.]

As for this... [Hannibal holds up a bright scarlet hooded cloak. The expression on his face changes from the usual calm to a mix of confusion and disdain. Most people around Wonderland are either fearful or wary of him. They don't make fun of him or suggest that he's Little Red Riding Hood. The idea alone isn't precisely comforting. A humorless sliver of a smile makes it to his lips. Appearances must be maintained after all.] This proves that wolves only think they have a sense of humor. I should also like to point out that where I come from, the wolf is eviserated at the end of the tale.

[Think on that, furface.]

I don't believe red is my color either.
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( Sorry for the pack invasion, Wonderland. )

Matt was askin' about Lacrosse, so - uh.

Stiles and I have decided to combine teams, luckily for him, and we're gonna let Scott take the lead as captain of the team. It's gonna be our team against Jackson's, who is currently missing, so it's gonna be Matt's team right now. [ Matt literally gets no say. ] Uhh... [ Obviously he's either trying to remember something or read Stiles' notes about what they're doing. ]

It's just practice and stuff for now - so y'know, you can change your mind if you don't like it...

We're gonna keep practices and drills up until Saturday.

The field is right outside the mansion - we're gonna have it set up so ya can't miss it. Stiles has a bunch of other stuff I'm supposed to read off - but his handwriting is crappy so, if you've got any questions just ask...

Oh - uh, and, if you wanna be on our team, it's The Cyclones.

[ The log is over here! ]
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[There's that awkwardly uneven face on the network again. He looks just as comfortable now as he did the first few times he'd poked the network, but he's getting used to this sort of mass communication. It's a good way to get things across without some kind of school news letter or something. There is a small piglet draped over his shoulder, sound asleep, like some kind of dopey cat, completely contented where it was. The sounds of others scurrying about can probably also be heard from time to time.

So he takes a breath and begins.]

Um, hi Wonderland. Again. I'm Scott, and I know a lot of people around here have taken to adopting the little baby boars that have been running around. If not that, you probably have other pets, too. Back home, I was training with a veterinarian and I wanted to offer what I can to everyone. So, if you have a pet that's in need of something, or hurt, or sick, bring them to the clinic. I've set up a little veterinary clinic on the first floor, second room. It's not much, but it's better than nothing, right?

If you have any kind of emergency or need to get a hold of me and I'm not at the clinic, I'll totally take house calls and stuff. So just, give me a call or something.

That's all I got. But I'll answer any questions you might have, if I can.

[With that, he offered a sweet smile and cut the video.]
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{The camera clicks on to a young man with messy brown hair and doe-like eyes that go wide when he realizes it's started taping. He fumbles the device and the angle changes bouncing against an arm of a chandelier and plummeting towards the floor. The young man's horrified face can be seen in a glimpse as it falls.

Suddenly with a small thwip sound a thin white cabling is obstructing most of the camera's perspective. Only the light changing and the passing of the wall can be seen as the camera continues to move. Then there are thin fingers tugging and pulling at the white cables, attempting to remove them from the lens. The hole gets slightly bigger, but not much progress is made.

One brown eye returns, crinkling slightly at the edges.

So, I'm Peter Parker, and I hope you enjoyed that thrilling show of what not to do with handheld technology. For more fantastic public service announcements I'm betting you know how to reach me better than I know how to reach you.

{The angle changes one last time hitting on an awkward grin before it finally goes dark.}


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