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[Usually, Jo doesn't go out of her way to announce disappearances. Either someone beats her to it, or she'd rather deal with her feelings in private, but this one-- this one she can't let slip by unmarked.]

Ellen Harvelle is gone.
I just wanted to thank everyone who made her feel at home while she was here.
She's a tough lady, but I know my mom appreciated it in her own way.
I'll be taking over her shifts at the bar.
Just thought people should know, in case they were looking for her.

[It's simple and largely impersonal, but she doesn't know any other way to announce it without breaking down. Voice and video were out of the question, because she knows she wouldn't have been able to get through it without falling apart, but even so, she decides against hiding herself away for the rest of the day.

Instead, she tries to focus her attention outwards, the way she always does when stressed or upset. During the afternoon, she can be found in the gym, aggressively working out her issues with one of the hanging bags or running herself to exhaustion on one of the treadmills-- or, when physical activity stops being distracting enough, she'll bury herself in cleaning despite the fact that the gym really doesn't need much looking after at the moment. At least once, she'll slow to a stop on the treadmill and lean against the handles, hiding her face against folded arms as she tries to collect herself.

From evening onward, she'll be busying herself in the bar, reluctant to head back to her room just yet. She'll find ways to keep herself busy there, as well, and while she'll be doing what she can to keep herself focused and together, she's more reticent than usual, despite having an admittedly forced smile for everyone who happens to come through the door.]

Video; 001

Mar. 14th, 2016 03:20 am
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[A blonde comes on the screen, barely holding everything together. She didn't find the information she needed at the library, so now she was willing to make her presence known. Maybe the demon would appear to her so she could question him. It was all she knew to do at this point.]

Hello, I seem to have woken up here...wherever here is.

My name is Mary Winchester and I'm looking for whoever brought me here. I have a few questions for them, most notably, where the hell are my children.

[She was upset now and needed her babies. She needed to know they were safe. John could take care of himself and would understand why she wasn't asking for him.]

I'll be in the music room, come and find me with any information you have. My babies had better be safe.
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[ Snow White, resident 500+ year-old mom, is at work again. Since she rarely ever stops working, it isn't much of a surprise. Today, the dark-hair woman is in one of the tea rooms, half-looking over a series of papers, half-talking to the communicator. ]

What does it mean, that memories which aren't our memories are falling from the sky? [ Well, 'fell,' past tense. She hums low, thoughtfully, pauses in the middle of her note-taking. ] We're given glimpses of the supposed past of Wonderland on a silver platter, and not only are they full of moments from a past that none of us remember, but some of them belong to Alice...

[ Again, she pauses in her writing, considers the camera. ]

I don't know the Fable, Alice. From my world. I wonder how different they are... [ Snow lightly clears her throat, then begins folding up and setting aside the notes. ] I'd like to know what you all think about the 'memories' you saw. How likely is it that we were all here and don't remember it? Considering that people come and go with and without their memories on a regular basis... hmm.

If you'd like to speak in person, I'll be in the first-floor tea room for another hour or so.
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[The church had disappeared. Somehow, in her waiting, Lilith had fallen asleep and awoke in a strange garden, surprised and confused at how she had been apprehended so easily. This wasn't Heaven, the angels wouldn't interrupt her plans or avert the apocalypse. Everyone wanted it, except for the Winchesters (but who cares what they want?)

So then where was she? How did she get there? It was almost pitiful that she had been surprised...

...and pitiful was not something she could accept.]

What is this place? [She's angry, fuming, but containing that rage in a silent simmer. When she's quiet, that's when she is dangerous.] What trick is this?
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[Bela is standing in front of the camera, dressed in pants and shirt and a brown leather jacket-rather common clothing considering the eclectic pile of clothes behind her. If anyone cares for those kind of details they'll see a wide arrangement of clothing, from suits to cocktail dresses to waitress uniforms and even a maid costume.]

So. The closet? It's a very nice touch, I have to admit. I certainly wouldn't mind having one back home. Though seemingly free food, board, and clothing just means there's a hidden cost. So what is our benevolent caretaker charging us?

And what becomes valuable in a place like this? Is there a currency in particular items? Favors? Souls? [And there's a wry smile there to indicate that might possibly be a joke.]

Or does everyone here work on altruism?

Action A: Wandering Wonderland
[Not one to idly sit when her surroundings are so undiscovered, and therefore a little bit threatening, Bela takes to exploring the grounds with a casual step that belies just how uncomfortable she really feels. She can be found idly touching decor along the walls of the mansion, or grabbing something to eat in the dining room, or eyeing the titles of books in the library even if she doesn’t actually reach for any right now.

[ooc: This is your find her wandering anywhere you want to option.]

Action B: An unlocked room is an invitation.
[After exploring the more open grounds, Bela can be found roaming the hallways. It’s a seemingly innocent gesture by itself, except for the subtle jiggle of a handle here and there as she moves about. Just her way of...well, casing the place. Not that she’s planning on stealing anything quite yet, but she’ll feel more comfortable once she’s got a good map of the surroundings and people around her since it doesn’t seem like she’ll be leaving very soon.

