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Mar. 23rd, 2015 10:54 pm
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 [ This event is a hot mess. In like ten different ways. Now, most of the other events have been disasters in one way or another, too, just by virtue of shaping reality in different ways, but at least they all seemed to have...rules, or a theme of some kind. This is just a hodge podge of everything, and it's kind of weird, honestly.

It's got him kind of curious, though, and so he figures he might as well ask; ]

I haven't been here long, but every event I've seen has seemed pretty straight forward. This one is all over the place, though, like the mansion can't really make up it's mind. Does this happen often? Or is it like when the mansion stayed weird even after those giants disappeared?

I guess I"m just wondering if we should be worried at all.


Mar. 23rd, 2015 05:42 pm
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[ Luna has her large pink Spectre Specs glasses on her face as she addresses the network, looking somewhat unsure of the device. She'd read the pamphlet a few times over, but the device was surprisingly muggle-like for something found in what seems to be such a magical place, and she's not the most experienced with this sort of thing. ]

Hello. My name is Luna Lovegood. I think I might be displaced.

[ She knows where she is, of course, so she's not entirely lost. She's just not sure where Wonderland is. ]

I was at Hogwarts a few hours ago and I think I'd like to find my way back in time for my lessons tomorrow. I think I've already missed today's.

[ And then as if she's just remembered she's got the Specs on, she pushes them down her nose to eye the camera over the rim. ]

I get the distinct impression that there are blibbering humdingers floating around the mirrors here. Has anyone else noticed?
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[ Hermione has definitely seen better days. A hall camera focuses in on her, and she's bruised and battered, school robes covered in blood. She'd lost track of which blood was hers or Grawp's a long time ago. It all looked the same in the end, caked on as it was. Even if her mind was full of fear, she couldn't help pondering how nice it would be to have a long, hot bath. But that'd have to wait, of course.

She's been cautiously working her way down this mystery corridor, listening for any sign of Death Eaters. More than a few times, she jumps at the sounds that emanate through some of the closed doors, expecting someone to burst out and hex her. But nothing comes of it. She dares not investigate further, regardless. She'd had enough of the Department of Mysteries's oddities. Because where else could she be?

She's been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she didn't realize she was no longer alone. Her wand's immediately up, a spell on her tongue, but the words die quickly. She gapes in horror at the bloodied man, her mind working frantically. Is this a trick? Is he a Death Eater? He can't be, right? He's making no move to attack her, after all. Perhaps it's a Ministry worker that somehow got caught in the crossfire? She can't make sense of it.

With a pained whimper, she runs over, knowing that she'd rather help a potential innocent than have their death on her conscience. God, there was so much blood. He looked so pale already, on the verge of collapse. ]

O-Oh! Please just--just don't move-- [ Hermione gingerly takes his arm, hoping to ease him to the floor as she desperately looks around. Should she risk calling for help? She moans weakly and instead focuses on trying to identify the source of the bleeding, but it's so terribly difficult. ] I-I'm going to try healing you up, okay? Then I'll get you somewhere safe!

[ She moans again and gets to work with her wand, murmuring shaky reassurances and praying that she can save him in time. ]

Okay, er. Um. Sir, I'm just... [ She frowns down at him, face full of worry. She's slowed the blood loss for now, so it buys her some time to run through her limited repertoire of healing spells. She's not a Healer, after all! But she understands the theory well enough, and at least the wound's closing up. ] Goodness, I don't know why they don't give us a better understanding of--oh!

[ Hermione fumbles with something that's fallen out of her robe pocket, breathing a sigh of relief that it didn't land on him. She's so fascinated by it that she forgets her guest for a moment. Looks a bit like the mobile her parents have, doesn't it? She presses a button accidentally, and now the camera view switches to a super closeup of her face. Then the man's groan pulls her back to reality and she yelps, her attention turned downward. ]

O-Oh, gosh! I'm sorry! Let me try this! [ And Hermione drops the device to the floor, going back to tending to Hannibal. ]


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