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[you're looking at your device. you see a close up of what appear to be braces, followed by a brown eye, followed by the head of a little girl as she adjusts her phone.]

I think it's good. Just... Just hold it riiiight... THERE. [And now we have Mabel in full view sitting crosslegged on a bed that looks like a FAO Schwartz stuffed animal section exploded all over it. She had fun with the closets.] Hello, fellow Wonderfriends. I'm Mabel! And I just got here, like... a few days ago, but this has already been so much fun. I got a snow day in the middle of summer, I hugged a giant wolf, and I sang karaoke on the front lawn in the middle of a ghoul invasion. [she shakes her head dreamily.] Good times. Good times.

ANYWAY. I just heard that somebody's getting married this weekend- I don't know the bride and groom, personally, but since they invited everybody to the party, they clearly have good taste. And since is the first wedding I've ever been to where I haven't been expected to throw flowers or sit still and not put gummy worms in my face holes during the ceremony... I need a date!

So if there are any Wonderland bachelors looking for somebody cute and great like me to be their date, I'm here for you. I have great references! [she holds up a glittery cardboard sign with "MABEL IS AWESOME"- LITERALLY EVERYONE written in bright marker. After a second, she holds up another one with a drawing of a pig on it that says "GIVES GREAT HUGS!"- Waddles the Pig. Satisfied, she tosses the signs away.]

Serious inquiries only, please and thank you. And hey, if any ladies out there are looking for an eligible bachelor of their own, look no further than my brother, Dipper. [She adjusts the phone a bit to show Dipper over on his bed... probably reading and tuning this out.] His dateability is questionable, but some people are totally into it, and you should never be ashamed of what you're interested in, girls.
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[Dipper looks even more frazzled than usual. The stress lines that always surround his eyes are more pronounced than usual.]

So, you might have noticed a really strange transmission that went through? That... that's from my world. His name's Bill Cipher. He looks like a surprisingly well dressed triangle, and he's... some kind of demon, I guess. He can get into your head and mess with your dreams and just be creepy.

[He leans in closer to the camera.]

Whatever you do, don't trust him. Really, it's probably best to run as far away as you can if you see him. And let me know if he somehow gets into your head. I've gotten him out before, I can do it again.

[He sits back a bit.]

...that's about it. Any questions?


May. 11th, 2015 11:18 pm
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[Here's Hayley in a video feed, looking extremely annoyed. This is not how she wanted to continue her day .... at ALL. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and with a loud and annoyed sigh, gets right into it so she can get to her point and get out of here. Hopefully. She is in a mood about this -- sorry, Wonderland. Among other things happening back home, she's recently been reunited with her daughter after several months, and she's quite eager to get back home to her.]

Hi. [A beat.] I have no idea who or what I'm addressing, but here goes. I'm Hayley, and I'll be playing the role of Captain Obvious for a second here. Last I checked, I was definitely in New Orleans. This? Is definitely not New Orleans -- I can tell that much already. So, with my role of Captain Obvious now over, who can tell me the quickest way out of this lovely place [ -- yep, that's sarcasm -- ] so I can go back and be with family and friends? [She has yet to discover that most of them are already here, whoops.] Thanks in advance.

[That's it, that's the video.]


Nov. 11th, 2014 07:46 pm
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[ Hayley's looking a little frazzled when she opens a video feed on her phone but it's been a really long day and apparently it's a long way from over. ]

I know this is probably going to sound like a really random request, but are there any hackers here? Or people who are good with rigging technology to do things they technically... can't, normally?

...Failing that, I could also use a magic user. Someone who could do a locator spell. Thanks.
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[I. Action]
It had taken a while for her and Rebekah to find their way out of the tunnels - much longer than she was comfortable with, especially with panic riding her, clenching tightly about her chest. Stepping out into the sunlight doesn't immediately give her any other answers either, other than to press home the fact that this is not New Orleans, nor anywhere familiar she's ever been. And Hayley's been a lot of places. While the vampire goes about getting answers her own way, Hayley paces outwards - not drifting too far in case Rebekah needs to find her if she's more successful - but enough that she can start using her own senses for answers.

Why she's here, for one. Who she has to bribe/threaten/kill to fix it. And what they've done with her daughter.

The werewolf senses she has are what she's always relied on, but even those are enhanced these days -scent, sound, speed. Eventually she'll find someone who has the information she needs. There is always someone. And she's tired of being hauled around with no say in the matter and expected to stay put. Those days are over and it would be plain suicidal to underestimate her now.

[II. Video]
[The video feed opens up with Hayley looking a hint more composed than she'd been on arrival, although the strain is still there and visible, a worried frown wrinkled across her brow. Her lips are pressed into an unhappy line as she addresses the Network, needing confirmation on at least one of the answers she'd gotten so far. In her opinion, the most important piece of information.]

Okay so. I need to get something straight here, because it’s really kind of important. Is it true that time pretty much stops back home while we’re here? I mean, when – if – we get sent back, it’ll be to the moment we left, without remembering this place, and we’ll find everything just how we left it?

Because there’s someone back home I’m worried about. Someone not here with me, or with the people that have come from the same place as me. Leaving her there without us… It’s not exactly safe.

So yeah. I guess I’m just… hoping someone can confirm that for me. It’d help me sleep better at night. So… thanks.

[She manages a small smile that’s hesitantly hopeful a moment before intending to end the feed. She hesitates though, adding one more thing on there, because manners, oh yeah, she has those. Somewhere. Occasionally.]

I'm Hayley, by the way. Sorry about all the threats by my friend earlier. We may have sort of jumped to the worst conclusions upon arriving. [And Originals aren't in the habit of apologizing to anyone. Hayley hasn't quite gotten that knack down yet.] Elijah, Klaus, if you can hear this... Let me know if you're okay?


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