Occasionally, when she finds an unlocked door, she casually opens it just to get a good idea of the room-and on the occasion that someone is actually in their room without bothering to lock the door, well, she smiles sheepishly and offers an embarrassed apology.]

Oh, I’m sorry. I have the wrong room. [Ignore the subtle sweep around the room before she tries to retreat.]

Action C: A locked one is just a challenge.
[She’s good. For a while. But after finding so many empty and unlocked rooms, she’s a little curious to see what’s inside a locked one. And just as curious to see how easy it is to pick a lock on these particular doors.

So she chooses a random one in a rather quiet hallway, listens near the door for any tell-tale sign of shuffling, and when she thinks she’s in the clear, she kneels down and jimmies the lock, before pushing the door open. If there’s no immediate reaction, she’ll take a step inside. Just a quick scouting mission, don’t worry, she’s not here to steal anything.]

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Do I have to say hi and do some stupid intro before I say what I've gotta say? Because, really, I'd like to just get to the point.

[ Ellie, the fourteen year-old with the messy hair, clears her throat. ]

So, uh... considering all the crap that's happened... always, I think there's something we can do to make it a little less terrible. I'm hoping someone's suggested this before, so, if not, then... we should definitely do it. Okay? Okay. So, what I think we need to do is to just... put it out there what might be showing up from our own worlds. Like, if you're from a place where giant, sentient bears with poisoned teeth rule the world, maybe let us know? So then, when they show up, or we wake up in Bear Kingdom, we'll know what's going on. I feel like this is a no-brainer, but every time something happens, we're all like, "ah, there are suddenly poison bears everywhere" and we get no warning about it, and then people die.

[ She puffs out her cheeks in a kind of sigh. ]

I can start? Set a good example? I'm one of the people from a zombie... place. Surprise! So... yeah, that's a thing that can happen, like it did when we were in Sam and Simon's town.

Get it? Now you know there's maybe gonna be zombies around sometime. The more you know, right? And- Oh!

[ Hurriedly, she rifles through a nearby drawer, then tugs out a book and flips through it. ]

Parting puns! Don't want to end on a bad note. [ When she seems to find one, Ellie snickers to herself, nodding approvingly. ] Okay, okay... "What did the cannibal get when he showed up late to dinner? The cold shoulder!" [ blink ] Too soon? One more: "Did you hear about the guy who got hit with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink."

[ There's more chuckling and she gives the camera a thumbs up before clicking it off. ]
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Knew this place couldn't go through the end of the year without some crap. [ sigh ] ... Dean's gone. Winchester, if you just met him, or... you know. I don't know.

[ Man. When it rains, it pours. ]

Room's cleared out. The Impala should still be here, but I'm watching out for it until he gets back. Nobody'd better touch it; that car-

[ Sam cuts himself off, drawing a very long inhale, exhale. Not the time or the place for rants, and he's not in the mood to spin childhood stories over the network, anyway. ]

D'you think they plan it to happen when you least expect it? Jesus.
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[For a day and a half he's been wearing the same clothes, but this morning -- well. This morning he finally caved and dragged on the plush red velvet suit and its fluffy while trim.]

Well, I have no idea why I was so stuck in the mud about putting this thing on!

[He lifts his arms up high in the video and laughs, a deep belly laugh that holds no trace of its usual bitterness.]

It's so comfortable! Good golly, it almost feels -- natural!

I was thinkin' that we could make some cookies and treats so the younger folks could decorate them. I know we've got some kids here -- but you adults are welcome too!

[He grins broadly and pulls his hat a bit more firmly on his head, glancing off-screen.]
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[Today John is on the video feed, but only because he just doesn't have the give-a-crap to puzzle his way through the phone today. He looks like hell, as you do, but more hell than usual.

Yeah. Day drinking tends to do that. ]

Ah, not sure if anyone's been up on it,I hadn't heard word. But just...whoever was close with Adam Milligan, he's- I, uh, think he's gone back home.

[And, unfortunately, not to better things.

He immediately cuts the feed, before he says something he's going to regret. Because hey, when he drowns himself in guilt and cheap whiskey nothing good happens.]
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[ By now, she's already had a relatively thorough look around the mansion and its grounds, investigating and exploring. She's overheard conversations, watched some people from afar, and has the gist of what this place is about. She's pretty sure she has, anyway. Wonderland, it's called. They're all "prisoners", all from different worlds or universes or whatever, blah blah blah, some magic junk, etc. It's only then, when she feels like she understands the situation, that she finally makes an appearance on the network, a wry smile on her face as she broadcasts. ]

So, I've heard this place be referred to as a prison, but you know what? It ain't so bad. I mean, there're rooms for each of us, free food--as much as you can eat--and we're free to come and go as we please. I don't see what's so bad about all that.

[ She kicks her feet up from her sitting position and gives the camera a look. ]

I think I could get used to this, actually. Loads better than anywhere I've ever lived before. Sure, we're trapped here or whatever, but is it really so bad? Could be a lot worse, you know. I'd rather be trapped somewhere comfortable if I'm going to be trapped at all.

[ With that, she shrugs, and cuts the feed. ]
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[Sans is back on the network, looking a bit awkward. He's put this off for a few days but figure it's high time he said something.]

hey, sans here. just, uh, wanted to apologize for acting so weird last week. i don't actually want to fight anyone. fighting takes way too much effort, you know? and i don't really have a bone to pick with any of you. so, no need to worry about going into the gardens.

[He scratches the back of his skull.]

guess that was one of those events i kept hearing about, huh? are they usually like that? messing with people's heads and memories, i mean?

[Not that he's not used to having his memories be scrambled and confusing, but he was kinda hoping that that wouldn't be an issue here.]

[Sans shrugs, going back into his usual nonchalance.]

ah, well. nothing ended up happening, so it's not a big deal. now, my brother, though... [He grins.] if he tries to pick a fight with you, don't take it too personally. heh, he's a human hunting fanatic, but he doesn't mean any harm. it's kind of a thing back home, catching humans. but don't worry about him. he's a great guy.

[Please don't hurt his brother just because Papyrus is a rambunctious goober okay? Okay.]

anyway, that's it. figured i should...ap-ulna-gize, yeah? heh.


Nov. 2nd, 2015 07:09 pm
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[When the screen flicks on, Bobby casts an irritated glance up down the brim of his hat to the little camera on his phone. He lets out a puff of air and sucks briefly on his teeth.]

Sam, Dean? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume that one or both of your asses got something to do with me showing up in -- wherever the hell this is, aside from not Heaven or Hell -- and that you've got a real good reason for not even having the decency to give a fellow a call before you rip him out of his nice, comfy afterlife.

[He pauses for a moment in his speech, the shifting background behind him revealing that he's now moving (from the kitchen to the bedrooms area, for anyone with a good eye for that sort of thing), and that he's got an armful of supplies with him. It isn't too long until he turns a corner to an empty bedroom and closes the door with a click, setting the phone down onto the nearest table and pouring a generous line of salt from the box he'd gotten from the kitchen down in front of the threshold of the door. Then he leans over the phone again.]

So, whichever one of you idjits has gotten themselves into the south-end of a north-facing horse, send the other one over to explain things, all right? And bring beer.

[With that, the video ends.]
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[ SCREAMING AND INCOHERENT (BUT SOMEWHAT DETAILED) DEATH THREATS AND THRASHING ABOUT AND EVERYTHING IS VIOLENCE AND NOTHING IS BEAUTIFUL but no, it really sounds like someone is trying to scream through a gag and they are doing an impressive job of it. ]


Jul. 28th, 2013 02:03 pm
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[ Crowley's got a bit of extra stubble going on. ]

Funny thing. One moment I'm here and the next I'm home again. Can't remember a thing about Wonderland the whole time I'm there and then poof I'm here again with a whole new set of memories.

Last thing I remember [ He grins ] I killed Meg and her [ His grin gets even wider ] unicorn ran off with a very important rock.

So tell me where is the Little Angel Who Couldn't? I've got a few choice words for him.

Oh and Sam? Dean? I think it's time we had a little talk, don't you? Kevin, too. Family reunion. Why not?
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People really do come and go without warning, huh?

For those who knew him, John Winchester's gone. Home, I guess.


People who've been here a long time, or who've been told they were here before: I've got a few questions. Was there ever a time you got thrown back home and kept some of what you learned here? Any of the memories, anything?

And-- If there's someone here who can mess with that kind of stuff--memories--let me know. Just trying to sort something out, take notes, the usual. But it's important.
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[there's any number of things Bobby expected to find in the afterlife. fire and brimstone was up there. maybe a nice idyllic patch of Heaven with Karen, if he was being particularly whimsical. hell, nothing had generally been his default thought before finding out about demons and their ilk

but pristine shirts arranged neatly on clothes hangers? yeah, that didn't come up quite so much. or the shoes, particularly the ones Bobby just tripped over. he grunts, grabbing at a flannel shirt to keep his balance, only to have it snap off the hanger and send him barreling into the door, slamming it open as he lands in a heap on the ground, shirts following suit]


[he's back on his feet instantly, hand instinctively reaching for the shotgun that isn't there while he surveys the room. if this is Hell, it's mighty tidy; and if it's Heaven, where are all the angels? the pearly gates, the welcoming party?]

What the hell? [he reaches up, fixing the trucker cap skewed from his fall, and straightens his shirt. he'll be damned if he's just going to sit here and wait for someone to find him. besides, he feels naked without a weapon, and he could really use a stiff drink, and neither of those was just gonna appear of their own free will]

[ooc: Bobby's landed in his own room on Floor Five, and he'll be stalking the halls of the mansion looking for guns/booze/whatever he thinks the afterlife offers. feel free to explain him a thing]


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